Locking Wall Mount Mailboxes


Wall mounted mailboxes are a lovely accent piece for the home exterior, but they have one fatal flaw and that is anyone can walk up and steal your mail. That is not the case if you buy one of our locking wall mounted mailboxes. They are keyed so only you and the mail carrier can get in, just like many other apartment-style mailbox options. And they come in plenty of fetching styles to accent your personality. See collection for details.

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Our Picks

Modern post mounted mailbox teak and

Modern post mounted mailbox teak and

A simple yet elegant mailbox for easy wall-mounting next to your front door. Its case is made of stainless steel, with a compartment covered by a teak wood door with a small handle for a tasteful look and easy access.

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Locking wall mount mailboxes 2

Wall mounted mailbox with a practical key lock. Its durable copper construction is resistant to negative outdoor factors and it also plays decorative role. This strong and stylish mailbox provides good protection for mail.

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Locking wall mount mailboxes 27

Soho Locking Wall Mount Mailbox

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Locking wall mount mailboxes 3

Wall mounted mailbox with a durable and attractive stainless steel construction. It features a durable and protective key lock. Solid construction looks very nice on any wall and it provides protection to letters and other mail.

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Locking wall mount mailbox

Victorian Locking Mailbox - Click window to close.

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Locking wall mount mailboxes 16

Peninsula Locking Wall Mount Mailbox

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Victorian Wall Mounted Mailbox

Victorian Wall Mounted Mailbox

Wall mounted mailbox. The mailbox has been made in the Victorian style of die cast aluminum, and will be a great addition to your house. The mailbox has a lock with 2 keys and is available in multiple finishes.

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Locking wall mount mailboxes 23

Deco Locking Wall-Mount Mailbox - Mailboxes and Slots - Outdoor

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Letterman Wall Mounted Mailbox

Letterman Wall Mounted Mailbox

Very stylish black matte wall-mount mailbox with silvery porthole accent and glass window. The style looks great, but the porthole provides a practical function of course: it lets you know whether a letter is in or not.

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Locking wall mount mailboxes 14

Home Locking Wall Mount Mailbox - Stainless Steel

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Locking Wall Mount Mailboxes

Buying Guide

Locking wall mount mailboxes are the secure solution to the fatal flaw of regular wall mounted mailboxes. Without a lock, these mailboxes make it possible for anyone to approach your home and take your mail.

These mailboxes are keyed so that only you and your mail carrier have access, ensuring your post is secure and confidential at all times.

You’ll find locking wall mounted mailboxes in a variety of designs so you can perfectly accent the exterior of your home. Cream or beige siding looks gorgeous with a stainless steel mailbox, while brown or red brick benefits from the contrast of a modern teak design.

Factors such as weather conditions and location can all influence the type of metal you should choose for your locking wall-mount mailbox. A person living in a rainy climate would call for a different mailbox material compared to one in a sunny country. Moreover, a neighborhood where mail theft is common would require a much sturdier and resilient metal construction, such as galvanized steel.

Conversely, lightweight metals like aluminum are easier to assemble and are budget-friendly. Aluminum is also fairly durable and suitable for areas with mild climates. That said, locking wall-mount mailboxes made out of aluminum may rust when not treated for water resistance, especially during rainy seasons.

A much better alternative for wet and snowy climates is cast aluminum. Unlike traditional aluminum, this material is heavy and won’t rust when exposed to outdoor elements such as rain, sleet, snow, as well as heat.

If you’re on the lookout for a contemporary-style mailbox to go with your modern exterior, look no further than brushed stainless steel. Known for its impressive durability, this metal can hold up well to the elements while remaining in pristine condition for a long time.

Best Ideas

Locking wall mount mailboxes 19

Palace Locking Wall-Mount Mailbox

Locking wall mount mailboxes 33

Compact Locking Wall Mount Mailbox - Stainless Steel

Pasadena Horizontal Wall Mounted Mailbox

Pasadena Horizontal Wall Mounted Mailbox

Solid brass, horizontal wall mounted mailbox. High quality and attractive design, with art glass in the corners. Matches your porch or front gate perfectly and adds a little more style to your house.

Locking wall mount mailboxes 12

Compact Locking Wall-Mount Mailbox

Locking wall mount mailboxes 31


Locking wall mount mailboxes

Castle Locking Wall Mount Mailbox with Newspaper Roll

Locking wall mount mailboxes 1

A small, locking mailbox with a wall-mount mechanism in the back so it can be placed on the front wall of your home. The mailbox is made out of aluminum with a chromed, polish finish and coated in black paint, giving it a classic look.

Locking wall mount mailboxes 7

Home Locking Wall-Mount Mailbox

Locking wall mount mailboxes 15

Premium Locking Wall Mount Mailbox - Stainless Steel

Locking wall mount mailboxes 34

Hamlet Locking Wall Mount Mailbox

Samai locking wall mount mailbox 1

Samai Locking Wall Mount Mailbox

Locking wall mount mailboxes 22

If you’re looking for a modern addition to your porch or a front outdoor area, take a look at this contemporary design for a wall-mounted mailbox with an industrial look, provided by its stainless steel finish.

Locking wall mount mailboxes 25

Large Hammered Copper Locking Wall-Mount Mailbox - Antique Copper

Locking wall mount mailboxes 29

Zaguan Locking Wall Mount Mailbox