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Whether you’re concerned about stray sparks, excess smoke, or live somewhere without access to a fireplace, an electric fireplace is an excellent alternative to a real one. Simply plug them into an outlet for an energy-efficient, child-safe fire. Check out the best electric fireplaces with mantels to make your home look and feel cozy.

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Updated 14/03/2023
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Best Minimalist Fireplace Surround
Silverton Electric Fireplace With Mantel

Silverton Electric Fireplace With Mantel

Real Flame

Perfect For: Minimalist home decor with sleek lines and sharp finishes

What We Like: Simple, elegant, and classic with adjustable thermostat and multicolor flames

This electric fireplace adds a cozy touch to your home and can completely transform its vibe. The mantel surround is designed to add extra functionality and style without overwhelming the fireplace. The sleek lines and clean finish looks extremely classy while the header shelf offers extra space for decorative elements. The fireplace and mantel are great additions that make your house feel like home. Plus, it’s super easy and convenient to install and use.

$793.12 $999

Designer Advice:

This minimalist fireplace and mantel are extremely easy to style with your favorite knickknacks. If you want to elevate your minimalist style, you can add a fancy vase or pot to make it look more extravagant. An intricate photo frame and artwork are also great options!

What Users Say:

Love it! Looks great! Gives my room a focal point and makes me feel like I have a real fireplace. Well constructed.

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Best Rustic Fireplace
Branden Electric Fireplace With Surround

Branden Electric Fireplace With Surround

Perfect For: Adding a rustic, outdoorsy element to your space

What We Like: Balance of solid wood and stone-brick finish with environmentally friendly materials

This fireplace adds a natural touch to your space as the wood and stone-brick finish looks rustic and charming. It also features five different effect settings to ensure that you get the type of flame that you want. The adjustable digital thermostat is easy to control with the remote and touch controls while the ultra-quiet blower keeps you toasty warm.

Designer Advice:

You can enhance the fireplace’s rustic appearance with the help of the right decorations. Green plants in pretty pots would complement it beautifully. To elevate the fireplace and create a comfortable seating space, you can use an earthy rug made from jute and other natural materials. Add a comfortable chair with an accent table to create a wonderful reading nook! It’s fully assembled so you can focus on creating the perfect space for a relaxing winter evening.

What Users Say:

These fireplaces keep me cozy and warm, along with adding ambiance! With just a few pushes on the remote, I can enjoy my morning coffee.

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Wide Electric Fireplace

Wide Electric Fireplace

Real Flame

What We Like: Hidden storage compartments

What We Don’t Like: Noticeably digital logs

Not So Great For: Small rooms

Perfect For: Living rooms

Eye-catching yet inconspicuous, this electric fireplace surround is a perfect fit for large living rooms or dens. It serves as an impressive focal point for larger rooms: not only is it 60” wide, it’s available in brown or off-white, and it comes with a remote control that allows you to change the flame color. The unit has an output of 5,000 BTU, enabling it to heat 1,000 ft² of space.

Two doors on either side of the fireplace and a sliding door above it provide storage that’s easily hidden from view yet is still easily accessible. The top of the mantel can be decorated with art, plants, and accent pieces without worrying about direct heat damage.

$1229.99 $1692

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Adaptable Electric Fireplace

Adaptable Electric Fireplace

Real Flame

What We Like: Infrared technology heats the people rather than the air

What We Don’t Like: Noisy fan

Not So Great For: Larger wall spaces

Perfect For: Traditional or contemporary styles

This fireplace’s versatile design and small footprint make it an excellent choice for tight living spaces. Though the fans are relatively loud when the heat is on, the fireplace offers 1,000 ft² of coverage, and it’s easy to turn on the fireplace without turning on the heat for ambiance during the warmer months.

The fireplace’s touch controls and remote control adjust not only the temperature but the color of the flames as well. Available in black, brown, or white, the design of the fireplace strikes an excellent balance between simplicity and intricacy, allowing it to be seamlessly integrated into various traditional or contemporary interior decors.

$736.08 $950

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Faux Brick Electric Fireplace

Faux Brick Electric Fireplace

Real Flame

What We Like: Classic, realistic design

What We Don’t Like: Stones only available on the white model

Not So Great For: Tight spaces

Perfect For: Rustic living spaces

This extra large electric fireplace with mantle is constructed from MDF with solid wood veneers, with a powder-coated steel firebox. The oversize firebox is 30% larger than standard electric models, and combined with the flickering embers; it offers a realistic faux fireplace option for a modern home.

By framing light gray stones with white wooden pillars, this electric fireplace frame establishes a modern yet rustic look that easily blends into any home. Turning on the fire or the heat is as simple as using the remote control, and the heat automatically turns off once the room is warm enough.  

$1399.99 $1978

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Ornate Electric Fireplace

Ornate Electric Fireplace

Real Flame

What We Like: Unique wooden pillars

What We Don’t Like: Single-color flames

Not So Great For: Minimalist styles

Perfect For: Dens and home libraries

The ornate wooden frame gives the impression that the fireplace’s surround was carefully hand-carved and is available in three finishes (black, brown, and white) that can be matched to various color schemes. Its relatively compact dimensions enable it to fit into small rooms like a home office or bedroom; however, the 4,780 BTU output is enough to heat up to 1,000 ft².

The temperature can be adjusted close-up with the touch controls or from a distance with a remote control. It’s also possible to turn on the fireplace without turning on the heat, allowing the room to maintain a comforting glow no matter the season.

$879.99 $1165

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Clean Farmhouse Electric Fireplace

Clean Farmhouse Electric Fireplace

Laurel Foundry Modern Farmhouse®

What We Like: Simple, clean look

What We Don’t Like: No remote

Not So Great For: Warming larger spaces

Perfect For: Cozy modern farmhouse styles

The simple wooden surround of this electric fireplace is offered in two colors, dark brown and light oak, that are well suited for a farmhouse style. A set of decorative brackets is fitted on the corners of the mantel, while two switches directly above the fireplace screen allow you to turn the fire and the heat on or off.

Once assembled, this electric fireplace provides up to 400 ft² of heat from the bottom of the unit, making it easy to cozy up next to the fireplace with a good book.

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Electric Fireplace with Real Wood Mantel

Electric Fireplace with Real Wood Mantel

Real Flame

What We Like: Real wooden mantel

What We Don’t Like: Gray color is closer to black

Not So Great For: Rooms with light color themes

Perfect For: Small living rooms or dens

A coverage area of 1,000 ft² and a surround of finished veneer gives this electric fireplace a realistic appearance and a sturdy build. Available in two colors, the dark and glossy surround simultaneously provides a room with a touch of modernity and antique design. An option on the remote control allows you to change the flame’s colors with the press of a button.

If you’re tight on space, you’re not just limited to placing things on top of the mantel. Surrounding the fireplace are two well-hidden doors that pop open to reveal extra storage space, with shelving tucked inside.

$839.99 $1225

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Simple Wooden Electric Fireplace

Simple Wooden Electric Fireplace

Symple Stuff

What We Like: Traditional yet minimal

What We Don’t Like: Only black and brown colors

Not So Great For: Open or modern designs

Perfect For: Apartments or small homes

This electric fireplace is a simple solution for tiny living spaces and would even work well for a spacious RV or mobile home. Sporting a mantel that perfectly balances comfortable traditionalism with roomy minimalism, its heating coverage of 400 ft² offers plenty of comfort to smaller rooms.

Equipped with a remote, you can easily turn the fireplace on and off or adjust the heat, height, and even the color of the flames from a distance. This stunning design features ETL-certified safety glass that is cool to the touch, making it an ideal addition to homes with pets and small children.  

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Best Modern Fireplace
Ellington Circle Electric Fireplace With Mantle

Ellington Circle Electric Fireplace With Mantle

Lark Manor™

Perfect For: Stylish, modern spaces that need a touch of coziness

What We Like: Two-tone finish and faux bricks surround create contrast and a balanced aesthetic

This electric fireplace with mantel is the ideal addition to your home furniture for year-round use. It’s a lovely decor feature in summer and can create a cozy ambiance. During winter, you get ample heating to keep you toasty warm. The two-tone, modern farmhouse-inspired finish combined with the faux brick surround creates a beautiful visual contrast. With its adjustable and flickering flame effect, this piece is functional, decorative, and stunning.

$309.99 $589.99

Designer Advice:

Use modern, minimalist decorative elements such as a catch-all tray, a simple vase, or a stylish mirror to elevate and enhance this fireplace. Balance it with a cozy chair and rug to create a comfortable area that you can enjoy any time of the year!

What Users Say:

Gorgeous fireplace. It has two switches, one for light, one for heat, so you can have the ambiance without the heat if desired!

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White Farmhouse Electric Fireplace

White Farmhouse Electric Fireplace

Canora Grey

What We Like: Open storage unit

What We Don’t Like: Small heating space

Not So Great For: Larger living rooms

Perfect For: Small farmhouse spaces

This electric fireplace with an all-white surround is a modern reinterpretation of wood-burning stoves from centuries past. The thermostat-adjustable heat only covers 323 ft² of space, making it well-suited for a small room.

A screen with three brightness levels allows for ambient lighting, and an open space between the mantel and the screen provides extra room for storage or decorations that enhance this fireplace’s quaint cottage-like feel.

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Electric Fireplace With Mantel Surround

Buying Guide

The use of beautifully constructed electric fireplace mantels and surrounds allows you to personalize your fireplace. From traditional to modern and contemporary designs, the selection of mantels and surrounds online will make it seem really hard for you to pick just one. To ensure you get the mantel and surround that will complement your home's existing decor, read our buying guide below.

There are four different types of electric fireplace mantels, namely standard wall mantel, corner mantel, rolling mantel, and media console mantel.

  • Standard Wall Mantel - The standard mantels for electric fireplaces are what most people look for as they fit most of their needs. A standard unit is designed to be placed flat against a wall so the entire fireplace and mantel package looks as if it is a traditional fireplace. It also gives the illusion that there's real wood burning within the space. Regardless of where you will place the mantel, may it be in your family room, office, living room or bedroom, you'll be able to add a standard mantel easily as it doesn't require demolition nor an extensive installation. You simply need to assemble the mantel, plug it in, and you're done!
  • Corner Mantel - A corner mantel is for people with limited floor space. It is paired with, as you might have guessed, corner electric fireplaces, which maximize floor plans. A corner mantel with corner electric fireplace is perfect in bedrooms and small family rooms. There are models with added versatility as they can convert from a corner unit to a standard wall mantel as needed.
  • Rolling Mantel - You may need a portable mantel that can be easily moved from one room to another. If so, then your best option is a rolling mantel which is useful in apartments, condos, lofts, and trailers. You'll also find this type of mantel beneficial if you're applying the Zone Heating concept to your lifestyle. When you watch a TV show in your family room, you can bring the fireplace and mantel to the area and just roll the package and bring it to your bedroom once it's your bedtime.
  • Media Console Mantel - This is a combination of two furniture pieces to create the best addition to rooms. If you're on the lookout for multi-functional furniture, then you should check out media console mantels. They serve several purposes apart from creating a warm, inviting setting. They're sized to accommodate a variety of flat screen TVs. Best part? They offer ample media storage and clever cable management!

The surround material that's right for you will depend on your personal preference. A wooden fire surround comes in various finishes and colors. The most common types of wood used in making electric fireplace surrounds are oak, pine, and dark mahogany. Although they're mostly unfinished or in white, you can paint a surround material yourself.

Other common materials used in making surrounds are limestone and marble. Limestone is a stunning stone with a honed finish. Marble, on the other hand, has a darker vein compared to limestone but it also has a matte finish.

Best Ideas

Electric fireplace mantels surrounds 2

electric fireplace mantels surround

Electric fireplace mantels surrounds 1

This electric fireplace insert is an excellent way to create a unique indoor climate. Beautiful fire shade introduces a cozy atmosphere. The whole admires perfectly with modern interiors, where it is a good decoration.

Small fireplace surrounds

Traditional setup for a spacious and elegant living room with a white-painted fireplace with space for a TV above it. The fireplace itself is electrical, which makes it both cost-efficient and save to use with children.

Electric fireplace with mantel

An elegant stylish frame for electric fireplaces. It's made of white finished materials. The frame features wide square recessed corner posts and a crown top with an apron (delicately carved) adorned with vertical fluting and ledges.

Build electric fireplace surround

If you dream about fireplace in your living room, but you want to avoid disorder, you should buy this electric fireplace with rock-solid casing. It look like real and it makes your interior more cozy without mess.

Electric fireplace surround

Even an electric fireplace needs a mantel! Just to display collectibles on it! This mantel project takes inspiration from traditional fireplaces that have moulded shelf and column design. Its creator plans to paint it white.

How to build electric fireplace

Need something for your living room that is going to make it cozier and visually enhanced? This flame electric fireplace can be installed in a stone fireplace, transforming your whole room into an oasis of peace and beauty.

Electric fireplace diy

An elegant contemporary electric fireplace and a long rectangular mantel shelf. They're of wood and metal with a black finish but a clear glass. They look great against a background of a wall built of stone tiles in cream, beiges and delicate greys.

Custom electric fireplace insert

An elegant contemporary electric fireplace with flame effects. It's made of heatproof materials including glass. Its frame is horizontally grooved at the top and at the bottom. This fireplace especially matches walls of stones in greys.

Diy electric fireplace

This flat TV was placed above electric fireplace which is surrounded by mantel. And that's why a faux shelving around an electric fireplace is useful - one can use it for decoration purposes! And choose different decorations according to current season.

Build your own electric fireplace

Electric fireplace mantel mounted on wooden frame. It is fitted with a lot of open shelves in various sizes for storing books, display decoration and more. Elegant design for the living room and others interiors according to taste.

Electric mantel fireplaces

An aesthetic contemporary mantelpiece. It's composed of wide vertically grooved pillars and a crown-type mantelshelf with ledges. A wall around and a floor in front of a fireplace are cladded with ceramic tiles in grey shades.

Cozy Greatroom Traditional Family Room Portland

Cozy Greatroom Traditional Family Room Portland

A gorgeous electric fireplace surrounding that is going to transform your room, making it warmer and homey. The bottom part that's under the rectangle fireplace, has a useful mantelpiece, you can use for displaying some decorations.

How to make an electric fireplace

This electric stone fireplace is a propositon for refined interiors, desinged in the traditional way. It provides a realistic patented flame effect around the room, while Its cool-touch glass makes it children safety.

Fireplace mantel construction

Electric fireplace insert by Yosemite Home Decor

How to build a fireplace mantel from scratch

A mantel dedicated for electric fireplace or gas fire. Finished white, showcasing a simple, contemporary design. Adds some style to a modern heating solution. Sleek marble fire surround, good looking and resilient.

Electric fireplace with stone surround

The electric fireplace imitating the real one very well. It is equipped with the wide mantel where you can put your family photos or other bric-à-brac. Looks great, but I probably like the classic one more.

Electric fireplace with white mantle

Electric fireplace in elegant form. Surrounding is made of wood and finished with delicate carvings. Application in all kinds of interiors according to taste and need.

Electric fireplace mantel packages 2

Fireplace mantel in neutral form. It is completely made of wood. Application in all kinds of interiors according to taste and need.

Electric fireplace surround plans

10 Favorite Fireplaces - Inspiration for the DIYer

Fireplace bookcases

Natural fireplaces are cool and all, but they do get messy. That's not the case with electric ones. Look at this traditional-style, luxurious electric fireplace, surrounded by ergonomic bookshelves able to accommodate all your books. A timeless appeal!

Electric fireplace mantel packages 13

Mantel package for electric fireplace. This element of design features a durable frame finished in white color. It also includes a very stylish black insert for additional aesthetics. This design looks good in many types of living rooms.

Corner mantel

This electric fireplace will add to your home touch of elegance and class. It has also a corner option, so it will fit in the most of rooms, universal design allows compatibility with many decors, giving you a warming fire.

Cozy Picks: Fireplaces & More

Cozy Picks: Fireplaces & More

A comfortable place next to the fireplace, do you thing you need something more to be happy? The plush leopard-print ottoman is a beautiful piece of furniture with the dozen of splendor, but this is nothing wrong.