Hexagon Tile Backsplash

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A tile backsplash can accent a kitchen better than a coat of paint ever could. These hexagon tile backsplashes are lovely, and come in many styles, so you can find just the right one to make your kitchen dazzle. And they are easy to install if you have the right know how. See our impressive collection of hexagon tile backsplashes and pick out yours.

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Updated 04/10/2022
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Hexagon Mosaic Tile Backsplash

Hexagon Mosaic Tile Backsplash


This Carrara-honed marble mosaic backsplash tile is perfect for kitchens. The unglazed honed finish has a medium sheen with random tone variation. It's heat- and frost-resistant. Each box of tiles has ten sheets that will cover 9.8 square feet. 

$155.72 $17.5

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Marble Hexagon Tile Backsplash

Marble Hexagon Tile Backsplash

ES Stone

The polished marble of this hexagon backsplash tile has a slight natural variation. Each sheet measures 12" by 12" and is one square foot. It's sold by the sheet and weighs 4.5 lbs. The sheets are mesh-backed and can be cut with a wet saw.

$27.99 $41.99

Designer Advice:

A gold metallic outline on these kitchen backsplash tiles makes them shimmer in reflected light. A second black line emphasizes the honeycomb shape and adds extra drama to the tiles. Perfect for modern, mid-century modern, and even Art Deco design styles, this high-end tile suits walnut cabinetry, Carrara marble countertops and polished gold accents. 

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Matte Porcelain Hexagon Tile Backsplash

Matte Porcelain Hexagon Tile Backsplash


Choose one of five colors for this matte porcelain kitchen backsplash tile. Each tile has a very slight color variation. Made with Grade 1 porcelain tile, it has a glazed smooth finish with a low sheen. It's completely frost resistant, so it would be perfect for an outdoor kitchen.

$41.96 $5.79

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Porcelain Hexagon Tile Backsplash

Porcelain Hexagon Tile Backsplash

Splash Tile

Rated for wall and floor use, this porcelain hexagon backsplash tile is stain-resistant. It has only a slight variation and stands up to heavy-duty use behind your stovetop. This product has a PEI rating of 4, making it suitable for commercial and residential use.

$11.95 $12

Designer Advice:

This pretty one-inch honeycomb tile has a vintage vibe. It comes in white or black. If you want to see the outline of each tile, choose a grout color that contrasts with the tile color. If you want the tile to have a more subtle read, choose a grout color close to the tile's color.

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Glass Hexagon Tile Backsplash

Glass Hexagon Tile Backsplash

Ivy Hill Tile

Available in nine colors, this hexagon backsplash tile has a moderate variation. Each piece is elongated and measures 0.87" wide by 3.12" long. The mosaic sheets measure 10" wide by 12" long, and each box contains 0.83 square feet. You can install the tile vertically or horizontally.

$30.7 $27.38

Designer Advice:

If you want to make a statement in your kitchen or bathroom, this glass hexagon tile backsplash will do just that. Each glass tile piece looks like stained glass and is surrounded by leading, just like you would see in cathedrals or castles. You can choose from one of nine colors: vibrant blue, rich red, tropical blues, and greens. 

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Bardiglio Hexagon Tile Backsplash

Bardiglio Hexagon Tile Backsplash

Merola Tile

Pet and family-friendly, this hexagon tile backsplash is made from natural ingredients. It's free from allergens, VOCs, formaldehyde and PVC. The porcelain tile is resistant to stains and easy to clean. For a deeper, occasional clean, use one part distilled white vinegar and one part water.

$89.92 $14.41

Designer Advice:

The two tones of gray on white in this hexagon backsplash tile combine together to create a soft and pretty floral design. The veining on the tiles and a slightly undulated surface give this tile its elegant look. Install over a marble counter and with white or dove gray cabinets. Add black knobs and pulls to the cabinet to create a designer look in your kitchen.

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Hexagon Tile Backsplash

Buying Guide

Hexagonal tile backsplashes are quite the rage these days. They are the easiest way to rejuvenate an insipid-looking kitchen, on a budget. But between pre-made mosaic sheets and DIY options in hundreds of materials, you will be left dizzied at the choices. How do you select the right one for your kitchen?

Here’s a small buying guide that will help you narrow down on the right one.

Light or dark, colored or neutral, how do you visualize your kitchen?

  • Dark backsplash tiles are perfect to add some drama and character. Plus, they are available in almost every color in the palette. So, you have no dearth of choices. If you have dark cabinetry and countertops and a light flooring, then it will blend in easily. However, it might be too somber a setting for some, especially if there is no direct sunlight pouring in.
  • Light hexagonal tile backsplashes, on the other hand, will make the room appear brighter and cleaner. But there’s always the risk of the room appearing washed out, especially if you have lighter flooring and countertops too. One way to prevent this from happening is to mix and match colors. It might involve greasing your elbows, but the end result will be totally worth it.

The rule of thumb is to create a hexagonal tile backsplash that represents some element of the countertop or the flooring. The one that you pair it with is up to you really, as nothing is written in stone.

You can choose a backsplash that’s a seamless extension of the countertop. Or you can match some colors of the countertop to make a backsplash that complements it.

Contrasting it entirely is a great way to make a bold statement as well. Depending on whether you have neutral countertops or bright colored ones, choose a backsplash color that’s the exact opposite.

Backsplash tiles are available in hundreds of materials.

  • The most popular ones are ceramic and porcelain. They have excellent resistance to grime, grease and water and are available in hundreds of colors, finishes and edge treatments. The best part is that there’s a wide range of price points to choose from.
  • Glass and metal are equally popular but pricier than the other two. Also, they tend to scratch easily and you have no option to sand it either.
  • Travertine tiles mimic the look of natural stone but need to be resealed frequently. Also, they are quite expensive.

Eventually, it’s based on personal preference and the look that you wish to achieve in the kitchen.

Last but not least, always budget beforehand for the project, right from procuring materials, shipping to the final installation. If tiling is the DIY project that gives you jitters, then you might want to factor in the cost of getting the tiles professionally installed.

Speak to a contractor and seek quotes. The cost might escalate if it involves customizing multiple tiles and materials. Ask about the type of grout they’d use and about quality control measures during installation. There’s nothing more disappointing than discovering that the tiles were improperly laid and you’d have to rip them out and redo them all over again.

Best Ideas

Hexagon backsplash tile

Hexagon tiles finished with geometric pattern. Designed for indoor use. Adds freshness and modernity to any kitchen.

Hexagon tile backsplash 1

Beautiful combination of color and intriguing hexagon form is a perfect way to original kitchen design. These stylish tiles correctly emphasize the uniqueness of the decor giving it an extraordinary style.

Hexagonal tile backsplash

Individually hand painted and fired 3 times in the factory, those hexagon tiles embellish kitchens and bathrooms with a touch of traditional European flavor. Plus, the terra cotta tiles also emanate with earthy and timeless appearance.

Hex tile backsplash

A gorgeous embellishement for contemporary bathrooms and kitchens, which will bring flawless pattern into your home decor. Those hexagon tiles create an eye-catching, geometrical composition, long-lasting and easy to clean.

Moonstone marble from amy meier design amd_d_gbathfloor

Moonstone marble from Amy Meier Design. AMD_D_Gbathfloor

Hexagon Marble Polished Mosaic Tile in Sebastian Gray

Hexagon Marble Polished Mosaic Tile in Sebastian Gray

This Hexagon Mosaic Tile in Gray Finish is characterized by marble construction, with 0% water absorption. The tile has a polished surface, and is suitable for wall and backsplash use. Stain-resistant.

Hexagon tile backsplash

This glamorous bathroom wall owes its charming appeal to the use of small hexagonal backsplash tiles. Their silver finish will fit well into refined contemporary interiors, corresponding well to the frameless mirrors and sconces.

Hexagon tile backsplash 2

Look on this hexagon tile backsplash with shades of grey on the kitchen wall. For me, it's a perfection in every details. I want tor refresh my kitchen and add this into it.

Hexagon tile backsplash 4

This hexagon tile backsplash represents the contemporary trends in bathroom decorations. Embodying style and chic, this concrete three-dimension tile collection will distinguish your bathroom from the others.

Octagon tile backsplash

Improve your bathroom with this breathtaking intricate geometric design, using the hexagon tile backsplash. Consisted of custom terracotta tiles, it boasts of an old-fashioned style, bringing vintage accents into your interior.

Elongated hex tile

No idea for a proper kitchen backsplash tiles? What about the hexagon ones? Look at the backsplash in this picture. It’s light and cheerful, yet interesting because of the hexagons. Hexagon tiles are also more durable than standard squares.

This design for kitchen backsplashes only for bathroom floors

... this design for kitchen backsplashes. Only for bathroom floors

Hexagon tile backsplash 13

Extremely original hexagonal tiles backplash from Maroco- made of ceramics here have a light gray milk color and quite large sizes. They can be used in the kitchen on the wall, or even on the floor. Very resistant structure.

Gray hexagon floor tile

Tiles in the shape hexagon. It is made of high quality marble. Perfect for kitchens, bathrooms and others interiors as needed. Classic form and modern design.

Honeycomb tile backsplash

Elegant innovative hexagonal mesh-mounted tiles for backsplashes. They're made of marble in delicate greyish tones. Tiles create an eye-catching geometric pattern, are durable and easy to maintain.

Hexagon tile backsplash 3

El justo equilibrio con mucho feng shui | Decorar tu casa es

Horizontal tile backsplash

A splendid idea for improving the appearance of your shower with geometric pattern and stylish elegance. This hexagon tile backsplash is easy to maintain and in your bright bathroom it will look, simply, gorgeous.

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