Oak Cabinets

The list of good reasons to invest in a full set of oak cabinets is long, and detailed. To sum up, oak is classic, it is durable, and as a hard wood, it is very sturdy. Oak is universally sought for any wood component you wish to add to your home, and it will last a very long time. With its natural finish, or stained to suit, anyone who knows will tell you oak is a wonderful choice in hard woods.

Best Products

Americana Distressed Oak Pantry by Home Styles

Americana Distressed Oak Pantry by Home Styles
This oak cabinet is guaranteed to stand up to wear and tear and last you years to come. The multi-step distressing finish further enhances its natural beauty and brings with it a sense of warmth and a lived-in look. Adjustable shelves provide flexibility when storing larger items and make cleaning a breeze.

5' 10" H x 1' 11" W x 1' 4" D Oak Kitchen Unit Cabinet

5' 10" H x 1' 11" W x 1' 4" D Oak Kitchen Unit Cabinet
Create extra storage space within your kitchen with this 70'' tall cabinet. It comes in an elegant white matte finish, meaning it will seamlessly blend with your existing interior colors and style. Open shelving at the middle offers easy access to items stashed here, with the extendable pull-out shelf allowing for maximum efficiency.

23.6'' H x 12.4'' W x 59'' D Oak Wall Unit Cabinet

23.6'' H x 12.4'' W x 59'' D Oak Wall Unit Cabinet
Introduce a modern touch to your kitchen through this neutral-colored kitchen cabinet. It’s a wall cabinet, meaning it doesn’t take up floor space as the traditional cabinets, making it ideal for compact spaces. A built-in dish rack comes in handy when securely arranging utensils, ensuring a tidier and more organized cabinet.

Sauder Homeplus Base Cabinet, Dakota Oak Finish

Sauder Homeplus Base Cabinet, Dakota Oak Finish
Crafted with recycled material and a Dakota oak finish, this transitional-styled base cabinet features spacious & deep cabinets for safely storing kitchen essentials, with the sturdy countertop offering alternative space to place your coffee machine or microwave. The back panel has cord access for convenience, with the adjustable shelf offering versatility.


A functional and contemporary stylization of a kitchen. It includes solid and spacious cabinets for kitchen products. Some of them include a durable and attractive marble top. All cabinets include solid metal hardware.

Paint Colors For Kitchens With Oak Cabinets

Paint Colors For Kitchens With Oak Cabinets
Set of kitchen furniture consisting of a lot of cabinets, drawers and open shelves in various sizes for storing kitchen accessories. Construction is made of high quality oak wood. Elegant design for each home.

Craftsman retreat

Craftsman retreat
Set of kitchen furniture made of high quality oak wood. Includes a lot of cabinets, drawers and open shelves in various sizes for storing pots, dinnerware and others kitchen accessories.

Our advice Buying Guide

Oak cabinets were most popular in the 80s and 90s, but they remain in kitchens, laundry rooms, and bathrooms in homes across the country because of their timeless beauty. Oak is a long-lasting and durable type of wood, which means cabinets made of oak can last several decades.

Before you purchase new oak cabinets, there are important points you need to consider first. This guide will present you the basics on buying oak cabinets including budget, quality, style, and construction. All these should be considered prior making a final decision.

How to determine the optimal size and arrangement for your oak cabinets?

Another aspect you must take care of before you even start searching for oak cabinets is the available space you have in your home. What we would suggest every time is to allow a professional come and look at the space you allocated for the cabinets. The expert should then measure the area. With the preliminary measurements ready, you will have more accurate information that you can give to a salesman at your local home center. If you'll be shopping online, you'll be able to have a rough estimate of a product's size if you already have the available space's exact dimensions.

What are the differences between custom, semi-custom, and stock oak cabinets?

Stock oak cabinets are the least expensive among all the types of oak cabinets. They're constructed in standard sizes and shapes, and they're available in different but limited styles. As for semi-custom cabinets, they're factory-built and they come in standard sizes. There are many options when it comes to their style, design, and storage. Custom oak cabinets, on the other hand, are the high-end units. They're constructed on-site in any finish or style or in a workroom using designer specifications.

Stock cabinets offer the least options beyond cupboards and drawers. But, custom and semi-custom oak cabinets will provide you with endless solutions in terms of storage. A lazy Susan, pullout pan shelves, a wine rack, an appliance garage, pullout bins, and vertical dividers for cookie sheets and trays are just a few of the add-ons for oak cabinets.

How to ensure the quality of oak cabinets?

If you will be installing your oak cabinets in your "dream kitchen" or inside your bathroom, you must only choose the cabinets with top-quality construction. The cabinets must have reinforced corners, closed backs, drawer and door fronts, and solid frames. The doors and drawers of your oak cabinets should operate quietly and smoothly as well. As for the wood's finish, it has to be smooth.

Bonus tip: To find the look that you like, you must browse through several pictures of oak cabinets. Stock cabinets will offer you with limited style options unlike custom and semi-custom cabinets. Choose the style that'll blend well with your home's architecture and you'll be happier with your purchase.


Kitchen backsplash with oak cabinets

What a wonderful, cosy kitchen. Wood and stone finish gives it a cottage look with a modern vibe. Grey colour of countertops plays extremely well with the stone elements, and the gentle, mosaic backsplash is as elegant as they get.

Oak cabinets 1

Add these stunning maple cabinets to your kitchen with the beautiful cherry stain and mocha glaze. It will ensure maximum amount of space for your utensils and dinnerware and will keep you convenient and functional at all times.

Dark oak cabinets

Beautiful backsplash for modern kitchens. It consists of stone tiles in prevalent blue hues with orange and brownish accents. It perfectly matches both cabinets with a warm brown finish as well as countertops in grey-bluish tones.

Natural oak cabinets

This kitchen area is very functional and looks attractive in different stylizations. Wooden cabinets feature an attractive oak finish. Lower cabinets include a solid and spacious marble top that also looks very nice.

Black floor cabinet 3

We looked for inspirations for our new kitchen, and we decide to choose the cabinets with oak finish. It's a warm shade of brown, so it creates the inviting atmosphere with country style.

Kitchen backsplash ideas for oak cabinets

This elegant kitchen set, except for the granite tops, is entirely made of solid oak wood. Each cabinet and drawer is equipped with a tasteful handle, and has a lot of free space for storage.

Kitchen wall colors with oak cabinets

Not enough warmth in kitchen area? Try oak wood. Wood finished mid-toned cabinets, contrasting with tile backsplash, bring warm feel indoors while still not overwhelming the decor as heavy-grained dark wood could do.

Kitchen paint colors with oak cabinets

Redolent of the mission style, but with a hint of contemporary elegance, this warm dining room decor utilizes wood in varied finishes, from walnut tones to black, and stone walls to create a homey atmosphere.

Kitchen paint color ideas with oak cabinets

Kitchen Paint Color Ideas with Oak Cabinets

Oak cabinets with granite countertops

This kitchen set can be a great choice for larger interiors. Entirely crafted of solid oak wood, the set offers several cabinets with doors, capacious storage drawers, 1 desk with 4 drawers, and 1 open shelf.

Kitchen color schemes with oak cabinets

Kitchen remodel with oak cabinets and gray wall paint colors and laminate flooring

Kitchen paint colors with light oak cabinets

An amazing set of kitchen furniture crafted from solid oak wood. The set includes well-polished, granite countertops, cupboards with lovely fronts, and plenty of free space to master your culinary skills.

10x10 Randolph Oak Kitchen

Remodeling oak kitchen cabinet oak kitchen cabinets for aesthetic and

Remodeling oak kitchen cabinet oak kitchen cabinets for aesthetic and ...

Oak cabinets 7

Oak Cabinets

Kitchen backsplash ideas with oak cabinets

Contemporary setup for a modern kitchen with counters and cabinets made out of light oak wood with granite tops. The kitchen is fitted with modern appliances, which make cooking easy and provide a nice finish.

Kitchen oak cabinets wall color

The greatest advantages of oak wood are its nobility and longevity. Oak kitchen furniture, including heavily used oak cabinets, will prove to be resistant to damage. And the warm color presented here with a slight amber shade - it will always be fashionable.

Best kitchen paint colors with oak cabinets

Kitchen cabinets with a very solid wooden construction. They look very attractive and natural thanks to their oak finish. These cabinets include storage compartments and drawers that provide practical storage space for different accessories.

Kitchen paint color ideas with oak cabinets

I do not really like the oldschool dark kitchen cabinets with the solid granite countertops. I know that it is designed to last the years, but it looks so heavyish and make me feel like I came back into the past to the late sixties.

Kitchen color ideas with oak cabinets corner design

Kitchen Color Ideas with Oak Cabinets Corner Design

Paint colors for kitchens with oak cabinets

very detailed directions on how to paint your cabinets WITHOUT SANDING them first

Black appliances with oak cabinets

kitchen paint color ideas with oak cabinets | Kitchen Paint, Kitchen Painting Ideas, Kitchen Paint Colors

Flooring with oak cabinets

wood lower cabinets, white upper cabinets with glass fronts and teal subway tile backsplash

Oak cabinets with stainless appliances

Aesthetic traditional kitchen units of wooden materials in light browns. Shelved and drawered cabinets have recessed toe-kicks and spotty brown-beige tops. Wall units feature shelves, crown tops, arched milling cuts on doors. Pulls are dark brown.

Oak cabinets b oak kitchen cabinets with shanxi black granite

oak cabinets b oak kitchen cabinets with shanxi black granite oak ...

Oak cabinets with marble countertops

tiled the back splashes with Honey Onyx marble subway tiles,

My new kitchen island staining oak cabinets 1

My New Kitchen Island: Staining Oak Cabinets!

Kitchens with oak cabinets

Want to make your kitchen classier and brighter? Now you can, using this elegant set of kitchen cabinets, with smoothly-operating doors, and the spacious shelves hidden behind them. Each cabinet is made of solid oak wood, guarantying a long usage and appealing appearance.

Best color to paint kitchen with oak cabinets

DIY Bedroom Organization Ideas | ... kitchen design 2010 10 Luxury Kitchen Ideas For Fraction of the Price

Before golden oak cabinets

Before - Golden Oak Cabinets

Granite countertops on oak cabinets

Stylishly finished with oak, this set of kitchen cabinets is designed for those, who like traditional or rustic decors. Corresponding well with the two-toned kitchen island, it will help to create a warm, alluring ambience.

Oak_cabinets_b jpg


Paint colors that go with honey oak cabinets


Backsplash ideas with oak cabinets

silver sage paint match at home depot- with golden oak trim

Granite countertops with oak cabinets

This elegant kitchen set is consisted of several cabinets with granite tops. Each cabinet is crafted from sturdy wood and covered with a warm cherry finish. There are many adjustable shelves that are hidden behind the closed doors.

Backsplash with oak cabinets

This stylish oak cabinet is a perfect piece of furniture for a spacious kitchen that will fulfill the role of an island with a solid countertop. Large lockers and drawers will hold numerous small things.

Gray paint with oak cabinets

maybe do this color in kitchen???Comfort Gray is by Sherwin Williams

Oak cabinets 4 steps to choose kitchen paint colors with

... oak cabinets 4 Steps to Choose Kitchen Paint Colors with Oak Cabinets

What color to paint kitchen cabinets with black appliances

These WERE builder grade oak cabinets. They look amazing!!!

Home design ideas oak kitchen cabinets design ideas

HOME DESIGN IDEAS: Oak Kitchen Cabinets Design Ideas

Oak cabinet inspirations reeds custom cabinets

Oak Cabinet Inspirations | Reeds Custom Cabinets

What color flooring with honey oak cabinets floor roma

What Color Flooring With Honey Oak Cabinets | Floor Roma

Tired of oak cabinets in your kitchen creative concepts

Tired of oak cabinets in your kitchen? | Creative Concepts

OUR ADVICE Questions & Answers

What are the most popular styles for kitchen cabinet fronts?
Look up the shaker, louvred, flat, inset, distressed, beadboard and thermofoil cabinet fronts. However, if you would like to have something truly original, consider custom cabinet fronts.
What about cabinets themselves?
These can be stock, semi-custom and custom. Stock ones are straight out of the store and come in standard sizes and shapes. Semi-custom cabinets allow for some flexibility, while custom cabinets are hand-made precisely for your measurements and taste.
How do kitchen cabinets get shipped?
You can receive your cabinets in one of two ways – ready-to-assemble (RTA) and fully assembled. The first option means they come packed in flat boxes. This typically cuts the shipping cost, as they take less space, but require more installation time. Fully assembled cabinets need a vehicle with enough room to accommodate them but require no work except for mounting them.
I’ve heard about customized kitchen cabinetry solutions, but what exactly are my options?
Kitchen cabinetry is all about your needs and ergonomy. To make your kitchen life easier, look up pull-out tables and cutting boards, lowered and raised dishwasher cabinetry, “Lazy Susan” cabinetry, different pull-out, pull-up and pull-down shelves as well as elevated toe kicks. Any of these will substantially improve the workflow in your kitchen.
What is the standard size of kitchen cabinets?
Base cabinets are typically 24 inches deep, and upper cabinets are typically 12 inches deep. However, both also come in 12, 15 and 18 inches deep options. When it comes to the height, base cabinets are usually 34 1 inches tall, while upper cabinets can be 12, 15, 18, 24, 30, 36 or 42 inches tall.
Are glass fronts worthy of consideration?
Glass fronts are a bit more demanding than their standard counterparts. While they can be used to make your kitchen seem more spacious, because they add depth, you will have to keep in mind to always keep them clean, and the inside of the cabinet tidy. If you’re going for a modern, light style, they can be a great choice.
What’s the difference between lay on doors and framed doors for kitchen cabinets?
Lay on doors covers the entire cabinet. This way, only a small gap between neighbouring units is left. Framed doors are installed within a narrow frame, which doesn’t hinge with the door. It’s a great choice for real wood kitchen cabinets, like oak ones!