Blue And White Vinyl Flooring

Blue is calming, and white is clean, so for your vinyl flooring, how about both. Blue and white vinyl flooring is an attractive way to accent your floors, vinyl is quiet durable, and can last a very long time. And most of these vinyl flooring options can be easily installed by you. So, take a look at this collection and add a cooling, calming and clean influence to your floor.

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White and blue bathrooms

White and blue bathrooms
A fashionable transformation of your contemporary bathroom can be easily achieved with this beautiful flooring that emanates with a lovely blend of white, and blue hues. Designed of quality vinyl, the flooring is long-lasting, beautiful, and easy to clean.

11 shutters to enhance every window

11 shutters to enhance every window
Go for some nice shutters for your bathroom to ensure that you can simply always enjoy that boost of privacy while taking a bath and create a serene look thanks to their white finish and unassuming looks.

Blue and white vinyl flooring 1

Adorned with small navy blue diamonds, this blue and white vinyl flooring constitutes a great proposition for all, who want to create a contemporary chic bathroom or kitchen.

Blue and white vinyl flooring

The small navy blue diamond accent gives this set of tiles a refined, contemporary appeal. Combining off-white and navy blue, it will be a good option for one's bathroom or kitchen decor.

Blue and white vinyl flooring 1

I totally want to go and alter furniture for my kitchen. The cabinets with burgundy work tops and the blue and white vinyl flooring create the interesting kitchen space.

Blue and white vinyl flooring 2

Now you can transform the appearance of your contemporary kitchen by using this lovely retro flooring. Designed of durable and easy to clean vinyl, the flooring forms a beautiful chessboard with a mix of light blue, white and navy blue.

Blue and white vinyl flooring 2

Vinyl floor tile with self adhesive backing - for effortless floor installation. Each tile features geometric square pattern and is coloured beige (dominating) and mosaic dark blue (varied tones of navy blue). No-wax finish.

Our advice Buying Guide

Vinyl flooring has come a long way in design and function. Today’s vinyl tiles are nothing like they were a few decades ago. They have a look and feel of real ceramic or stone tiles and are more affordable. If you are looking for a cost-effective way to improve the look and style of your floor, you may consider going for blue and white vinyl flooring. These tiles are not only waterproof and durable but give your home a classic checkerboard pattern as well. Their combination of frosty blue and white latte colors create bright neat spaces that are easier to clean. So what do you look for when shopping for blue and white vinyl flooring?

How to measure for vinyl flooring?

It is important to consider dimensions depending on the size of the floor surface you intend to cover in vinyl tiles. The tiles are usually manufactured in pre-cut dimensions of either 12 or 18-inch square and a uniform thickness. They are also offered in your desired length in-store, which allows the sheet vinyl to cover a wide area of your floor in one seamless piece. A wide vinyl sheet without joints creates a more attractive look although larger rooms may require a few strips with several joints. Precision cut vinyl tiles, on the other hand, make it easier to replace damaged tiles without having to pull out the entire strip.

Is the vinyl flooring compatibility with your underfoot heating?

It will also be important to inquire if the vinyl sheet is compatible with your home’s underfoot heating. Most blue and white vinyl flooring sheets are made to withstand underfoot heating and often use double sided vinyl in the laying process for better performance.

Does the vinyl flooring material come with protective backing?

The function and durability of vinyl flooring also depend on what lies beneath the surface that you see. This is the backing on the vinyl flooring which is supposed to provide extra protection against moisture and mildew. It also provides resiliency and determines what kind of adhesive is needed for installation. When it comes to protective backing, the thicker the material, the better it is.

What else to consider when looking for vinyl flooring?

You’ll also need to consider the following issues when shopping for the best blue and white vinyl flooring.

  • Ask about the maintenance cost of the flooring and go for one with lower upkeep costs
  • How easy is it to clean the vinyl floor?
  • Make sure the flooring is water resistant especially if you will use it in your kitchen or bathroom where splashes and spills cannot be avoided.
  • It should be easy and less expensive to install.
  • Is it suitable for homes with pets?
  • Can people who are allergic to pet dander, dust, or pollen clean the floor safely?
  • Step on a piece of the vinyl flooring material to check if it feels softer, quieter, and warmer than the usual floor tiling.
  • Ask if it requires underlay and go for one that doesn’t to save on installation costs.

When you update your floor with blue and white vinyl flooring, you achieve a dramatic change in the style and look of your indoor spaces. Vinyl flooring is also great for high traffic areas in your home. It is a versatile and affordable floor redecoration option.


Vinyl flooring congoleum designer inlaid chalet white

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Vinyl flooring blue

This blue and white vinyl flooring constitutes a perfect embodiment of the characteristic Moroccan style, popularized first by the Spaniards and then the Portuguese and their famous Azulejos.

Blue and white checkered vinyl flooring

If you are looking for an original way to decor your bathroom, these stylish blue and white vinyl flooring will be perfect. The lovely floral motif combined with the white background in an unusual motif captivates and blends perfectly.

Choose another color white blue white taupe other colors available

choose another color white blue white taupe other colors available ...

Blue and white vinyl flooring 14

Blue and white bathroom layout. Vinyl flooring, though sporting classic contrasting tiles pattern, escapes the boredom as it's been coloured pastel blue and white. Wood panels reaching half of the walls up were painted blue to match.

Com laminate flooring balterio vitality original sky blue

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Black white blue205177 colors

Black/White/Blue205177 - Colors

Blue and white vinyl floor tiles

A wonderful, vinyl, floor covering in a shade of deep blue. It is in Antique style, but because of the minimalistic colors, it will also suit modern spaces. It will give your room a vintage atmosphere.

40014_delft_blue_royal_blue jpg


Blue vinyl floor tiles

Why not go for these old school vinyl tile patterns for your kitchen to allow you to get that retro look and at the same time protect your floor really well. They are really practical and help you avoid visible stains all over the place.

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Vinyl flooring forbo g3 marmoleum real 1 10 fresco blue

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Nexus grey white blue marble 12 x 12 vinyl floor

Nexus Grey, White & Blue Marble 12 x 12 Vinyl Floor Tile

Adrift vinyl flooring 1


Ruffles rhythms painted vinyl floors they painted the blue squares

Ruffles & Rhythms: Painted Vinyl Floors. They painted the blue squares on the vinyl.

Blue vinyl flooring

Vinyl floor decorated with sophisticated ornamentation. Perfect solution for bathroom and others interiors according to taste and need.

Novilon classic mosaico white 2m

Novilon Classic Mosaico White (2m)

Alternatives 12" x 12" Vinyl Tile in Aqua Spring

Alternatives 12" x 12" Vinyl Tile in Aqua Spring

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Durable matte vinyl backdrop floor light blue and vintage white

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Slip avenue liquorice vinyl flooring white gloss mosaic milo 04


Blue and white vinyl flooring 5

Bathroom Makeover...paint is Valspar pale linen, floor is Armstrong vinyl tile (that can be grouted) from lowes, curtain panel is simply shabby chic w/ vertical ruffle from target, sconce is Hudson valley line from lampsplus

Blue and white vinyl flooring 18

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Ronda blue sheet vinyl flooring 2m wide gbp16 per m2

Ronda Blue Sheet Vinyl Flooring 2M Wide: £16 per m2

Ronda blue sheet vinyl flooring 2m wide gbp16 per m2

Ronda Blue Sheet Vinyl Flooring 2M Wide: £16 per m2

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Woman in the middle luxury vinyl

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Casablanca blue vinyl floor tiles by zazous

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Blue diamond self adhesive 36 pc vinyl floor tile cream

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Ivc soho blue and grey 13 2 ft x 100

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Congoleum deep providence blue vinyl flooring

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