Decorative Fireplace Screens Wrought Iron

Fireplace screens made of wrought iron might be quite useful in your household. The designs, sizes and shapes of these elements vary so everybody should be able to choose the one they like most. What do you think about such a great variety? Can you already see the fireplace screen for yourself?

Best Products

Decorative fireplace screens wrought iron 3

Gorgeous gilded decorative screens for the fireplace are solid wrought iron designs and beautiful imitation twigs. The whole is beautifully combined with the stylish interior, gray tiles and white Greek motifs on the fireplace.

Wisteria hand forged wrought iron gothic scroll decorative fireplace screen

Wisteria Hand Forged Wrought Iron Gothic Scroll Decorative Fireplace Screen
Household fireplaces take various forms from electrical to natural, which need a lot of protection from burning fire. This decorative fireplace screen is made in a French style of wrought iron, with floristic motifs, protects against excessive heat.

Fireplace screen decorative only

Decorative fireplace screen with wrought iron is a perfect combination of beautiful details and solid construction. The whole is beautifully presented in the interior design. Interesting elements of decoration with leaves add the whole subtlety.

Custom wrought iron fireplace screens

Wrought iron fireplace screen for smaller fireplaces. Openwork design in charcoal black features elegant scrolls motif, though there's no extravagance here: the screen, however pretty decorative, is plain and subtle.

Pyra fireplace screen

Panel fireplace screen made of wrought iron and finished with openwork pattern. Elegant addition with antique finish for each room as needed.

Aspen fireplace collection

Aspen Fireplace Collection
This type of product provides warmth, comfort and style into the house. It has got a single screen made of blackened steel that is resistant to fire. Of course this product is not dangerous to its users.

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Our advice Buying Guide

The addition of decorative wrought iron fireplace screens wrought iron adds not only beauty but also safety. In addition to preventing you from the access sparks that may spring from your fireplace, fireplace screens also offer protection from ash and other debris as well. Some screens serve only as a decorative element, as well, for those who would like to dress up the appearance of their fireplace area. Because there is a broad range of high-quality wrought iron fireplace screens available in different sizes, finishes, and styles, we're going to help you sort through your options to better determine what will make the best accent piece for your fireplace.

How Durable is Wrought Iron?

When selecting decorative wrought iron fireplace screens, you can be sure you're picking a durable accent piece. Not only is wrought iron corrosion-resistant, but it's also tough and will last for years. We can find wrought iron furnishings dating back to the Roman times and, because of its durability, today it's often used for tools, fencing, and home decor items.

How to Measure for Decorative Wrought Iron Fireplace Screens?

You'll find you'll have quite a bit of flexibility when measuring for decorative fireplace screens. For example, you'll need to take into consideration the mantle size, size of the hearth, the shape of the screen, and the scale of the room. Therefore, these are general guidelines to get you started.

Folding Screens:

  • Width: You'll find the measurements of this screen is laying flat. Therefore, when it's standing, you're going to lose between 8" and 12" when the sides bend. If you have a 40" wide opening, select a screen that's between 8" and 12" wider, or 48" or 52" wide to compensate for the bend. For those who have a very wide opening, it may become necessary to purchase extra panels.
  • Height: Flexibility is also available regarding height. While some homeowners prefer their decorative fireplace screens to fall 2" to 3" below the opening, others prefer them to be 2" to 3" above. Therefore, the choice is yours regarding optimal height. You will have to take into consideration the other factors already mentioned, however.

French Style Screens:

  • Width: Because these style screens have historically been meant as a decorative accent, they don't have to be the same size as the fireplace's opening. You can select a screen that's either larger or smaller depending on your taste and how it looks with the rest of the room.
  • Height: Under some circumstances, you can change the height of these screens with their feet. Again, how low or high the screen placement depends on your taste and how it looks against the hearth, as well as the rest of the room.

What Different Styles of Decorative Wrought Iron Fireplace Screens are There?

When making your selections, you’ll find that wrought iron can be bent into just about any shape imaginable. For example, if your room features a beach theme, you can opt for a screen with a lighthouse and seagulls. Do you love flowers or scrollwork? You’ll find decorative wrought iron fireplace screens featuring those designs, too.



Cast iron fireplace screen

Characterized by wrought iron construction and captivating scrollwork, this fireplace screen can be an effective and long-lasting decoration. It has a beautifully arched top, twisted legs for stability, and an easy to clean surface.

Wrought iron screens

An elegant openwork 3-panel standing fireplace screen crafted of wrought iron with a beautiful dark coppery tone. It features an arched central panel and rich decorative scrolls adorned with floral motifs.

Decorative fireplace screens wrought iron

Forged Wrought Iron Gothic Scroll Decorative Fireplace Screen

Cypher Wrought Iron Fireplace Screen

Cypher Wrought Iron Fireplace Screen

Decorative fireplace screen ideas

love this one! It would be perfect for my fireplace!

16 excellent fireplace screens image idea

16 Excellent fireplace screens Image Idea

Wrought iron fireplace screen this screen done with hinges and

wrought iron fireplace screen - this screen done with hinges and a ...

Wrought iron fireplace screen 5

wrought iron fireplace screen

Wrought iron fireplace screen 8

wrought iron fireplace screen

Art deco fireplace screen

The beautiful decorative screen with wrought iron is a charming and very functional detail of the interior. Beautiful decorations and attractive finishes delight and allow you to interesting décor.

Embroidered fire screens

A magnificent stylish firescreen made of brass and stained glass. Its decorative brass frame on curved feet is adorned with ball knots and scrolls. A round screen of stained glass tiles in greens with red accents has a frame with a handle on a top.

Zoom of a fireplace door detail call the fireplace door

Zoom of a Fireplace Door detail. Call the Fireplace Door Guy! Custom wrought iron fireplace doors for the kitchen fireplace

Peacock Aluminum Fireplace Screen

Peacock Aluminum Fireplace Screen
This Fireplace Screen is characterized by aluminum construction, and a phenomenal, peacock design. The fireplace screen features exquisite metalwork that makes it suitable for contemporary interiors.

Wrought iron fire surround

An elegant 3-panel fireplace screen handcrafted of wrought iron finished in matte black with a dark brown shine. It has low feet and a frame filled with a metal mesh against sparks. Panels feature wavy top edges and delicate scroll inlays.

New sale flat panel hourglass steel fire place screen 38

New Sale Flat Panel Hourglass Steel Fire Place Screen 38"w x 31"H | eBay

Fireplace wrought iron screens

A beautiful traditional fireplace screen made of wrought iron with a golden shine. It has a squarish riveted frame with an arched top edge and 2 bowed bottom supports. The frame is adorned with showy and quite realistic oak leaves along edges.

Wrought iron fireplace screens decorative

Ornate fire screen.

French antique art nouveau iron balcony console this would be

French Antique Art Nouveau Iron Balcony Console. This would be cool as a fireplace screen.

Cast iron fireplace screens

Dancing Scrolls Fireplace Screen

Decorative fireplace screens wrought iron 9

Picture of Monogrammed Three Panel Iron Fire Screen

Iron gate wall decor

Wall decor in elegant form. It is mounted on wooden frame and reinforced with metal supports. It consists of decoratively curved wires. Application in all kinds of interiors according to taste.

Fireplace screens contemporary 10

Add this sublime fireplace screen to your household and enjoy the contemporary design that would still work wonders for your traditionally styled home with its floral white iron structure and finish.

Wrought iron fireplace screens

Beautiful art nouveau fireplace screen cast entirely from heavy duty wrought iron. Midnight black finish is the perfect one to accentuate the swirly form, which makes a truly dramatic impact as a consequence.

Elegant triple screen with working doors so you dont always

Elegant triple screen with working doors, so you don't always have to move the screen when tending to the fire. Handcrafted of wrought iron, finished in a deep matte black with dark brown undercoating and an unexpected red brush top coat. Backed with stur

Flying ducks design decorative fireplace screen rpfpducks a great custom

Flying Ducks Design Decorative Fireplace Screen* (RPFPDUCKS) - A great custom design by Rita for ...

Golden branch fireplace screen

Old Wrought-Iron Gate Repurposed As Decorative Fireplace Screen

Rod iron fireplace screen

Traditional white fireplace mantel has variegating decorative accents here: a green garland graces its top, and the fireplace screen features beautiful nature inspired design with tiny birds sitting on curvy branches.

Decorative fireplace screens wrought iron 14

Vintage (beautiful) fireplace screen

Jar spice rack

Floating wall-mounted spice rack in white, with raised edge that prevents spice receptacles and jars from accidental falling down. Worth mounting above a kitchen countertop - all spices are within hand's reach while you cook.

Decorative fireplace screens wrought iron 11

Arts & Crafts fire screen

Harbor storm lighthouse tri fold wrought iron fireplace screen functional

Harbor Storm Lighthouse Tri-Fold Wrought Iron Fireplace Screen - Functional Furnishings Fireplace Screens - Tools - PICK MY DECOR

27in high including handle x 15in wide antique dutch fireplace

27in high (including handle) x 15in wide. ANTIQUE DUTCH FIREPLACE SCREEN Great French country cottage look!!

Fireplace screens contemporary 4

The built-in fireplace hidden in the dark wall. The chimney is fully covered with fitted bricks what creates the impression that it is not existing. Such a type of fireplace fits mostly to the modern interiors.

Wrought iron fireplace screen 2

Wrought Iron Fireplace Screen

Wrought iron fireplace screen 1

Wrought Iron #Fireplace #Screen

Wrought iron fire screen

Rectangular Wall Art (Style 199) - Combine more than one to create your own one of a kind decorative wall collage.

Dress up your hearth for fireplace season 1

Dress Up Your Hearth For Fireplace Season
Metal fireplace screen that plays practical and decorative roles. Its metal construction is resistant to high temperatures. It includes multiple circles that enhance overall attractiveness of fireplace area.

Old fireplace screens

Antique English Wrought Iron Gate from The Elemental Garden

Decorative fireplace screens wrought iron 10

Early 20th Century Wrought Iron Fire Screen Featuring A Classical Urn With Roses Surrounded By Scrollwork - Westland, London

Whistler wrought iron fireplace screen in black

Whistler Wrought Iron Fireplace Screen in Black