Crocheted Bed Skirts

Bed skirts are not remarkably common, but they do still show up in homes that like a full look to their bed. They are very popular in the bed and breakfast scene. If you are looking for the right bed skirt for you, look no further than this collection. We have all the best options for bed skirts, and surely have the right one for you.

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Vintage kitty shabby chic roses and

Vintage kitty shabby chic roses and
A charming vintage bed skirts hand crocheted of quality cotton in white and creamy tones with bluish accents. They feature various designs, rich frilling, intricate floral embroidering, lacing, attached pearls, buttons and flowers.

Bella Cotton Crochet Bed Skirt

Bella Cotton Crochet Bed Skirt
With this attractive crochet bed skirt your bedroom will look much more sophisticated and elegant. The skirt is made from cotton and is available in multiple colors and sizes, allowing you to choose the one that fits your decor the most.

Prairie Crochet Cotton Bed Skirt

Prairie Crochet Cotton Bed Skirt
This very traditional styled, white bed skirt is a stylish and practical piece of bed sheet. Made of 100 percent cotton, this bed skirt is sleek, smooth and comfortable in use. Can be wash in washing machine.

Crocheted bed skirts 1

Crochet Bed Skirts Queen | Teller Enterprises Jewel Crochet Accent Bedskirt - Queen Size $ 35.99

Crochet dust ruffle

If your bed is lacking proper embellishments, you can always try to spice it up with this lovely 18'' bed skirt. Boasting of its quality fabric crocheted design, the skirt is machine-washable, and adorned with eye-catching patterns.

Super king crochet lace bed skirt sheet set 198cmx203cm

Super King Crochet Lace Bed Skirt Sheet Set 198cmx203cm

Crocheted bed skirts

The crocheted bed skirt is a stylish touch that delights in any interior. Beautiful artistry and lively elements captivate, bringing to the decor a romantic, cottage style. The whole is perfectly emphasized interior design is adding coziness.

Our advice Buying Guide

If the bottom part of your bed isn't visually appealing, then hanging a crocheted bed skirt over it is an excellent solution. Crocheted bed skirts come in a lot of different varieties, and that means you can easily find one that can hide a bed's bottom part and add a bit of attractive decor at the same time.

On the downside, the multitude of options can be a source of confusion. As a way to make the shopping task much more manageable, this article is going to be a buying guide for crocheted bed skirts.

How to get the right size bed skirt?

The most common mistake made by most homeowners is getting a bed skirt that is of the same size as their mattress. Most beds will have foundations, padding and extra parts that enlarge the total dimensions. Hence, don't assume that the size of the mattress is equal to the size of the bed. Your best bet is to measure the bed so you'll have more accurate dimensions of the bed skirt you need.

What is the drop of the bed skirt?

The drop of the bed skirt means the length in which it hangs from the bed. The considered industry standard is 15 inches, but bed skirts do come in varying lengths.

When it comes to the bed skirt drop, you also don't want it to be too high and too low. Also, you don't want to make assumptions, especially when you can quickly and easily do some measurements.

How to select the right color for a crocheted bed skirt?

When it comes to choosing the right color for your bedroom, there are few hard rules to follow so you have plenty of leeway. Perhaps the only thing that you really should avoid is picking a color that goes against the color of the bedsheet. Just refer to the color wheel, and make sure that the color of the bed sheet and the bed skirt are not on the opposite sides. Basically, you should match or blend the color of the bed skirt to the color of your bed sheet.

If you want to be safe, then you can pick white or a pastel color of yellow, pink or cyan.

You can also pick a color that is the same as the bed. It will appear as if the bed has a softer side, which makes it cozier. This makes for your safest option in terms of color as you won’t have to purchase lots of bed skirts just to have colors that match each bed sheet that you have.


Crocheted bed skirts 2

A gorgeous improvement for beds that crave for feminine decorations. This beautiful bed skirt boasts of a flawless crocheted design and quality material, giving you a very stylish, long-lasting and machine-washable bedroom embellishment.

Crocheted bed skirts 1

An old-fashioned approach to an heirloom-like crocheted bed cover with an embroidered bottom. The bed cover is made out of cotton fabric in a white color and has a decorative, hand-sewn pattern along the bottom.

Crocheted bed skirts

If your bed is lacking proper embellishments, you can always try to spice it up with this lovely 18'' bed skirt. High-quality fabric crocheted design ensures long-lasting fresh appeal. The skirt can be machine washed.

Crochet bed skirts dust ruffles

Add a romantic touch into your bedroom by choosing this Tranquil garden quilt crocheted bedding set. Every piece is hand made and has the white finish. Only two pillows have the pink color, which create the fabulous color accent on the white background.

Crochet bedskirt queen

Lovely crocheted bed skirt is a beautiful decorative accent for your bedroom. Beautiful details and beautiful ornate decorations captivate the details and bring a note of romanticism and idyll into the interior.

Heirloom crocheted bed skirt 18 drop bed skirts free shipping

Heirloom Crocheted Bed Skirt, 18" Drop: Bed Skirts | Free Shipping at ...

Columbine cody gabriella hand crocheted bedskirt queen

Columbine Cody Gabriella Hand-Crocheted Bedskirt - Queen

Crocheted bed skirts

Crocheted Bed Skirts

Textiles furnishings bed linen gracy incorporation crochet bed linen

... textiles furnishings bed linen gracy incorporation crochet bed linen

Crocheted bed skirt on

Crocheted Bed Skirt on

Details about ecru king cotton crochet bedskirt bed skirt dust


Crochet bed skirt 2

Crochet Bed Skirt

Sea cottage shabby soul in italy

Sea Cottage: Shabby Soul In Italy

Lovely crocheted bedskirt

lovely crocheted bedskirt

This is gorgeous bed skirt with chevron pattern crochet trim

this is gorgeous ... Bed Skirt with Chevron Pattern Crochet Trim

Crochet bed skirts

Bed skirt made of fabric and finished with decorative ruffles. It is compatible with standard bed. Elegant accent for any bedroom.

Crocheted bed skirts 11

How to make a bed skirt. (And use Velcro to attach it to the box spring--no more shifting like a sheeted skirt does! Besides those are so hard to put on. But if all else fails, use the corkscrew upholstery pins/tacks to keep it in place)

American mills crochet bed skirt

American Mills Crochet Bed Skirt

Vintage french crochet bed cover coverlet off white hand made

Vintage French Crochet Bed Cover Coverlet Off White Hand Made Lace Textile | eBay

Crocheted bed skirts 8

Home • King Bed Skirts – Dust Ruffles • White Crochet Scalloped ...

Crocheted bed skirt

Now you can emphasize the appearance of your bed using this beautiful bed skirt designed of quality white material. The skirt is machine-washable, neatly crocheted, and adorned with a lovely fringe.

Crocheted bed skirts 20

vintage lace bed skirts | Product: Hand Crochet Bedskirt Dust Ruffle Queen Size 18 drop

Vintage crochet bed skirt in cream by mailordervintage on etsy

Vintage Crochet Bed Skirt in Cream by mailordervintage on etsy

Crocheted bed skirts 3

Queen Handmade Crochet Lace Bedskirt 14" Drop, Ivory

Monochromatic peaceful color scheme but i would have added a

Monochromatic, peaceful color scheme, but I would have added a lush green plant to the night stand!

Crocheted bed skirts 2

Home > Pom Pom at Home Vintage Crochet Bed Skirt

Home kitchen bedding shams bed skirts bed frame draperies bed

home kitchen bedding shams bed skirts bed frame draperies bed skirts

Wide floral hand crochet lace cotton bed sheet skirt valance

... Wide-Floral-Hand-Crochet-Lace-Cotton-Bed-Sheet-Skirt-Valance-White-QN

Crocheted lace ruffled bed skirts

Crocheted, Lace, Ruffled bed skirts

Crochet tailored bed skirt

crochet tailored bed skirt

Crochet bed skirt 1

The skirt does not have to be for women. You can also decorate the bedroom bed. Crocheted, delicate bed skirt is made of polyester and cotton, , perfectly tailored . This bed skirt is hand-finished with a fantastic light beige color. Truly elegant.

Crochet bicos barrados edgings raissa tavares albuns da web do

crochet - bicos - barrados - edgings - Raissa Tavares - Álbuns da web do Picasa

Crochet bed skirt 1

Embodying the charm and warmth of traditional decors, this crochet bed skirt evokes memories of our grandmothers' chambers. Carefully crafted, this work of art will appeal to all, who like handcrafted decor.

Picture of hand crocheted cotton bed skirt and sham images

Picture of Hand-Crocheted Cotton Bed Skirt And Sham @ Images Nation ...

Shabby and vintage style exquisite hand crochet creamy bed skirt

Shabby and Vintage Style Exquisite Hand Crochet Creamy Bed Skirt 1123

Crocheted bed skirts 9

LOVE the crocheted bedcover! Goes wonderfully with the other linens and the white iron bedstead. Hate the gothic "palladian" whatsit over the bed, and the wallpaper trim, but some real loveliness here. Blue and white is so classic, and I love the unexpe

About vtg queen full sz hand crochet bed skirt dust

... about Vtg Queen/Full Sz Hand Crochet Bed Skirt/Dust Ruffle 14" Drop

By pom pom at home linen machine wash 18 drop

- By Pom Pom at Home - Linen - Machine wash - 18" drop - Imported

Specification of crochet skirt hand made crochet laces motifs collars

... specification of crochet skirt hand made crochet laces motifs collars

No sew bed skirt with kind of diy

No Sew Bed Skirt with kind of DIY

Crocheted bed skirts 28

Pretty bedding & headboard...cottage chic bedroom... Vintageandart: Road Trip

Diy pleated bed skirt make it and love it 1

DIY Pleated Bed Skirt --- Make It and Love It

Tutorial how to make sew an easy diy crib skirt

Tutorial: How to Make/Sew an Easy DIY Crib Skirt | * View Along the Way *