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Bed skirts or dust ruffles provide an excellent way to add style and elegance to your bed. Bed skirts are also known as bed valance or dust ruffle and are perfect for your own bedroom, children bedroom, and guest room. They tie up the room’s style together and add a nice touch to your curated space. The bed skirt will not just enhance the look of the bedroom but will also help to hide bins and other items stored under the bed. They also help significantly to manage the air quality and cleanliness of the bedroom by preventing dust from accumulating under the bed. You can choose yours from a wide range of bed skirts available in different designs and styles to match your needs.

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Updated 15/03/2022
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Full Deck Bed Skirt

Full Deck Bed Skirt

Highland Dunes

What we like: Low price point

What we don’t like: Thin fabric

Not so great for: Those who don’t want to remove their mattresses when changing the bed skirt

Perfect for: Those who prefer a fabric cover below the mattress

Protect the space between your mattress and the box spring with this full-deck bed skirt. It features split corners, making it easy to go around the footboard and bedpost. The pleated construction gives it a medium-full ruffled look. Made of 100% microfiber polyester, this ultra-soft piece is offered in 12 solid colors and comes in five sizes.

The sheerness of the material might feel too lightweight for some. However, this is a durable and hypoallergenic fabric that will last wear and tear. The material is not wrinkle-free and may require ironing, which is safe to do with this fabric. 

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Quilted Bed Skirt

Quilted Bed Skirt

Charlton Home®

What we like: Dainty paisley patterns

What we don’t like: High price point

Not so great for: Modern bedrooms

Perfect for: Traditional, farmhouse, and transitional-style bedrooms

With its scalloped edge and paisley pattern, this classically elegant bed skirt is a lovely way to add a traditional touch to your bedroom décor. It's made from a woven polyester and cotton blend that's soft to the touch, and the machine-washable fabric makes it easy to clean. Available in sizes to fit queen, full, king, and twin beds, this bed skirt has side pleats for a tailored look.

While its price point is higher than the usual bed skirt, this piece features a 126-thread count fabric, giving it a bespoke and luxurious look. With a sufficient drop length of 18”, this can cover tall box springs and bed bases. Available in white and ivory colors. 

$65.99 $83.05

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Ruffled Eyelet Bed Skirt

Ruffled Eyelet Bed Skirt

Ophelia & Co.

What we like: Dainty details

What we don’t like: No split corners

Not so great for: Bed with footboards

Perfect for: Transitional, farmhouse, and cottage-style bedrooms

Give your bedroom that charming cottage-core look with this bed skirt with ruffled eyelet details. Made of nylon and polypropylene fabric, this piece is available in white, gray, ivory, and mocha. It also comes in five sizes so you can dress up any size of bed in your home, from the guest room to the master bedroom.

Since it doesn’t have split corners, this bed is best used for beds without footboards and canopy beds. The fabric material is also on the silky side and it’s not wrinkle-free. However, with its ruffled look, you have the option of whether to iron it or not.


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Fluffy Voile Bed Skirt

Fluffy Voile Bed Skirt

Astoria Grand

What we like: Full look

What we don’t like: Needs ironing

Not so great for: Low box springs

Perfect for: Box springs from 15” to 18” height

Get that luxurious look with this elegant bed skirt. Made of cotton voile, it has a traditional look with its medium-full gathered appearance. With a three-sided configuration and split corners, this will definitely complete the look of canopy beds and beds with footboards. Available in white and comes in four sizes with two drop height options.

Because of its material, it will need to be steamed and ironed several times to prevent the skirt from bunching and wrinkling. However, its fullness can help conceal minor wrinkles. The polyester platform behind the voile material also provides an additional layer in hiding box springs and bed legs.

$56.99 $58.99

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Pleated Bed Skirt

Pleated Bed Skirt

Amazon Basics

What we like: Timeless design

What we don’t like: Not wrinkle-free

Not so great for: Beds with low base

Perfect for: All types of bedroom interiors

Soft and lightweight, this bed skirt exudes a classic, contemporary appeal, perfect for different interior styles. At 14” in height, it helps conceal the box spring while creating a cohesive or accented look along with your beddings. Made of microfiber polyester, this piece is not only resistant to wrinkles, but it’s also hypoallergenic. Available in 16 solid neutral tones and jewel colors.

The material is quite sheer and creates a translucent cover for the bed base. However, this also makes it soft, and easy to iron and wash. Eco-friendly manufacturing as it is made from a factory that ensures high safety and environmental standards.

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Budde Pleated 14" Bed Skirt

Budde Pleated 14" Bed Skirt

This smooth 14” bed skirt has simple pleats at each corner to coordinate with contemporary décor. It is machine washable and made from 90 GSM brushed polyester fabric for durability.

Pair with lightly textured accent pillows for a sharp modern look or coordinate with lacy bedding for simple visual contrast. This sophisticated-looking bed skirt is available in 40 colors for easy color matching.

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16" Bed Skirt

16" Bed Skirt

Combining a classic Broderie Anglaise border with a modern pleated design, this bed skirt is a versatile option to elevate the style in your bedroom.

Available in a range of colors from classic white to elegant navy, the generous 16” length fits perfectly over taller bedframes to look perfectly smooth. With heavy brushed 100 GSM fabric, this bed skirt will hold up through years of wear and washing.

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Mirabal 14" Bed Skirt

Mirabal 14" Bed Skirt

With 6 sizes and 14 color options, this charming bed skirt can put the finishing touch on any room. The colors include robust jewel tones and smooth neutrals in light and dark hues.

The skirt is made from polyester, so it stays smooth without ironing making it quick and easy to machine wash, dry, and place back on the bed. The hypoallergenic fabric also makes it suitable for people who suffer from allergies.

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Dakota 14" Bed Skirt

Dakota 14" Bed Skirt

The ruffles and eyelets on this bed skirt are ideal for traditional bedrooms in light and airy colors. It’s available in five sizes, including twin size perfect for classically styled children’s bedrooms.

The beautiful neutral tones pair well with white bedding and oak furniture for a clean traditional bedroom. Or match with a white bed skirt with pastel pinks for a fresh take on a classic look. The nylon fabric is machine-washable and can be ironed if needed to keep your room looking picture-perfect.

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Klein 15'' Bed Skirt

Klein 15'' Bed Skirt

Change the look of your bedroom in an instant with this stylish modern bed skirt. The 15” drop length can help you manage under the bed dust and debris, while the microfiber fabric is iron-safe and machine-washable, so you can keep it looking perfect and ready for guests.

Available in 20 beautiful hues, this bed skirt can give a neutral-heavy room a lift with cheerful colors which you can style with warm accent pillows. The fade-resistant color will stay bright through years of use, even in children’s bedrooms.

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Haylee Premium Quality 1500 Thread Count 15" Bed Skirt

Haylee Premium Quality 1500 Thread Count 15" Bed Skirt

Add a touch of romance to your bedroom with this charming ruffled bed skirt. The texture pairs well with smooth comforters and textured accent pillows in coordinating colors.

The wrinkle and fade-resistant 1500 thread count microfiber is both durable and soft, and the skirt features an elastic at the back to secure it in place. Try using a light ruffled bed skirt to add visual interest to a room featuring furniture in a dark wood finish.

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Chavez 16" Bed Skirt

Chavez 16" Bed Skirt

Create a sleek, tailored bedscape with the clean lines of this modern, flat bed skirt. With five gorgeous neutral color options, this bed skirt is an excellent choice for contemporary and traditional bedrooms.

The 16” drop length is perfect for master bedrooms with larger beds, and the eco-friendly rayon fabric helps this bed skirt stay soft yet durable matter how many times it goes through the wash.

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Swigart 14" Bed Skirt

Swigart 14" Bed Skirt

Conceal your box spring or bed frame to create a streamlined look with this 14” bed skirt. The stunning muted hues of this piece provide a pop of coordinating color for sleek, modern bedrooms.

The corner pleats allow easy access to under bed storage, while the brushed microfiber fabric adds an elegant textural touch to complement your bed linen. Add a bed skirt that is a few shades darker than the bedding for an interesting color contrast.

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Brandenburg Wrap Around Style Tailored 16" Bed Skirt

Brandenburg Wrap Around Style Tailored 16" Bed Skirt

With its 100 GSM polyester microfiber, this 16” wrap-around bed skirt will hold up for years. The delicate neutrals and bright colors can easily be machine washed to like-new condition without fading.

The bed skirt is designed to fit securely over your bed frame but also features an elastic fastener to prevent slipping. Use the unique green or purple colors in the twin size option for a great addition to a child or teen’s bedroom.

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Space Saver Tailored 21" Bed Skirt

Space Saver Tailored 21" Bed Skirt

This 21” tailored bed skirt provides a polished and regal look for beds that are taller than the standard size. It’s available in six sizes including California King, making it ideal for guest and master bedrooms in any home.

The crisp design is iron-safe and machine-washable, and the 95 GSM fabric will stand the test of time. Use the white or gray skirt with white bedding and slate gray accents or wall color for a room that radiates minimalist style perfection.


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Best Bed Skirts

Buying Guide

Bed skirts are making a come back. Today’s models are more sleek and available in such a wide array of options that they blend harmoniously into their decor. Whether you want to hide your unsightly box spring, tidy up and harmonize your bedroom’s appearance, or just to make the most of your under-bed storage, you need a bed skirt.

Wondering how to choose the right bed skirt for your bedroom? Read on and find out all you need to know.

Getting the right size bed skirt is, without a doubt, the most important step in choosing the right bed skirt for your bed.

While there are standard measurements that help make it easier to pick the right model, always be sure to measure your bed, box spring or foundation as even standard sizes can deviate considerably.

Here’s how to make sure you choose the right size bed skirt.

  • Measure the width and length of your bed. While you could just look up the standard size dimensions, it’s always best to check your exact model. For example, your king size bed should measure 76” x 80”, but in reality there can be significant deviations in actual size.
  • Once you’ve got the exact dimensions for your bed, note them down and get ready to measure the drop.
  • The drop is the length that your bed skirt will need to have to reach the floor from the top of your foundation, frame or box spring. Once again, be sure to measure your bed as heights can vary significantly from one model to another.
  • The standard drop for bed skirts is 15”, however, you can find other drop sizes, with 14” and 16” also being popular sizes.
  • Note down your drop size along with your bed dimensions and read on to find out how to pick the perfect bed skirt style and color for your bedroom decor.

Tempted to skip this step and get ordering? Bad idea!

A drop skirt that doesn’t fit will bunch up or ruffle, detracting from the intended effect. Too short and your bed skirt won’t hide what you’ve got lurking under your bed. Too long and it will trail on your floor, taking your eye away from your bedroom’s main focal points and destabilizing your look.

So, always measure before ordering!

Naturally, this depends upon your bedroom style and the look you are going for.

While some people think that bed skirts are outdated and go best with traditional decor, they can actually also improve an ultra-modern sleek look depending upon the style that you opt for.

Bed skirts come in three main styles that can vary depending on the exact finish. Here’s all you need to know about choosing the right style for your bedroom.

  • Pleated - a pleated bed skirt is the most versatile. It can look smooth and provide a harmonizing effect without looking too frilly or too minimalist. Opt for a style with fewer pleats for a more modern, pared-down style, or with more pleats for a more structured yet feminine look.
  • Tailored - the tailored bed skirt is a good choice for modern styled bedrooms. When you select a model that matches the main color elements in your room, a tailored bed skirt should almost disappear into the background, unifying your decor. If you want to harmonize your bedroom and hide your unsightly box spring and bed frame, then a tailored model makes a great choice. Some classic tailored models have a pleat at the center of each side, whereas box style ones are completely flat.
  • Gathered - the traditional gathered style bed skirt works best for a classic, romantic style bedroom. It can also add a shabby chic, vintage air. Various different gathered styles are available, depending upon the actual length of fabric that is gathered and the addition of ruffles at the top, bottom or at both ends.

Once you’ve decided on your style, let's focus on the fun part, choosing your bed skirt color!

Okay, so you know your exact dimensions, you’ve picked a style that matches your decor, now let’s find the perfect color for your bed skirt.

To help you to choose, we’re going to run over a few different ideas and scenarios, including solid colors, color accented bed skirts and patterned and textured models.

  • Light solid colors. Light colors are a popular choice, especially if your bedroom lacks natural light or if you have a predominantly light color scheme. A word of warning, make sure that your dark box spring or your items in storage under your bed won't show through your light-colored bed skirt. Look for lined or heavy cotton fabrics to avoid this problem.
  • Dark solid colors. Dark solid colors generally go well when you have a darker themed bedroom, especially if your box spring and bed frame are dark in color. Dark solid colored bed skirts are a popular choice as they tend to cover completely without any transparency and are not as prone to staining as lighter models, for those of you that have kids and pets.
  • Patterned. While bed skirts are generally designed to cover and deflect attention elsewhere, they can become an eye-catching element in themselves. We think patterned bed skirts work well in smaller bedrooms where you want to avoid the clutter of too many accent pieces.

    Use patterned models to provide a space-saving standout feature or to complement another color that is already present in your room. If you already have a lot going on in your bedroom decor, then we think patterned models are generally best avoided to prevent your room looking too “busy”.

  • Match headboard - if you are uncertain what color to go for and want your bed skirt to simply blend into your bed, then why not match it to your headboard? This will give your bed a unifying element and when you use a tailored bed skirt, you won’t even notice that it’s there. This is a great choice when your bed differs in color or style to the rest of your room or if you want your bed skirt to look as discreet as possible.
  • Match curtains or drapes. Matching the color of your bed skirt to your curtains or drapes is a great choice for a harmonized, glossy looking interior. A popular feature copied from upmarket hotels and interior design magazines, whether you’re looking for a sleek, minimalist finish or a frilly, flouncy look, matching colors will unify your room. This, in turn, will draw your attention to your chosen focal points and features, against a coordinated and cohesive background.
  • Match color accent pieces. Pick up accent colors from your decor with a bright-colored bed skirt. If you are planning on picking a bed skirt in an accent color, be sure to think it over long and hard. Ideally, you don’t want to have a lot of other items in that color or else given the size of your bed skirt, it could become overwhelming. This works well in rooms that have just one, or two similar, accent colors.
  • Colored trim. Do you want to play it safe, but at the same time, still want to pick up a hint of an accent color? Say you have some cute turquoise lamps but you're not sure about a bright turquoise bed skirt? Adding a colored trim to the bottom of your bed skirt can provide you with that hint of bright color that you're looking for without overwhelming your room.

Quick Tips

Here’s a quick summary of our main points, so you can choose your new bed skirt for your bed with confidence and ease.

  • Measure your actual bed and your required drop. If your bed skirt doesn’t fit, it’s not going to look good.
  • Match your decor style with a bed skirt style, a sleek tailored look will go better with a more modern, minimalist decor. A flouncy ruffle effect will look better in a more feminine, traditional style bedroom.
  • Choosing a color - either play it safe with a matching color or pick a contrasting one or a patterned model. This all depends on your look and the color accents that you may want to pick up.
  • If you opt for a light color, check the fabric of your bed skirt. You should opt for a heavy cotton or lined fabric to ensure that it remains opaque in full sunlight and that the shadows of the items you have stored under your bed, or your dark box spring, won’t show through.