Canopy Platform Bed


Behold, the magic of a canopy bed on a platform. Something about the illusion of privacy in a canopy bed just makes people sleep easier. It might be the sheer or the outer cloth, or the posters standing sentry at the four corners like protective guards. Whatever the reason, a canopy platform bed will give you the sleep you deserve, in a style you can't deny.

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Canopy platform bed 1

This canopy bed resembles the oriental style of the Japanese apartments. Bamboo poles from ceiling with screw in hooks and wire, draped with chiffon over the bamboo create a simple, inexpensive, yet distinguishable construction.

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Riva platform bed

Urban Zen collection for the home. The whole collection is beautiful. This piece: Platform Bed with Four Posts and Adjustable Headboard / Towel Stand / Balinese Bean Bag / Low Side Table. Prices are available upon request.

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Canopy platform bed 5

Aupiais House by Greg Wright Architects

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Four post canopy bed frame

Wooden construction of this bed includes a large sleeping space and four posts for additional aesthetics and stability. This wooden, upholstered bed provides softness and black color of its solid frame suits any bedroom.

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Four post canopy bed frame

Give your standard bed some stylish zest with this platform and metal canopy. Use the canopy on its own, or use it as solid support for ornaments or drapes. Create an illusion of privacy in a crowded home.

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Canopy platform bed 3


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Canopy platform bed 16

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Platform bed with canopy

Vintage, rustic design for a white, monochrome bedroom with a king sized bed which has an oversized canopy. The bed itself is made out of oak wood with a highly distressed coat of white paint, giving it a primitive vibe.

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Canopy platform bed

Antique English Chinoiserie Bed, from the workshop of William and John Linnell in 1754

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Canopy platform bed 18

Haute Design by Sarah Klassen: fashion

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Best Ideas

Canopy platform bed 9

love this mix of four poster with the vintage fir look, clean line, modern line but cozy and romantic at the same time. This look is really versatile depending on bedding and if you drape it or not. Also comes in 3 stains to match any tone of your exist

Canopy platform bed

Flowing drapery, made of a lightweight cotton, linen and occasionally silk, is a hallmark of BCSD, as are light colored walls.

Platform bed canopy

Platform bed with a natural, snow stylization. This solid and comfortable piece of bedroom furniture features a very stylish canopy that increases its aesthetic value. Neutral white stylization is eye-catching.

Design ideas modern canopy bed

Design Ideas: Modern Canopy Bed

Canopy platform bed 1

I really enjoy how the furniture does not match 100%. I luv my two chairs...which are not identical.

Metal canopy on modern wood platform bed

Metal canopy on modern wood platform bed

Canopy platform bed 14

Gorgoue Earthy & Natural Bedroom. Love the Linen drapery around the bed. Love the bedding & the carved wood artwoork on the wall & the wood bed platform. Very Eclectic. Interior Design Inspiration

Canopy platform bed 22

Margot Austin's DIY Poster bed. Check out the genious way to mount bed curtains. (pipe and fittings)

Wilshire canopy platform bed design 1

Wilshire Canopy Platform Bed Design

Canopy beds 4

Canopy Beds

Twice leather platform bed by matteo grassi

Twice Leather Platform Bed by Matteo Grassi

Leather day beds 3

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Black four poster bed

Mmmm! I love the twining drifts of fabric around the bedposts!

Canopy platform bed 20

The platform bed and mosquito-net drapery deliver a whimsical and romantic feel to this master bedroom. Textural rope, rustic wood logs and white linens bring the outdoors in and deliver simple serenity.