Black Four Poster Bed


If you love black furniture for its clean look, but want something a little off menu for your bed, then how about a black, four-poster bed. Fetching, clean, but still deep and rich, and with the added intrigue of the four posters, these black four poster beds may just be the bedroom piece you have been searching for to finish the space off perfectly.

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Tabitha poster bed frame

Tabitha poster bed frame

A touch of style and relaxation in a bedroom. It is a bed that features four posts crafted of durable, turned ash wood. It has got wooden slats and it is available in a black colour, so it is able to supplement any decor.

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French Louis Xvi 4 Poster Bed Black Crystals King Size Affordable Luxury

French Louis Xvi 4 Poster Bed Black Crystals King Size Affordable Luxury

Luxurious four poster bed with king size sleeping space. Its headboard and footboard are covered with leather and tufted for additional aesthetic value. Four decorative posts with carvings also increase aesthetics.

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Tommy bahama home kingstown sovereign poster bed in tamarind

Tommy bahama home kingstown sovereign poster bed in tamarind

This large bed provides plenty of sleeping space for two people. It has got four solid and decorative posts that are connected with legs. The whole construction of this bed is based on durable and wear-resistant wood.

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Parkwood Four Poster Bed

Parkwood Four Poster Bed

Bed featuring classic four poster design, which includes arched lines, intricate castings, sculpted finals and flowing scrollwork. Additionally, whole construction is very sturdy thanks to heavy gauge fully welded tabular steel.

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Black four poster bed

Large black bed with four decorative posts. Its black color is neutral, so it looks very attractive in any interior design. This bed provides stability, comfort and ergonomy of sleep for two adult users.

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Black four poster bed 5

You will feel as if soft-footed servants should enter and address you as “Your Majesty” when you ensconce yourself in this beautiful, four-poster bed. The black posts are intricately lathe-turned, the headboard is of matching dark wood, as well as the frame.

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Black 4 post bed

A magnificent king size bed with four, royal-like posts which can be used to hang a romantic canopy. The bed comes in a black color, which gives the room an elegant look. Black window curtains ideally match.

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Four post canopy bed frame 1

Four posts canopy creates a framing for king sized bed. Minimalist take on colors resulted in monochrome pallete with black details, white bedding, lamp shades and tulle curtains, and a raw brick wall.

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Black four poster bed king

Durable and comfortable four poster bed with black posts. These posts feature rectangular and spherical decorative accents that match modern bedrooms. This large bed provides support and high level of comfort to anyone.

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Four poster black bed

An awesome black 4 poster bed made of solid wood with a neat black finish. It has a traditional 4 poster design with each poster intricately carved into beautiful spirals. It flat headboard is also made of long-lasting solid wood.

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Black Four Poster Bed

Buying Guide

A black four poster bed won’t just fill a large bedroom that’s hard to furnish, but it will also decorate the space in luxury and elegance. It's the bed that’s the most stylish in comparison to all other options available. Curtains can be used with the bed to make it romantic and magical. If your style is modern, then a unit with sleek lines will be perfect for your home interiors.

If you want your bed to have a feminine touch, choose the bed that can let you add layers of fabric for hanging or draping. The sturdier the posts, the better as they will let you drape heavier, patterned fabrics to create elegance and grandeur, perfect for traditional-style or formal rooms. For a tropical feel, choose a black four poster bed that will let you drape white material over it.

Black four poster beds can be topless and they're great in creating visual height within bedrooms. Corner posts also have different styles. There are those that are stately and massive like columns while others look like tapering poles. An asymmetrical frame features taller posts on the bed’s topmost part with the posts by the foot of the bed a lot shorter.

A black four poster bed can have a contemporary style to offer a clean look. Most units with modern styling have top rails uncovered. Their sharp, angular lines imply a strong, imposing, and masculine feel. Such type of bed frame can emphasize a high, vaulted ceiling while giving the bedroom a spacious, airy feel.

It's common for a four poster bed to come in either platform or box spring type. The springs are covered with fabric, and the mattress is placed on top of it. The advantage of this type of bed is that it gives additional support for the mattress, which might, therefore, last longer. Also, it will raise the height of the bed. On the other hand, there'll be very little storage space available under a box spring bed, and it's typically more expensive than the platform bed.

The platform bed has a solid platform to place the mattress on. These bed are typically more economical compared to the box spring and they will have more storage room underneath. On the downside, this type of bed won't be offering support for the mattress.

Best Ideas

Soraya four poster bed antique black 1900

Soraya Four Poster Bed  Antique Black $1900

Black 4 poster bed 20

This is an elegant black four-poster bed ideal for your beach house, guest bedroom, or even master bedroom. It is made of hardwood and comes with 4 poster legs, a center headboard and is compatible with the standard king size mattress.

Black four poster bed 7

Black four-poster bed featuring a strong and slender metal frame with a perfect black finish. The bed contrasts well with white and light-colored backgrounds of your bedroom. The four posters have upper support. It is an elegant and extremely durable 4 poster metal bed.

Black 4 poster bed

Indian palace stylization is a very aesthetic feature of this bed. It includes four posts and its frame features many carvings and decorative accents. Black color of this frame perfectly matches any bedroom design.

Canopy bedroom sets 5

House with Comfort and Elegance | Traditional Home

Black 4 poster bed 1

A black four-poster by Noir stands out against white walls, drapery, and neutral-tone bed linens, including pillows upholstered in Ankasa's Belgian chintz. Designed by Alessandra Branca | Lonny July/August 2014

Beige and turquoise bedroom with chatham poster bed in antique

Beige and turquoise bedroom with 'Chatham Poster Bed' in antique black by Bassett

Black poster beds

Coastal Living Cottage of the Year the black four poster bed and khaki walls

Four poster bedroom sets 1

exquisite...i love it in a traditional setting- but just as well in a modern contemporary setting.

Four post canopy bed frame

Wooden construction of this bed includes a large sleeping space and four posts for additional aesthetics and stability. This wooden, upholstered bed provides softness and black color of its solid frame suits any bedroom.

Tabitha poster bed frame 1

Tabitha Poster Bed Frame

Black 4 poster bed

A serene bedroom features green & white print wallpaper & matching drapery fabric. The addition of a black four poster bed grounds the space. I love the seating area at the foot of the bed....V

Four poster bed ideas

The dark wood of the four-poster bed is so beautiful contrasting against the subtle patterned wallpaper.

Black four poster bed 4

H5H8Q Maitland-Smith "Phillips" King Poster Bed MY love