Oak Four Poster Bed

An Oak four poster bed it was just a classic look. It makes the person sleeping there feel regal. And the four posters aside the fact that it's made out of Oak which is just a tremendous wood for furniture only enhances the package. These are well made, handcrafted, and we have a ton of them in this extensive collection . Take a look and pick yours

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Brighton Panel Customizable Bedroom Set

Brighton Panel Customizable Bedroom Set
Great vintage style set of brown lacquered wood. A headboard and a mirror have arched curved tops. Square bed posts have ball finials and feet. Drawer stands have angular legs and bail handles. All pieces feature curved aprons and carved trims.

Farmhouse Canopy Bed

Farmhouse Canopy Bed
Four poster bed in traditional form. Construction is made of high quality oak wood. Elegant design for each bedroom.

Sovereign Panel Customizable Bedroom Set

Sovereign Panel Customizable Bedroom Set
It is a panel customizable bedroom set that is perfect to refresh your bedroom. It has got a soft mink finish, crystal glass and iron accents, birch solids, cherry and elm burl veneers construction and tufted leather panel.

Brighton Four Poster Bedroom Collection

Brighton Four Poster Bedroom Collection

Oak four poster bed 19

Montague Oak Four Poster Bed (V811) with Free Delivery | The Cotswold Company - NB136

Bella Panel Customizable Bedroom Set

Bella Panel Customizable Bedroom Set

Amish outlet store english shaker poster bed in rustic cherry

Amish Outlet Store : English Shaker Poster Bed in Rustic Cherry--my absolute favorite style....love this bed...great price @ $1328.00

Our advice Buying Guide

How do you dress up a four poster bed?

An oak four poster bed is a majestic piece for your bedroom that will make you feel like royalty, but you need to know how to dress it properly for the best effect.

There are several ways to dress a four poster bed depending on your taste. To make this the focal point of the room, begin by neatly tucking in the corners of your sheets and comforter. To avoid overshadowing the grandeur of the bed, select bedding that is devoid of any busy patterns.

Don’t use a bed skirt because this will draw the eye downward when a four poster bed’s focus should be up toward the ceiling. The fun part is deciding how you want to hang fabric from the posts.

One option is to take two fabric swaths and drape, one over the top of the posts near the headboard and the other above the posts at the foot of the bed. This creates a dreamy canopy effect. You can also hang eight curtains (two per side) from the bed frame and tie them at the corners during the day to hold them open, giving the effect of sweeping drapes.

How much room do you need for a four-poster bed?

An oak four-poster bed can tend to be a huge, room-dominating object—so you’ll want to make sure you have the room handy. Four-posters tend to be queen-sized or king-sized beds, so you’ll need your room to be able to accommodate a 60”x80” or 76”x80” bed frame. We’d advise having at least 2-3 feet on either side, and preferably more like 4-5 feet of room to spare at the foot of the bed.

Four-poster beds need more than horizontal space, however; these pieces of furniture require vertical room, too. A typical post on a four-poster bed is 4-5 feet high, on top of a 2-3 foot bed frame. In order to avoid any issues with low-hanging fans or light fixtures, we’ve found it best to put four-posters in rooms with 9-10’ ceilings; however, you’ll need to measure your room to be sure your four-poster will fit.


Oak four poster bed

farmhouse white with beautiful mahogany four poster bed, simple artwork, and a pair of antique 1920's english oak corner chairs. crisp, and classic.

Cherry Grove Panel Customizable Bedroom Set

Cherry Grove Panel Customizable Bedroom Set

Palm Court Panel Customizable Bedroom Set

Palm Court Panel Customizable Bedroom Set

Restoration hardware four poster bed


Oak four poster bed

... crafted four poster bed but the perfect oak four poster bed

Oak four poster bed

A pretty though simple rustic style bed made of solid oak wood with a natural finish. Its sturdy frame features quite tall thick straight square section posts. Both a headboard and a footboard are of horizontally arranged planks.

Give your bedroom a romantic touch with the sunny three

Give your bedroom a romantic touch with the Sunny three-piece bedroom set. This warm honey oak set includes a nightstand and chest for storage and features a beautiful four poster bed to add a dramatic touch to your space.

Oak four poster bed 1

Oak Carved Four Poster Bed

Oak four poster bed king

Antique four poster beds available from Hirst Antiques London. WILLIAM AND MARY STYLE CARVED OAK FOUR POSTER BED

Oak four poster bed 11


Four poster oak bed


Tall four poster bed

Carved, oak, four poster bed.

French four poster bed

Bedroom | ベッドルーム | Camera da Letto | Dormitorio | Chambre à Coucher | Boudoir | Bed | Decor | Manchester |

Layers of a tudor bed bedstead first then canvas then

Layers of a Tudor bed-Bedstead first, then canvas, then a feather bed and a bolster/pillow, and then a layer of fustian, feather bed— finally, the bottom sheet.Then top sheet came after that. Some of the sheets were very ostentatious, bearing gold fring

Oak four poster bed

Deriving from around 1650, this beautiful 17th century wooden bed frame embodies all the characteristic, beautiful features of this style. Massive, yet ornamental design, with big attention to details.

Oak furniture collections products balmoral vine leaf four poster

... Oak Furniture Collections > Products > Balmoral Vine Leaf Four Poster

Oak four poster bed 4


Oak four poster bed 20

Late 16th Century Style Oak Four Poster Bed. Designed by Nicholas Berry, using elements from 15th and 16th century furniture. Also handmade by him entirely from ancient oak beams, including hand cut mouldings. Carving by Geoff Dean

Four poster bed frame 5

If you want to choose something natural and truly breathtaking then this four poster bed will work like a charm in your household, letting you enjoy the amazing comfort of a night full of sleep in your master suite.

Oak four poster bed 22

fairy tale wood bedding | ... handmade beds, Oak four poster bed, Fairy tale beds, Wood beds Kent

Oak four poster bed

Four poster bed made of high quality oak wood. Headboard and footboard is upholstered with fabric. Elegant design for any bedroom according to taste.

Oak four poster bed 16


Oak four poster bed 13

Another Mark Tuckey, simple american oak four poster bed, like like like!

Oak four poster bed

Oak Four Poster Bed

Cool four poster beds four poster bed canopy beds oak

Cool four poster beds – Four poster bed, canopy beds, oak country ...

Oak four poster bed 17

Georgian style oak four poster bed, for a king size mattress. Based on our Chalvington range tester bed, without the tester and top headboard panels.

Oak four poster bed 9

Perfect old English bedroom, complete with great oak four poster bed! The Perfect English Country Home!

Oak four poster bed

Ventura Oak Four Post Bed - Cal. King

Messina Estates Four Poster Bedroom Collection

Messina Estates Four Poster Bedroom Collection

Oak four poster bed 3


Wooden four poster bed 2

The dark, XVII-century, exclusive bedroom stylization. The solid four poster bed with the stable canopy. The bedding, curtains and rug are precisely decorated. In the footend there is a carved wooden chest.

Wooden four poster bed 1

A magnificent king size bed that is characterized by an elegant, geometrical design. It's supported on a huge, wooden construction, where you can hang a stylish canopy. The bed is accompanied by two elegant, leather stools.

Wooden four poster bed 14

Make sure your master suite is truly worthy of its name with this sublime wooden four poster bed that will elevate your interior instantly and create a one of a kind option for bringing just the best in your decor.

Oak four poster bed 1

"Tweedland" The Gentlemen's club: Dan Cruickshank's House ... Spitalfields ... More than Architectural History ... a Philosophy of Life

Rustic four poster bed

Wow, just take a look at this amazing, antique bedroom setup. Such a beautiful set of furniture, I am absolutely amazed by the way this bedroom matches the vintage door and the little classical chair next to it.

Four poster bed harry potter

Simple four poster bed: with wood used to construct the base, incorporated into a black metal frame. This minimalist design might be easily variegated with colorful bedding, but here the owner went for monochrome setting.

Oak four poster bed 15

Antique oak four poster bed makes this room quite historic-looking and rather cosy

Simple four poster bed

Four post queen size bed, oak wood, black finish, slat design joining the posts on top. Slightly tapered feet. Down-to-earth contemporary style with no ornaments - can fit well in minimalistic bedroom decors.

Oak four poster bed 24

Which one will I choose to decorate like? Link to 46 other fabulous bedrooms.

Oak four poster bed 18

A RECLAIMED WOOD CEILING The ceiling and beams in designer Patrick Printy's California guest room are reclaimed oak.

Oak four poster bed 12


Richly carved oak four poster bed style circa 1700

Richly carved oak four poster bed style circa 1700

Bella Four Poster Bedroom Collection

Bella Four Poster Bedroom Collection