Four Post Canopy Bed Frame


There is something comforting about the classic look of a four post canopy bed. They are hard to find sometimes, and when you see one, your mind goes to mystic and mythical places. Take your trip to the land of fantasy when adding your bed to these four post canopy bed frames. We guarantee you will find the right canopy bed frame for your fantasy bedroom.

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Our Picks

Inspire Q Solivita Dark Gray Linen Button Tufted Metal Poster Bed

Inspire Q Solivita Dark Gray Linen Button Tufted Metal Poster Bed

A long-lasting and emanating with modern appearance poster bed, excellent for contemporary master bedrooms. Its frame is made of well-polished metal and it holds a button-tufted headboard that's padded and upholstered for extra comfort.

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How to make a diy 4 poster bed

How to make a DIY 4-poster bed

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Four post canopy bed frame

A four-poster canopy gives that something extra to this minimalist bed design. A tall headboard and narrow footboard in dark-stained wood make the perfect foil for any variety of bed covering treatments, from elegant white to colorful patchwork handwork.

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Avalon Four Poster Canopy Bed

Avalon Four Poster Canopy Bed

Simplicity and elegance. Such a canopy bed gives a lot of interior possibilities. Constructed of carbon steel.This proves its endurance and potential for long years. The canopy can be draped with any fabric or left bare to display the chick headboard.

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Four post canopy bed frame 1

Four posts canopy creates a framing for king sized bed. Minimalist take on colors resulted in monochrome pallete with black details, white bedding, lamp shades and tulle curtains, and a raw brick wall.

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Four post canopy bed frame 5

Top quality and highly durable four post canopy bed designed to bring that incredible tropical charm into your home. The bed is finished in a distressed white too but you can customize it with additional colors if you see fit.

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Four post bed frame plans

A gorgeous canopy bed with four posts, that is going to transform your master bedroom into an old-fashioned work of art. The frame boasts of striking leaf carvings and distressed finish, with stabile legs and matching headboard.

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Queen size four poster bed 2

Phenomenal canopy bed decorated with sophisticated ornament. High headboard is upholstered with high quality leather and finished with decorative quilting. Elegant design for any bedroom according to taste.

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Four post canopy bed frame

Give your standard bed some stylish zest with this platform and metal canopy. Use the canopy on its own, or use it as solid support for ornaments or drapes. Create an illusion of privacy in a crowded home.

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Four post canopy bed frame

Wooden construction of this bed includes a large sleeping space and four posts for additional aesthetics and stability. This wooden, upholstered bed provides softness and black color of its solid frame suits any bedroom.

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Four Post Canopy Bed Frame

Buying Guide

A four post canopy bed frame will give your bedroom a grandeur look and feel. The classic design was once hailed as a sign of prestige and wealth, but there is no reason why your bed chambers should not carry on this tradition. Striking and majestic in stature, a number of fabric accessories with color and texture can enhance your bed frame even more. Even when the posts are left bare and simple, the suggestion of royalty will follow you into slumber each night.

Teak Canopy Bed Frame

A favorite of minimalists, teakwood is the only property needed in this clean and sleek bed frame. Make sure no toxic finishes have been used to preserve the piece. The frame is typically crafted as overly large in order to create a floating motion of the mattress held within. The effect is magical and relaxing, like traveling down a highway filled with beautiful scenery.

Black Metal Canopy Bed Frame

Urban industrial, shabby chic or simply modern are all styles that will find this unit as the perfect fit in making sleeping quarters impressive. Sturdy metal in black makes a simple, yet classy statement, about your home. Barred head board and foot board provide a minimal presence of minimalist style. Leave overhead lineal lines bare or drape a cotton scarf across the end for an added touch of natural simplicity.

Fechteler Grand Upholstered Walnut Canopy Frame

Fit for a king, the Fechteler upholstered poster bed leaves nothing to the imagination. Massive columns with sculptured wood and stained in handsome dark walnut will portray earned royalty. The distinguished head board and foot board go even further with padded black leather-like inserts for boasting the extravagant status. Scrolled metal strips add just the right finishing touches as they boldly cross overhead.

Modern Metal with Faux Leather Bed Frame

The epitome of today's modern society, the look of metal and leather mix to create a blank page for your own finishing touches. A low-riding metal canopy will fit into smaller rooms without being overbearing. Faux leather inserts in head and foot boards add a touch of sophistication to the entire setup.

Rustic Style Four Post Canopy Bed Frame

A four poster bed does not have to be modern and sleek or traditionally majestic in order to be outstanding. You will find nothing more substantial than raw wood that is natural and crafted for comfort on cold mountain nights. Made from solid logs and finished for ultimate wear, the possibilities for dressing up a rustic canopy bed frame are limitless. Camel hair, denim or suede will produce a real log cabin atmosphere while cotton, polyester or silk can bring on a subdued romantic aura.

Best Ideas

Four post canopy bed frame

Poster Bed

Four post canopy bed frame

With cream and lavender bedding, hints of silver sparkle and lavender-plum shimmer canopy, with firefly lights above

4 post canopy bed

Looking for a bed frame that would spruce up your ambiance? We've got something interesting for you! It's a four post canopy bed frame with the tall tufted headboard. Everyone want to have it in the master bedroom.

Diy canopy frame

Looking at this bed you can imagine that we are sailing raft on the ocean. Survivors decided to use a massive wooden part as a bed base and natural branches as a canopy frame.The idea is eco friendly and comes from Italy.

This statement canopy bed was made out of plumbing pipes

This statement canopy bed was made out of plumbing pipes! Source: Flickr user ooh_food

Four poster bed canopy frame

Contemporary four post bed frame with industrial hints. Thin reclaimed pipes have been used to construct it, and the effect is pretty stylish. Probably you can build it by yourself at low cost and not much effort.

Polished nickel canopy bed with upholstered linen silk blend

polished nickel canopy bed with upholstered linen/silk blend ...

Four post canopy bed frame 3

bedroom. ikea four poster bed (?), swedish chest, white bedding, wreath.

Four post canopy bed frame

Famous folk at home: Cameron Diaz in her New York apartment, designed by Kelly Wearstler

Four post canopy bed frame 1

This queen-size canopy bed frame has a rich charcoal grey finish.

New impressions poster bed and canopy traditional beds

new impressions poster bed and canopy traditional-beds

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Beds four poster beds uk high posts images design 1

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83 off wood four poster canopy bed frame beds

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