Wood Daybed Frames

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Daybeds are making a comeback as an interesting and useful furniture piece, and for good reason. They can be a nice place to take a nap, to read a book, and for guests, they are a lovely way for them to spend the night. Our wood daybed frames are well-made and sturdy, capable of handling any size daybed you have. See collection for more.

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Updated 12/05/2021
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Wood daybed frames

This simple frame for daybed out is a perfect foundation for creating a comfortable place to relax in the fresh air. Solid wooden construction provides durability and stylish appearance. Ideal for warm summer days.

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Reclaimed lumber oliver series back to

Reclaimed lumber oliver series back to

Made from reclaimed wood, this daybed frame constitutes an interesting proposition for those, who dream about going back to nature. This rustic, DIY project is designed for king size beds.

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Fresh fog linen cushions

fresh /fog linen cushions

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Diy daybed frame

Designing a minimalistic, perhaps Scandinavian interior? Check out this DIY daybed frame. You don't need much more to create a stylish bedroom or living room. It's durable and cheap to make, so it's a perfect solution for students and young couples.

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Wooden daybeds

One could say that there is such furniture that was created only for the benefit of a man. Pleasure for the body and for the eye. A strong wooden frame of a daybed made of alder wood, perfectly supported on a metal frame will support a comfortable mattress.

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Daybed frames

The modern couch platform with warping features the upright framed box and crossing flat ribs. It's an interesting addition to your drawing room or guest room. It will modernize any home.

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Daybed couch diy

Made out of solid and certified woods these furniture will create a lovely and warm atmosphere in your household, providing you with plenty of space to sit and be truly comfortable in your living room.

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How to make a daybed

An authentic daybed from 1950's. Its frame is of warm brown-finished teak wood. It has splayed angular tapered legs, 1 full side arm with a recessed panel. A back is half like an arm and half horizontally slatted. Upholstery is of plain grey fabric.

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Diy daybed

Beautiful set with organic textures and warm woodwork makes this porch feel more like an extension of the home than a separate outdoor space. Cozy daybed works as a sofa for family gatherings or a sleeping perch for solitary afternoons.

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Make a daybed

As you can see, this is not a Victorian richly carved couch - on the contrary, it is a raw piece of furniture, minimalist in every respect and made of pine boards from recycling. Very low profile and gray cushions created this wood daybed frame.

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Wood Daybed Frames

Buying Guide

Guaranteed to be comfortable and cozy as a bed or a couch, a wooden daybed is among the few multi-purpose furniture pieces that can be placed literally anywhere! It works both indoors and outdoors and yes, even in offices!

  • Living Room. Wooden living room daybeds are the ideal solution for rooms that are short on space. What's more, they are excellent for rooms that are double-duty, acting as both a den or office and as a guest room. During the day, it offers a comfortable sofa for sitting and it transforms into a double or full-size bed during the night.
  • Kid's bedroom. A wooden daybed is also an amazing choice for a dorm room or kid's room. It gives a child a place for lounging with friends and it will convert into a bed for your kid to sleep in. Your child may also lover hosting sleepovers. If so, then look for a wooden daybed that has a trundle, one that is on casters and rolls under the bed when it's not in use.

If your goal is to increase the sleeping space in your home or office, then what you need is a daybed with a trundle. Take note that there are different kinds of trundles that are used with wooden daybeds. Your basic choice is a trundle that can roll out from underneath the bed. This means a guest will sleep on the trundle at floor level. The other type of trundle that's common is built-in so it has to be lifted from the ground and fastened at the level of the daybed.

A wooden daybed is not just for use indoors like we mentioned earlier, so why don't you treat yourself to one in your outdoor space? A wooden daybed will definitely make outdoors a cozy yet posh and luxurious spot for lounging! A daybed that is great for outdoor use can come in different innovative shapes as well as protective finishing. You can also slip a custom-fitted daybed cover over it to protect it against outdoor elements.

Of course, the cover must be made of a type of fabric that is weather-resistant. The best places to put an outdoor daybed in include a covered patio, porch, deck, and balcony. Situate your new wooden daybed in a spot that's secluded to enjoy a poolside view, a quiet corner that's perfect for reading and napping or a panoramic vista!

Note: Take the time in applying a protective coat over the wooden frame in order to give it ample protection against the weather.

Best Ideas

How to build a day bed

Simplicity won in this project and collects prizes for taste and style. The wood daybed is used for lazing. A simple style - it is contained in a rectangular wooden frame made of solid wood with a mahogany finish. The upholstery is beige.

Build your own daybed

If you like ornamental daybeds, this wooden masterpiece shall also appeal to you. It corresponds perfectly well to the soft-in-touch, fluffy set of pillows, creating an ideal cottage appeal.

Kayden Daybed

Kayden Daybed

This daybed is a versatile piece of furniture that can cover both seating and sleeping needs. Featuring clean lines with a beautiful finish, this daybed will blend in with most any decor. You can use it plain or dress it up with decorative pillows for an added stylish touch. Its solid wood frame makes it sturdy and durable.

Make a daybed frame

This hanging porch or patio bed will allow you to enjoy an outdoor relax in a most comfortable, charming form. Solid wooden construction, characterizes itself with densely grained, natural wood.

How to make day bed

A nice and simple-looking daybed that offers the high quality and durable frame made from wood and the ample support for your body for when you need that extra sleeping space in your home from time to time.

How to build daybed

Built on a solid wooden daybed base, this is a perfect way to give your home an elegant decor. Beautiful design captivates and is exceptionally stylish. The ideal solution for any interior in contemporary design.

Wood daybed with storage

teddy roosevelt daybed our teddy r daybed for style comfort and ...

Cheap daybeds frames

An elegant contemporary twin bed made of dark-finished wood. It features a straight line frame. Sides and a backrest are vertically slatted. It's very practical as it has 2 large underbed drawers with 2 small round pulls each.

Dorel living kayden wood daybed twin size frame white 1

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Birlea savannah wooden day bed frame with oak finish by

Birlea Savannah Wooden Day Bed Frame with Oak Finish by Birlea

Twin size metal wood daybed frame with roll out trundle

Twin size Metal Wood Daybed Frame with Roll Out Trundle Bed

Red barrel studio franco twin solid wood daybed frame with

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Wood twin sleigh daybed frame chairish 4

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