Full Size Daybed With Storage

Daybeds are growing in popularity not only because they are a stylish addition to any home, they also have a versatility that cannot be ignored. Sit on it, sleep on it, and if you have one with storage, keep a few things under it - you will find plenty of uses for a daybed.

Full-size daybeds are just slightly smaller than a queen-size, and the models we picked for this series all have storage as an under-bed option. If you want to complement your home décor with a useful and attractive piece of furniture, take a look at these lovely choices.

DHP Daybed with Storage Drawers

DHP Daybed with Storage Drawers

There is a reason velvet was so popular in the 70s, and that is because it is so soft to the touch, you just want to feel it on your skin all the time. And this DHP Daybed is coated in velvet in three color options. Pick gray, blue or tan and you are sure to find a way to make it work in your home. You might change your décor to accommodate.

Below the daybed is two large, deep drawers. The go way under the mattress for plenty of storage, glide on easy-to-use tracks, and will hold your extra blankets, or whatever you wish, with confidence and style.

What we like:

●  Soft velvet upholstery

●  Deep drawers

●  Made of wood

●  Modern style

What we don’t like:

●  Wood slats too thin to support mattress

Potts Full Daybed

Potts Full Daybed

Take a trip to the coast every time you sit, lay, or offer this wonderful daybed to a guest. It is constructed of all wood for a warm feel, plus the inside of the walls feature shiplap paneling which is common in décor in coastal homes to give them an island feel. The low back and rails make this an excellent place to sit when reading or playing games, as well as a wonderful napping spot.

Below, three deep drawers give you a storage area for anything you wish to hide away for a rainy day. Put books, blankets, games, and anything else that will fit well in one or all of these drawers. It is quite a fetching daybed option in the full-size range.

What we like:

●  Gorgeous look

●  Three drawers

●  All wood

●  Shiplap paneling

What we don’t like:

●  Tedious build instructions

●  Poor customer support


Emma Daybed

Emma Daybed

Unlike most daybeds that have side and back rails, the Emma Daybed is a little more elegant and decorative. The back rail is gone completely and the side rails raise to ornate peaks, giving this daybed an individuality that says to the user it is here for relaxing in style. And with the full-size bed, you can relax alone, or with a friend.

Like some older furniture, it has a nail head trim, and the two large drawers match seamlessly with the rest of the upholstered body. It has a vintage appearance that will fit well in a classical home, or if you wish, a child’s room or home office. And it is composed of all wood.

What we like:

●  Large drawers

●  Classic style

●  Unique appearance

●  Easy to assemble

What we don’t like:

●  Drawers cheaply made

$559.99 $1149.99

Medina Storage Daybed

Medina Storage Daybed

Also considered to be a cottage-style bed, the Medina is a lovely piece that will work well in a classical style of décor, farmhouse design, or provincial scheme. It is beautiful in its old-world simplicity with plenty of ornate features and its three drawers with nobs. And it is available in stark white or black.

It is all wood with an eye on detail and fine craftsmanship throughout. The center slats easy support a full-size mattress so feel free to pick one that will ensure you the most peaceful experience. And it is made in America by master wood artisans.

What we like:

●  Made in USA

●  Quality build

●  Nice lines

●  Classical style

What we don’t like:

●  Difficult assembly

Red Barrel Daybed

Red Barrel Daybed

The first thing you should see is the single drawer, and yes, we said single. Below the main bed is what is known as an inseparable drawer, which is basically two that move at once with a solid front. If you want a single large space to store things, this is a wonderful feature. And it glides along tracks nicely.

It ha a simple, classic look that is somewhat understated, allowing it to fit in any household and a myriad of décor options. It is a “green” option, made of recycled wood and has a low carbon footprint. If you want an eco-friendly daybed, you just found one.

What we like:

●  Single large drawer

●  Eco-friendly

●  Recycled wood structure

What we don’t like:

●  Nothing

Daybed With Crosshatch Decoration

Daybed With Crosshatch Decoration

Trending in the classical style of many other daybeds, this model takes the provincial appearance to a whole new level. The sides and back of this daybed have a very barnlike crosshatch that give it a look of the countryside. And its four corners standing sentry over the bed resemble posters on the 4-post beds of old.

But don’t let its antique look fool you. This full-size gem is ready to show its stuff as a decorative and versatile piece for the home. With its two drawers on whisper quiet rollers, it is ready for your rainy day of diving into a good book, or a mid afternoon nap.

What we like:

●  Unique appearance

●  Sturdy feet

●  Quality build

What we don’t like:

●  Only available in gray

Lanashia Daybed

Lanashia Daybed

This daybed is very stylish in deep rich tones and open slat sides and back. The slats match the ribs on the front of the two deep drawers, bringing the look together nicely. And the drawers have castors that roll along the floor, keeping the drawers level and on the tracks. A gorgeous option for your daybed needs.

It is constructed of all wood, can support up to 300 lbs. and comes partially assembled. It traditionally comes in espresso or white, but for now, it is only available in white. This will allow you to blend it with your décor with minimal effort.

What we like:

●  Good look

●  All wood

●  Drawers have floor casters

What we don’t like:

●  Only available in one color


OS Home and Office Daybed

OS Home and Office Daybed

This model has it all and more. First, lets talk about the design. The back of the daybed is actually shelving for books or decorative items, and they span the length of the mattress. And if that wasn’t amazing enough, how about we give you six, yes six drawers below the bed? You got it. And in matte black, it looks very sleek and modern.

It celebrates clean lines, the slat kit is webbed so supporting your guests will not be an issue, and it is made of 100% solid wood. No veneer or particle board here. The only thing that could make this daybed better is if it came assembled.

What we like:

●  100% wood build

●  Gorgeous look

●  6 drawers

●  Shelving on backrest

What we don’t like:

●  There is nothing we don’t like about this bed.

Phoenix Collection Daybed

Phoenix Collection Daybed

In a word, this daybed is incredible. It is a beautiful looking all wood piece that everyone will want in their home once they discover all its secrets. The drawers below are large, beveled, and come with fetching brushed nickel hardware. And the whole thing is colored in a rich cappuccino that will work with literally any home décor style.

The back of the daybed is taller than most, features shelving, and the shelving is lit with recessed bulbs to give the shelves a display case vibe. If you love the finer things, this is definitely the daybed for you.

What we like:

●  Very attractive

●  Works with any décor

●  Brushed nickel hardware

●  Lighted shelves

What we don’t like:

●  Kind of expensive

●  Some manufacturing errors


Merax Full Daybed

Merax Full Daybed

This has a feature we know you will love, and that is the wide armrests. And by wide, we mean rounded outward giving you a place to put your snack, drink, book, or whatever. The overall width at the widest part of the armrest is around 8 inches, plenty of room to put down your popcorn when you have to get up and hit the restroom during a movie with friends.

The two drawers beneath are very deep and will hold blankets, extra pillows, DVDs, toys, and so forth, very well. The unit is solid pine, is very sturdy and incredibly durable. Invite those guests for a quick stay, or your kid’s friends for a slumber party. This daybed can handle it.

What we like:

●  Wide rounded armrests

●  Solid pine construction

●  Very sturdy

●  Deep drawers

What we don’t like:

●  Short (30 day) Warranty

Our advice Buying Guide

Full-size daybeds with storage drawers are stylish, functional beds that offer the best space-saving alternative for your family. They also work wonders when placed in small spaces that aren't capable of holding too many furniture pieces. There are so many uses of full-sized daybeds with storage drawers. They can act as comfortable and relaxing seating for family gatherings, and they can easily be transformed into beds at nighttime.

What are daybed frames made of?

Most bed frames are constructed out of metal or wood. You'll also find units that make use of a combination of both materials.

  • A wooden frame is guaranteed to look elegant as it has knotholes and wood grains. Different kinds of wood like oak, cherry, walnut, pine, and maple offer different colors with some having a warmer feel compared to others.
  • As for metal frames, they're designed not as solid pieces but with a sleek grill design which makes them lighter. However, when a person takes a seat on the daybed, it can be a lot less comfortable in comparison to a padded or solid back.

Of course, a full-sized daybed also functions as a sofa, so it's important for you to check the support system a unit offers for the mattress to ensure that it can support several people that will be seated on it.

How to coordinate a daybed with the rest of the room?

When selecting a daybed with storage drawers, you have to know which frame will look good within your space as the back and the sides of the unit will be visible. The frame of a daybed is designed to match with other furniture pieces, so appearance is paramount. To identify which unit will work best within your space, evaluate the other furniture that will be within the same room as the daybed.

How to select the best mattress for a full-size daybed?

The next aspect that will play a huge role when you're deciding on a daybed is the mattress.

  • Memory foam is the common choice of homeowners as it ensures a comfortable sleep with the weight of the sleeper properly distributed. The material doesn't immediately snap back to its original position so the sleeper receives the appropriate amount of pressure to avoid back problems and be comfortable.
  • If you will go for a quality sprung mattress, you need to know that it has several coils for support, perfect for living rooms. However, the coils will prove to be unnecessary when the daybed is placed in a kid's room as children weigh less. They don't require strong support and elaborate coil configurations.
  • Full-sized daybeds with storage drawers may also come with open coil mattresses, which provide an equal coil distribution throughout the entire mattress. It's a common design for children's beds as only a single person will use each mattress. The only problem is when it's used as a sofa in the living room. When multiple people take a seat on it, they'll drift toward the center of your mattress.

All these are the most important considerations that need to be taken into account when selecting a full-sized daybed with storage drawers. Now that you've educated yourself, you're a step closer to getting the perfect addition to your space!


Compact Daybed With Recessed Panels

Compact Daybed With Recessed Panels
Finely finished with drawer handles made out of brushed nickel, this daybed provides not only an old-fashioned charm with its cream-painted wooden frame, but also functions as a storage container with two spacious drawers on the bottom and an additional, optional chest of drawers which has three smaller drawers on top and three larger, full-size ones below.

Corner Post Daybed With Storage Unit And Canopy

Corner Post Daybed With Storage Unit And Canopy
A uniquely made daybed with a canopy frame and corner posts, which gives it a vintage vibe and an elegant look. The universal style of the daybed makes it fit in with almost any interior design, and the canopy can be fitted with curtains or sheers to make the bed more private and give it an unusual addition. The canopy itself can be removed when not in use, making the whole bed take less space and accommodating it for smaller living spaces.

Manufactured Wood Daybed With Storage

Manufactured Wood Daybed With Storage
An elegant-looking daybed, finely crafted out of manufactured wood with solid wood veneers. The bed comes in full size and features a streamlined design, making it perfect for small living spaces as its compact and space-efficient structure is bound to fit in nicely in the corner of the room to conserve that little bit of extra floor space.

Twin Sized Daybed With Additional Storage

Twin Sized Daybed With Additional Storage
If what you look for are compactness and efficiency, take a look at this twin-sized daybed with embedded storage. The daybed has an under-bed storage, which can act both as large, spacious storage for bedroom utilities, or can be filled with an additional mattress as well to provide even more sleeping spots for your guests.

Solid Wood Blueberry Twin Daybed With Storage

Solid Wood Blueberry Twin Daybed With Storage
A twin-sized daybed, primarily destined to be placed in a kid’s bedroom. The bed serves multiple functions: it acts as a comfy couch when not in use while still providing a soft place to lay your head during the night. The daybed is made out of solid wood with a laminate layer on the surface in a blueberry color, which imitates real wood, and comes with a set of three drawers on the bottom for some extra space.

Built in trundle bed traditional spaces orange county

Built in trundle bed traditional spaces orange county
A perfect daybed for anyone who doesn't have all that much space in his house. The white colour fits all designs. Storage drawers provide a lot of storage space, for increased ergonomy. This one here is full-size.

Discovery world furniture bookcase daybed with 3 drawers and trundle

Discovery world furniture bookcase daybed with 3 drawers and trundle
It is a multifunctional piece of furniture. This daybed has got a bookcase with drawers and trundle. This is a full sized product that has got a solid pine wood construction with an attractive finish.

Naples Daybed

Naples Daybed
This adorable 2-Drawer Daybed with Storage is definitely a must-have piece for a bedroom or guest room. Drawers are large and capacious with brushed nickel hardware. Bed fits twin mattress and is supported by wooden slats.

Full size daybed frame

If you are looking for a functional piece of furniture for a child's room, a simple bed will be perfect. Practical drawers, shelves, and crates under the bed provide plenty of room for storage. Robust construction ensures durability.

Ikea daybed

Daybed for teenager's room, bedroom and others interiors according to taste. Frame is made of wood and fitted with capacious drawer for storing beddings. It is compatible with standard mattress.

Day beds ikea

A girl's bedroom can utilize pink in a less obvious way: here salmon pink accents are juxtaposed to apple green carpet and pillows, and these go great with white furniture and greige walls. Shelves are lined with pink paper.

Full size daybed with storage drawers

Combine functionalities and choose the HEMNES daybed with four options: sofa, single bed, double bed and storage. It features three deep drawers and slatted bed base. All bed measures 78 3/4 inches of length.

White daybed with storage

Set of unique furniture intended to living room. It is composed of bookcase, little chest of drawer and original sofa made of half of bed. Every element is made of bright, birch wood and has carved kickstands.

Master wcm578 jpg


Full daybed

This full size daybed is going to be a real hit in your contemporary home. Aside from its eye-catching appearance, the bed also features a soft and comfy spot to sleep, and 3 capacious drawers for storing sheets, blankets, and smaller pillows.

Daybed with drawers

A decorative, comfortable and functional solution that is excellent for living rooms and other indoors. This daybed features a solid, white wooden frame and a soft cushion for sitting or sleeping. This construction can play the role of a sofa and bed. It also provides storage space in three drawers.

Daybed with trundle ikea

With this full size daybed, you are getting not only an effective medicine for your nightmares, but also a practical piece for storing your beddings in. The bed offers capacious storage drawers that are hidden under the bed, and a bookshelf with open space for displaying books, decorations, and night lamps.

Full size daybed with storage drawers 1

Add this daybed to your child's room or even to the guest bedroom to create a truly versatile and multi-functional environment and ensure maximum convenience, if you simply want to save up some space.

Full size daybeds

A very solid full size bed that can be folded into a loveseat. It includes a very comfortable cushion for relaxing and ergonomic sleep. Its wooden frame provides support to anyone. This product is long lasting.

Daybed full size

A very comfortable, multi-functional element of furniture that plays roles of sofa, single bed, double bed and storage space. It features a comfortable cushion and three lower storage drawers for different items.

Ashley Zayley White Storage Full Size Bed

It is a fantastic full size bed that has got a white finish and storage, for storing clothes, toys and other. It is a great addition to your kids room and guest room and it fits perfectly to classic and traditional style and décor.

Double day bed

Daybed with Storage Drawers Night and Day Nightfall Daybed | Xiorex Nightfall Daybed by Night and Day is a stylish comfort day bed that comes with beautiful sleigh and curved slat arms. The optional extension drawers let you convert the Nightfall Daybed f

Day bed ikea

Reading nook stylization with a full size daybed surrounded by shelves suitable for books. This bed features a very soft cushion in rectangular shape and gray color. The lower part includes three storage drawers.

Daybeds with storage

A full-sized bed and 2 bookshelves with cream-finished frames. The bed has a headboard and a footboard of equal size and 3 drawers. Each bookshelf has a 2-door cabinet, a drawer and 4 open shelves with red backing. Handles and knobs are of metal.

Full size daybed with storage drawers 6

Full Size Daybed With Storage Drawers

Daybeds with storage drawers

ikea hemnes daybed = big kid bed + guest bed

Full size day beds

Built of pine, the construction of this platform daybed with trundle allows its long-lasting durability.Contains two large drawers,ideal for storing bed linen.In addition,the bed frame is very subtle, does not occupy the room and provides the style of utility.

Lily full size storage daybed 2358

Lily Full Size Storage Daybed - $2358

Here to find the best deal new full size daybed

Here to Find The Best Deal New Full Size Daybed With Storage Drawers ...

Twin daybed with storage

Cozy setup for an adorable children’s bedroom, furnished with a daybed with storage drawers underneath. The daybed also has a handy built-in bookcase and a linen cabinet, creating a compact unit.

Awesome daybed with storage and pillows 600x540 jpg


Day beds with storage

Vintage and traditional take on a simple full-size daybed made out of white-painted oak wood. The daybed has three drawers underneath which provide additional storage and is fitted with a nautical set of beddings.

Full trundle bed ikea

Small attic bedroom packed with function. Shelving at ends of daybed for books & nightstand needs & dresser drawers built in under bed. This could work for a full size bed as well!

Full size trundle bed ikea

Coaster La Salle Daybed with Trundle and Storage Drawers in White 600 + 115 mattress= 712

Double day beds

Benchmark Full Upholstered Daybed with Storage Unit by Legacy Classic

Full day bed

Legacy Classic Furniture - Inspirations - Panel Daybed With Underbed Storage Drawer - Jordan's Furniture Like it but need it in full size and maybe not white??

Full size daybed with storage

Bed set for kids in classic, almost traditonal style: the daybed comes with matching bookcase (with two closable compartments) and pop-up trundle. The whole piece of furnishing is wooden, with dark espresso brown finish.

Double daybed

Daybed with Trundle- great space saver, and perfect for sleepovers!

Ikea traditional style design details materials that work well together

IKEA Traditional Style: Design, details & materials that work well together for your home inspiration.

Full size daybed ikea

Living comfortably, have enough space to feel at home completely free and do not experience the stress involved in throwing away what is already out of the house. That offers this wooden full size daybed with storage 2 drawers, finished in an espresso.

Master hook2202 jpg


Lea furniture midtown full daybed with 3 drawer underbed storage

Lea Furniture Midtown Full Daybed with 3 Drawer Underbed Storage Boxes

Home bed frames daybeds full size daybed with storage drawers

Home Bed Frames Daybeds Full Size Daybed With Storage Drawers

Haley full size platform bed with bookcase unit

Haley Full Size Platform Bed with Bookcase Unit

Daybed with storage drawers

Daybed for the spare room- use it as a single bed for a daybed, or it expands into a double bed with a different mattress!

Master leai596 jpg


Ikea hemnes daybed with 2 drawers 2

Ikea Hemnes Daybed with 2 Drawers

Daybed with storage and trundle

Cody Daybed with Trundle & Storage Hillsdale Furniture

Coconut creek boulevard hialeah boulevard kendall boulevard palmetto

Coconut Creek Boulevard Hialeah Boulevard Kendall Boulevard Palmetto ...

Full day bed and trundle unit with removable storage dividers

... Full Day Bed and Trundle Unit with Removable Storage Dividers