Trundle Bed With Bookcase Headboard


Trundle beds are clever and interesting. A bed under a bed. Such a neat idea. And lets take that and go a step further. How about adding a bookcase headboard? Now it is perfect. These trundle beds with bookcase headboard are quite handsome, can be matched with other existing furniture, and are a great idea for kids who like to have guests for sleepovers.

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Our Picks

Trundle bed with bookcase headboard 1

A comfortable trundle bed, crafted of sturdy wood and bathed in a white finish. It's integrated with a bookcase, also offering 2 pullout compartments - one on ech side, and open shelving for books and decorations.

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Discovery World Furniture Bookcase Daybed With Drawers And Trundle

Discovery World Furniture Bookcase Daybed With Drawers And Trundle

Functional daybed for a teenager's room, and more. Solid wood construction is equipped with open shelves, drawers and additional sliding bed. Dedicated to children over 3 years.

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Bookcase bed full

Day bed made of wood and fitted with a lot of drawers and capacious bookcase. Perfect for storing books, display decorations and more. Neutral and functional design for kid's room, teenager's room and more.

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Full size bed with bookcase headboard

It's a big bed with shelves and drawers in the frame is the perfect solution for your child's room. Beautiful wood design in impressive finishes in dark shade captivates with the details and is very functional.

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Bookcase bed with trundle

Trundle bed are a great idea for guests room, or if you would like to save a space at your fome. This one is good for booklovers! It contains boockase headboard, has very classic finish. The good material to make this bed is the wenge tree.

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Atlantic Furniture Captain's Bookcase Bed with 3 Drawer Trundle in White

Classic captain's bed in white, for kids room. Trundle on wheels with six drawers and additional mattress, slat design footboard, handy bookcase instead of ordinary headboard. Many functions within a single design.

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Trundle bed with bookcase 1

Twin bed with trundle and bookcase. This wooden piece of furniture is multi-functional. It provides space for books, decorations and other items. It also assures comfortable sleeping space for two children. White color looks good in any design.

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Trundle bed with bookcase

SKU #: COA-300480-400489

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Captains bed with bookshelf headboard

A great combo for spacious bedrooms, designed of espresso-finished wood, with a bookcase, trundle, drawer chest and matching headboard. Also includes 6 open compartments, spacious storage and 4 drawers with metal pulls.

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Trundle bed with bookcase 3

A nice storage trundle bed that features the single bed design with the additional bookcase and cupboards that make it even more functional and provide you with more space for you to organize your kid's belongings and keep the interior clean.

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Trundle Bed With Bookcase Headboard

Buying Guide

If you want to foster reading in bed, but you don’t have the space for a bookcase and you want to have an extra bed on hand when a guest comes, then get a trundle bed with bookcase headboard. The reason a trundle bed is a space-saver is that it slides out on rollers from underneath the bed that’s above it. The typical product of this type is the size of a twin bed. However, full-size ones are available. If you live in a small apartment, a home that has small rooms or have house guests often, it could be just what you need.

Many parents choose a trundle bed with bookcase headboard for young children, teens and those who are college age. It’s one way of instilling a reading habit in students by trying to steer them away from electronics for a period of time each day.

If your child is not a reader and learns by doing, then the bookcase can be a storage area for all the things that he or she needs to keep busy and content. Some beds come with drawers below that provide storage space for items. It’s not uncommon to see a unit with six drawers. Other beds have cabinets or cupboards for storage.

Additional reasons to get a trundle bed are:

  • Young children won’t fall out of it and hurt themselves because the bed sits low on the floor.
  • With so much storage space, you can use it to help any room look tidier and better organized.
  • Sleepovers are a lot easier with a trundle bed.

Some trundle beds with bookcase headboard are made of solid wood. Other units might be made of a wood composite. The keys to buying the right bed are examining it, asking the seller questions and reading online reviews.

The typical mattress on a trundle bed is not as thick as the one on a traditional bed and the bed does not have a box spring. If you decide that you need a mattress with better support, shop around. Look into whether a memory foam mattress, which shapes itself to the contours of your body, could serve your needs. Another suggestion is for an innerspring foam mattress which enclosed the springs in fabric.

A trundle bed with bookcase headboard may be either low-profile or high-profile, as some bookcases rise high and others stand low. As for the colors, they include white, gray or blue. Many units for younger children come in lighter colors, although you can find them with darker finishes such as black and cherry too.

A trundle bed with bookcase headboard makes it possible for your children or your guests to relax while they are surrounded by reading matter or items that they like to look at or tinker with. Conserving space does not have to mean giving up comfort.

Best Ideas

Trundle bed with bookcase

This functional, comfortable and solid bed includes many storage drawers and compartments in its lower area. Its headboard is supportive and it provides space for books and other items on its functional shelves.

Leo Twin Slat Bed

Leo Twin Slat Bed

The twin bed made of MDF material and finished in blue. The bed has got a trundle and useful drawers, where you can keep extra pillows and blankets. Very sturdy bed of traditional style, perfect for a child's bedroom.

Coaster coaster daisy bookcase wood daybed with under bed trundle

Coaster - Coaster Daisy Bookcase Wood Daybed with Under-Bed Trundle in White - Coaster - Daybeds - 300480400489KIT - The Daisy collection is designed to fit the lifestyle of any young lady. This attractive group features two bed options a panel bed and a

Full bookcase daybed with 3 drawer elevation storage trundle in

Full Bookcase Daybed With 3 Drawer Elevation Storage & Trundle in Merlot for only $709.00 You save: $676.00 (49%)

Trundle bed with bookcase 20

Cute, sugary daybed in white, with classic French country style details and super-sweet bedding (pink sweets, cakes and ice-cream print, vanilla yellow background, pink dots). The trundle drawer showcases a pink lining inside.

Discovery World Furniture Full Bookcase Captains Bed with 3 Drawers and Twin Trundle, Merlot

This lovely bed is not only a comfortable place to sleep, but also a practical solution for storage. The headrest consists of a number of shelves in the bed frame is built additional sliding surface of the mattress and drawers for small items.

Trundle bed with bookcase headboard 12

Montana Captain Bookcase Bed with Trundle Drawers Bookcase headboard

Trundle bed with bookcase headboard 5

Cool Trundle Twin Beds For Shared Bedroom : Exquisite South Shore Jumper Kids Trundle Twin Bed Design with Bookcase in Sky Blue Colored Wall...

Trundle bed headboard

Such a lovely bed can be a great decoration for children's rooms that also need functional solutions. Crafted of cherry-finished wood, the trundle bed comes with an integrated bookcase headboard and 3 storage drawers.

Trundle bed with bookcase headboard 10

Newport Platform Bed with Bookcase Headboard, Flat Panel Foot board and Trundle Bed in Espresso

Childrens bed with bookcase headboard

The teen bed with the trundle storage. Additional bookcase placed on the headboard could be a perfect solution for each bookworm. Personalizing the bedding to your son's favorite colors allow you to catch the teenage style.

Trundle bed with bookshelf

Twin size trundle bed in white, with drawers and open shelves bookcase headboard stylized as a doolhouse roof. Pretty cute, especially when you match it with sugary pink bedding (here some apple green tones break this sweetness up a bit).

Trundle bed with bookcase

A pretty twin bed with a trundle bed of wooden materials in brown. Footboard and trundle panels are gently recessed. A bookcase headboard has a rectangular top, curved edges, size-varied open front shelves, 1 small cabinet with a convex door.

Daybed with bookcase headboard

Kenley Twin Bookcase Bed with Regular Rail and Storage