Full Size Bed With Bookcase Headboard


Bigger than a twin, for people who don't see the point of bumping up to queen size, we give you a full-size bed with bookcase headboard. Like reading in bed? This is for you. And there is plenty of bookcase space for a nice, small collection for all your nights of reading before falling asleep. They come in plenty of wood colorations to fit your other furniture.

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Our Picks

Full size bed with bookcase headboard 1

This large bed with bookshelf and many drawers in the base of the bed is a perfect combination of a comfortable place to relax and store. The whole made on a solid wood base was finished in a pleasant chocolate shade.

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Full size bed with bookcase headboard 2

Phenomenal bed in sailor style. Construction is made of wood. It consists of many drawers for storing beddings and bookscase with open shelves in various sizes. It provides saving space in the bedroom, teenager's room and more.

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Montego Maple Full Queen Bookcase Headboard

Montego Maple Full Queen Bookcase Headboard

An elegant contemporary headboard for full beds. It's made of composite wood with a laminated light brown finish. It has full sides and a back. There are 3 open niches (a central one with an adjustable shelf) under a rectangular top.

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Full size bed with bookcase headboard

It's a big bed with shelves and drawers in the frame is the perfect solution for your child's room. Beautiful wood design in impressive finishes in dark shade captivates with the details and is very functional.

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Vintage full size bookcase bed with

Vintage full size bookcase bed with

This unique item is a cleverly designed headboard, which features a bookcase as well. Having lots of ornate accents and a steely grey paint, it would fit well into all shabby chic decors.

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Bookcase bed full

Day bed made of wood and fitted with a lot of drawers and capacious bookcase. Perfect for storing books, display decorations and more. Neutral and functional design for kid's room, teenager's room and more.

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Step One Full Wood Headboard

Step One Full Wood Headboard

It is a full headboard that is available in three finish options to choose: pure white, chocolate and pure black. It is perfect for storing books and to display your favorite accent pieces.

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Ashley Zayley White Storage Full Size Bed

It is a fantastic full size bed that has got a white finish and storage, for storing clothes, toys and other. It is a great addition to your kids room and guest room and it fits perfectly to classic and traditional style and décor.

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Full size bed with drawers and headboard

Benchmark Full Size Bookcase Daybed with Underbed Trundle on Casters by Legacy Classic - John V Schultz Furniture - Bookcase Bed Erie, Pennsylvania

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Full size headboard with storage

Bed frame with bookcase on the headboard. Construction is made of wood. Base is fitted with drawers for storing beddings and others needed stuff. Neutral and functional design for each home.

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Full Size Bed With Bookcase Headboard

Buying Guide

A full-sized bed is comfortable enough for one or two people. And since most people tend to do a lot of reading in bed, a bookcase headboard can serve as an accessible storage area for your beloved books. It's a cozy and convenient combination, which is why a full-size bed with bookcase headboard is getting a lot of attention.

Keep in mind that you are essentially buying a bed and a bookcase, which makes the shopping task a bit more difficult. Worry not as this article is going to be a buying guide for such a product.

The term "full-sized bed" is just an indication of the dimension of the bed, and it does not mean a specific bed type. Hence, to have a better idea of what you want, below are a few common bed types:

  • Divan Beds - A bed that typically comes with a solid and flat base for the mattress. Usually, the bed frame is covered in fabric. It's a comfortable bed because it supports the mattress pretty well. Also, divan beds typically feature storage solutions under the bed.
  • Storage Bed - A type that is a combination of a storage unit and a bed on top. Typically, the term indicates a bed type that the mattress platform is able to lift to reveal a storage compartment under the bed. It's a great solution if you want to make the most of your space.
  • Guest Bed - A type of bed that houses another bed under the main mattress. The secondary bed can be pulled out if needed. It's an excellent solution if you don't have a guest room.
  • Slat Bed - A bed types that comes with a slat to support the mattress. Because of the bed's configuration, it uses less raw materials. This also means that it's an economical option.

The most common types of bookcases include:

  • Standard - A bookcase that simply works. It comes with no frills, and the configuration is basic. It's a good choice if you want something that can do the job while being very affordable.
  • Étagère - A type of bookcase that is a bit more delicate compared to the standard variety. It typically features an open back, and the shelves are made of glass. It may be fragile, but it's a very stylish bookcase. Thus, it's a good option if aesthetics plays a significant role in your buying decision.
  • Ladder - A bookcase type that typically features a "stepped" shelves. A stylish configuration, but not as fragile compared to the Étagère.
  • Scaffold - As the name suggests, this type of bookcase comes with shelves that are suspended from two supports that resemble a ladder.

So, that's all for now. Although this article is not an exhaustive buying guide, it can serve as a good starting point. Feel free to add other filters to help you weed out choices that don't work well with your situation.

Best Ideas

Bed with shelving headboard

An elegant traditional full size bed crated of black finished wooden materials. It has a rectilinear frame and a full base. A bookcase-type headboard with a rectangular top has 3 open front niches. Side drawers have 2 metal pulls each.

Full size storage bed with bookcase headboard

This full-size girl bed with a bookcase headboard combines style and practicality, comprising a spot to rest and read in one, allowing to smoothly save some precious space. It also features a practical trundle.

Storage daybed

Very interesting proposal for teenager's room. The dark classic furniture has been mixed with the colorful accessories and a lot of personal stuff. I'd rather chose more modern stylization, but this is also acceptable.

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Captains bed with bookshelf headboard

Do you know that during your sleep the secretion of cortisol, the stress hormone, falls?That is why it is so important to choose a full size bed, in a style soothing our senses. The black color is a varnish on a hardwood construction with storage and bookcase.

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