Platform Bed Full Size With Drawers

Platform beds are such a great answer to the problem of space in a smaller room. The underside of the platform can have drawers, with the headboard adorned with bookshelves. Three furniture pieces in one clever space. This collection of platform beds for a full size mattress that has drawers is the perfect example of efficiency and space management.

Best Products

Free headboard rustic wood platform

Free headboard rustic wood platform
This stunning storage bed platform is a perfect combination of functionality and a charming rustic style. Beautiful details of raw finish in wood including drawers with handles and nice headrest captivate you.

Black Tall Full 12 Drawer Captains Platform Storage Bed

Black Tall Full 12 Drawer Captains Platform Storage Bed
This bed has got many interesting and useful functions. It is made of MDF boards and composite wood, so its solidity is very high. This bed also includes 12 drawers that provide a large storage area for different types of bedroom items.

Concord Storage Platform Bed

Concord Storage Platform Bed
Platform bed constructed of solid wood with slightly uneven, somehow unfinished texture. Great to complement traditional and modern decors as well. The set contains two sliding drawers and a footboard.

Nevis Storage Platform Bed

Nevis Storage Platform Bed
Beautiful storage bed crafted from reliable tropical mahogany solids. This fashionable bed will be a beautiful and functional solution for your bedroom. It features 4 under-bed storage drawers, which will help you tidy up your space.

Monterey Storage Platform Bed

Monterey Storage Platform Bed
Pretty contemporary bed of fibreboard with a white finish. It features a clean line body with gently profiled edges. It has 3 spacious underbed gliding drawers on each side. They have bottom finger-pulls.

Stratton Bed With Drawers

Stratton Bed With Drawers
This is a very durable and comfortable bed designed for use in any bedroom decor. It is made of durable hardwood. This kind of product features six drawers that provide storage space for bedclothes and other items.

Prepac brisbane king platform storage bed with storage headboard black

Prepac brisbane king platform storage bed with storage headboard black
A comfortable and relaxing solution for bedrooms. This is a king-size bed with a solid wooden frame and with a headboard that features small storage shelves. What is more this bed has got three spacious storage drawers under the sleeping area.

Our advice Buying Guide

We know that getting a platform bed may seem like a simple task. People think they can simply match the size of the bed frame to the size of their mattress. This is far from the truth as there are more considerations that need to be accounted for, which can make your shopping experience frustrating, overwhelming, and daunting at the same time. To help you out, we have compiled a quick guide on selecting the best platform bed.

What are the advantages of a platform bed with drawers?

Apart from being stylish and functional, a full-size platform bed with drawers offers several advantages. As it dictates and elevates your sleeping position, it makes it easier for you to get in your bed at night and out in the morning. Most of the time, we still think about buying bedroom storage furniture when getting new beds. Fortunately, you can forego storage altogether as a full-size platform bed with drawers already comes with ample storage space below your area for sleeping. What's more, a platform bed with storage extends your mattress's lifespan as it provides the support that prevents weak and sagging spots.

What are platform beds crafted from?

  • Wood - Wood is commonly used by furniture makers in producing platform beds with storage but the material is costlier. It is, however, incredibly stylish and long-lasting. A wooden platform bed may come with or without a headboard and a footboard. Apart from under-the-bed storage drawers, some platform beds made of wood have compartments for storage at the back of headboards.
  • Metal - Metal is great in action. It's easy to clean and it's lighter so it can be moved around easily. Apart from that, no insects that can cut wood will harm a metal platform bed. The only downside to it is the rusting which will occur after a few months. If you perform the necessary care and maintenance procedures, it won't develop rust. In comparison to the price of wooden platform beds, a metal bed is cheaper.

How much are full-sized platform beds?

The pricing of full-size platform beds with storage is dependent mostly on the materials used in their construction. Wooden and leather-covered frames are the most expensive. As you already know, the cheapest are metal beds.

How much storage can a platform bed offer?

You may need lots of storage space for your things. If so, then you need large drawers. If you don't intend to keep much under your bed as you'll only use the drawers as supplementary storage space, you can skip this section.

There are platform beds with drawers that also come with wrap-around storage. This may be in the form of side cabinets or bookshelves that are connected to the platform bed. It would be great if you consider investing in a bed with this type of storage as you'll be able to enjoy plenty of it.


Platform Bed

Platform Bed
This full-size rustic platform bed constitutes a proposition for those, who want to create a classic, wooden bedroom interior. Available with side drawers, it can create a considerable storage space for one's linens, pillows and stuff.

Full size platform bed with storage 1

This large storage bed platform is the perfect solution for small spaces. Comfortable bed with handy shelves and cabinets will perfectly accommodate the various trinkets and will be extremely impressive.

Platform bed full size with drawers

I wouldn't hesitate to suggest that someone buy this platform bed for their home. It features a full size, deep drawers, tall headboard and beautiful dark brown finish.

Full size bed frame with drawers

Platform bed with various drawers is a perfect solution in small interiors, or where we value minimalism. Solid wooden construction with numerous storage areas is universal and timeless, perfect for any interior design.

King size platform bed with drawers plans

This platform full size bed with drawers is a proposition for those, who like functionality and simplicity combined in one item. Solid, properly conserved wood is designed to withstand the test of time.

Platform bed full size with drawers

Real wood, solid top (no slats!) mattress-ready storage bed frame with 10 drawers (6 large ones, 4 smaller ones) on glides, equipped with knobs for easy opening. Multiple storage configurations are available here.

Full size headboard with shelves

A simple and contemporary style in the kid's bedroom. This full-size bed is comfortable and solid. It features not only a soft sleeping space, but also 12 drawers for enhanced storage space. The whole construction is resistant to damage an overweight.

Full size bed storage drawers

Crafted from antique walnut, with a flat panel footboard, this full size platform bed with drawers constitutes a great proposition for those, who like to add a classic touch to their bedroom.

The trellis captains bed sleep high atop a sea of

The Trellis Captain's Bed - Sleep High Atop a Sea of Storage

Full size platform beds

Stratton Bed with Drawers - FINALLY purchased a new bed for my apartment, learning to get creative with my smaller NYC apt

King size platform bed with storage drawers

Full size Daybed with Storage Drawers and Bookshelf Back in Cappuccino ...

Platform beds full size

The presented Japanese platform full-size bed with drawers is the embodiment of savings in the means of expression. Made of solid wood, its design makes them seem to float above the ground. It has characteristic headboards inspired by roofs of Asian homes.

Prepac Coal Harbor Queen Platform Storage Bed with Headboard in Black

Diy platform bed with storage drawers

A full-size bed is able to meet all your expectations when it comes to providing you with well-deserved, comfortable rest. Beautiful wooden finish and additional storage drawers below ensure both style and ergonomy.

Platform bed frame full size

Finished in sleek white, this full size platform bed enchants with its simplistic, yet very practical design. It features 3 storage drawers in white for one's linens or clothes. A great example of the contemporary style.

Full size white platform bed

If you often host people, consider creating a separate tiny room for them, with a full-size bed built-in the surrounding walls. This platform one shows how you can do it smoothly, maximally using your space and bringing in style.

Full size platform bed

A functional modern full bed made of oak wood with a greyish finish. It has straight edges and flush sides. A headboard accommodates several open shelves. There are 4 large drawers in 2 tiers on each side of a bed base. They have square steel pulls.

Birch twin bed 32

Twin size bed with durable wooden frame and storage compartment underneath. Its rectangular shape features simple straight lines. This simple construction looks very interesting in any bedroom design.

Full size platform bed with drawers 2

Platform bed full size with drawers, but not as minimal as in the Japanese project - because it has 2 rows of storage drawers. Made of light solid wood, inspired by New York's Brooklyn. A beautiful color owns red oak plywood.

Platform bed full

With this platform full size bed, you'll be sleeping on a sturdy yet very comfortable surface. The bed has wood construction with several open compartments, where you can easily hide your beddings.

Platform bed full size with drawers

Wooden storage bed with twelve drawers and some bookshelves. The wood it is made of is very bright. This bed is a perfect combination of sleeping and storing space for people who don't have extra place for another closet.

Twin platform beds with storage drawers ikea full platform bed

twin platform beds with storage drawers ikea | Full Platform Bed Frame | Full Size Beds

Furniture full size platform bed with storage drawer by oj

Furniture Full Size Platform Bed with storage drawer by OJ DFXXdCP5

Platform bed full size

Haley Full Size Platform Bed with Three Underbed Storage Drawers and Four Drawer Dresser Footboard by Lea Industries - Morris Home Furnishings - Platform or Low Profile Bed Dayton, Cincinnati, Columbus Ohio

South Shore Spark Collection Twin Mates Bed, Pure Black

Thompson 12 Drawer Storage Platform Bed

Thompson 12 Drawer Storage Platform Bed

Brusali bed frame with 4 storage boxes ikea four big

BRUSALI Bed frame with 4 storage boxes IKEA Four big drawers on casters give you lots of space for storing.

Platform bed full size with drawer

platform bed full size with drawer

Pottery barn full size bed with underbid storage drawers extra

Pottery Barn Full size bed with underbid storage drawers, extra wide dresser.

Textrade Inner Spring Mattress in a Box, Twin

Bedroom furnishings should be completed very carefully. You have to think of all the needs and expectations they have to meet. This mattress would be a great part of the equipment. It is a high quality, very convenient and extremely comfortable.

Full size bed frame with storage

If you're looking for great ideas for your bedroom, this full size bed should do the trick. It's capacious and very comfortable, offering a wooden platform with 6 drawers - each equipped with a rope pull handle for stylish looks.

Bed with drawers full

Platform Storage Bed with Twelve Drawers in Black - Size: Full

Full size daybed with storage

Bed set for kids in classic, almost traditonal style: the daybed comes with matching bookcase (with two closable compartments) and pop-up trundle. The whole piece of furnishing is wooden, with dark espresso brown finish.

Add beauty to your little ones room with this modern

Add beauty to your little one's room with this modern full-size captain's bed. With three roomy drawers, this bed has ample room for storing clothes, books, and treasures. The cherry finish has a warm feel that will match a variety of accesso

Sierra Full Storage Platform Bed

Sierra Full Storage Platform Bed

Full size bed frame with drawers underneath

New Full-size Platform Bed with 3 Storage Drawers in Modern White Wood Finish

White platform bed full

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Full size platform bed with drawers

I did a lot of searching for platform beds, before I bought this one. It has the full size and a lot of drawers for storing sheets and bedding sets. The elegant dark brown finish fits to classic interior.

Bordeaux platform bed with flat panel drawers in caramel latte

Bordeaux Platform Bed with Flat Panel Drawers in Caramel Latte Size: Full The Bordeaux is a dazzling platform bed with a tasteful sleigh profile. $605.99

Full size platform beds with storage

Do you know that cherry blossom and elegant bird according to Chinese culture have magical powers and bring happiness to the family? The best choice is a platform bed with full size and drawers, made of rosewood with carvings of a cherry tree.

Cosmos Full Storage Panel Bed

Cosmos Full Storage Panel Bed

Prepac black sonoma tall double full platform storage bed with

Prepac Black Sonoma Tall Double / Full Platform Storage Bed with 12 Drawers - BBD-5612

This atlantic manhattan full bed with drawers in caramel latte

This Atlantic Manhattan Full Bed with Drawers in caramel latte is JPMA, CPSC & ASTM certified. Free shipping!