Step One Platform Bed


Platform beds are a stylish and innovative idea in the realm of bedroom decor. Instead of your bed being elevated by a frame, the platform raises it to a height that is a little more than a frame and box spring usually allow. And these step one platform beds have a couple stairs to reach the sleeping surface. Take a look at all the interesting options in this vast collection.

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Our Picks

Step one platform bed 3

Platform beds constitute one of the ways to save space. Featuring a considerable storage space under and steps leading to the bed, this DIY project shall appeal to all, who like the practical approach to design.

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Step one platform bed 7

A beautiful bedroom layout spiced up with bright colors. The bed doesn’t have a frame and can only accommodate one person. It’s placed on an elevated wooden platform that has a flight of stairs. The elevated platform also has a drawer converted to a tabletop.

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Step one platform bed 15

Platform bed in modern form. Construction is made of wood. Adds freshness and modernity to each bedroom.

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Step one platform bed 4

bedroom elevated with steps | Master bedroom, bed sits on tatami mats built on a walk up, high ...

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Step One Platform Bed with Storage

Step One Platform Bed with Storage

It is a step one platform bed that has got storage and simple and classic design. This bed is perfect for traditional and elegant style bedroom. Everyone will tell you how great it looks in your home.

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Step one platform bed 5

These small beds are designed to fit into small alcove spaces. Part of the wall can also be converted into a cupboard. The bed has no frame and comes with two fluffy pillows and is very comfy and large enough to accommodate two people.

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Step one platform bed 12

A plain but stylish bedroom layout. The frameless bed is put on an elevated polished wooden platform that also comes with a wooden flight of stairs. The bed comes with two pillows. On the plain white wall adjacent the bed is a bookshelf as well as a night lamp.

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Step up platform bed

This platform dog bed is quite big and takes a huge chunk of a floor space, but it's definitely worth it. Carpeted steps lead to a cozy pet bed; the base was smartly used, as it accommodates a dresser with drawers.

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Step One Platform Bed with Underbed Storage

Step One Platform Bed with Underbed Storage

Practical contemporary queen platform bed with a frame of laminated particleboard finished in brown. It is equipped with a 1 spacious sliding drawer on each side. Drawers have full-length edge pulls.

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Loft bed with pull out desk

Delighting with its beautiful bright colour, this natural maple platform bed is a queen size construction. It features convenient side drawers for your linens. A perfect proposition for contemporary apartments or studios.

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Step One Platform Bed

Buying Guide

Like any piece of furniture, step one platform beds come with both pros and cons.

Among their pros is the fact that they do not require a traditional box spring underneath your mattress, saving you some money. Step one platform beds are also excellent when it comes to ensuring plenty of ventilation and airflow, which prevents the build-up of moisture.

Another great benefit is that they can often include storage options such as drawers and open shelves.

We also love the fact that they’re available in a large variety of styles, from the most traditional to industrial and contemporary designs.

As for their cons, step one platform beds aren’t a practical choice for people with disabilities. They aren’t a flexible option either as they aren’t as easy to move around as traditional beds, and they’re more prone to fracturing in the long run, especially with heavyweight sleepers.

Platform beds like the Step One platform bed will not ruin your mattresses. In fact, they provide the right foundation and durable support you are looking for. Platform bed frames or slats that are a maximum of 8 inches apart help maintain the integrity of your mattress, which in turn increases its lifespan. As a bonus, a platform bed frame will promote better spinal alignment giving you restful sleep.

Are platform beds good?

Your step one platform bed comes with a lot of advantages; for example, many people simply enjoy sleeping higher up, further off the ground, and these beds make that possible very quickly.

With a step one platform bed, you also don’t have to worry about purchasing a box spring, which can also save you money. The extra space under your platform bed can also, in many cases, be used as storage—which can help you save space.

All in all, the step one platform bed is a great choice for many people, particularly if you live in small spaces.

Best Ideas

Ana white is a genius she shows how to make

Ana White is a GENIUS! She shows how to make furniture found at Pottery Barn and other places. My Honey Do List just got longer.

Bedding on a platform love the idea looking into this

Bedding on a platform the idea...looking into this . CB

Toddler platform beds

With this cute toddler bed you don't have to worry both about charm and safety of your child, since it offers a modern and sleek design and will make for a nice option of combining the contemporary appeal of the room.

Step one platform bed 19

Step-On I, 1975 Aluminium block, 8 x 84 x 100 cm Argon lighttube Artist - Christian Herdeg

Black twin xl mates platform storage bed with 3 drawers

Black twin xl mates platform storage bed with 3 drawers

Traditional design for a cozy, sophisticated twin bed with a hidden storage inside of the frame, providing a handy place to keep linens. The bed is fitted with a simple wooden frame coated in black paint, which gives it a moody vibe.

Japanese wall clocks 13

Add natural beauty to your bedroom with this unique platform bed. The extra-wide platform is perfect for a thick, Japanese style futon, while the natural wood step offers a place to rest items. The long foot allows placement of a stand.

Step one platform bed

High-quality cozy nook designed for one of the corners of your living room. The nook features a bean bag design, comes with heavy plum cushions, and dark great neutral fabric upholstery that will completely transform your spaces. The nook also offers an equally matching table as well.

Step one platform bed 8

Amazing wooden layout for bedroom. The bed is attached to a mobile frame which can be slid in to create more space in the room. The wooden frame also has a set of drawers attached to the side. On top of the wooden frame is also a bookshelf.

Step one platform bed

Create your own canopy bed with lumber pieces from your local builder’s store. The step-up platform raises the mattress above floor level, while the tall frame creates an opportunity to surround your sleep space with mosquito netting or heavy drapes.

Kids twin platform bed

Modern furniture unit for saving space in kid's room, teenager's room and more. Construction is made of wood and fitted with a lot of open shelves and drawers for storing necessary things.

Wow this bed couldnt have fit the lines of this

Wow, this bed couldn't have fit the lines of this room any better!! Elevate your bed on it's own platform, and edge the step with a row of LED lights to light your way to slumber land.

Step one platform bed 16

Awesome. Cut lids into lengths. Don't sink mattress. Hard enough to get out of bed. We'll build a little higher, add step across front.

Half loft bed

An interesting space-saving bedroom located at mezzanine above a wine cellar in a shelter. It accommodates a simple platform bed with a wooden frame. Three rectangular floating steps are made of wood with a finish in browns.

Queen bed frame slats

Made from solid hardwoods, such as poplar, alder or oak, this handmade bed, provide comfort and sustainability. If you are a fan of DIY objects, then this rustic looking shall appeal to you.