Kids Train Bed

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Race cars are cool and planes are neat, but have you ever considered a train for your kid's bed. Kids love trains. They are fascinating and kids love to honk the train horn. Now they can pretend while sleeping in their own train bed that looks like the engine of a classic locomotive, chugging across the country. Send their imaginations to bed with them, in a train bed.

Blue Train Bed

Blue Train Bed

Blue Train Bed


Perfect For: Children up to the age of 10 who love trains and transport vehicles

What We Like: The little overhead roof panel helps the sleeper feel cozy and safe

Not So Good For: Really young children as the entire frame is crafted out of metal

Showcasing a vibrant blue, red and black color scheme, this train bed for kids measures just over 83 inches long and comfortably fits a twin-size bed. There’s everything from a front imitation headlight to several side wheels and other train-related details.  

Designer Advice

Able to accommodate up to 200 pounds, this blue train bed makes a great option for your child to grow into as it should easily accommodate them up to preteen age. Set it up in a cream colored or another neutral-toned bedroom in order to allow the train bed to fully steal the show. 

What Users Say

Awesome bed for my son. Better quality than expected. It’s all metal and easy to assemble. 

Red Train Bed Frame

Red Train Bed Frame

Red Train Bed Frame

Zoomie Kids


Perfect For: Younger and older kids as the hardwearing frame was built to accommodate various body types

What We Like: There is assembly required but the bed comes with both instructions and the tools that are needed to build the bed frame

Allow this little red and black engine to come full steam into your kid’s room as it’s 82.5 inches long and made to fit a standard twin bed. It features a comfortable paneled headboard that includes a mini overhead roof. The entire metal bed is decorated with wheels, a large front headlight and sidebars to grab a hold of when getting into bed at night.  

Designer Advice

This red train bed frame makes a great option for young children who are just warming up to the idea of a toddler or full-size bed as the overall design will make them feel snuggly and safe at night. Incorporate a black wood dresser and light grey area rug to keep the space feeling coordinated. 

Natural Wood Train Toddler Bed

Natural Wood Train Toddler Bed

Natural Wood Train Toddler Bed

Zoomie Kids


Perfect For: A contemporary child’s bedroom that’s all-white and understated

What We Like: It also comes in white for those looking for something a little different

Crafted out of durable solid pine and MDF wood, this train toddler bed is a tall platform style with a wooden canopy frame. There’s a slatted headboard, cute wheels on the side along with fake headlights located on the footboard. It comes with 13 wood slats to help support a twin-size mattress.  

Designer Advice

The fun of this train toddler bed is that the canopy frame allows you to decorate the bedroom space how you see fit as you could wrap the canopy in twinkly lights or even a soft fabric. Due to the natural tone of the wood, you could bring in a chest of drawers, a side table and a desk that is light in color such as white oak for a cohesive look.  

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Kids Train Bed

Buying Guide

If you're shopping for a new toddler bed, do you know which type is best for your little tot? From simple and straightforward to luxurious and stylish, there are various styles and designs that you can choose from. In this article, we'll talk about train beds for kids as they're a hit among young boys. Read on to learn all the factors that you need to consider before making a purchase.

To set up a safe sleeping space for your kid, take the following factors into consideration:

  • Durability. A train bed designed for the use of a toddler will see through years of rolling, bouncing, jumping, and wiggling, so it is necessary for the frame’s bed to be capable of standing against tough toddler treatment.
  • Height. Try to get a train bed that’s low in height to limit injuries from falls. It will also be easier for a boy to get out of his bed if it is at the height that’s right for him.
  • Railings. Railing systems are necessary for kid train beds as kids are wild sleepers. If the bed you’ve chosen doesn’t have any, the unit should allow you to install railings on both sides of the train bed.
  • Finish. Although a train bed is a decorative element that’s perfect for the bedroom of a growing boy, the footboard and the headboard of the bed must come without any ornamentation. This is to ensure a rambunctious toddler doesn’t bump its head or jam its fingers. Any protrusions and cutouts will make the bed unsafe as well. The train bed must have a finish that’s smooth with no splinters.
  • Certificate. If possible, choose only the train bed that has a sticker from our country’s Association of Juvenile Products Manufacturers if it’s at the size fit for toddlers. This is to ensure the unit your child will use passed all the safety standards set by the proper authorities and has been checked thoroughly.
  • Placement. You must add the new train bed of your kid in the right area in its bedroom, which is away from blind cords, radiators, windows, wall lamps, floor lamps, and draperies. The headboard of the train bed must be flush against a wall. Leave ample clearance on each side of the bed to prevent the child from getting trapped between a wall and its bed.

In order to get the right mattress for your kid’s train bed, you should pick the bed first prior the mattress. This way, you will increase your chances of finding the mattress that has the best fit to the bed.

In the event that you already have a standard-sized mattress and you plan on using it with a train bed, you’ll be happy to know that most train beds for toddlers are made to accommodate standard-sized mattresses. However, it pays to check the recommended mattress size to be paired with a train bed to ensure a snug fit.

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Kids train bed

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