Kids Train Bed

Race cars are cool and planes are neat, but have you ever considered a train for your kid's bed. Kids love trains. They are fascinating and kids love to honk the train horn. Now they can pretend while sleeping in their own train bed that looks like the engine of a classic locomotive, chugging across the country. Send their imaginations to bed with them, in a train bed.

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Locomotive railroad train theme playbed

Locomotive railroad train theme playbed
A cool contemporary twin bed for kids. It's modelled on a charming stylish puffer and manufactured of wooden materials finished in blue, grey and black. It features large wheels on a side and a showy chimney.

Kids train bed

Charming bunk bed in the shape of train. Construction is made of wood and finished with pastel colors. Adds freshness and modernity to each kid's room according to taste and need.

Kids train bed

An eye-catching bed for boy kids. It's modelled on a charming old traditional puffer with quite lot of details. It's made of wooden materials mainly finished in black with accents in natural colours.

Train bedroom ideas

A cool contemporary bed for kids. It's crafted of wooden materials with plastic additions. It's modelled on an old puffing billy and is kept in prevalent off-white, greyish and black colours with red and orange accents.

Train bed toddler

Multi-functional piece of furniture made of colorful plastic and stylised on locomotive. It can be used as cubby-hole to play or toddler bed. It will plays its role perfectly in child bedroom or in the garden.

Train bed

Well-built train bed for kids below the age of five. Constructed from wood, this bed looks like a real steam engine train. It comes fully loaded with wheels and you also get a chest of drawers on one side for all the kids’ stuff. It’s a great whimsical piece of furniture that works really great.

Kids train bed

Believe me or not, but such a fancy train bed for kids might be crafted on one's own; a father built this bed for his son, inspired by Thomas the Train cartoon. He used some plywood sheets and MDF boards.

Our advice Buying Guide

If you're shopping for a new toddler bed, do you know which type is best for your little tot? From simple and straightforward to luxurious and stylish, there are various styles and designs that you can choose from. In this article, we'll talk about train beds for kids as they're a hit among young boys. Read on to learn all the factors that you need to consider before making a purchase.

How to make sure a kids train bed is safe?

To set up a safe sleeping space for your kid, take the following factors into consideration:

  • Durability. A train bed designed for the use of a toddler will see through years of rolling, bouncing, jumping, and wiggling, so it is necessary for the frame’s bed to be capable of standing against tough toddler treatment.
  • Height. Try to get a train bed that’s low in height to limit injuries from falls. It will also be easier for a boy to get out of his bed if it is at the height that’s right for him.
  • Railings. Railing systems are necessary for kid train beds as kids are wild sleepers. If the bed you’ve chosen doesn’t have any, the unit should allow you to install railings on both sides of the train bed.
  • Finish. Although a train bed is a decorative element that’s perfect for the bedroom of a growing boy, the footboard and the headboard of the bed must come without any ornamentation. This is to ensure a rambunctious toddler doesn’t bump its head or jam its fingers. Any protrusions and cutouts will make the bed unsafe as well. The train bed must have a finish that’s smooth with no splinters.
  • Certificate. If possible, choose only the train bed that has a sticker from our country’s Association of Juvenile Products Manufacturers if it’s at the size fit for toddlers. This is to ensure the unit your child will use passed all the safety standards set by the proper authorities and has been checked thoroughly.
  • Placement. You must add the new train bed of your kid in the right area in its bedroom, which is away from blind cords, radiators, windows, wall lamps, floor lamps, and draperies. The headboard of the train bed must be flush against a wall. Leave ample clearance on each side of the bed to prevent the child from getting trapped between a wall and its bed.

How to pick the best mattress for a kids train bed?

In order to get the right mattress for your kid’s train bed, you should pick the bed first prior the mattress. This way, you will increase your chances of finding the mattress that has the best fit to the bed.

In the event that you already have a standard-sized mattress and you plan on using it with a train bed, you’ll be happy to know that most train beds for toddlers are made to accommodate standard-sized mattresses. However, it pays to check the recommended mattress size to be paired with a train bed to ensure a snug fit.


Train bed childrens train bedroom ideas

Train Bed - Children's Train Bedroom Ideas

Kids train bed 4

A train-themed bed for your children. If you want your children’s room to have that Toyland feel, then this is the bed for you. The bed will also serve as a playground for your kids and will give them their own space away from the adults.

How to build a train bed

Beautiful and playful children train bed offering a unique train design and sturdy construction. The beds are available in an array of sizes too and feature different bright colors to liven up your spaces. Very little assembly is needed here.

Train beds for toddlers

Absolutely life-like train bed for kids featuring an old steam engine train design and fitted with wheels on both sides. The bed is finished in a neat blue paint and accented with orange wheels for that impeccable dash of colors.

Any type of furniture from murphy wall beds to unique

... any type of furniture from Murphy Wall Beds to unique kids's bed

Children room idea modest bunk bed design simpleform children room

children room idea modest bunk bed design simpleform children room ...

Train toddler beds

Train Bed - if I ever have a boy this is going to be in my house haha

Train beds for kids

Armstrong Innovations in Phoenix AZ can bring any bedroom idea you have to life! Call us for a free consultation and estimate at 623-910-9527

Train bunk bed plans

Train Bedroom Ideas | Train room | home decorating ideas

Twin size train bed

Personalized Train Bed #pbkids Perfect for Train themed room

Train themed bedroom ideas

Train bed - fast clean up with a train set that can be put underneath the bed when the kids are done playing with it!

Thomas twin bed 1

This twin bed is a guarantee of comfortable rest. The amount of space, combined with the beautiful train design make this twin bed absolutely inimitable. Provide your kid a happy leisure time.

Train beds

This is just the perfect option for every child obsessed with Thomas - a bed that will make going to sleep much easier and extremely more enjoyable thanks to the stunning design and colorful looks of their favorite cartoon character.

Train engine bed woodworking plan train theme bedrooms theme beds


How to make a train bed

Can't decide on a big boy room theme. Maybe trains?

Bed train

30 Cool Boys Bedroom Ideas of Design Pictures,

Details about kids single train theme car bed racing childs


Kids train bed steam tank engine toy box thomas

Kids Train Bed Steam Tank Engine Toy Box Thomas

Boys thomas friends train wood toddler bed_887391_175 jpg


Train toddler bed


Unique unusual or interesting


Kids train bed 1

Kids Train Bed

Kids train bed 8

Little boys room

Train themed bedroom for toddler

Love this boy bedroom - especially the barn door headboards!

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Train bunk bed

Train Bunk Bed

Childrens novelty train bed blue thomas style kids steam engine

Children’s Novelty Train Bed Blue Thomas Style Kids Steam Engine Bed

Kids train bed 10

I would love for Daniel's room to look like this! We are going to re-do his room next year in trains.

Kids train bed 1

How to Clean Pee From a Mattress- Kylar likes to sleep in our bed and occasionally pees =)

Thomas the train toddler bed price 100 00 obo in

Thomas the Train Toddler Bed - Price: 100.00 OBO in Idaho Falls, Idaho

Toddler bed train

dIY thomas bed... Mr. J#1 would LOVE this!!!

Kids train bed 7

I love the Depot Sconce on Technically for a kids room but totally awesome!

Diggin Thomas The Tank Readybed Portable Bed

Train beds for boys

Fun! This road and train print bed set is so cute.

Kids train bed 12

Nighttime Potty Training with GoodNites Bed Mats #HuggiesWalmart

Kids train bed

Kids Train Bed

Nice gift kids boys children train style twin bed study

... Nice Gift Kids Boys Children Train Style Twin Bed Study Metal Frame

Kids train bed 11

Bedtime Routine Chart to Solve Sleep Issues - Reward Charts 4 Kids

Kids train bed 13

Get your toddler to sleep! Solutions and tips for sleep-training kids. This wasn't anything earth-shattering but a good reminder of what I learned from Supernanny ;)

Everything Kids Toddler Bedding Set, Choo Choo

Thomas the tank engine bed google search diy toddler

thomas the tank engine bed - Google Search | Diy toddler ...

Kids train bed 5

Kids Train Bed