Bed For 5 Year Old

Five year olds are finicky, and giving them something just for them is a way to send them to a happy place. Beds for 5-year-olds are designed perfectly for your growing child. They get their very own bed that is tailored to their anatomic needs, and you get a happy kid. They will love telling their friends about the cool new bed mom and dad got them. See the options in this collection.

Best Products

Disney Pixar Cars Twin Bed with Lights

Disney Pixar Cars Twin Bed with Lights
Whimsical car bed designed to look like a real race car. The bed is suited for kids five years and under and has a low profile construction for safety. It’s finished in bold colors too including a dominant red shade touched up with yellow and black.

Raleigh Toddler Bed

Raleigh Toddler Bed
Classical elegance in kids' bedroom. This toddler bed features a low stance construction, so a kid will not have problems with hopping in an out. Durable wooden construction makes this bed a long lasting element.

Step2 Lifestyle Twin Bed

Step2 Lifestyle Twin Bed
This is a solid and durable twin bed created especially for the youngest users. It is made of durable materials and its lower part features many doors and a large storage space on the level of 28 cubic feet.

Atom Reversible Storage Bed

Atom Reversible Storage Bed
Functional storage bed made of quality wood in gorgeous finish. Features three storage drawers under the mattress space, solid and easy to assembly frame, and simple but practical design emphasizing versatility and comfort.

Urban Lifestyle Orlando Bed with Trundle

Urban Lifestyle Orlando Bed with Trundle
This Panel Bed with Twin Trundle in Espresso Finish is crafted from solid wood and MDF. Features: one side open trundle and flat panel footboard. Accommodates both the full and the twin beds.

5 year old bed

Well-built children bed designed to look more like a playhouse and less like a sleeping area. The bed is constructed from wood and comes with two makeshift windows and stairs on one side. There’s also a large top house for your babies to play.

Bed for 5 year old 4

A fabulous bed that looks like a pirate bed. Your little boy will absolutely love sleeping at the top bed, which features a protective railing for safety. The bottom part is a spacious playhouse and a few shelves.

Our advice Buying Guide

The National Sleep Foundation recommends that children five years of age get 11 hours to 13 hours of sleep daily. You’ll want to find the right bed for a 5-year-old if he or she is going to spend half of the day in bed. You have many choices for this bed. In choosing it you have to consider your child’s interests, storage space and safety.

What styles of beds for small children are there?

Beds for children are manufactured with what captivates them in mind. Of course, since these beds are for young children, many are available in vibrant colors such as blue, pink, green, yellow and more. You can find a bed for a 5-year-old in many shapes and one that reflects one of many themes. They include characters and objects from movies, books and the activities your child is involved in. Styles of beds to consider include bunk beds, trundle beds, captain’s beds, loft beds, and canopy beds.

What are bunk beds?

Bunk beds are two —usually twin—beds, one upper and one lower. Children reach the upper bed by using stairs or a ladder designed for the bed. These beds allow two children to sleep in the same room while saving space. Some units have enclosures for storage.

What's a trundle bed?

A trundle bed is another space-saver because beneath its slightly elevated main bed is another one that slides in and out from the frame. Since this style of bed sits low to the floor, if a child falls out she is unlikely to hurt herself.

Beds of this type are handy for sleepovers. You can even find a bunk bed with a trundle bed that allows three children to sleep in one room. If you have a device for measuring noise, it’s going to record a high decibel level.

What are loft beds?

Loft beds are elevated beds that have an area for storage or play underneath. Your child gets into the bed by using its ladder. These beds work best in rooms that have a ceiling that’s at least 8 feet high.

What are canopy beds?

Canopy beds are beds with tall posts over which is a canopy is draped. Traditionally, they have been for girls, but ones with posts minus the canopy are purchased for boys.

What's a captain's bed?

A captain's bed is a bed with a lot of storage drawers underneath it. Traditionally, it has high sides. Young children have a lot of items they play with and need for living in their rooms. They need a place to keep them. A captain’s bed is one of the beds that meet that requirement.

Though the captain’s bed is touted as one that’s excellent for storage, conscientious shopping can lead you to almost any style of bed with storage space. Ensure that beds that are elevated high off the floor have guard rails. The mattress for a bunk bed should be at least 5 inches below the railing.


Bed for 5 year old 7

High-quality children bunk bed constructed from manufactured wood and finished in a neat neutral stain. The piece also comes with a matching chest of drawers for storage. It has a strong rack around the top bunk for safety and a sturdy ladder for easy and quick access.

Bed for 5 year old 6

Looking for a bed that doubles up as a playhouse? Well, this unique design does that and should be great for kids below five years. Constructed from wood, the bed is finished in a light walnut stain and comes with loads of space below for a workstation or additional storage needs.

Bed for 5 year old 9

Save space in your kid’s room with this fairly practical bed. The piece is designed to offer a combination of storage and workstations for your children. There are plenty of shelves on one side and several drawers on the other.

Bed for 5 year old boy

The colorful boys' bedroom for twins. To be fair the space has been shared fifty-fifty between brothers. Each of them has their own bed, bench with toy boxes and book case for their disposal. The fluffy rug will be a good play place.

Bed for 5 year old 2

Built-in bed located in the wall. It features an attractive white frame and provides protection, safety and good ergonomy of sleep. This element is an original idea for organization of sleeping space for children.

Little tikes storybook cottage twin bed for girls

Little Tikes Storybook Cottage Twin Bed for Girls

Twin beds low to the ground

Neat contemporary kids room layout with low bunk bed from Ikea, standing directly on the floor level. I guess I'd miss some storage for bedding, though; however, the ceiling was probably too low to house a standard loft bed.

Bed for 5 year old 8

Now that's what I call a cool room for a 5 year old boy

Bed for 5 year old

This reminds me when my son & lived in a converted garage studio for 4 years. His room was a little loft like this-enough room for a twin mattress and some toys. 400sq ft. I slept on a futon in the main space. We had exactly enough space. My studio was in

Bed for 3 year old girl

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles, This is my sons big boy room. He loves trucks, planes, and motorcycles so I decided to just go with everything. He is 5 years old, but I tried to make it work for him to grow up and still like, and not to be too young., I

Sleigh Toddler Bed I

Sleigh Toddler Bed I

Children loft beds 8

I love this, its cute and when the little girl gets older just switch out the colors, and do a little redecorating, it would be just perfect!

Bed for 5 year old 11

Shoot me now! Too cute. Makes me want to me give in to my 5 year old's plea for a puppy. oh no!

Loft bunk beds for kids with storage and desk 15

loft bunk beds for kids with storage and desk: 15 trendy loft bunk ...

The Shrunks Sleepover Kid's Travel Bed

Bed for 5 year old 2

Best Dad Ever Builds VW Bus Bed For 3-year-old Daughter - Video, Photo ...

Perfect for a 6 year old boy i think

Perfect for a 6 year old boy, I think. :)

Beds for 7 year olds

decorating 5 year old girls bedroom 500x375 Girls Bedroom Paint Ideas

Bed for 5 year old 20

FBI: Our children are not for sale -- Melissa was sold into the sex trade by a family member when she was only 12 years old. Her life became a prison: Chained to a bed in a warehouse, she endured regular beatings, rapes and once was even set on fire by h

Bed for 5 year old 25

6 Potty Training Methods

Karma Mate's Bed

Karma Mate's Bed

Beds complete with cozy flannel sheets within sight i am

... beds, complete with cozy flannel sheets within sight! I am getting OLD

Urban Lifestyle Orlando Panel Bed with Storage

Urban Lifestyle Orlando Panel Bed with Storage

Mother accused of placing 5 year old in tanning bed

Mother Accused Of Placing 5-Year-Old In Tanning Bed - Beauty High

Wondering if this is the solution for our nearly 3

Wondering if this is the solution for our nearly 3 and 5 year old kids sharing a room? They want bunk beds, and this seems like a safer alternative.

Bed for 5 year old 3

Kylie's Bedroom: Nice-And-Gentle-Bedroom-For-Six-Year-Old-Girl-5

Bed for 5 year old 3

When another baby arrives and the house doesn't stretch and doesn't grow-you can use bunk beds. These bed for 5 year old,was made from walnut wood. The lowest bed is divided into two, with additional bed that pull out. All three of kids have a place to sleep.

Beds for 5 year olds

I love this Outer Space theme for a Boys Bedroom - My 5 year old would love this. His bedroom is under construction and this pin is giving me some great ideas - Bedroom Decor for boys

Bed for 5 year old 5

Loft bed - this is superrr cute for a little boy or something!!

Best bed for 5 year old

How to Build Bedroom Storage Towers - We needed a storage solution for our 5 year old son's room that could handle books, toys, and collectibles with both open…

Bed for 5 year old

Decorating Ideas for a 6 Year Old Girl’s Room

Bed for 5 year old 10

comforter choice #1 for 5 year old

Bed for 5 year old 22

Small space solution! 5 year old girl's bedroom complete with a loft bed (from Haynes) and an art desk underneath. Most of the pieces from the art desk are from IKEA. See separate pin for that assembly.

Bed for 5 year old 28

DIY 18th Century Robe a la Francaise for my 3.5 year old daughter who wanted to be a princess for Halloween. The entire costume (with the exception of trimmings) is made from vintage thrifted bed sheets.

Year old daughter into a tanning booth in violation of

... year-old daughter into a tanning booth in violation of state law

Tinksky 5pcs Adorable Wooden Dollhouse Funiture Kids Room Set Toys Bunk Bed Rocking Chair Horse High Chair Cradle

Bed for 5 year old 24

Gua sha treatment. Think you need to spend a lot of money on facial or Botox injections to rejuvenate your skin? Think again! “A Gua sha facial treatment – a traditional Chinese massage – can make your skin look younger in six weeks!”

Bed for 5 year old 23

Pink Princess Throne (couch for kids 2-5 years old)

Bed for 5 year old

Best Dad Ever Builds VW Bus Bed For 3-year-old Daughter - Video, Photo ...

Ive already started gathering the supplies for this project for

I've already started gathering the supplies for this project for Ava's Rapunzel room - I am SO excited!!!

Donco Kids Captain Bed With Trundle And Bookcase

Donco Kids Captain Bed With Trundle And Bookcase

Our 3 year old daughter esme and 5 year old

our 3 year old daughter esmé and 5 year old son hugo are sharing a ...

Bed for 5 year old 1

When I was 5 years old I would lie in bed, look at the radio, and I ...