Worth Japanese Style Platform Bed


A Japanese style platform bed might be the option you're looking for when you want a bed that's lower to the ground. Some people have trouble climbing into traditional beds because they're too tall. Japanese platform beds are only a few inches from the ground. And they're quite stylish and well made. Take a look at this extensive collection and see what we mean.

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Tatami Platform Bed

Tatami Platform Bed

It is a platform bed that has got a rosewood finish, solid Philippine mahogany wood construction and a contemporary Japanese style. It fits to any style and décor and is a high quality product.

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Opal Platform Bed

Opal Platform Bed

Luxury large modern bed with a low-profiled dark brown-finished extended platform of fibreboard and a slatted bottom. It features a rectangular padded 2-panel headboard upholstered in aesthetic white pleather. Two nightstands are attached to sides.

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Modloft worth bed in wenge and white with matching nightstands

Modloft worth bed in wenge and white with matching nightstands

This piece of furniture is a high quality platform bed that has got a solid wooden frame. It features two nightstands and it is able to hold up to 450 lbs. The bed is able to hold standard sized mattresses.

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Cortina Sleigh Bed

Cortina Sleigh Bed

Absolutely gorgeous sleigh bed. Made of solid wood (birch) and finished in honey walnut. Great decorative headboard that is detachable. Wide, elegant and very comfortable bed, perfect for master bedroom.

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Atlantic Furniture Bordeaux Platform Bed With Flat Panel Drawers In Antique Walnut

Atlantic Furniture Bordeaux Platform Bed With Flat Panel Drawers In Antique Walnut

A chic set of bedroom furniture that is characterized by classy elegance. It consists of a king size bed with storage drawers, two cabinets and a bedside table. All the elements are made of solid wood in a deep color.

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Worth japanese style platform bed

Low profile worth japanese style platform beds are made of 100% solid wood - in this case a wenge wood. These beds bring themes of simplicity and harmony, which is very important for Asian people. This platform bed has a deep place for a mattress.

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Worth japanese style platform bed

The ingenuity of this Japanese style platform bed lays in its simplicity. The design is limited to an absolute minimum, offering at the same time maximum comfort. Minimalist bed frame features flat sidetables for your utilities.

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Arata japanese platform bed

Arata Japanese Platform Bed |

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Japanese platform bed

An attractive large customised platform bed in the traditional Japanese style. It's made of solid hardwood finished in mid brown plywood veneers. It has a low-profiled recessed base and a rather low rectangular headboard split in 2.

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Worth japanese style platform bed 2

If you need a stunning headboard to match your platform bed then this piece will do the trick with the Japanese style of its structure and the neutral white finish easy to match and blend with any possible decor.

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Worth Japanese Style Platform Bed

Buying Guide

Japanese architecture and furniture draw inspiration from the Zen philosophies of simplicity, openness and minimalism. And there’s no better crossover example than the worth Japanese styled platform bed.

These low profile beds that traditionally used straw mats in place of a plush mattress are widely used by interior designers for their modern, contemporary décor themes that use minimalism to create an illusion of grandeur.

Irrespective of whether you live in a small apartment or a sprawling home, the platform bed easily fits into it. If you are looking to add one to your home, then here are some of the factors that you must consider before making the purchase.

Authentic Japanese styled platform beds do not have a headboard or a footboard. It’s just a platform made of solid wood or one with a slatted design, that’s elevated around 6 inches above the floor. However, there are numerous spin offs of this popular design, each one with its own added feature set. There are beds with upholstered headboards, ones with a storage compartment (under bed) and even ones with a footboard these days.

The advantage of a Japanese style platform bed is that there are no box springs or screws or joinery. So, there’s very little chance of it starting to squeak or the structure getting weakened.

In a slatted design, the slats do tend to sag, especially if there’s no central support system that runs across the length of the bed. In such situations, you might consider placing a box spring on the slats before you place a mattress or if you wish to use a memory foam mattress which needs a solid surface.

Platform beds these days are available in standard sizes like Single, Twin, California King and Queen making it easier for you to get an accurate measurement of the room needed to place it.

However, Japanese styled beds have an extension, somewhat like a ledge, that extends for 6-9 inches beyond the dimensions of the mattress and the bed frame. So, when you measure the room, factor in the extra width needed for the bed.

If you are looking for a bed with storage, then you will need at least two feet of room on the sides to open and close the drawers freely.

  • Japanese platform beds are traditionally made of solid wood. These last for years and have a high maximum weight bearing capacity as compared to slatted models. The only possible downside is that the price tag can be steep.
  • If you’d like something cheaper without compromising too much on the aesthetics, then you can consider laminated MDF. These are not half as durable as solid wood mind you.
  • Reclaimed wood, with their vintage charm and knots and imperfections are extremely popular these days.
  • Metal beds can be a cheaper alternative. So is concrete. It can be painted to mimic solid wood and can last for years. You can always replenish the look with a coat of fresh paint. The caveat is that it will mostly be a permanent installation.

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Japanese platform bed 1

Japanese Platform Bed

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Platform bed japanese style

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Worth japanese style platform bed 1

Durable platform bed that introduces Japanese style into the house. solid wooden platform is finished in dark brown color and sleeping area is very soft, so it is able to provide comfortable and ergonomic sleep to anyone.

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