Full-Size Loft Beds With Stairs

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One of the best ways of getting the most out of a small bedroom space is with full-size loft beds with stairs. Some sit higher off the floor with space underneath for a desk, while others have stairs with shelves to store books, clothes, and toys. Below we've listed the best of the best loft beds for kids and adults that saves space and gives you a place to sleep.

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Updated 02/03/2023
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Best Bed & Storage Combination
Stylish high loft bed with stairs and drawers

Stylish high loft bed with stairs and drawers

Three Posts™ Baby & Kids

Perfect For: Child or teenager bedrooms

What We Like: Eight spacious storage drawers

This solid wood loft bed with stairs and 8 drawers of storage is the perfect combination of functionality, safety and style. It comes with a desk, two guard rails, and a weight capacity of 400 pounds. Its dimensions measure 68'' high and 99'' long, and its attractive design will add a touch of class to any bedroom. Get the perfect storage solution, and a comfortable bed, all in one package.

$2112 $2649.99

Designer Advice:

To place this stylish loft bed into a bedroom with existing decor, consider the colors and patterns of the bedding and walls already in the room. Try to pick the bed frame color that fully complements existing items in the room and add accessories like a rug or curtains to complete the look.

What Users Say:

Great quality! Very sturdy and the navy color looks amazing in the bedroom

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Best Whimsical Design
Charming and whimsical loft bed with steps

Charming and whimsical loft bed with steps


Perfect For: Whimsical bedrooms

What We Like: Charming dollhouse aesthetic

This loft bed is made from a combination of manufactured wood and solid wood. It looks just like a charming doll house and is perfect for children or teens. It comes in pink, blue, or white and includes stairs with storage drawers, a desk, guard rails, and a 300 pound weight capacity. Measuring 66'' high and 94'' long, this bed is sure to be the perfect addition to any bedroom.

Designer Advice:

When adding a loft bed to a bedroom with existing decor, think about how the bed will fit in with the overall design. Consider the bed's size, shape, and color to ensure it complements the existing decor. If the room is small, this bed’s additional storage space such as pull-out drawers or shelves is extremely useful.

What Users Say:

I searched the web and this was the best value. I am very pleased with it! Very well made and can’t beat the price!

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Full Size Loft Bed With Built in Desk

Full Size Loft Bed With Built in Desk

Sand & Stable™ Baby & Kids

What We Like: Built-in desk can be used from either side

What We Don't Like: The closed-off panel feel to it

Not So Good For: Storing large items

Perfect For: Using as a simple homework or art desk

The built-in desk in this loft bed can be used from both sides, allowing tall people to sit on the outside instead of underneath. Because it doesn't come with a chair, you can use any chair you desire. The panel that runs along the steps is great for young children because it prevents them from getting their legs or arms stuck in the railings.

It comes with six drawers built into the desk and the stairs with knobs to make opening and closing easier. There are five bed frame colors to pick from: white, gray, navy blue, stone, and espresso. 

$1850 $2129.99

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Full Size Double Loft Bed With Stairs and Storage

Full Size Double Loft Bed With Stairs and Storage

Harriet Bee

What We Like: The high-capacity of storage

What We Don't Like: It takes more time to assemble

Not So Good For: A minimalistic appeal and style

Perfect For: Two kids needing lots of storage

This loft bed with stairs has four storage drawer steps and two under-bed drawers with cut-out handles to open and close them easily. Dark cherry, gray, white, and gray/pink bed frame colors let you match the paint to your bedroom wall hues.

The built-in bookshelf on the stair side gives your kids a place to put their books, art supplies, stuffed animals, and more. The many drawers on this loft bed can be used as a second dresser and keep the bedroom clean. If you're searching for a more minimalistic full loft bed, choose one with a thin frame without drawers.

$1189.99 $1675

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Full Loft Bed With Stairs and Wardrobe

Full Loft Bed With Stairs and Wardrobe


What We Like: Comes with a tall wardrobe

What We Don't Like: Thin stair design

Not So Good For: Hiding toys and books for an uncluttered appeal

Perfect For: Preteens and teenagers to do homework and sleep on

The wardrobe on the side of the stairs lets kids hang long clothes like coats and dresses and set tall boots below it. The open shelves for stairs give children easy access to books and toys stored underneath them.

The wide-open space below the full loft beds is excellent for people with a desk and chair they love. Its thin frame and open style allow more creativity in organizing the space than loft beds with thick and closed wood bed frames. This loft bed in full size fits in modern bedrooms like a puzzle piece.

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Full Size Loft Bed With Stairs for Adults and High Clearance

Full Size Loft Bed With Stairs for Adults and High Clearance

Harriet Bee

What We Like: The roomy desk space below the bed

What We Don't Like: The stairs close in the office space

Not So Good For: Toddlers and small children

Perfect For: Dorm rooms or saving space in adult bedrooms

With a weight capacity of 600 pounds, this loft bed with stairs can easily sleep a full-sized adult. It's great for college students, people who live in small studio apartments, and adults who work from home. The guard rails outline the whole bed and prevent people who roll in their sleep from falling to the floor.

It features a headboard, guard rail, and stairs that double up as shelves to hold personal items, incense sticks, diffusers, plants, books, and more. The white and gray frame colors make it easy to add this loft bed with stairs for adults in various interior home styles.

$589.99 $719.99

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Centered Full Loft Bed With a Cabinet

Centered Full Loft Bed With a Cabinet

Harper & Bright Designss

What We Like: Stairs roll in and out

What We Don't Like: Stairs can't roll all the way under the bed

Not So Good For: Kids needing a desk space

Perfect For: Replacing dressers or added storage

Folded laundry fits neatly in the three drawers and behind cabinet doors in this loft bed with stairs. The stairs roll out, giving you a place to hang clothes, and there is more space below the loft bed to store bins.

The gray and white bed frame colors offer a neutral color palette that suits both a girls' and boys' modern room. This full loft bed saves space and can replace a dresser; however, the stairs take up space, so you need room in the front. Turn the cabinet into a bookshelf by leaving the doors off.

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Full Size Loft Bed With Stairs and Slide

Full Size Loft Bed With Stairs and Slide

Harriet Bee

What We Like: High clearance under the top bunk 

What We Don't Like: The lack of shelves on the side of the stairs

Not So Good For: Adults with mobility issues

Perfect For: Young and active children

Kids love to scramble up the staircase and slide down from the top bunk to the floor. The slide has a weight capacity of 400 pounds allowing adults and teenagers to slide down it as well.

It has some storage space below the bottom bunk and three drawers in the stairs. The top bunk is a twin making it perfect for a small child, and the bottom bunk is full-size for older children or adults. The person sleeping on the bottom bunk may have problems getting in and out of bed due to the slide.

$969.99 $999.99

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Double Adult Loft Bed With Stairs and USB Ports

Double Adult Loft Bed With Stairs and USB Ports

Three Posts™ Baby & Kids

What We Like: Long-lasting durability

What We Don't Like: It takes a while to assemble

Not So Good For: One kid or adult

Perfect For: Traditional and modern style homes

This loft bed in full size is made of solid rubberwood and is known to last for several years without issue. It features four sturdy steps, an open bookshelf, and two handleless drawers that sit beneath the bottom bunk. Choose between a full over full or twin over full bed and white, gray, and walnut frame colors.

One drawback to this loft bed is the stairs are narrow, which could make it difficult for larger adults to get to the top bunk. On the flip side, because it is more narrow, it fits easier into smaller bedroom sizes.

$1159.99 $1614

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Full-Size Loft Beds With Stairs

Buying Guide

A full-size loft bed with stairs can go a long way toward making space in a bedroom for children or teens. The stairs can incorporate storage drawers or a “Harry Potter” closet. The under-loft space can be used for a second bed or for a desk and chair set.

Before buying or building a loft bed, measure the room, especially the space from floor to ceiling. There should be enough room between the mattress and the ceiling to allow the sleeper to sit up comfortably – preferably with several inches to allow for growth. If a bed is placed under the loft, the same thoughts concerning height will apply. Consider the age and size of the child when considering the height of the stair risers and whether to place drawers so that they pull out onto stair surfaces or whether the storage will be accessed from the side or end of the bed.

The loft bed structure should be sturdy, and the loft should include a railing high enough to prevent accidents, such as the sleeper rolling over and falling out of bed. Hardwoods are best, but if using ordinary pine, sand it well and sink any nails or screws to prevent snagging clothing or skin.

Use neutral colors for the bed structure itself, and allow the user to select more transient items, such as sheets, spreads and any curtains that might be involved. In that way, if a craze for pink gives way to black lace and velvet, only the bedding must change – a much easier and less costly approach than painting.

Consider the taste and habits of the child or youth who will use the bed. If your child is the one that is always in the crow’s nest of the local playground’s pirate ship, then you can bet that a loft bed will be just the thing. But if your youngster prefers the tunnels under the slide to climbing up on top, you might want to consider using the loft for storage of unused items, and creating a cozy hobbit hole for your ground-dwelling youngster. It would be unkind to expect a child who is afraid of heights to sleep in a top bunk.

A full-size loft bed with stairs can be an opportunity to set up a theme that will appeal to your youngster. Exiting the bunk via a fireman’s pole, for example, or climbing down a knotted rope. Set up drapes to simulate royalty for young history buffs, or use a barn wood finish for admirers of the Old West.

Regardless of themes or colors, a full-size loft bed with stairs can save on space and provide a way to give your child a place to store clothing, books, games, and toys. It is a solution to shrinking floor space as your pirate, spaceship captain or future President of the United States outgrows a formerly adequate room.

Best Ideas

Full size loft bed with stairs 4

This full size loft bed with stairs is as functional as it is eye-catching. Includes a top bunk with fixed railings, a staircase with built-in storage drawers, a bottom bed with storage compartments, and few open shelves.

Buy sofa set

SCANICA Stairway Full Loft Bed with Storage White

SCANICA Stairway Full Loft Bed with Storage White

Made from solid pinewood, this is a high-quality loft bed with a unique yet practical stairway design. Let your child safely climb into bed with the sturdy staircase and supportive railing. Each step becomes its own drawer, providing additional storage space, and the frame height is ideal for playtime.

Loft beds with stairs

This loft bed includes a comfortable lower bed and a relaxing upper bed with stairs. These stairs include storage drawers. Solid wooden construction includes stairs, posts and protections finished in black color.

Full size loft bed with stairs 2

Entirely crafted from natural wood, this full size high loft bed makes a great addition for kids' rooms. It features a staircase with built-in drawers, a top bunk bed with fixed railings, and a lot of free space in the lower part, which you can accommodate as you please.

Full loft bed with stairs

A functional loft bed in a modern design. It's an ideal solution for a small room as it includes a fabulous walk-in closet that was arranged under the bed. The whole unit is also an elegant combination of grey and light violet colors.

Berg Furniture Utica Full Dorm Loft Bed With Stairs

Berg Furniture Utica Full Dorm Loft Bed With Stairs

Incredible set of modern furniture intended to child or teenager bedroom. It is composed of connected elements - loft bed with staircase (every step is a drawer), desk and chair. Set is made of dark wood.

Loft bed with stairs and desk 1

Being a combination of white and vibrant pink, this loft bed is a set designed to enhance any girl's bedroom. It features a bunk bed, entered by side stairs, a desk and small cabinet hidden below the bed.

Full size loft bed with slide

Loft bed with stairs and drawers for storing needed items. Construction is made of wood and reinforced with solid supports. Includes railings for added safety. Traditional form and neutral design.

Full size loft bed with stairs 5

Furnish the bedroom with the full size loft bed, which has got the stairs, wooden construction and enough storage spaces for clothes or books. It's an excellent option to the teens room.

Loft bunk bed with stairs

Compact and space-efficient setup for a dining room with a loft bed above the dining area. The loft bed is placed on tall, wooden legs with a set of stairs that double as a handy bookshelf, providing additional storage.

Beds with stairs

Great way to make extra sleeping space. elegant nogal.

Loft beds with stairs 1

A creative setup for a modern living room with a gorgeous loft bed with a set of stairs that have a blackboard on the side, which gives this room a personalized look. The combination of different styles makes this room have an avant-garde look.

Full Over Full Bunk Bed with Full Trundle

Full Over Full Bunk Bed with Full Trundle

This comprehensive bunk bed made in the mission style is extremely practical and eye-catching piece of furniture. Can accommodate up to three people, and the practical steps of drawers, it can fit in them all the little things.

Full loft bed with stairs 13

Traditional styled loft bed with durable wooden construction. This element of furniture includes a full size bed with stairs that are equipped with drawers. The lower part of this bed includes eight wide drawers for clothes.

NE Kids School House Stair Loft Bed with Chest End in White

Loft bed with stairs and railings for added safety. It is made of wood and reinforced with solid supports. Includes a lot of open shelves and drawers in various sizes for storing clothes and others needed items.

King size loft bed

A very interesting stylization that saves space in small rooms. This loft bed features a staircase with five storage drawers. The upped bed includes a soft space with side protection. Lower area includes a small desk suitable for young students.

NE Kids School House Stair Loft Bed with Chest End in Chocolate

Canwood Mountaineer Loft Bed with Storage Tower and Built in Stairs Drawers, Twin, White

This kind of product is very original. It is a loft bed that matches any twin-sized mattress. This construction includes many storage shelves, drawers and stairs with drawers that assure access to the upper area.

Full size loft bed with stairs 3

Trying to find the adorable loft bed for your little princess bedroom? We suggest you to choose this one! It features the full size, stairs, pink and white colors and enough space for storing items and playing.

White loft bed with desk and stairs

Build a Camp Loft Bed with Stair, Junior Height | Free and ...

Full size loft bed with storage

Pine Full Over Full Bunk Bed in Amber Wash with Optional Stairs at | Rustic Classics Coupon code: csave100 (price: 550)

Full size kid bed

Heartland Full Size Stair Kids Bunk Bed

Full loft bed with stairs 2

How much fun and space you can afford thanks to a loft bed. You can insert to a girlish bedroom - a white wooden copy of full loft bed with the stairs based on the yellow drawers and the center of scientific leadership of the ambitious little woman below.