Jewelry Storage Cabinets

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Jewelry is often small, and with that, easy to lose. For your jewelry, you need a fetching storage medium that will keep it organized and safe. We have that for you and more. Take a look at these lovely jewelry storage cabinets. Now you can store your pretty stuff, keep it organized, and never worry again about any of it getting lost. See collection for more.

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Custom Jewelry Armoire

Custom Jewelry Armoire

A great cabinet for jewelry storage, which will let you keep all your precious items well organized and easily accessible. It includes several horizontal and vertical drawers with special hooks for necklaces or earrings.

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Womans dream walk in closet modern closet new orleans

Womans dream walk in closet modern closet new orleans

Big cabinet made of wood intended to storage jewelry and accessories. There are slim-lime drawers to rings and earrings, shelves with bags and closet with five racks intended to storage chains, necklaces and pearls.

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Glam Floor Mirror Traditional Mirrors

Glam Floor Mirror Traditional Mirrors

Bringing in a smooth touch of the contemporary chic, this jewelry closet constitutes a fabulous proposition for a women's bedroom. It will offer enough space to store even the largest and most refined collections. Measures 48"W x 4 1/4"D x 82"T.

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Wooden Wall Storage Cabinet

Wooden Wall Storage Cabinet

This fabulous piece adds some rustic style to the interior with the wooden construction and a slightly distressed finish, while you can of course still use the cabinet to organize your belongings to perfection.

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Ruslana Wall-Mounted Curio / Jewelry Armoire with Mirror

Ruslana Wall-Mounted Curio / Jewelry Armoire with Mirror

A useful armoire in frosty white finish that allows to accomodate and beautifully expose all favourite jewelry pieces. It offers ample storage space and lots of useful metal hooks to organize varied pieces. It is ready to be hanged on any wall.

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Jewelry storage cabinets 1

Delighting with its cool, vintage vibe, this rubber stamp cabinet can be a great jewellery storage spot. Shallow drawers will work out perfectly, creating optimal space for all your accessories.

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Jewelry storage cabinets 2

The graceful contours of the jewelry storage cabinet, and the variety of colours due to the drawers made of different types of wood brings a cheerful, intresting combination. What's more - the top of the cabinet is made of steel, with industrial trim.

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Jewelry storage furniture

Space-efficient and compact take on a jewelry storage cabinet. The storage cabinet is made out of manufactured wood with solid wood veneers in a white color and has five drawers with special compartments.

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Jewelry storage cabinets 25

Beautiful vintage-inspired jewelry cabinet with a compact design and a raised tall stature. The cabinet is finished in a neat blue shade and sits on four sturdy legs for stability. You also get dozens of storage drawers in there, each accentuated with a silver-coated pull for outstanding beauty.

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Details about jewelry organizer case chest storage cabinet 10 drawer

Details about Jewelry Organizer Case Chest Storage Cabinet 10 Drawer

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Jewelry Storage Cabinets

Buying Guide

Can necklaces be stored in a jewelry cabinet?

Necklaces can be organized safely in a jewelry storage cabinet. To protect your necklaces from tangling, consider how many necklaces you have, the length of each, and how much room you have to place a jewelry cabinet before purchasing a jewelry cabinet or armoire. Measure the length of your longest necklace and check whether the jewelry cabinet can accommodate the chain.

It’s important to store your necklaces in a way that keeps them from tangling. The best method to accomplish this is to have a place to hang each one individually. Many jewelry cabinets feature hooks that are perfect for storing necklaces. If you have several, choose a cabinet with numerous hooks and less of everything else, such as drawers and trays.

If limited on space or find the style of jewelry cabinet you want, but it lacks hooks, you can still store your necklaces. Wrap each necklace in soft tissue paper or felt, fold one or two times, then lay the paper on a long tray or in a drawer of the cabinet. This keeps your necklaces separated and avoids tangling or kinks in the chain if folded correctly.

How much space is needed in a jewelry storage cabinet?

Ultimately, the ideal size for your jewelry storage cabinet depends on how many pieces you’re hoping to store.

Typically jewelry storage cabinets max out around 5 feet tall, but of course, you can select taller or shorter units depending on your individual needs. It’s a good idea to choose an 18”-24” wide cabinet to ensure the drawers and cabinets inside are large enough to accommodate your collections.

Also, consider the layout of the cabinet’s interior rather than solely focusing on dimensions. You can effectively store many jewelry items in a smaller space when there’s sufficient shelving, draws, or hooks for proper organization.  

How to organize jewelry storage cabinets?

There are a variety of useful tips you can employ to organize jewelry storage cabinets successfully. For example, group necklaces, rings, and bracelets by color, style, or their formality. In addition, having jewelry pieces arranged together allows you to access your collection easily.

Ensure you store each jewelry piece in the appropriate section of your storage cabinet. For example, hang necklaces on hooks to avoid tangling and place rings in slots to prevent scratches or losing gemstones. You can also keep your jewelry in its original box and stow the boxes away in small drawers inside your storage cabinet.

Sometimes you may need to give your jewelry storage cabinet a spring clean. Decluttering your cabinet means donating the pieces you no longer wear or disposing of the items that may be broken. This process frees up more room for your favorite pieces as well as a few new items.

Best Ideas

Bead organizer cabinet

The ancient cabinet of an old printer is a wonderful reminder of the rich print history. The number of its narrow drawers is captivating - but additionally, the whole wooden cherry complex also includes open small square shelfs on top to help keep jewelry.

Jewelry storage cabinets

How to properly manage our wardrobe? There are one million ways - one of them is the use of such a wooden complex of thin, adapted storage cabinets. They contain the interior for the jewelery,the straps,everything will have its place.Made of light,alder wood.

Jewelry storage cabinets 8

High-quality storage cabinets for jewelry designed from wood and finished in a stunning white finish. The cabinet also comes with a low profile design and offers you dozens of storage drawers for all your earrings, bracelets, and other forms of jewelry.

Jewellry storage cabinet

Very large organizing cabinet with abundance of drawers of varied sizes. Probably it was dedicated for filing and office applications, but I guess this naturally finished wooden piece would serve well as a jewelry cabinet too.

Storage cabinet for watch and jewelry aug 29 2011 storage

storage cabinet for watch and jewelry aug 29 2011 storage cabinet with ...

5 Drawer Jewelry Organizer Storage Display Case Box

Jewelry storage cabinets 2

Attic Dressing Room - traditional - Closet - New York - Wendy Scott ACSP Sophisticated Storage Solutions

The most amazing scrapbooking room you ever did see youve

The Most Amazing Scrapbooking Room You Ever Did See. You've gotta see the rest of this fun room!

Jewelry storage cabinets 23

This beautiful letterpress cabinet constitutes a perfect storage spot for one' jewellery collection. Dark, densely grained emphasizes the refined character of the item. Recommended to all classic bedroom decors.

Large Floor Standing 8 Drawer Wooden Jewelry Armoire with Mirror & Lock. Stunning Honey Oak Finish Jewelry Organizer Box W/ Extra Storage. Perfect Cabinet For Your Bedroom, Walk-In Closet, Or Any Room In Your Home

Large detached organizer for jewelry in the shape of the cabinet. It has folding side wings, where you can hang beads and pendants. The easily accessible drawers with whole sets of jewelery and other valuables. The upper decks have a hidden mirror. Organizaer is lockable.

Jewelry storage cabinets 30

Clear drawers make great see-through storage for jewelry supplies

Over the Wall Jewelry Organizer

Over the Wall Jewelry Organizer

Jewelry storage cabinets 14

vintage watchmaker cabinet; I want these!! I have a weakness for boxes/cabinets like this.

Jewelry storage cabinets 20

Luxurious Walk In Closet - traditional - closet - indianapolis - California Closets