Twin Futon Frames


Do you have a twin futon but the frame is no longer any good? No need to throw it out and get a whole new setup. We offer a bunch of options in just the frame for a twin futon mattress. Replace the frame, put on your favorite futon mattress, and save a buck or two. Repurposing at its best. See all the available futon frames in this extensive collection.

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Our Picks

Twin futon chair frame

A large twin lounger with a twin futon. Its frame was made of high-quality wood covered with dark lacquer. It could be folded easily depending on your private needs. It could play a role of a one-night bed for your guests.

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Mali flex lounger

Mali flex lounger

A multi-functional futon that supports many different positions. It includes a durable metal frame with an aesthetic silver finish. This futon provides comfort thanks to soft coal and pewter cushions.

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Twin futon chair

The genuineness of this twin lounger concept lays in its simplicity. Sit down with your beloved person and relax, enjoying the sunshine and birds singing. Thanks to it bright, wooden finishing, it will bring vividness wherever it will be placed.

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Solid wood futon

A contemporary, hardwood tri-fold futon frame with a colorful, vibrant pillows on top which makes it comfortable and gives it a gorgeous look. The deep blue color of the pillow nicely matches the light color of the frame.

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Twin futon frames 9

McKinley Twin Size Futon Lounger Frame: Pine Wood!

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Asana Futon Frame and Mattress

Asana Futon Frame and Mattress

This futon frame and mattress set will provide comfortable seat and sleep space. It has a simple shape, contemporary styled wooden frame and thick mattress with polyester, tufted cover and can be convert into bed.

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Twin futon frames 5

Flexible and heavy-duty 9-inch futon mattress designed to offer outstanding lounging and comfort. The mattress comes with a checked easy to clean fabric cover as well. It’s designed to last for long too, making sure you get amazing value for money.

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Tokyo a frame use with twin futon and maybe re

tokyo a-frame Use with twin futon and maybe re-use as a chair later?

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Elite products hermosa junior twin wood futon chair frame and

Elite Products Hermosa Junior Twin Wood Futon Chair Frame and Ottoman - 35-7102-38-4000-004

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Hardwood futon frames 1

A classic hardwood futon for couch potatoes. Not devoid of elegance - slatted design and turned feet are typical features of mission style. With resilient mattress and button tufting applied on a neutral beige upholstery.

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Twin Futon Frames

Buying Guide

Futons are one the most common furniture pieces in many homes. They are very comfortable for both sleeping and sitting and you can choose from a list of top designs on the market. Futons are more user-friendly and less bulky compared to traditional sofas. They also offer a unique design touch that you won’t get with sofas. However before you rush to the store to buy twin futon frames, there are a few things you need to know.

Futons come in three major frame types that determine the futon’s overall look:

Bi-Fold Futon Frame

The bi-fold futon frame is the most common one. The frames are perfect for couch use but can also be easily used for a nap. You can choose from a variety of sizes too. At the moment, bi-fold futons are available in queen size, smaller chair sizes, and full size.

The Loveseat Futon Frame

The loveseat futon frame design is perfect for smaller spaces. The frames are ideal for the guest room, a home office, or any other limited size room. You can choose between full and twin sizes for this option.

Trifold Futon Frame

A trifold futon is also another ideal choice for smaller spaces. The only challenge with this design is that you will need some time to convert it from couch to frame.

Here are some of the key options you can go for when it comes to futon frame materials:

Wooden Frames

This is by far the most popular framing material used in futons. The choice of wood is not hard to understand. Wood is versatile in terms of function, delivers perfect aesthetics, and solid wood can be very strong and durable. Wooden twin futon frames designs are also available in several styles and surface textures can be easily customized to meet your needs.

Metal Frames

Although metal frames in futons are not nearly as common as wooden designs, they too deliver some important benefits. For example, metal frames are very light. This means that mobility for the entire furniture piece is easier. The metal frames can also be easily molded into various shapes. This ensures that custom designs are delivered based on customer preferences.

Twin futon frames also come in different styles. Here are some of the main options in the market:


Traditional futons often resemble the classic sofa. They are simple and easy to use. They are also very unique and would be perfect for anyone looking to make a décor statement.


Lounge futon designs are very common and as the name suggests, they are mostly designed for lounges. The mattress on them tends to be quite thick too.


Armless futon designs are not that common but they are also very good. They can easily transition from couch to bed in no time.

Best Ideas

Christopher knight home capri espresso frame only futon

Christopher knight home capri espresso frame only futon

Futon sofa frame made of wood. Sides consists of vertically arranged strips. It is compatible with standard mattress. Received many great reviews from customers for functionality and high quality.

Twin chair futon

Everest Futon Twin Lounger - Frame Only

Futon twin bed

Practical retractable twin futon frame for your lounger. It features a durable and sturdy design, enough to support some of the highest weight capacities. The frame is made from wood and has an all-natural aura that will bring stylish charm into your spaces.

Twin futon frames 7

Metal twin futon frames are essential in space-challenged guest rooms. They easily fold in and out, saving space and providing a better comfort of sleep than a mere floor mattress. This futon frame has a nice lilac mattress on it - for violet color palette accent

Futon twin

An aesthetic sturdy frame for twin lounger beds (futons). It's crafted of wood with a natural light finish. It has straight legs, lengthwise slatted both a seat, a footrest and a backrest. Its arms are slatted upright and have wide flat top edges.

Phoenix Queen Size Futon Sofa Bed With Hardwood Frame And Suede Innerspring Mattress

Phoenix Queen Size Futon Sofa Bed With Hardwood Frame And Suede Innerspring Mattress

Futon sofa in traditional form. Wooden frame is fitted with end table. It is filled with foam and covered with cotton. Provides saving space in all kinds of interior. It is very well appreciated by the customers.

My design inspiration edge black with natural frame on fab

My design inspiration: Edge Black With Natural Frame on Fab.

Have to have it eureka futon frame 226 53 hayneedle

Have to have it. Eureka Futon Frame - $226.53 @hayneedle Futon frame with armless design Shoe Fittings™ system for easy assembly and adjustment Constructed of plantation-grown wood Futon mattress not included Optional under-bed drawers available T

Twin futon

The functionality of this couch immediately throws in the eye - you can spread its sides and get a lounge, ideal for afternoon naps. The sofa twin futon frame is made of metal and the seat is made up of thick black quilted cushions that sit lightly on the rack.

Twin futon frame

A beautiful lounger that can easily seat two people. The profile is made of wood in a light tone. It's upholstered in futon, which is a type of a Japanese mattress. Rich colors of the armchair will look good in Oriental interiors.

Hardwood futon frames

A nice and truly stable futon frame that was made from highest quality woods of teak and birch hardwood to ensure that you don't have to worry about either safety or the comfort of your back for a long time.

Futon chair frame

Simple yet stylish design for a low lounger futon frame which can both act as a comfy chair and a bed to sleep on. The futon frame is made out of light manufactured wood with a polished finish and is fitted with a colorful cushion.

Temple Slug Futons Dillon Wall Hugger Natural Full

Rough charm of this foldable futon is definitely aesthetically pleasing and it perfectly matches rustic decor. The frame is made of solid wood with natural finish that enhances the style. Its construction allows for a convenient convertion without moving away from wall.

Twin size futon chair

This unique piece of furniture offers a modern futon design. It was made of top quality, hardwood timber. It features just a backrest without the arm rests. There is an extra ottoman which, when attached to the bed, can be an extra sleeping space.