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Futons are wonderful things. They can be used in a variety of ways on a wide assortment of seating and sleeping furnishings. But, sadly, after a time they begin to look a little tired. They can also be difficult to clean. Enter: the futon covers! Slipcovers for futons help protect them from spills, pet “mistakes”, and just plain everyday wear and tear. They also provide options for changing the look of the room, because they come in a range of colors and fabrics. Slipcovers provide the opportunity to mix and match effects with the rest of the room.

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Updated 01/04/2022
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Solid Colored Futon Cover

Solid Colored Futon Cover

Latitude Run®

What we like: Soft, durable fabric quality

What we don’t like: Loose for its mattress size

Not so great for: Tropical and hot climates, chenille material tends to get warm

Perfect for: Cool, casual interiors

This futon cover is made of polyester and cotton and comes in 11 different colors. It is machine-washable and fits easily over standard mattresses. The cover is durable enough to weather through years of use and can withstand wear and tear from both people and pets. Also available in twin, king, and full-sized sleeper beds.

With its soft fit, the fabric of this futon cover doesn’t fit snuggly and tightly as some would want it to be. However, it doesn’t really slouch too much, and the effect makes the futon sofa appear softer. Best used for mattresses between six to eight inches to avoid a wrinkled, sagging look.


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Twill Futon Cover

Twill Futon Cover

Winston Porter

What we like: Affordable price point, thick fabric

What we don’t like: Fragile seams

Not so great for: Normal wash

Perfect for: Delicate wash setting

Protect your furniture from stains and spills with this washable twill futon cover. With three solid colors available, this piece is the perfect fit for the modern home. It is soft yet tough, so you can relax knowing that even the seat at the end of your bed will be protected if your pet sleeps on it. Made of polyester twill, this removable cover is also pet friendly.

While the fabric material is thick and heavy, the seam construction is quite delicate. It is recommended to wash this in a delicate cycle rather than a normal one. Doing the latter will fasten its wear and tear process and the threads can easily unravel after a few washes. 

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Stretchable Futon Cover

Stretchable Futon Cover


What we like: Textured stretchable fabric with many color options to choose from

What we don’t like: Pet hair sticks to the material

Not so great for: Pets

Perfect for: RVs, apartment, and travel trailers

Bring your futon back to life with this futon cover at a fraction of the cost of purchasing new furniture. The jacquard fabric of this futon cover is durable and soft, providing you with a wrinkle-free and comfortable sofa cover. Equipped with a hidden zipper, it’s easy to put on and remove. It is easy to install because of its super stretchable jacquard fabric, so it will take you just minutes to make your sofa look new again.

Available in 37 solid colors, you’ll never run out of options that will match the look of your current interior. And at its affordable price range, you can easily get a few more to update the look of your sleeper futon. A minor point that needs to be mentioned is that the raised pattern of this piece attracts and holds pet hair. However, it can be easily cleaned by regularly running a lint roller over the cover.

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Knitted Jacquard Futon Cover

Knitted Jacquard Futon Cover


What we like: Affordable price, thick, durable material

What we don’t like: No crease point

Not so great for: Mattresses above eight inches

Perfect for: Concealing patterns and mattress tears

This innovative futon cover is crafted from a durable and soft high stretch knitted jacquard fabric. Convenient to put around the mattress, this set protects your beloved couch from stains, pet hair, and tearing. The textured cover uses high-quality spandex with a subtle check pattern.

A well-loved piece at a low price point, this futon cover’s thickness will help conceal any marks, patterns, and tears on your old mattress. Since it’s a stretchable fabric, it does have a tendency to create a stretched, non-crisp look when used to cover a sleeper sofa. We recommend either placing a rod in between the top and bottom cushions or tucking it in between the two cushions to achieve a cleaner, snug look.

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Polyester Futon Cover

Polyester Futon Cover

Magshion Futon Furniture

What we like: Easy to use, wide fabric color selection

What we don’t like: Above average price point, plastic zipper

Not so great for: Main living spaces and guest rooms

Perfect for: Playrooms, workshop

This futon cover is convenient to use. It features a three-sided zipper that makes it simple to put on and remove. The polyester material is soft, durable, and easy to care for. This cover fits full-sized mattresses that are in the 6-inch to 8-inch range. Available in 23 solid colors.

Its three-sided zipper setup makes it convenient to put and remove the futon cover at a moment’s notice. However, the hardware is made of plastic, instead of metal, making it less sturdy and having the tendency to break apart.  

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Box Cushion Futon Slipcover

Box Cushion Futon Slipcover

Don't throw out your damaged futon—revive it with a new vivid solid color! This washable/dryable slipcover will add a touch of excitement to your living room or bedroom. The saturated colours are fade-resistant and proven to energise dull or sombre decor. Pair it with matching pillows or showcase your creativity adding pillows of different shades or patterns. This product will rejuvenate your stained futon in a matter of seconds—just zip it up and kick back to enjoy your favourite show.

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Stretch Jacquard Box Cushion Futon Slipcover

Stretch Jacquard Box Cushion Futon Slipcover

Stretch Box Cushion Futon Slipcover

Protect your furniture in style with this extra-soft slipcover available in 10 muted hues. You can easily refresh your room's look and match one of the colours to your existing decor. It fits most armless futons due to its highly-flexible fabric consisting of 15% spandex. The elastic edges prevent wrinkling and slipping. Enjoy its cozy feel, and if a spilling accident happens, just throw it into a washing machine for headache-free maintenance.

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Box Cushion Futon Slipcover

Box Cushion Futon Slipcover

Safeguard your furniture with this tight-fitting full-size futon cover. It comes with a 3-side zipper for an easy on and off application. It's machine-washable so you can keep it clean and pristine while your cushions are protected from permanent damage around your kids, four-legged pets, and guests. The semi-thick canvas-like texture ensures comfort and longevity, while the flexible fabric assures a perfect wrinkle-free fit.

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Box Cushion Futon Slipcover

Box Cushion Futon Slipcover

Perfect for a contemporary home, this checkered cover will create a visual interest in your living room or guest room. The universal black&white combination allows seamless matching with virtually any colour. It will look best combined with minimalistic wood or metal futons. Surround it with white decoration elements for a sublime look or bright accent colours for a brave and dynamic look.

$38.99 $49

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Madalyn Zipper Box Cushion Futon Slipcover

Madalyn Zipper Box Cushion Futon Slipcover

Rediscover your playful side with this creative kaleidoscopic pattern. This product will surely make a bold statement in your room. It will match perfectly with black, white or metal frames, and it will look best against solid wall and rug colours like grey, orange, yellow, or teal blue. The mind-expanding design will capture your attention pulling you away from daily stresses and rushing thoughts, therefore inducing a state of deep relaxation. It can also awaken your creative thinking.

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Zipper Box Cushion Futon Slipcover

Zipper Box Cushion Futon Slipcover

This high-quality polyester slipcover is soft, durable, and fits perfectly on an 8" queen futon mattress. The delicate pattern is appealing but not overwhelming, and its white colour combined with irregular grey stripes will brighten your room. Perfect for light furniture lovers—enjoy the bright look without the fear of irreversible stains. Pre-soak it in gentle soap and wash it in cold water on a delicate setting to keep it ultra-clean and strong.

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Ilsswe Elastic Armless Box Cushion Futon Slipcover

Ilsswe Elastic Armless Box Cushion Futon Slipcover

If you're looking for a simple futon protector, this slipcover offers high quality at an affordable price. It provides 100% coverage to your beloved futon so you can enjoy your family time without stressing about food crumbs, spills or creative toddlers with crayons. Its polyester/spandex blend makes it very resistant to stains, giving you extra peace of mind entertaining your wine-loving guests.

$35.99 $69.99

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Geo Tribe Box Cushion Futon Slipcover

Geo Tribe Box Cushion Futon Slipcover

Escape the rush of civilisation and tap into your primal side with this geometric beige/cream futon cover. The simple, yet intricate design will become a visual centrepiece in your room, creating a modern tribal vibe. Pair it with natural wood or raw metal for an authentic look. Its organic colours will synchronise best with hues of brown, grey, burnt orange, military green or dirty blue. Pairing it with solid slabs of colour will create the best results.

$46.99 $59.99

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Vintage Box Cushion Futon Slipcover

Vintage Box Cushion Futon Slipcover

This playful distressed denim cover will be ideal in your teenager's room or spare bedroom. The soft 100% polyester brushed microfiber provides extraordinary comfort plus it's resistant to fading so you can wash it repeatedly without losing colour saturation. The busy pattern will also disguise stains between the washes giving you the peace of mind around your messy kids. It's proudly made in the USA from imported materials.

$45.99 $56.99

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Best Futon Covers

Buying Guide

Futon covers are useful for keeping futons clean and as good as new. They provide a fun way to decorate your futon and interior since they come in all kinds of colors, patterns, and styles. Futon covers also come in a wide variety of fabrics. With all the options available, choosing one can seem like a challenging task.

Whether you're looking for a futon cover to keep your futon intact or looking to update a room's decor with new colors, various covers could suit your style. In this guide, you'll find tips and ideas that could help you pick out the best futon cover based on your needs.

Certain factors could facilitate your decision-making. These factors will determine what kind of futon cover you need.

  • Consider your reasons for purchasing a futon cover. Most people buy futon covers to either change an old futon's appearance or to protect it from damage such as dirt and stains. Each purpose calls for different features, such as fabric, and functionalities.

  • Another detail to consider is the type of environment you live in and if you plan on having your futon outside. If you live in a moist environment, you'll need specific fabrics such as acrylic outdoor covers instead of cotton fabrics.

  • Households with children and pets may need additional features such as a cover that is water and stain resistant and machine washable. In that case, microfiber is the best option.

  • If the futon cover comes with a zipper, make sure that it's strong enough, such as a metal one, so that it won't easily break.

Here are the most common futon cover fabrics:

  • Materials like denim, suede, vinyl, and corduroy are long-lasting and sturdy. These are good choices for families with children and pets.

  • If you're looking to redecorate a room, satin-finish cotton covers are perfect for adding elegance to an interior.

  • Suede futon covers provide comfort because of their softness and are easy to wash in the washing machine. They have zippers and are easy to install.

  •  Microfiber futon covers provide a soft feel like suede fabrics and are easy to clean. They're also durable.

  • Cotton twill fabric is a heavier fabric and is suitable for areas of higher traffic. If you know that your futon will be used a lot, choose sturdy covers made from heavy cotton. However, cotton fabrics wrinkle easily.

  • Knit fabrics are flexible, can stretch and expand, and are more comfortable than other fabrics. However, their stretchiness makes them less durable and not suitable for heavy-duty use.

  •  Woven futon covers are known for their softness, comfort, and durability. They also hide stains easily.

  • If you want a tighter look, a thin stretchy polyester or polyester blend futon cover is a good option. They are less baggy than other fabrics and complement the futon's size well. Polyester provides a lot of options when it comes to styles and textures, such as velvet, corduroy, and microsuede covers.

  • Waterproof fabrics, such as acrylic-coated polyester, and organic cotton covers are comfortable and can keep your futon in good condition for years. They're the best option if you want to stay free of harmful chemicals from synthetic fibers.

  • If you want to dress up your futon or want a sophisticated look, pick faux leather covers. They come in colors such as brown, black, and amber.

  • Fabrics that include piping add to the look of the futon and have a decorative style.

The futon cover's appearance plays an important role in terms of a room's overall aesthetic. Choosing the wrong color can greatly affect the look and feel of your space.

  • A modern futon cover with geometric shapes will not look good on a traditional style futon.
  • Color coordinate if you don't know which color to choose:

    ➔ If you want futon covers with patterns, make sure that one of the colors already exists in the room. For instance, a futon cover with a grey pattern would look great with grey curtains.

    ➔ You can also create a color scheme of two to three dominant colors in the room. A cover with black and white patterns complements a room with a black carpet and white desk.

    ➔ Too many patterns and contradictory colors will create an unappealing and cluttered look.

  • Cool colors such as green and blue are favorable for rooms that are open to natural sunlight. These colors smoothly blend into a room.

  • Pick a warm color such as orange if the room receives little natural light. Warm colors bring more attention to a piece of furniture and make it stand out.

  • Dark colors like maroon create a cozy effect and make a room seem smaller.

  • Choose futon covers in light colors if you want a room to look larger and more spacious.

You'll need to measure your futon to ensure that you're picking the right cover size.

  • Measure the length, depth, and width of the futon.

  • Twin-size futons are generally 39 x 75 inches. Full-size: 54 x 75 inches, queen-size: 60 x 80 inches, and king-size: 76 x 80 inches.

  • The futon should be measured from the ground to the top's edge.

  • When purchasing a futon, you will usually see a measurement called loft. The loft is the futon's depth + an added inch on both sides so that the cover can stretch. Take your futon's depth, add two inches, and pick the loft according to your calculations. If your futon has a depth of three inches, add two inches to get a total loft of five inches.

  • The futon will fit if it falls within an inch or two of the cover's size.