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Buy the best leather futons selected and recommended by interior designers. By Caroline Patterson.

We all know futons to have a very long list of frame options, but usually the mattress is the same. Upholstery that flexes, and buttons in all the wrong places to sleep on it comfortably. Maybe it is time for an upgrade. We give you a collection of leather futons that are just brilliant. These have all the features, without the discomfort. And they are very stylish.

Full Sleeper White Faux Leather Futon

Full Sleeper White Faux Leather Futon

$549.99 $1170

Full Sleeper White Faux Leather Futon

Wade Logan®

$549.99 $1170


What We Like: Durable, fire-resistant finish provides easy maintenance

What We Don’t Like: Doesn’t include a detachable mattress

Not So Great For: Long-term use as a bed

Perfect For: Space-efficient use in a compact apartment

This white faux leather sofa is a statement piece that can lift a tired room. The square patterned tufted cushions epitomize modern chic, offering subtle detail against a dark wall and linear, contemporary interior decor. With chrome-finished legs, lasting durability adds to the appeal of this futon.

The sturdy design is convenient when entertaining guests. It has a 750-lb. weight capacity, making it a comfortable sleeper for two people. The solid white finish means this futon won’t be out of place in a busy room. Colorful artwork, potted greenery, and abstract light fixtures are the ideal accents for this modern piece.

Traditional Style Faux Leather Futon Sofa Bed

Traditional Style Faux Leather Futon Sofa Bed

$799.99 $1897

Traditional Style Faux Leather Futon Sofa Bed

Red Barrel Studio®

$799.99 $1897


What We Like: Solid engineered wood frame

What We Don’t Like: Dark leather and wooden frame unsuitable for some interior design styles

Not So Great For: Apartments; lofts

Perfect For: Home office or reading room

If you’re looking for a high-quality but versatile futon, this hardwood frame, the multifunctional sofa, has numerous practical features. The tray-style armrests provide the perfect place to rest a cup of coffee or a glass of wine as you relax into the soft, foam-cotton blend cushioning. Available in six different wood finishes, choose a frame that matches your existing flooring. Or add a plush area rug in a complementary shade to create a cozy contrast.

This futon helps you eliminate clutter from a busy living room with two spacious drawers. These offer ample space for storing bedding, books, electronic devices, or phone chargers.  

Wide Tight Back Faux Leather Futon Couch

Wide Tight Back Faux Leather Futon Couch

$313.99 $784.7

Wide Tight Back Faux Leather Futon Couch

Latitude Run®

$313.99 $784.7


What We Like: Sturdy, splayed chrome legs

What We Don’t Like: No armrests

Not So Great For: Spacious everyday family room

Perfect For: Retro, minimalist-style apartment

Supported by elegantly splayed chrome legs, this sturdy faux leather futon provides the support needed for a good night’s rest or a weekend movie marathon. The sofa converts seamlessly to a bed using a click mechanism. Each side of this two-seater reclines independently so two people can adjust to their preferred position without disrupting each other’s comfort.

The accented baffle-box tufting features hand detailed stitching so the upholstery can withstand years of frequent use. Thanks to its chic, retro design, this piece can fit a range of interior styles. As a perfect addition to an entertainment space, consider adding striped or patterned cushions and a bold-colored throw that matches the existing interior.  

Full Size Faux Leather Futon Sofa

Full Size Faux Leather Futon Sofa

$509.99 $1379

Full Size Faux Leather Futon Sofa

Lark Manor™

$509.99 $1379


What We Like: Beautiful mocha finish provides a welcoming aesthetic

What We Don't Like: Minimalist frame may require accent pillows or a throw

Not So Great For: Bedroom; formal living room

Perfect For: Reading nook; home bar

The reclaimed mocha frame and upholstery combine with soft foam-cotton blended cushions to add a cozy style to your reading nook or relaxation space. This futon pairs an old-fashioned feel with a modern silhouette that can also be the perfect booth seat for a home bar. As a low-profile sofa, short-legged coffee tables and overhanging lamps are the perfect accompaniment to the piece.

If you’re hosting guests, the backrest folds down to create a full-sized bed, large enough for two. The cushion material is comfortable and supportive enough to double as a mattress, so the conversion process takes minutes.  

70s Style Boutique Faux Leather Futon

70s Style Boutique Faux Leather Futon

70s Style Boutique Faux Leather Futon



What We Like: Retro ribbed cushioned backrest

What We Don’t Like: Throwback style only works with specific interiors

Not So Great For: Modern, Scandinavian-style living rooms

Perfect For: Retro-inspired living rooms with wooden flooring

Created by husband and wife, boutique furniture designers, this versatile futon stands out in any room. The 70s-style silhouette offers ample seating depth, supporting your legs and back as you sink into the tufted cushions. Slanted oak-colored legs contrast the faux leather upholstery and provide space beneath the futon for a patterned rug.

It can comfortably sleep two people when converted to a bed. One of the most practical features of this piece is the split-back design. Each side independently reclines to three positions so you or your guests can find their most comfortable position when relaxing.  

Modern Style Black Faux Leather Futon

Modern Style Black Faux Leather Futon

Modern Style Black Faux Leather Futon



What We Like: Compact silhouette

What We Don’t Like: Requires assembly

Not So Great For: Formal spaces

Perfect For: Studio apartments; offices

This sleek convertible two-seater gives the appearance of a genuine leather futon without the price tag or maintenance requirements. The faux leather linen fabric is soft and comfortable enough for everyday use. It is easy to clean, so you don’t have to worry about minor spills while entertaining guests.

With neat, tufted cushioning, this futon is a perfect space-efficient option for a studio apartment. It has large but disguised side pockets, providing extra storage without detracting from the style. The all-black finish is easy to match with contrasting, bright-colored cushions. Add stainless steel or marble side tables to complete your space.  

Modern Faux Leather Reclinable Futon

Modern Faux Leather Reclinable Futon

Modern Faux Leather Reclinable Futon

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What We Like: Center section features double cup holders

What We Don’t Like: Short backrest may not offer enough neck support for taller people

Not So Great For: Use as your primary living room sofa

Perfect For: Additional or temporary seating for parties

This reclinable futon is the perfect solution for providing extra seating when you’re entertaining guests. It is one of the most affordable faux leather futons on our list, making it an excellent option for Super Bowl Sunday or a family gathering. The center section folds down to reveal two cup holders, keeping your drinks cool as you relax with friends.

The no-fuss, subtle, linear design is finished in black upholstery and blends seamlessly with most interior styles. Stainless steel legs make it easy to keep clean, making it an excellent option for a kids’ playroom.  

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Leather Futons

Buying Guide

It can be a couch, it can be a bed or a chair or a comfortable floor pad – there is, perhaps, no more versatile piece of furniture than the futon. However, you definitely want to make sure that you get the right piece for your home so you can use your futon to its best advantage! Here are a few things to consider.

It's easy to think of futons as a staple of a college student's dorm room, but futons can be incredibly useful in every home.

Futons, as opposed to mattresses or regular couch cushions, are known to hold their shape better over the long term, making them excellent choices for regularly used sitting rooms or even bedrooms.

Futons come in two basic styles: chair/couch and bed/lounger. Very simply, one is meant to be bent in an upright position most of the time, and the other is meant to lay flat!

To pick the best futon for your use, consider how often the futon will be used and for what purpose. If you're getting the futon for a guest room or somewhere it will be used only rarely, you can likely make a more economical purchase. However, if you'll be using the futon every night, you may want to spend more for more support and comfort!

Solid Foam

Foam may be cheaper than other alternatives, and it has the distinct benefit of being one piece – meaning that if the cover punctures or slips off, the futon itself will retain its shape. You can purchase foam in differing levels of softness, too; and some futons may even be made from memory foam for a distinct sense of luxury.

Simple cotton or wool batting

Wool futons will likely be more expensive than their alternatives, but they are more natural and can offer a sitting experience you can 'sink into' more than you can in a foam futon.

To answer this question, consider how you'll be using the futon, but also what you want it to look like.

  • If you're going for a sleek, sophisticated look with a subtle frame, then you might want a thinner futon. Thinner futons are typically 4" or less thick and are even pliable -- which can add to their versatility.

  • If you're decorating a larger room and you have a substantial wood frame, a thicker futon may work better. Thicker futons may be as much as a foot thick, and resemble a traditional mattress more than anything else!

There are several different standard sizes of futon, each suitable for different purposes:

  • Chair: As the name suggests, this futon is thinner and meant to be placed on a chair frame. These measure 28" by 54". If you're buying the futon mainly for sitting, a chair or twin size is likely best for you.
  • Twin: These futons are approximately the size of a twin mattress, or 39" by 54"---a little bit wider than a chair. Equally good for sitting and to use as a small bed.
  • Full: At 54" by 75", full-size futons generally come in loveseat or lounger forms. The former will be more suited to chair or couch configurations; the latter, sleeping or bed-type arrangements. A full size futon are your best bet if you are going to sleep in it often.
  • Queen: At a full 60" by 80", these futons are best for large couch-like formations or simply as an alternative to a queen-size mattress. Equally good for sleeping and as an alternative to a couch.

Note that many futons will come in split sizes, meaning that the length of the futon will encompass a chair and an ottoman piece for reclining.

The frame of the futon will go a long way towards making your futon look high-end or more practical. The most common materials for a futon frame are:

  • Lacquered Metal: For an industrial look, aluminum or steel rods are bolted together for an easily collapsible frame. These frames are often lacquered and painted, meaning you can have it in any color you choose!
  • Wood: Whether you choose an easily available wood like maple or pine or go for a more exotic hardwood like mahogany or teak, wood exudes equal warmth, brings in a natural quality and adds to the elegance of the setup.

    If you're thinking about placing your futon outside, even if it's going to be in a covered place, teak, with its natural waterproof qualities, is by far the best choice..

No matter the material, futon frames come in three formations: bifold, loveseat, and trifold.

  • Bifold and trifold frames fold and extend to form a couch shape or a couch with extendable ottomans – they're a good choice if you see yourself storing and taking out your futon regularly.
  • A loveseat frame is a more permanent couch frame option, typically made out of wood for aesthetic appeal.

A futon may not be the most attractive seating option, but if selected right, it will definitely be one of the most comfortable sleeping choices.

Best Ideas

Leather futons 1

With black leather pulled taut over it and white double stitches boosting the style, this contemporary coach with cup holders leaves nothing to wish for in terms of elegance. But wait for the nighttime - the futon will transform to a full size bed.

Luxury Modern Convertible Sofa Futon Bed, Twin Sized Mattress - Signature Black, Upholstery Faux Leather, This Sophisticated Tufted Design Features a Storage Tray and a Solid Oak Wood Frame

This modern convertible sofa futon bed brings a sense of luxury and prestige wherever it's placed. The designers hid a clever storage tray under one of the tufted parts. The upholstery is made of high-quality black leather.

Monarch Specialties 9103 Click Clack Futon In Black Leather

This elegant black leather fouton offers you a modern tufting pattern, deep seat and backrest, removable armrests and click-clack mechanism converting it into a comfortable bed, just to embrace your comfort level.

New ryland contemporary white bycast leather futon sofa bed sleeper


Mainstays Connectrix Futon Multiple Colors

Mainstays Connectrix Futon Multiple Colors

An interesting piece of furniture that has got a black, neutral colour. It looks very interesting in any decor thanks to its contemporary style. This futon features a soft seat and back covered with faux leather.

Leather futons 2

Such a breathtaking design! This beauty mixes the utility of a futon and a sofa bed in one. Very modern design. The tufted cushions look amazing and the ability to swap between a coach and a bed makes it a unique piece of furniture!

Futons leather

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Mussina Black Leatherette Finish Futon Sofa Bed

Modern sofa mounted on metal legs. Filling with high density foam. The seat and backrest is decoratively quilted. Sofa is upholstered in soft leather. The furniture is easy to clean.

Farel Contemporary Style Gray Leatherette Finish Futon Set

A futon set, perfect for your living room - it will allow you to relax and create a warm environment, bringing a larger and copier area to rest. You can easily push the seat back down and make a bed out of it for your unexpected guest.

Trace convert a couch brown renu leather futon sofa sleeper

Trace convert a couch brown renu leather futon sofa sleeper

A high quality product that can be used in an office or living room. This product has got a very convenient mechanism that is responsible for changing it into bed and back into sofa. Its frame and connections are made of solid and damage resistant metal.

Leather futon sofa bed terrific color photo

Leather Futon Sofa Bed Terrific color photo

Leather futon 2

A stunning option for all those wanting their interior to be packed with functionality - this sofa can easily be transformed to become a sleeper and the middle back piece can be folded down to make for a nice table.

Emily convertible futon multiple colors

Emily convertible futon multiple colors

A comfortable piece of furniture available in a neutral colour. It improves the modernity of a living room. High quality, metal legs are very solid and able to support a large weight of two or more adult users.

Littrell Convertible Sofa

Littrell Convertible Sofa

Understated style meets functionality in this ultra-modern convertible sofa. The compact size is perfect for lounging in a den or man cave and folds down to a twin sleeper when it’s time to rest. The faux leather upholstery works well with a mattress topper but is equally comfortable at night without one. Splayed front legs and central support means no more tossing and turning for a peaceful night’s sleep. Pair with bold patterned oversize pillows and a chunky knit throw rug to contrast the sleek modern lines of the piece and create a cozy place to lay your head.

Mussina White Leatherette Finish Futon Sofa Bed

Thickly cushioned and sporting attractive contemporary design, this convertible sofa is both appealing and functonal addition to a today's living space. It is padded with white leatherette for a refreshing, classy look.

Mussina White Leatherette Finish 2-Piece Sofa Futon Set

This set includes pieces of furniture that are responsible for providing comfort in a living room. A sofa futon and an amrless chair are based on solid and supportive frames made of metal. Their sitting spaces are soft and relaxing.

Ore international r8114alm leather futon sofa bed

ORE International R8114ALM Leather Futon Sofa Bed

Bowie brown leather like futon storage sofa from furniture

Bowie Brown Leather-Like Futon Storage Sofa from Furniture ...

Amazon com brand new navy blue leather look vinyl full

Amazon.com: Brand New Navy Blue Leather Look Vinyl Full ...

Armless futon sleeper by coaster sleepworks

Armless Futon Sleeper by Coaster | Sleepworks

Home hilary memory foam faux leather futon sofa bed

Home Hilary Memory Foam Faux Leather Futon Sofa Bed ...

Black adjustable faux leather futon with chrome legs

Black Adjustable Faux Leather Futon With Chrome Legs ...

Faux leather futon convertible sofa bed sleeper w cup 1

Faux Leather Futon Convertible Sofa Bed Sleeper w Cup ...

Black leather futon sofa bed comfy pillow top

Black Leather Futon Sofa Bed Comfy Pillow Top

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