Convertible Chaise Sofa

The multi-functionality of a thing is very important, and nothing makes more sense to have two functions that a sleeper sofa concept. Presenting, the convertible chaise sofa. Now you can have a comfortable chaise for one, or extend it and have a bed for two, or even three. Great for visiting guests. And there is even a bunk bed option. See collection for more.

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Leather futon chaise white personal couch lounge convertible office furniture

Leather futon chaise white personal couch lounge convertible office furniture
Such a convertible chaise sofa - useful in your living room or even on a yacht. It offers refined upholstery, faux leather and chrome metal legs. You can adjust its various positions - and relax on its white, comfortable mattress.

Convertible Chaise

Convertible Chaise
It is a fantastic convertible chaise sleeper that has got metal legs, contemporary design and chrome finish with brown microfiber upholstery. It is a perfect product for your living room area.

Jackson Sectional

Jackson Sectional
A stylish, sectional sofa with a chaise lounge for greater comfort. It's upholstered in microfiber, which offers a soft and smooth feel. A universal, grey color will suit both modern and traditional decors.

Sleeper Sectional

Sleeper Sectional
With this amazing piece you get both the stylish compliment for your household and a functional addition. It features contemporary style and you can easily introduce a relaxed environment to your home with this sofa sleeper.

Sleeper Sectional

Sleeper Sectional
Beautiful sectional featuring solid frame providing rigid support, comfortable innerspring mattresses, back-attached cushions for added functionality, and easy to lift bed mechanism for your convenience.

Convertible chaise sofa 13

This convertible chaise sofa combines style and functionality, providing a comfortable seating space for 3 people. It measures 173 cm long, of which 155 cm are annexed by the sleeping surface. Has the height of 75 cm.

Convertible chaise lounge bed

What a gorgeous, convertible sofa that can be disassembled into a huge bed! Beautiful, dark fabric finish makes it perfect for any kind of room design, both traditional and modern. Perfect for unexpected guests!

Our advice Buying Guide

The chaise lounge is an excellent spot for reading, relaxing, and napping. However, when you introduce a convertible chaise sofa into your decor, there are a lot more options you can explore. Therefore, it's imperative you take their style, features, and opportunities into consideration. With that in mind, we've put together this buying guide to help inspire your decisions.

When is a Convertible Chaise Sofa Optimal?

For those who are living in small homes or apartments, a convertible chaise sofa is an excellent way to maximize space. Not only do they open up into another area for sleep but they are ideal for bedrooms where teens would like to spend time without hanging out on their beds all the time. Remember, they’re similar in size to a couch, but they only seat one. So, they wouldn’t work out well in a small living room where more than one person would want to sit.

However, a convertible chaise sofa is a luxurious addition to larger living rooms and entertainment rooms. These furniture pieces are ideal for homes that have these large spaces but lack a guest room. That way, you can accommodate out of town guests without the need for a blow-up mattress.

How to Decorate with a Chaise Sofa?

As you’re decorating with a convertible chaise sofa, you’ll find they’re available in many styles. The most popular styles are modern and contemporary. Many of these styles feature upholstery that’s white or bold colors, clean lines, and polished metal frames. You can also find casual styles featuring tufted upholstery and curving details.

What are the Standard Chaise Sofa Measurements?

When you're shopping for a convertible chaise sofa, one of the first things you'll notice is they're going to vary in size. While they're all generally the size of an average sofa, there is no standard size for a chaise sofa. However, they're typically approximately 34 inches tall, 38 inches wide, and 55 inches long. Their seats generally are about 38 inches wide and 40 inches deep.

How to Maintain a Convertible Chaise Sofa to Make It Last?

Selecting a chaise sofa that converts featuring optimal durability is essential. You’ll find this is especially true if you’re using this in a teen’s room or if you have guests staying over frequently. The main reason is that, when the sofa converts into a bed regularly, you don’t want the frame to wear out quickly. Instead, you want to ensure the materials are high-quality and will handle repeated use. For example, top-quality metal hinges and frames are ideal. You could also opt for high-quality metal hinges in combination with a solid hardwood frame.

Maintenance will depend on the kind of upholstery you select. Be sure to read the care instructions carefully before you attempt to clean any fabric, leather, or faux leather. Spot clean spills immediately using a microfiber cloth that’s been dipped in a warm water solution that’s been mixed with a mild detergent. Be sure to vacuum the dust off the convertible chaise sofa regularly to prevent build-up from occurring and to reduce allergins.


Convertible chaise bed

Traditional chaise longue upholstered with soft fabric and reinforced with solid seams. It has extra pillow on the back for added comfort. Ideal for watching TV, reading books and more.

Convertible sofa with chaise

Now, this is truly a one-of-a-kind, unique piece of equipment. A beautiful, orange sofa that transforms into a bunk bed! Truly amazing design, created by a very talented designer. Gives a nice, modern and fresh vibe.

Convertible chaise lounge

Take the both sides down, and you will have a bed for guests, when a chaise lounge sofa won't be needed anymore. White cushions, very fluffy - perfectly fits together with wooden black frame of this convertible furniture.

Meridienne convertible lounge chaise longue

Méridienne convertible LOUNGE chaise longue

Convertible lounge bed

A small, convertible lounge in a beautiful red colour and a gorgeous, dark wood frame. Gives a very traditional, romantic design. Perfect for a living room and bound to spice up your home with its unique look.

Chaise lounge bed sofa

Convertible chaise sofa with an ash brown color. It features rich cushioning for comfortable relaxation and sleep. The linen upholstery of the sofa makes it very soft and comfortable either for sitting or sleeping. It can also be extended into a sleeper bed and comes with extra storage beneath the cushions.

This chaise lounge features a heavyweight cotton detachable mattress and

This chaise lounge features a heavyweight cotton detachable mattress and sturdy metal frame. The chaise lounge frame also reclines in six

Convertible lounger chaise lounge chair bed sofa dorm home furniture

... Convertible Lounger Chaise Lounge Chair Bed Sofa Dorm Home Furniture

Taylor scott sofa

Top class convertible chaise sofa featuring a sturdy metal frame and thick foam padding for the ultimate comfort. The piece is upholstered in dark black faux leather with beautiful tuft button accents. It’s perfect for modern or contemporary lounging.

Convertible chaise sofa 10

or this sofa bed... FRIHETEN Corner sofa-bed - Skiftebo beige - IKEA

Chester chaise lounge hide a bed

Chester Chaise Lounge Hide a Bed

Convertible chaise sofa 2

Capitola Convertible Chaise Sofa in Copper by Lifestyle Solutions | Convertible Sofa Beds

Convertible chaise sofa 14

Jennifer Convertibles: Sofas, Sofa Beds, Bedrooms, Dining Rooms & More! Kylee Lagoon Chaise

Convertible scandinavian sofas chaises and chairs that are handsome elegantly

Convertible Scandinavian sofas, chaises, and chairs that are handsome & elegantly functioning. Many different colors and styles to choose from. Worth your time to check these out.

Bridgeport fabric sofa chaise convertible bed king 4

Bridgeport Fabric Sofa Chaise Convertible Bed - King

Convertible chaise sofa

Super big and comfortable, convertible chaise sleeper sofa, not sure about the fabric, but love the design. Love its light grey and graphite colors. My auntie used to have one in her saloon/ living room and it looked fantastic.

Convertible chaise sofa

This modern 3 in 1 convertible sofa will amaze you with its versatility. Just remove the armrests and it creates a living area with armchair and chaise lounge. Plain, minimalist design will fit into various interiors.

Convertible sofa bed furniture

convertible sofa bed furniture

Sofa chaise and bed

sofa, chaise, and bed

Reef convertible sofa chaise lounge 1

Reef Convertible Sofa/ Chaise Lounge

Simply fold down the sides of the mission style convertible

Simply fold down the sides of the Mission-Style Convertible Lounge to create extra sleeping space in an instant. Keep the sides up to provide your living room with a stylish place to sit, or put only one side down and relax in a chaise lounge. With a rich

Convertible chaise sofa 10

Maggie Chaise Sofa 92" Innerspring Sleeper | Living Room Sets | Living Room | Bob's Discount Furniture

Convertible chaise sofa 1

Convertible chaise cushy sleeper sofa made from cool fabric that looks like jeans or denim. Beautiful deep blue color. This tiny little pillow with white bike on red background is such a nice complement.

Baxton Studio Cirillo Convertible Chair/Daybed, Cream

Sofa chaise convertible bed

A functional, convertible sofa equipped in a comfy chaise. The piece features simple, clean lines and a modern design. A vibrant pink color makes it a positive highlight of the room that creates a cool contrast with a white background.

Convertible chaise sofa 1


Convertible chaise lounge

Convertible Chaise Lounge

Convertible chaise

An elegant and simple sofa perfect for small rooms as it's a convertible piece with a chaise lounge. The sofa features clean lines with no decorations and a pure white color. Its universal and classy design will suit contemporary interiors.

Meridienne convertible lounge chaise longue 2

Méridienne convertible LOUNGE chaise longue

Chaise convertible bed

Traditional chaise lounge as additional seating or place for relaxation in the living room, bedroom and more. It is mounted on wooden frame and covered with nice touch fabric.

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Convertible chaise sofa 11

chaise can be moved to either side by changing the cushions and ottoman

Convertible chaise sofa 15

Capitola Convertible Chaise: Furniture : $399 couch, lounge, bed

Jennifer convertibles chaise

Jennifer Convertibles Danely Dusk Sofa Chaise, /category/living-room/danely-dusk-sofa-chaise.html

Convertible chaise sofa

Sofá chaise longue convertible

Convertible chaise sofa 3

Taylor Scott Convertible 2 Piece #Sofa #beach

Convertible chaise sofa 5

VILASUND/MARIEBY Divano letto con chaise-longue - Vittaryd beige chiaro - IKEA

Convertible chaise sofa 12

Newton Sofa Chaise Convertible Bed

Convertible chaise sofa 9

i like the curve of the legs and brace. not convertible but elements to borrow. Adrian Pearsall Sofa

Jennifer convertible couches

Sectional sofa with sleep function in classic form. Frame is made of wood and upholstered with nice touch material. It is fitted with compartment for storing beddings. Perfect solution for space saving in each home.

Convertible chaise sofa 8

FRIHETEN Corner sofa-bed IKEA You can place the chaise lounge section to the left or right of the sofa, and switch whenever you like.

Gray/Green Clubber Sleeper Sectional Sofa - Left Chaise

Convertible chaise sofa 7

Canapé Convertible scandinave Niels