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A fold down sofa bed is an innovative way to save space yet also offer a comfortable place for guests to sleep. Simple to use, it often requires no extra steps other than to fold your sofa back up and down. You can opt for a classic square arm look or more of a modern vibe. We’ve picked out a few of our favorites below and reviewed them so you can choose the best product for you.

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Updated 28/02/2023
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Best Modern Style
Contemporary Folding Sofa Bed

Contemporary Folding Sofa Bed

Latitude Run®

Perfect For: Individuals in need of extra storage space

What We Like: The chic two-toned gray and white construction

Showcasing a modern silhouette, this folding sofa bed features a streamlined base and armrests fashioned out of metal and wood. The gray cotton-blend upholstered convertible seating is stuffed with soft foam and easily folds out into a full-size bed when needed. There are handy double storage pockets on each side as well as a drawer under the seat ideal for daily essentials.  

$579.99 $759.99

Designer Advice:

Incorporate this stylish folding sofa bed into any contemporary living space with neutral tones on the walls, such as grey or white. Add stone top side tables on either side of the folding sofa bed for functional purposes. A modern faux cowhide rug positioned in front of the folding sofa bed would add a nice hint of texture and unexpected shape as well. 

What Users Say:

Pretty awesome and such a space saver in a small apartment.

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Best Value For Money
Modest Black Fold Down Couch

Modest Black Fold Down Couch

Latitude Run®

Perfect For: Those who entertain a lot and need extra seating

What We Like: The built-in beverage holders

Simplistically designed with a charming vintage flair, this black fold down couch is upholstered in 100% linen and sits on angled metal legs. This fold down couch comfortably seats three and is also able to recline into three different positions. Along with the pull-down cup holders, there’s also a storage pocket and two matching toss pillows.  


Designer Advice:

Add this linen upholstered fold down couch to your living room if you’re on the hunt for something stylish and practical. The fabric is water-resistant, so it’s easy to clean up any messes. Plus, the cushions are stuffed with foam, so it’s really comfortable to sleep on when the fold down couch needs to be turned into a bed for the night. 

What Users Say:

Amazing quality. It’s actually comfortable and easy to convert into a twin bed. Very happy with this couch.

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Best Classic Choice
Beige Foldable Sofa Bed

Beige Foldable Sofa Bed

Hashtag Home

Perfect For: A traditional family room that needs extra seating

What We Like: The integrated USB port and power strip on the side

Not Good For: Those who need lots of additional seating

With a frame crafted out of solid acacia wood, this foldable sofa bed is upholstered in a richly textured polyester fabric. The backrests feature a clean biscuit-style tufting and it also has rolled armrests with stylish piping. The cushions are stuffed with high-density foam and easily remove when you need to fold out the bed.  

$599.99 $849.5

Designer Advice:

This streamlined and neutral-toned foldable sofa bed loveseat would make the ideal addition to any family room or den due to its compact size. The foldable sofa bed pulls out to a twin-size bed that works great to accommodate last-minute houseguests or even kids having a friend over for a sleepover. 

What Users Say:

Love this little sleeper sofa. Comfy and great in my home office.

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Pull Down Couch with Removable Armrests

Pull Down Couch with Removable Armrests

Andover Mills™

What we like: Middle armrest has two cup holders 

What we don’t like: Flat side armrests

Not so great for: Offering support

Perfect for: A modern living room

Stain-resistant, this pull down couch can sit three people as a sofa and two when converted into a bed. The high-quality linen upholstery blend will keep you cool in the summer and won’t feel cold-to-the-touch in the winter. Because of this, we think it’s a solid all-year-round option.

The armrests are removable, but attached with hook-and-loop straps, meaning an extra person can sit if required. However, the lack of a sturdy armrest may be frustrating for some. Plus, the gray/green color option does not have all the features of the just green option. 

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Square Arm Fold Down Couch

Square Arm Fold Down Couch

Joss & Main

What we like: Generous weight capacity

What we don’t like: Uninteresting design

Not so great for: Bold or bright rooms

Perfect for: Traditionally decorated living spaces

Designed to transform into a queen-sized bed, this fold down couch has legs made of solid and manufactured wood. It also comes with two matching throw pillows for that finishing touch. Pick from a huge range of forty-three colors, including neutrals and brighter picks.

Upholstered in fiber-wrapped foam, the reversible cushions mean it will be easy to maintain over time. The removable seat cushions also make it that bit easier to keep looking box-fresh. Best of all, the 750lb weight capacity makes it a solid and sturdy option, perfect if you want something to last throughout the years. No assembly is required. 

$1260 $1979

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Contemporary Fold up Couch

Contemporary Fold up Couch

What we like: Streamlined design

What we don’t like: Only neutral colors available

Not so great for: Non-contemporary spaces

Perfect for: Contemporary and ultra-modern décor schemes

Streamlined and accentuated by clean lines, this fold up couch is supported by angled metal legs in a black finish. Crafted with a solid wood frame and filled with foam, it is attractive to the eye and can hold up to 650lbs. For a small touch of luxury, genuine leather straps are included with a bolster pillow that offers a hint of rustic charm.

This couch would be a great choice if you have a wide, open space and prefer minimalist furniture. In spite of its good features, the five color choices available may be disappointing. All neutrals, you could add cushions in brighter hues to prevent your couch from looking dull. 

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Velvet Folding Sofa Bed

Velvet Folding Sofa Bed

Mercury Row®

What we like: Good choice of colors

What we don’t like: Can only be cleaned with water-based agents

Not so great for: Minimalist spaces

Perfect for: Adding a touch of understated luxury

Chic and elegant, this velvet folding sofa bed is available in ten color choices, including mustard and light gray. Upholstered in plush tufted velvet, it has a glam luxe design inspired by the 1950s.

It is a great option if you want a sofa that will draw compliments during the day but is also sumptuously soft for guests to relax on at night. Its generous weight capacity of 600lbs means up to three people can use it when it is in sofa position. Additionally, the soft padding under the feet will prevent scratches on wooden floor, even if your guests are restless sleepers. 

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Smaller Folding Couch

Smaller Folding Couch

Mercury Row® Teen

What we like: Removable back cushions

What we don’t like: Not many color choices

Not so great for: A big living space

Perfect for: Studio apartments or bedrooms

An ideal option for a studio apartment or bedroom, this folding couch measures a little over fifty inches wide. We also think it would be a great addition to a teen’s bedroom for when their friends come over to sleep. This leaves the living room free so you can still enjoy your night. The removable back cushions can be used for extra support or put away until it is converted into a sofa again.

Although limited, the color options are charcoal, light gray, or mustard, two of which would go with almost any color scheme. As for downsides, it can only accommodate up to 300lbs, which could limit functionality. 

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Armless Fold Down Sleeper Sofa

Armless Fold Down Sleeper Sofa


What we like: Multifunctional use

What we don’t like: Nowhere to rest arms

Not so great for: Large living rooms

Perfect for: Studio apartments

Simply designed, this fold down sleeper sofa is the perfect option if you want a quick solution for when guests to come to stay. Available in classic beige or navy blue, it is upholstered in a polyester blend and has tufting detail at the back. Not just for sleeping on, this sleeper can be used to create a cozy nook in your bedroom, too.

A downside is the lack of arms and legs, which means this sofa isn’t a good option if you need extra support when sitting. However, you can adjust the floor height to five different levels. Also, the lower weight capacity of 220lbs means only one person could comfortably sleep on it. 

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Solid Wood Fold Away Couch

Solid Wood Fold Away Couch

What we like: Solid wood base

What we don’t like: Can’t seat many

Not so great for: Bigger families

Perfect for: A modern take on 1970s furniture

Crafted with a solid wood base, this fold away couch is just the thing if you don’t want a classic sleeper sofa. Sleek and modern, it comes in three color choices of rust-orange, white, or black. We think the rust-orange shade would look amazing paired with earth tones. Plus, the design has roots from the 1970s with its curved arms and rounded back.

Nevertheless, the lower weight capacity of 350lbs could be an issue, although it isn’t stated how many this sofa can comfortably accommodate. We would not recommend it for more than two to sit or sleep. It comes partially assembled with all tools required included. 

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Large Sleeper Sofa

Large Sleeper Sofa

What we like: Heaps of space to stretch out

What we don’t like: Slightly dated design

Not so great for: Smaller spaces or apartments

Perfect for: A large living room or bedroom

Stain, water, and fade-resistant, this sleeper sofa has it all. However, the design, which includes a dressmaker skirt, could possibly look outdated depending on your décor scheme. It comes in fifty-five color and finish options, ranging from solid hues to textured surfaces. Whatever you choose, the 100% cotton polyester blend will feel soft to the touch.

As for size, it pulls out into a queen-sized bed. Measuring almost one hundred inches wide, it is an excellent option if you want to give overnight guests the space of a real queen size. Moreover, the sinuous spring seat and down fill seat will offer support for those long movie nights.

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Curved Arm Fold Down Sofa Bed

Curved Arm Fold Down Sofa Bed


What we like: Curved arms are comfortable and chic

What we don’t like: Flatter cushions

Not so great for: A glam décor scheme

Perfect for: A simple sleeper sofa

This fold down sofa bed converts into a twin size sleeper bed perfect for two. Modern and sleek, it is equipped with legs in the center to give extra support when you’re using it as a sleeper. Plus, the legs are made of solid wood. The curved armrests will offer supreme comfort for your head during the day, and, when it’s time for bed, the ribbed back will do the same.

You can choose from eight colors, ranging from neutral shades like light gray to more cheerful light pink. This choice of colors, along with the ribbed back and curved arms, make it an ideal option for any modern living room. 

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Folding Sofa Beds

Buying Guide

The fold down sofa bed is almost a cliché – but clichés are those things that just keep coming around because it works. Your hidden bed, however, does not need to be the ubiquitous monstrosity with the metal bar that catches sleepers in the middle of the back and screams to all passersby, “I am a sofa bed!” Yours can be a stylish couch, sofa or even part of a sectional arrangement that exudes good taste – and better yet – is comfortable to sleep on or just to grab a quick power nap when the going gets tough.

The fold-down office bed can be a stylish addition to any office, living room, camp out or dorm room. The pieces come in a variety of styles and materials. The fancier ones can easily be used as office furniture, while the simplest pack and move easily. They are the perfect answer to sleeping space for a house party or for “the day the relatives came.” Unlike many of the older pull-out sofa beds, they avoid the “bar in the middle of the back” syndrome simply by not having the bar.

Leather and chrome

Leather and chrome look good in any waiting room or professional office. On a busy day, when you can catch a break, pull down the shades, put the “out to lunch” sign on the door, set an alarm and catch forty winks. Statistics tell us that Americans are almost universally sleep-deprived. Your power-nap could make that important 4:00 PM meeting go so much better, especially if you were up until 2:00 am preparing for it and had a full day schedule.

Folding sleeper chairs

They look stylish, usually in loveseat size, and can look professional or comfortable in almost any setting. But those chunky seats fold out into soft, memory foam sleeping mats that are just fine for a tent or for your living room. They also travel well, since they have few movable parts and are not easily broken. They can also be used to pad the floor of a van for those camping moments where a tent just won’t quite do the job, or – should be so lucky as to find one still open – and be placed in the bed of a pickup to view the big screen at the drive-in movie.

Microfiber fold down sofa bed

This stylish couch can spiff up that overcrowded dorm room (replacing the problematic cot) and make your dorm room look like a sitting room – at least as long as you remember to “make your bed.” The fabric cover is easy to wipe clean, and does not show stains that are likely to give away those midnight – er, ah, -- “study” sessions when mom, dad or the RA come to visit. Also good for entertaining when the only agenda is to watch a special movie. The center back panel can fold down into a drink holder, as well as the whole back folding down to create a sleeping surface at sleep time.

Best Ideas

Frameless sofa bed

Folding sofa mounted on wooden frame. It is upholstered with soft fabric and fitted with open shelf for storing books, display decoration and more. Modern design and space saving in all kinds of interiors as needed.

Fold down sofa bed

This folding sofa bed is the perfect solution for any home. It saves a lot of space, and its modern styling captivates. Beautiful colors and finishes are impressive and beautifully match any decor.

Fold down couch

Folding sofa for saving space in the living room, teenager's room and more. Frame is made of wood and metal. It is upholstered with pleasant to the touch fabric and finished with solid seams.

Fold down sofa bed

This is a full-size bed a great way for the development of the interior. It is folded by where you can save space during the day, and at night comfortably rest. Pleasant upholstery is very versatile.

Fold out sofa bed

11 Space Saving Fold Down Beds for Small Spaces, Furniture Design Ideas

Foldable sofa bed

A contemporary approach to an elegant and sophisticated convertible sofa bed, upholstered with a faux leather material in a dark brown colour, which provides a complementing look to the shiny aluminium legs with a chromed finish.

Small fold out sofa bed

Fold down sofa in modern form. It is mounted on wooden base and reinforced with solid supports. It is upholstered with soft fabric and finished with decorative quilt. Great for living room, teenager's room and more.

Reed Sleeper Sofa

Reed Sleeper Sofa

Reed Sleeper Sofa

Fold up couch

Upgrade your living room decor with this multifunctional storage sofa bedFuton offers a unique and contemporary designLiving room furniture features a European click-clack mechanism that makes it easy to convert from a sofa to a bedhttp://www

Folding sleeper sofa

Elegant design for a fold-down sofa bed with a convertible style, crafted in a contemporary manner. The bed is fitted with thick and comfy cushions upholstered in dark-gray cotton fabric with a tufted pattern on the back.

Puebla Full Convertible Sleeper Sofa

Puebla Full Convertible Sleeper Sofa

It is a beautiful and extremely comfortable sofa for the living room. Ideal for both modern and classic living room.It is extensive and very easy to arrange. In principle, this can be adjusted depending on the needs of the interior. At the same time, it can also serve as a place to sleep.

Clarkedale Sleeper Sofa

Clarkedale Sleeper Sofa

Sleeper sofa with strong and durable wooden frame which is wrapped with comfortable foam and features high quality fabric upholstery. Additionally, the sofa is 90 inch long and can sit up to three people.

Would still look nice against the blue night and day

... would still look nice against the blue. Night and Day Convertible Sofa

Folding couches

Thompson Sofa Bed Folds down $239.00.

Foldable couch

A peak of sophisticated elegance, this eye-catching couch is going to grant your home with many visual benefits. Upholstered in green velvet, the couch also features streamlined armrests, diamond button-tufting, and turned, wooden legs.

Couch with fold out bed

Middle guest - Paris Bohemian Sofa Bed - Your small apartment, spare bedroom, or family room will get a modern, stylish update with this microfiber sofa bed. This espresso armless sofa with black legs is sleek and comfortable, and i

Contemporary styled sofa beds sleeper w fold down futon seat

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Tri fold lounging chair fold down seat sleeping couch

Tri-Fold Lounging Chair Fold Down Seat Sleeping Couch ...

Homcom small futon couch with comfortable fold down bed

HOMCOM Small Futon Couch with Comfortable Fold Down Bed ...

Luxury fold down sofa bed inspiration modern sofa design 11

Luxury Fold Down sofa Bed Inspiration - Modern Sofa Design ...

Cinemo 3 seater sofa bed faux leather w fold down


Fold sofa bed down convertible lounge sleeper dorm living

Fold Sofa Bed Down Convertible Lounge Sleeper Dorm Living ...

Stylish brown chaise longue small chair fold down sofa bed

Stylish Brown Chaise Longue Small Chair Fold Down Sofa Bed ...

Mesmerizing folding sofa sleeper flip down sofa bed 5570

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