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Bean bag chairs are fun and comfy, buy leather bean bag chairs take both of those descriptions to a whole new level. Leather bean bag chairs are attractive, soft, and stylish, along with being well-constructed to last. It's like a big comfy recliner, accept these are easier to sleep in as the beans curl around your body. See the collection for all our color options in leather bean bags.

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A genuine leather bean bag

A genuine leather bean bag


This high quality and durable genuine leather bean bag has an impressive lifespan when properly maintained, is allergy-friendly, and looks even more beautiful as it ages. Some creases may appear at some point, but they only add to the chair’s character!


A vibrant faux leather bean bag chair

A vibrant faux leather bean bag chair

Ebern Designs

For a cheaper alternative, your best bet would be a faux leather bean bag! Constructed with highest quality vinyl, this bean bag chair is soft as real leather and simpler to clean since it’s less sensitive to cleaning products.  With weigh capacity of 75lbs, the chair features double zipper bottom for added security.

Artificial leather offers a lot more color varieties other than brown. From bright shades like turquoise to darker hues, such as red, you’ll be sure to find the right leather bean bag color that pops in your space! 

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Round faux leather bean bag

Round faux leather bean bag

This chair has a circular form, similar to that of a ball, with a hollow center for sitting in. Removable covers with safety zippers make it easy to keep it clean. This two-toned fabric chair is spacious enough to accommodate different body sizes and makes a useful addition anywhere in your home!

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Gaming leather bean bag chair with footstool

Gaming leather bean bag chair with footstool


With a perfect balance of support and comfort, a gaming leather bean bag is the ideal accessory to have in any recreation room. This bean bag comes in a teardrop shape, featuring a bucket-style seat with raised sides, a wide base, along with a high backrest that provides solid support for your back, shoulders, neck, and head.

This goes to say that gaming leather bean bags are specifically designed for long hours of use! Plus, the leather upholstery can make a bold statement and add class to your gaming setup! For the ultimate comfortable gaming experience, you can’t go wrong with a bean bag that includes a footstool.


Leather bean bag lounger

Leather bean bag lounger

Ebern Designs

Thanks to its high backrest and deep seat, this faux leather bean bag chair allow you to recline and relax with the added benefit of relieving tired and tense muscles! Available in cognac and graphite, it offers plenty of space for multiple seating positions.

This bean bag chaise lounge will support your body properly as you watch your favorite TV shows. You can sit cross-legged, lay on your side, lean on your back, or sit upright and you’ll remain comfy since the chair will gently contour to your shape.


Square leather bean bag

Square leather bean bag

Latitude Run®

This square bean bag is distinguished by its elevated base, defined silhouette, and supportive backrest. Given it retains its shape well, it is a suitable choice for all ages, including adults and the elderly. Filled with Polystyrene beans, it’s a spot clean only product.

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Large and long leather bean bag

Large and long leather bean bag

Thanks to its elongated design, this 72” wide bean bag can seat a handful of people simultaneously, leaving no one left behind! Available in black and brown, this high quality chair is a comfy choice for kids, teenagers and adults.

Whether you want to entertain your friends, have a little nap in the afternoon, or host movie nights, this massive leather bean bag will do the trick! The best part is, leather upholstery looks good with a variety of interior styles, whether it be traditional, contemporary, transitional, rustic, old-world, or modern to name a few.

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Multi colored faux leather bean bag chair

Multi colored faux leather bean bag chair

Factory Direct Partners

In some instances, one accent color just isn’t enough to create a unique atmosphere in a setting. Thankfully, this multi-colored faux leather bean bags is there for you! Made with tear resistant, soft leather-like material and available in fun shades and patterns, it opens up so many color scheme possibilities!

By all means, having a piece of furniture with 5 different colors may seem too much for most people. So, why not pick a two-toned bean bag instead? These colorful chairs will perfectly complement your children’s playroom. 


A leather bean bag that looks like a sofa

A leather bean bag that looks like a sofa

Big Joe

Most bean bags aren’t able to keep their intended shape and will sink to the floor when sat on, but that is not the case for this leather bean bag sofa! Its foam filling is designed to be firm enough to hold varying body weights yet is also soft for optimum seating comfort. A grab-and-go handle has been added for convenient portability.

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Original leather bean bag chair

Original leather bean bag chair

Zoomie Kids

This novelty bean bag shaped like a football will definitely wow your guest and will add a sporty look to any room. Made of strong, high quality vinyl, it will provide a comfortable seating option for any football fan.  

Although these fun-looking chairs are mostly intended for children, there’s a great deal of variety to please teenagers and adults as well! Needless to say, they are often appreciated more for their aesthetic beauty than their comfort.

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Leather Bean Bag Chair

Buying Guide

To keep your leather bag pristine and good-looking for years, make sure you dust the leather with a microfiber cloth on a weekly basis. You should also clean up spills and stains right away to prevent dirt buildup.

Moreover, set aside a couple of minutes every month to wipe the leather using a wet wipe or damp cloth along with a warm soapy solution for the best results. You might even want to take your leather bean bag maintenance to the next level by applying leather conditioner every once in a while. This will keep the bean bag’s surface in great shape, protected from dirt and debris, and soft to touch. Additionally, a leather conditioner will prevent your bean bag from becoming too dry which eventually leads to ugly cracks. In addition to maintaining the leather surface, you should also regularly fluff your bean bag to prevent it from going flat.

Leather bean bags can be very comfortable, especially if they have good filling inside. The best part about bean bag chairs is that you can adjust the position and depth of the seat to make it conform to your body’s exact shape. The leather fabric is comfortable year-round, even if the temperature in your room fluctuates with the seasons.

If you’re tall or plan on doing a lot of reading or working from your chair, you might want to look for a leather bean bag chair with a higher back. Most people find lower backs to be adequate for relaxing and playing video games, but other applications may require more back support.

The number of leather bean bags you need depends on the number of people you regularly host—and your other seating options.

In the room that you spend the most time in (e.g. your television room or your front room), you need to have enough places for your family and for a few friends. Leather bean bag chairs are excellent flexible options because they can move and even stack, so they’re great for adding seating (even in small spaces).

One leather bean bag chair makes a good statement; two leather bean bags can add a playful feel to a room, especially when placed on either side of a coffee table.

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Bean bags are probably the most comfortable seats in the world. The one in the picture will be also a nice accent of the room as it features vintage leather upholstery in a light brown color. There are practical handles on the sides.

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An elegant modern bean bag chaise lounge and a bean bag chair. They're comfortable large and massive, upholstered in quality leather in beautiful warm brown shades with decorative piping along edges.

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