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A chair with a speaker is a clever and useful way to have better sound quality around your head if you have trouble with headphones. A very common fixture and any gamers home, or someone who appreciates the surround sound experience, chairs with speakers are a fun way to immerse yourself in the high-quality digital sounds of your game or movies. Our chairs are comfortable, and our speakers are crisp.

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Chairs with speakers 4

Ball Chair Audio chair by Eero Aarnio, with an integrated speaker system

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Home fiberglass items leisure chair egg chair with speaker

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Chairs with speakers

Outdoor double cooler chair with umbrella that provides protection from sun. It also includes speakers. Durable folding frame assures strength, support and space-saving storage when not in use. Neutral black color looks good in any outdoor design.

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Camp chair with built in speakers

Camp Chair With Built-In Speakers

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Chairs with speakers 31

Egg chair, the '60s design classic, by Henrik Thor-Larsen returns with an integrated and upholstered speaker system from JBL

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X-Pro Speakers with 2.1 Audio Bluetooth

X-Pro Speakers with 2.1 Audio Bluetooth

A perfect piece for every video game enthusiast. This Gaming Chair in Black is upholstered in vinyl fabric, with double stitched seams. The chair offers ergonomic seating position, Bluetooth, 2 side speakers, 1 subwoofer, and connection compatibility with TV/DVD/VCR and video game system.

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Chairs with speakers 22

The mudpod for big guys or girls extra comfort for arms and feet. incl speakers for any gadget or musicholders with a minijacket

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Chairs with speakers 29

Versatile Faz Daybed- by Spanish architect Ramon Esteve. Equipped With Built-in Speakers and LED Lighting

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Speaker egg chair 2

Speaker Egg Chair

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Video Rocker Gaming Chair I

Video Rocker Gaming Chair I

Stunning rocker chair constructed out of wood, generously foam padded and upholstered in durable fabric. Features easy to fold frame, built-in speakers, and control panel with volume, power, input/output and a headphone jack.

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Beach chair with speakers

chairs with speaker

Chairs with speakers 19

Collapsible Chair with Swivel Base and Speakers at Brookstone—Buy Now!

Egg chairs sat in one with speakers the other day

Egg chairs. Sat in one with speakers the other day at a mid century shop in Atlanta. Heaven.

Chairs with speakers

Outdoor chair with canopy and speakers. This original product provides the best comfort of outdoor relaxation. Its folding metal frame allows for convenient transportation, handling and space saving storage.

Chairs with speakers 1

High-tech chair with built-in speakers. The technology used here is undoubtedly amazing, though the round chair itself does not look particularly comfy. Chrome orb shell and orange padding serve the style sake perfectly, though.

Chairs with speakers 6

This chair will allow you to spend the whole week on it - containers and pockets for drinking and eating. comfortable ergonomic design, with folding footrest. In addition, the chair has built-in speakers and great dark blue color.

Chairs with speakers 2

Oversized Outdoor Chair with Speakers $99.99

Chairs with speakers 1

Folding camping chair with cup holders on the armrest. Seat is made of thick fabric. It is mounted on metal frame and reinforced with crossed supports. Handy accent for any outdoor place as needed.

Chairs with speakers 11

Dome chair. I've seen these with speakers in them...

Chairs with speakers 9

1970's Starkey Egg Chair with Speakers Stereo Chair. Always wanted one of these.

Chairs with speakers 6

iChair with Speakers from PBTeen

Chairs with speakers 5

Futuristic Sofa-Chair with Audio Speaker by SONIC

Chairs with speakers 20

Drive speakers. Love the drive in.. Lawn chairs and PJ's with trips to the snack bar

Chairs with speakers 3

Sonic Chair - It's like sitting inside headphones with several speakers...;-) And it looks great!