Chair With Speakers Built In

Great for gamers, or serious surround sound buffs, these chairs with speakers built-in are an awesome way to get totally immersed in what your watching or playing. These chairs a functional as well as stylish. And with many available offerings in this collection, maybe it's time to get yourself a chair with speakers built-in, and take your experience to a whole new level.

Best Products

X-Rocker Fox Wireless Sound Video Gaming Rocker Chair

X-Rocker Fox Wireless Sound Video Gaming Rocker Chair
Rounded gaming chair creating cozy and ergonomically friendly sport for long hours of gaming without back problems. This rocker chair is padded with airy mesh fabric in black, gray and sky blue. It has a headrest.

Chair with speakers built in

Kick back with this power recliner and experience a blissful feeling of comfort! The chair is over-padded and upholstered in a black leather, offering curved arms, built-in speakers and cup holders, bluetooth connectivity, and a durable steel frame.

Lazy boy with fridge and speakers

A modern addition for modern interiors, which goes well with game rooms, teenagers' rooms and bachelor pads. You can relax in this unique, round seat with a mesh back and orange upholstery, and take your computer skills into a whole new level.

Chairs with built in speakers

Egg chair with inbuilt speakers in modern form. It is padded with pleasant to the touch fabric and finished with solid seams. Ideal as additional seating or place to relax in the living room, bedroom and more.

Spa recliner chair

A comfy modern remote-operated recliner with inbuilt speakers and a fridge. It's equipped with massage and heating functions. It has a thick split backrest with recessed wings and low wide pillowed armrests. Upholstery is of quality brown leather.

Egg speaker chair

With such a comfy recliner, you can, now, play your video games while sitting in a true masterpiece of modern technology. It is upholstered in a black leather, and has an over-padded back, 1 cup holder, 2.1 speakers, Bluetooth, integrated speakers, an iPhone dock, a music dock, SD slot and USB.

Chair with speakers built in 1

Try this relaxation chair with speakers built in at your cozy nook in living zone. It features the egg shape, modern construction, ottoman and white structure with blue covers.

Our advice Buying Guide

Sound is a crucial aspect of any entertainment system, whether you are playing your favorite video game or watching a film. Usually, you need to get a speaker as it's a different component. This can be a hassle at times. Thankfully, there's the option of buying a chair with built-in speakers.

If you're interested in getting a chair with built-in speakers, then you might want to stick around as this article is going to provide you with a buying guide so you'll know what to look for.

What quality speakers should you choose?

Since you are purchasing a chair with a built-in speaker, one of the primary aspects you need to assess is the speaker quality. Keep in mind that there's a vast difference between a low-quality speaker and a high-quality speaker.

Lower quality speakers often produce sounds that are just "good enough." On the other hand, high-end speakers produce more distinct and crispier sounds, which can drastically improve your entertainment immersion.

However, there's a huge difference regarding the price of low and high-quality speakers. As a shopper, it's up to you find the right balance between sound quality and price.

What types of connectivity are there for a chair with built-in speakers?

Since you are essentially purchasing speakers within a chair, you will need a way to connect your speakers to your music player, video game or entertainment console. The most popular connectivity options are wired and Bluetooth. Each has its own pros and cons.

The wired connectivity has the advantage of being the cheaper option. However, the dangling wires can cause a lot of inconvenience or personal maneuvering.

Bluetooth is a great option if you don't want to deal with the hassles that come with the wires. You merely need to sync the chair to your source, and you're good to go. On the downside, it's the more expensive option. Also, since the speaker will need a power source of its own so it will be able to feature Bluetooth connectivity, this means you may need batteries. This can be a source of issue, especially if the batteries run out and you don't have a spare lying around.

You could choose something that comes with an adapter connected to a power source (e.g., electric outlet). However, this also means you will also be dealing with wires to some degree.

Are chairs with built-in speakers comfortable?

Generally, the more comfortable the chair, the costlier it gets. This is because the more comfortable variety may include soft fabric, paddings, an ergonomic design, and more. To find the best value, assess how much time you will spend on the chair. If you are planning to spend a lot of time on the chair, then it's worth investing in added comfort-inducing features.

Purchasing a chair with built-in speakers can be a tricky endeavor mainly because of the many choices you have. The trick to make things easier is learning how to narrow down your choices. The points we mentioned above are good starting filters so you can find the best one for you.


Chair with speakers

A comfortable and elegant solution for making your room much more appealing. The chair is upholstered in a black leather and nice-to-touch gray fabric, offering a wide seat, a low-profile back, built-in speakers, an iPod dock and stylish throw pillows.

Chair with speakers built in 2

Get into the capsule and be prepared for a journey to the world of comfort. This futuristic egg-shaped chair was actually introduced first in 1964. A custom made project with a white fiberglass shell and built-in surround-sound speakers.

Speaker chair

Unique arm chair mounted on plastic frame and equipped with speakers. Seat and carefully profiled back is filled with foam and covered with soft fabric. Modern design for each place according to taste.

Chair with speakers built in

Napping Chair - EnergyPod designed for relaxing and napping in the office comes with privacy visor that will shield you from the world. Built-in speaker plays soothing music and helps eliminate distracting office noise

Gaming chairs with speakers

A lovely and unique way to improve game rooms, and teenegars' rooms. Those egg chairs look exceptionally cute, standing on a round flat base for stability. They have built-in speakers, comfy padding and a small, shapely seat placed inside the shell.

Bodysound chairs could help relief stress

BodySound Chairs Could Help Relief Stress

Egg chair with speakers

Kids need interesting chairs, that's a fact. If you don't want your kids' room to be boring and deprived of soul, we advise something colourful and with a pattern, to keep the room not only fun but also stimulating!

Italian leather recliner armchair withspeakers for 499 from simply

Italian Leather Recliner Armchair WithSpeakers for £499 from Simply ...

Chair with speakers built in

If you are looking for a chair with additional features, this attractive model with built-in speakers is an interesting option. Beautiful artificial leather upholstery combined with durable construction create an exceptionally practical and functional piece of furniture.

Chair with speakers built in

Creating a deluxe proposition for one's gaming room, this home theater recliner has all that's needed to create a great gaming set. Made from stylish black leather, the chair is equipped with speakers and drinks' and remotes' holders.

Recliner with speakers

Now, you can play your games with a friend while sitting in those modernistic arm chairs with power reclining mechanism. Each of those bad boys has a buil-in speaker system, 2 built-in cup holders, Blootooth, streamlined arms and gray leather upholstery.

Productive chair 2 800 with built in speakers

Productive Chair $2,800 with built in speakers

Egg sofa w built in speakers

Egg sofa w/ built in speakers

Italian leather recliner armchair withspeakers for 499 from simply 1

Italian Leather Recliner Armchair WithSpeakers for £499 from Simply ...

Egg chair with built in speakers

This sonic chair with built-in apple display is a perfect blend of furniture and technology. It would let you enjoy music with headphone, play music with built-in speaker, connect your iPad or listen without any headphones.

Lazy boy recliners with fridge

Now that's a chair worthy of a true professional! Whether you're designing a home office, or just want a comfortable chair for your computer, this advanced chair right here will be a great choice. Comes with a massage function, too!

Chair with speakers built in

Fabio Cinema sofa (E) - High Quality, Hand Crafted Leather Sofas: Darlings of Chelsea

Faz daybed equipped with built in speakers digsdigs

Faz Daybed Equipped With Built-In Speakers | DigsDigs

Recliner chair with speakers

Interesting combination of modern functionality and attractive style that this chair with built-in speakers is sensational and will delight every fan of news. Beautiful color and robust construction ideal for modern interiors.

This chair has built in speakers

This chair has built-in speakers

Chair speakers

This unique piece of furniture is must-have in every music lover's house. This music sofa contains a wireless speaker set-up with a built in CD player. It is modern and looks very stylish - it has metal frame and seat covered with red fabric.

Ball chair with speakers

Inflatable Lounger With Built In Speakers

Chair with built in speakers

Featuring a set of speakers built-in the frame, this futuristic, two-coloured egg chair will add a perfect contemporary touch to your living room or office. The white and red construction features a convenient footrest.

Stereo chair

Feel the real sound of the music, while seating on such a chair with speakers built in. Italian leather with a dark gray-silver shade goes hand in hand with technology and design. Retro wingback chair on a metal swivel base - looks good and listens well.

X rocker executive office chair with 2 0 bluetooth sound

X Rocker Executive Office Chair with 2.0 Bluetooth Sound, Black/White, 0287401

Bean bag chairs with speakers

Portable Chair with Speakers. i want this. it looks so cool. they have on of these on ebay but this one looks better

Chair with speakers built in

Forever Rest Supreme Series True Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair with built in speakers, rolling foot massage 10YR WARRANTY ** HOLIDAY SALE**

Adult gaming chairs

home gaming chair archive other recliner gaming chairs

Gaming rocker chair with built in 2 0 surround speakers

... Gaming Rocker Chair with Built in 2.0 Surround Speakers Glow in Dark

Sharper image ijoy zipconnect massage chair built in speakers

Sharper Image iJoy ZipConnect Massage Chair Built-In Speakers

Chairs to spruce up your living room egg chair with

... chairs-to-spruce-up-your-living-room-egg-chair-with-built-in-speakers

Lazy boy with fridge

My dad used to sell these. One day I am going to buy one: a mod pod-egg-pod with built in surround speakers.

Chair with speakers built in 1

my hubby bought an unusual chair with built in speakers at first i ...

Gaming chair with built in speakers

Futuristic design rules! Tomorrow's gamer's chair with speakers built in. The eye-drawing piece, designed by Pinju Chen, brings the updated attitude indoors with its curvaceous lines and comfy cushion in eggplant purple velvet. <3

Sound chair fine italian off white leather with i pod

Sound Chair - Fine Italian off white leather with I-pod and speakers.

Office chair with speakers

Sound Lounge PLUSH OTTOMAN WITH BUILT-IN SPEAKERS In offices, dorms, or any smallish spaces in which you spend a lot of time, space is limited. Maximizing that space is an art form, and something we pride ourselves in. The easiest way is to find things t

Game chairs with speakers built in

LoungePac Lounger - wheeled cart unfolds to a lounge chair complete w/ umbrella and removable coolers. A higher priced version also has built in speakers. I want!

Chair with speakers built in 4

... massage tools equipment professional massage equipment chairs

Lazy boy gizmo

A high quality chair created for use in gaming rooms. It provides comfort and ergonomy for long hours of playing console games. This chair features a comfortable construction and built in speakers. The weight of this product is 30.7 pounds.

Lazy boy fridge chair

Made of durable fiberglass, this egg-shaped sofa uses eye-catchy design from the 1960's, offering a unique and comfy decoration. The inside has striking, orange padding, accommodated with a button-tufted, patterned, green seat.

Recliner speakers

rEvolve Chair - Swiveling Portable Chair With Speakers

Revolve tm fold up swivel chair with built in speakers

Revolve™ Fold Up Swivel Chair with Built-In Speakers

New brown frog 4 0 massage chair with built in