Luxury Bean Bags


The days of leatherette bean bag chairs has run its course. We present luxury bean bags. Luxury bean bags take something fun for sitting and sleeping and give it a leg up to a full luxury definition. In many styles, you are sure to find the perfect bean bag for your home, and add something a little different to your home design. And did we mention how nice they were?

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Our Picks

Luxury bean bag

Luxury bean bag - is an example of a class contained in simple furniture. Perfect place for a distinguished man to sit down and watch a game. Emanates with beautiful gray color, quality materials and accented black top made of small leather triangles.

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Luxury bean bags 5

A new take on loved and readily bought bean bags: a luxury designer's bean bag that's able to change its form in many varied ways. Surprisingly chic and amazingly classy, it's as comfortable as its counterparts, but more elegant.

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Luxury bean bags 1

Looking for a cozy and modern piece of statement furniture for your living room? Well, these luxurious high-end bean bag chairs will offer exactly that. They are incredibly comfortable and come in neutral and fluffy fabric upholstery that will feel amazing on your skin and body.

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Marie bean bag chair 4

Marie Bean Bag Chair

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Luxury bean bag chairs

Now, this is a luxurious bean bag! It even comes with a tufted design! Perfect if you want to share it with your significant other, as there is plenty of room for two people to fit. A truly great addition to your living room.

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Soft Velvet Luxe Bean Bag  Adult, Coffee

Adult sized bean bag covered with velvet like fabric in brown (coffee shade) and very thickly stuffed. The form of this bean bag chair offers particularly tall backrest. The form and colour adapt well to modern trends.

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Luxurious supersoft fur beanbag wolf new decorative home

Luxurious Supersoft Fur Beanbag - Wolf NEW - Decorative Home

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Lifestyle Bean Bag  Adult, Ebony

Comfy and big bean bag dedicated for adults. Such a bag conforms to the current body posture of a user and it provides a relaxing, snug fit. This piece is wrapped in ebony black vinyl. The cover is equipped with a zipper.

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Awesome bean bags 2

This high-quality, 100% genuine leather bean bag will be a great bargain for all country style lovers. Incorporate a bit of this rodeo vibe to your interior, adding comfort and coziness.

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Fur bean bags

If you choose one of those fuzzy bean bags, it will, instantly, become your best furry friend. Each of those babies ensures luxurious comfort created by faux fur upholstery and soft foam filling.

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Luxury Bean Bags

Buying Guide

No matter your age, bean bag chairs are cozy and comfortable. They've been a staple in dorm rooms and teenager's bedrooms throughout the decades. The chair's inception began in the late 1960s by a group of Italian designers, and they've been popular ever since. In addition to their comfort being a reason for their popularity, the price is also a leading factor. Because there are many different styles available, we've put together this buying guide to help you select the best luxury bean bags.

Luxury Bean Bags with a Chair Shape

These luxury bean bags feature all the comfort and style of a traditional bean bag but maintain the shape of a traditional chair. However, to stay in an upright position, those sitting in it must use their core strength. The main reason is that there's no back support. Some of these chair style bean bags will offer some backrest support, but it's not as optimal as a traditional chair. However, you'll sink in and have that same cozy feeling you would experience in a traditional bean bag.

Faux Suede Luxury Bean Bags

Featuring opulent comfort, these bean bags are soft and cushiony. In addition to being available in an assortment of colors, these luxury bean bags are large enough for adults to sit in them comfortably.

Quilted Bean Bags

It isn't uncommon for bean bag chairs to only be in homes for a few years due to their subpar quality. However, when selecting a luxurious bean bag featuring quilting and high-quality styles, they'll last for years. The seams won't split like a typical bean bag chair. So, when you're moving or redecorating a room, the bean bag chair won't get tossed into the donate pile. Instead, the soft texture of the quilting will make this seat an eye-catching piece in the room.

Oversized Bean Bag Chairs

These luxury bean bag chairs are available in a broad range of materials and styles. Not only are they an excellent addition to any bedroom but they also work well as additions to guest rooms as well. They take on the appearance of a small backless couch and are excellent for lounging, napping, and sleepovers.

When you’re shopping for luxury bean bags, the first thing you’re going to consider is the color. Are you matching the colors of the bean bags to the comforter, bedding, and curtains in the bedroom? Do you want it to be a bold accent piece? Next, select the fabric from which you would like it made. Do you prefer microfiber over suede? You’ll find that’s an easier option to clean. Are you looking for one that will seat an adult or a child? Answering this question will help you select an appropriate size.

Avoid picking bean bag chairs with vinyl upholstery. Over time, it the seams will split, and the upholstery will crack. When selecting luxury bean bags, the durability is much stronger. You’ll be finding higher quality bean bags featuring better maintenance standards. The fabrics can be spot cleaned and, when the beans come out, you can machine wash many of them. Make sure you read the care instructions on the label beforehand.

Best Ideas

Icon large bean bag classic luxury faux fur bean bags

ICON Large Bean Bag Classic - Luxury Faux Fur Bean Bags - Designer Bean Bags MINK: Kitchen & Home

Relax Sack Relax Sack 7 ft. Microsuede Foam Bean Bag Sofa, Red

PolliMolli Angry Birds bean bag chair cover, Family size, waterproof (BLACK)

Your room lacks an on-trend twist? This jazzy bean bag is an affordable solution to introduce a huge splash of color to your place! Pillow shaped, it is covered with waterproof high gloss vinyl in red, orange and white.

Luxury bean bags 4

554359_218277734948888_1219242151_n.jpg (640×640)

Woouf sofa moog bean bag

Woouf - Sofa Moog Bean Bag

Suede bean bags 3

Another seating area is a bit warmer with a modern sueded bean bag chair and seating cushions that evoke the cozy macrame of your grandmother's house.

Sheepskin bean bag

Sheepskin Bean Bag

Luxury jute bean bags style homez inc

Luxury Jute Bean Bags | Style Homez Inc.

Luxury bean bags 3

Fuzzy Bean Bag - Sand - movable seating / read books in bedroom? Not the coolest thing, but could work?

Luxury Pear Bean Bag Chair Color: Orange

This bean bag chair is not only comfortable but also cute... Thanks to vivid orange upholstery it is a candy to the eye, and the fabric is so fuzzy and soft in touch. With all these features, this chair looks almost like an exotic fruit!

Jaxx Classic Saxx 3 ft Bean Bag, Camel Microsuede

It is a very comfortable and amazing bean bag that is available in many color options to choose. It has got a micro suede cover that is easy to care for and machine washable.

Luxury bean bag 1

Gigantic bean bag chair for the patio.

Gold Medal 30008409816 Small Wet Look Vinyl Bean Bag for Children, Yellow

Funny bean bag in yolk yellow. Wherever you need an extra seating for your kids, this bean bag will do perfectly, as it is very portable. Its vinyl cover is very easy to clean, so you don't have to concern about stains.

Xxl 7 Fuf Comfort Suede Bean Bag Multiple Colors

Xxl 7 Fuf Comfort Suede Bean Bag Multiple Colors

This bean bag is a product that increases the level of comfort in any indoors. It is filled with soft and durable foam. This product is available in different colors and sizes, so it matches any decorative style.