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Cozy and chic, a luxury bean bag is the perfect way to incorporate some sophistication into your home. Bean bag chairs come in many different textures, from faux fur to faux leather, so there’s something for everyone. Slightly more expensively priced than a regular bean bag, luxury bean bag chairs offer benefits beyond being comfy. Our design experts have picked out some of the nicest so you can find the best bean bag for you. 

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Updated 02/06/2022
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Faux Fur Luxury Bean Bag

Faux Fur Luxury Bean Bag

Chill Sack

What we like: Stain resistant

What we don’t like: Takes a while to fully expand

Not so good for: If you don’t like the feeling of fur

Perfect for: Hanging out with friends

Available in charcoal gray, black, brown, or pure white, this bean bag also comes with three size options to choose from. Built to last, it comes with an internal liner, meaning you can remove the cover for easy cleaning.

Instead of beans or pellets, this bean bag is filled with high-quality shredded foam. In addition, the break-away zipper type will prevent pets or small children from accessing the liner and making a mess. Each seam is also double stitched. 

$205.86 $254.73

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Wide Luxury Bean Bag Chair

Wide Luxury Bean Bag Chair


What we like: Can seat up to four

What we don’t like: Doesn’t have much back support

Not so good for: If you like lying down fully

Perfect for: Watching television

Unique in its shape, this bean bag is perfect for lounging on, though it can seat up to four. It has a weight capacity of 500lbs, meaning it will last even longer. Despite the high weight capacity, it weighs less than 20lbs, so you can move it from room to room easily.

Covered in super durable cotton and lycra material, the cover can be removed and machine washed via a zipper. Fifteen color options are available. It is made in the USA. 


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Faux Leather Luxury Bean Bag for Adults

Faux Leather Luxury Bean Bag for Adults

Big Joe

What we like: Smooth faux leather feel

What we don’t like: Cover isn’t removable

Not so good for: If you like to deep clean

Perfect for: A modern living room

You can choose from cement beige or espresso brown with this bean bag chair. Upholstered in a stylish and sophisticated vegan leather fabric, it is soft to the touch. No uneven filling here – each bean bag has been filled with the perfect amount of bean filling so there aren’t any awkward flat spots.

However, the cover is not removable. This is because each outside zipper is intentionally removed before shipping for both child safety and extra durability. It is recommended that you spot clean your bean bag.

$127.06 $169.99

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Luxury Bean Bag Chair with Arms

Luxury Bean Bag Chair with Arms

Big Joe

What we like: Versatile design

What we don’t like: Low seat may be difficult to get out of

Not so good for: If you like a firm back

Perfect for: If you like to rest your arms when sitting

This bean bag chair has six different fabric and color options to choose from. Just like sitting on a cloud due to its foam-filled interior, it comes with low arms that will offer a degree of support. Although it does not come assembled, you just need to place the pillow inserts as directed and it’s ready to lounge on!

Easy to spot clean due to the 100% polyester cover, this bean bag will feel like a warm hug at the end of the day. The cover can be removed for machine washing.

$168.64 $227

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Striped Luxury Bean Bag

Striped Luxury Bean Bag

Arlmont & Co.

What we like: Stain and water-resistant

What we don’t like: Not as soft to the touch

Not so good for: If you prefer more shapeless beanbags

Perfect for: Adding retro flair to a room

Designed with a hint of throwback retro style, this bean bag is cool and comfy. There are five color choices to pick from, all interspersed with a white background. Colors include black and yellow.

The rigid back and solid seat make this chair a good option if you have back problems. The seat is also large enough to seat two cuddled up. Made from 100% polyester and stuffed with polystyrene beans, the childproof closure will help to stop any mischief and mess. The cover is removable and machine washable. 

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Shell Back Luxury Beanbag

Shell Back Luxury Beanbag

Big Joe

What we like: Vintage-inspired shell back

What we don’t like: Shaping doesn’t stay completely firm

Not so good for: More than one person

Perfect for: A teen’s bedroom

Classy and cute due to the subtle shell back design, your family will be fighting over who gets to sit in this luxury beanbag. It comes in either charming lunar gray or versatile caribou beige.

Plus, the built-in handle makes it easily transportable, and great for movie nights or sleepovers. The beans within are designed to conform to your body shape over time for a truly unique lounging experience. Double-stitched with safety locking zippers, the cover is spot-clean only.

$74.58 $109.65

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Luxury Bean Bags

Buying Guide

No matter your age, bean bag chairs are cozy and comfortable. They've been a staple in dorm rooms and teenager's bedrooms throughout the decades. The chair's inception began in the late 1960s by a group of Italian designers, and they've been popular ever since. In addition to their comfort being a reason for their popularity, the price is also a leading factor. Because there are many different styles available, we've put together this buying guide to help you select the best luxury bean bags.

Luxury Bean Bags with a Chair Shape

These luxury bean bags feature all the comfort and style of a traditional bean bag but maintain the shape of a traditional chair. However, to stay in an upright position, those sitting in it must use their core strength. The main reason is that there's no back support. Some of these chair style bean bags will offer some backrest support, but it's not as optimal as a traditional chair. However, you'll sink in and have that same cozy feeling you would experience in a traditional bean bag.

Faux Suede Luxury Bean Bags

Featuring opulent comfort, these bean bags are soft and cushiony. In addition to being available in an assortment of colors, these luxury bean bags are large enough for adults to sit in them comfortably.

Quilted Bean Bags

It isn't uncommon for bean bag chairs to only be in homes for a few years due to their subpar quality. However, when selecting a luxurious bean bag featuring quilting and high-quality styles, they'll last for years. The seams won't split like a typical bean bag chair. So, when you're moving or redecorating a room, the bean bag chair won't get tossed into the donate pile. Instead, the soft texture of the quilting will make this seat an eye-catching piece in the room.

Oversized Bean Bag Chairs

These luxury bean bag chairs are available in a broad range of materials and styles. Not only are they an excellent addition to any bedroom but they also work well as additions to guest rooms as well. They take on the appearance of a small backless couch and are excellent for lounging, napping, and sleepovers.

When you’re shopping for luxury bean bags, the first thing you’re going to consider is the color. Are you matching the colors of the bean bags to the comforter, bedding, and curtains in the bedroom? Do you want it to be a bold accent piece? Next, select the fabric from which you would like it made. Do you prefer microfiber over suede? You’ll find that’s an easier option to clean. Are you looking for one that will seat an adult or a child? Answering this question will help you select an appropriate size.

Avoid picking bean bag chairs with vinyl upholstery. Over time, it the seams will split, and the upholstery will crack. When selecting luxury bean bags, the durability is much stronger. You’ll be finding higher quality bean bags featuring better maintenance standards. The fabrics can be spot cleaned and, when the beans come out, you can machine wash many of them. Make sure you read the care instructions on the label beforehand.

Best Ideas

Luxury bean bag

Luxury bean bag - is an example of a class contained in simple furniture. Perfect place for a distinguished man to sit down and watch a game. Emanates with beautiful gray color, quality materials and accented black top made of small leather triangles.

Luxury bean bags 1

Looking for a cozy and modern piece of statement furniture for your living room? Well, these luxurious high-end bean bag chairs will offer exactly that. They are incredibly comfortable and come in neutral and fluffy fabric upholstery that will feel amazing on your skin and body.

Icon large bean bag classic luxury faux fur bean bags

ICON Large Bean Bag Classic - Luxury Faux Fur Bean Bags - Designer Bean Bags MINK: Kitchen & Home

6 foot soft white fur large oval microfiber memory foam

This is a modern, unique, solid and comfortable bean bag chair that is large enough to accommodate an adult user. It is filled with soft memory foam that is covered with a cotton material, so it is safe for the health of human.

Luxurious supersoft fur beanbag wolf new decorative home

Luxurious Supersoft Fur Beanbag - Wolf NEW - Decorative Home

Classic Bean Bag Chair

Classic Bean Bag Chair

Classic bean bag chair as a place to relax or additional seat in any interior. Convenient form adapts to body shape and give support to the spine. It is filled with polystyrene and a double locking zippers.

Luxury bean bag 1

Gigantic bean bag chair for the patio.

Jaxx Sofa Saxx 4-foot Bean Bag Lounger, Dark Denim

With such a large piece of comfort your relaxing time will be covered in full. This comfortable bean bag lounger is wrapped in a microsuede dark denim cover, and filled with shredded foam. The cover is zippered, removable, and machine-washable.

Soft Velvet Luxe Bean Bag  Adult, Coffee

Adult sized bean bag covered with velvet like fabric in brown (coffee shade) and very thickly stuffed. The form of this bean bag chair offers particularly tall backrest. The form and colour adapt well to modern trends.

Luxury beanbag

Bean bags are the perfect comfort seating for teens, kids, and anyone else agile enough to sit on the floor. These high-end bags look like giant bed pillows, but have all the versatility of standard bean bags. Napping just got better.

Sheepskin bean bag

Sheepskin Bean Bag

Fur bean bags

If you choose one of those fuzzy bean bags, it will, instantly, become your best furry friend. Each of those babies ensures luxurious comfort created by faux fur upholstery and soft foam filling.

Most comfortable bean bag

Curl up on the sheepskin beanbag like this one and make sure that your room is simply stunning, whether you're a teenager or an adult. This piece will let you know and appreciate true comfort and relaxation.

Luxury bean bags 4

554359_218277734948888_1219242151_n.jpg (640×640)

Most comfortable bean bag chairs 1

This bean bag chair distinguishes itself with unique comfort and style. Its furry style will enchant both adults and children, constituting a consider worthy addition to their bedrooms or living room.

Luxury bean bag chairs

Now, this is a luxurious bean bag! It even comes with a tufted design! Perfect if you want to share it with your significant other, as there is plenty of room for two people to fit. A truly great addition to your living room.

Awesome bean bags 2

This high-quality, 100% genuine leather bean bag will be a great bargain for all country style lovers. Incorporate a bit of this rodeo vibe to your interior, adding comfort and coziness.

Lifestyle Bean Bag  Adult, Ebony

Comfy and big bean bag dedicated for adults. Such a bag conforms to the current body posture of a user and it provides a relaxing, snug fit. This piece is wrapped in ebony black vinyl. The cover is equipped with a zipper.

Relax Sack Relax Sack 7 ft. Microsuede Foam Bean Bag Sofa, Red

Xxl 7 Fuf Comfort Suede Bean Bag Multiple Colors

Xxl 7 Fuf Comfort Suede Bean Bag Multiple Colors

This bean bag is a product that increases the level of comfort in any indoors. It is filled with soft and durable foam. This product is available in different colors and sizes, so it matches any decorative style.

This huge beanbag is perfect for anybody that wants the

This Huge Beanbag is perfect for anybody that wants the most comfortable chair on earth. Sink into a soft and supple cloud of foam. You will find this will be everybody's favorite seat.

Woouf sofa moog bean bag

Woouf - Sofa Moog Bean Bag

PolliMolli Angry Birds bean bag chair cover, Family size, waterproof (BLACK)

Your room lacks an on-trend twist? This jazzy bean bag is an affordable solution to introduce a huge splash of color to your place! Pillow shaped, it is covered with waterproof high gloss vinyl in red, orange and white.

Luxury bean bags 3

Fuzzy Bean Bag - Sand - movable seating / read books in bedroom? Not the coolest thing, but could work?