Bean Bags For Teenagers

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Bean bag chairs provide cozy seating for various activities, including reading, relaxing, watching TV, and doing homework. They mold to your body, creating a more flexible alternative to traditional chairs. They’ve become increasingly popular because they are stylish and comfortable and can fit in with a teenager’s bedroom aesthetic. We’ve compiled some of the best bean bags for teens that can enhance their bedroom or game room.

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Updated 13/04/2023
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Faux Fur Bean Bag for Teenage Girl

Faux Fur Bean Bag for Teenage Girl

Big Joe

What We Like: Machine washable cover

What We Don’t Like: 35 lbs.

Not So Good For: Easy transportation

Perfect For: Easy cleaning

This faux fur bean bag chair is an excellent option for anyone looking for the best bean bag chair for teenage girls. It comes prefilled, and the cover is removable and machine washable. The fabric is tear resistant, and the patented foam filling is designed never to go flat so that you can use the bean bag chair for years.

The chair insert is double-stitched and uses dual zippers. The teardrop design of this oversized chair provides maximum comfort for relaxation or work time. Use the bean bag chair to add texture to a room by pairing it with similar colors or contrast the room’s color scheme as a bold statement piece.

$104.69 $159.99

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Faux Leather Bean Bag for Teenager

Faux Leather Bean Bag for Teenager

Ebern Designs

What We Like: Ergonomic shape

What We Don’t Like: Limited color choices

Not So Good For: Girly room

Perfect For: Versatile use in bedrooms or family rooms

This faux leather bean bag chair features an ergonomic shape that uses the structure of a lounging chair to offer back support while resting or working. The chair is tear-resistant and uses polystyrene beans to ensure long-term durability.

It can make a great alternative to a gaming chair, but the stylish design makes it perfect for versatile use. Transport from bedrooms to family rooms while blending in with modern, industrial or rustic home decor. Add the chair to a matching leather couch for additional seating during a family movie night or add a plush blanket and place it in a game room for cozy seating.

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Teenager Bean Bag Chair

Teenager Bean Bag Chair

Big Joe

What We Like: Cozy suede exterior

What We Don’t Like: Refill beans sold separately

Not So Good For: Holding shape for years

Perfect For: Modern, neutral color scheme rooms

This pre-filled bean bag allows teenagers to be comfortable reading, studying, or working on homework. The chair features fire-resistant fabric for increased safety. The suede exterior is cozy and provides a textural element to a bedroom or game room.

The on-the-go handle makes it easy to switch between different rooms. Choose from four different neutral color options that can easily blend into minimalist or modern rooms. Add a sleek standing lamp near the chair to illuminate a space for studying, or include a miniature plush footrest for additional comfort.

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Teen Bean Bag Chair

Teen Bean Bag Chair

Big Joe

What We Like: Lightweight 5 lb. design

What We Don’t Like: Rated medium in seat comfort

Not So Good For: Napping or relaxing

Perfect For: Studying or doing homework

This refillable polyester chair is an excellent option if you’re looking for bean bag chairs for teens. It combines a traditional chair’s structure with a bean bag chair’s comfort. This comfortable chair holds its shape, making it a great spot to work on homework, read or study.

Weighing just under 5 lbs. and featuring a handle, it’s easy to transport between rooms or from home to college. It’s stain-resistant and can be easily wiped off with a solvent-based cleaner. Add a plush blanket to create a cozy seating place, or add a pillowed lap desk to make a perfect study station.

$74.58 $89.99

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Bean Bag Lounger

Bean Bag Lounger

Three Posts™ Teen

What We Like: Microfiber

What We Don’t Like: Difficult to move between rooms

Not So Good For: Small bedrooms

Perfect For: Resting and napping

This microfiber bean bag chair offers a comfortable lounging space that is perfect for resting and napping. If you’re deciding on what size bean bag for teenagers looking to relax or nap comfortably, this 45” x 70” chair creates a full relaxation area. Just add a plush blanket and pillow to create a place to cozy up while watching movies.

The bag is durable, with a 300 lb. weight capacity and puncture-proof material. With five solid hues to choose from, find a great color to accentuate any room’s color scheme. The luxe microfiber material works well in a casual bedroom but can also be used in recreation or family rooms.  

$125.99 $139.99

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Extra Large Faux Fur Bean Bag Lounger

Extra Large Faux Fur Bean Bag Lounger

Chill Sack

This bean bag lounger is six feet long with a 48” depth and a 34” height for two adults up to 500 pounds. Shredded memory foam provides sturdy yet comfortable seating in four removable machine-washable faux fur finishes. 

$335.99 $379.99

Designer Advice:

Bean bag loungers can be a cozy alternative seating that can go into any room. Modern style bags can have various fillings than traditional small hard bead stuffings. Memory foam insides can provide a more supportive structure that makes it easy to share the seat. A faux fur upholstery offers a soft, cozy texture that’s easy to clean. 

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Oversized Bean Bag Chair

Oversized Bean Bag Chair

Big Joe

This foam-filled imperial design bean bag chair has a 35” tall back, a 61” wide seat for two, and a 50” depth covered in a soft polyester fabric upholstery in four colors. A safety zipper allows easy removal and cleaning. 

$214.99 $289.99

Designer Advice:

Bean bags don’t just come with different fillings and upholsteries, like this casual zippered and removable polyester fabric. You can also get bean bags in various styles, including large pieces resembling sofas and providing enough room to accommodate multiple people. These styles make excellent choices for living rooms, bedrooms, and areas for kids or teens.

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Faux Fur Bean Bag Chair & Lounger

Faux Fur Bean Bag Chair & Lounger


This minimalistic bean bag has an acrylic faux fur washable cover and foam micro-cushions. You can lay this sofa flat for a 6’ long by 6’ wide by 22’’ tall seat for two or flip it on its side for a traditional chair.

$389 $429

Designer Advice:

Lazy boy bean bags that you can convert into different sitting arrangements makes a fantastic choice when you like the ability to change looks with little effort. It also makes for a versatile seat to shift from a bed to a chair, making it great for guest rooms, offices, living rooms, dens, or playrooms. 

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Traditional Style Bean Bag Side Chair

Traditional Style Bean Bag Side Chair


This foam-filled bean bag side chair has a high back with high arms and a plush shallow seat in faux fur in four neutral colors. It has a 250-pound weight limit and a 27” height, a 39” depth, and a 37” width.

Designer Advice:

Traditional-style bean bag chairs make an interesting alternative furniture piece that can fit into your existing interior decor. It looks fabulous paired with a casual living room set, accenting a sofa and recliner or as a replacement for chairs. In addition, the compact size and soft filling make it easy to store if you don’t want permanent pieces. 

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Sleek, Stylish Ergonomic Seat and Ottoman Set

Sleek, Stylish Ergonomic Seat and Ottoman Set

Ebern Designs

This two-piece set provides a unique and ergonomically comfortable lounge seat and ottoman with tri-comfort body contouring, weight resistant support chambers filled with AFA beans. The 28” deep by 28” high tapered seat has a 45” width in a blue polyester fabric.

$259.99 $242.99

Designer Advice:

Bean bag chairs can provide a strong structural shape that provides a supportive frame that keeps your bones aligned ergonomically. And two-piece sets that contain a chair and a footstool make the ultimate relaxation piece in a casual aesthetic. In addition, the sleek design and tapered shape provide a chic modern European-inspired vibe in a slim, compact armless frame.

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Microsuede Bean Bag Chair

Microsuede Bean Bag Chair

Sofa Sack - Bean Bags

What we like: Chic velvet-feel fabric

What we don’t like: Have to break up foam yourself

Not so great for: If you need back support

Perfect for: College dorm rooms

This bean bag chair will curve to your body shape for an elite lounging experience every time. This is because it is filled with memory foam that will not only contour better but will maintain its shape longer, too. Covered in a microsuede fabric that will feel soft against the skin, the velvety texture is chic and comfortable.

Lightweight and easy to move around, we recommend this bean bag for someone off to college. Fun without being too childish, it will give them an extra spot to relax on when studying. Plus, the wide range of colors means they can match it exactly to their style. 

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Animal Bean Bag Chair

Animal Bean Bag Chair

Second Story Home

What we like: Unique and cool design

What we don’t like: No childproof closure

Not so great for: Curious or lively children

Perfect for: Encouraging fun learning

Fun and ultra-unique, this bean bag chair features a cool shark head design with teeth. More of a seat than a traditional bean bag, it’s a great option if your child fidgets a lot on a regular chair. The 100% polyester covering has a shark-like gray-and-white color scheme that is easy to match.

Filled with EPS foam beads that will shape to the body over time, your child is sure to love the comfort this chair offers. However, the lack of childproof closure could be an issue if your child is the curious type. It also cannot be machine washed but spot-cleaned only, although the cover is removable to do this.

$122 $120.26

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Simple Bean Bag Chair

Simple Bean Bag Chair

What we like: Offers back support

What we don’t like: Expensively priced

Not so great for: If you like soft-feeling fabrics

Perfect for: A modern home

The best feature of this bean bag chair is its versatility. Due to its large size, you can seat up to two on it or recline by yourself. You could even offer it as a sleeping space when guests visit unexpectedly. Best of all, the shape will offer plenty of back support.

Although simple in looks, the variety of colors available means you can brighten up a room immediately depending on the one you pick. It is also water-resistant, always a helpful feature whether you’re prone to spillages or not. However, the nylon upholstery won’t be as comfortable to sink into compared to microsuede or faux-fur. 

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Slim Bean Bag Chair

Slim Bean Bag Chair

Ebern Designs

What we like: Defined L-shape

What we don’t like: Can’t sink into it

Not so great for: If you don’t want to be on the ground

Perfect for: Gamers

Not your traditional bean bag chair, this one lays flat on the floor. Due to the L-shape, it’s a good choice if you hate the lack of shape regular bean bags usually have. We recommend it if you game often. It won’t take up much space but will help to prevent any backache from sitting for a while during an intense game.

The childproof zipper closure will help you to rest easy knowing pets or small children can’t cause a mess, either. A chic and contemporary addition to any living room or bedroom, the pre-filled polyurethane foam beads will offer heaps of comfort. 

$59.99 $100

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Bean Bags For Teenagers

Buying Guide

One of the most iconic chairs are bean bag chairs. Not only do they score high in the form factor, but they are also very comfortable. You probably know all the great things a bean bag has to offer, and that's why you are looking for one.

However, you can't just buy the first one you see. It would be best if you consider a couple of factors to ensure that you get the "perfect" one for your situation. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to find the right bean bag chair for you.

Since a bean bag has no frame, then choosing the right fabric is perhaps the most crucial factor. Nowadays, bean bag chairs come in many different fabrics, and each has its own ups and downs.

  • Vinyl is perhaps the most common material as it's durable. However, it tends to get warm and feels sticky during a hot day. Hence, you should think twice about getting vinyl if you live in a place with warm weather.
  • Cotton is a good alternative to vinyl, and it has the advantage of being very comfortable and breathable. On the downside, it’s typically not stain resistant. It's also not that durable. Hence, it is not the best fabric if you have pets and kids in the house.
  • Polyester variety has its advantages. It's fairly durable and economical. The expensive ones will have a special coating that will make the fabric water-repellant, mold-resistant, and stain-resistant. On the other hand, polyester has a tendency to look cheap.
  • Leather is perhaps the most durable fabric for a bean bag. It also looks luxurious. However, it's very expensive. You also need to properly maintain it.
  • Microsuede has the advantage of being very luxurious-looking. Also, it's soft and very comfortable. However, just like cotton, it's hard to deal with it if it gets spills and stains.

It used to be that bean bags only come in round shape. Not anymore. When it comes to the shape, you have plenty of choices to fit your liking and the space you want to place it.

For example, if the room has limited space, then a bean bag shaped in a rectangle works well. The reason for this is because you can fit it into the corners or in the middle of the sofa sections.

There's also a bean bag that's shaped like a sofa. Such a shape will give the room a unique look. Also, it adds an element of fun and comfort.

If you have plenty of space to work with, then an oversized bean bag is an excellent idea. It's not only eye-catching and comfortable, but it will also help make the place look less empty.

If you want to stretch your legs and rest your back comfortably, you can opt for a teardrop shaped bean bag. A great option for tall loungers.

Bean bag fillings generally fall into two broad categores:

  • Polyester beads are the most common and economical. However, this type of filling can be a safety hazard if you have pets and kids in the house.
  • Natural materials, like soft pine shavings, are safer. On the downside, it's more expensive than polyester beads.

You can find bean bags for teenagers in different sizes, but the most popular option is to aim for around 4 feet (120 cm) in width to ensure enough space to sit comfortably.

You can even find larger models that let two people sit on them at the same time. However, to be on the safe side, we recommend measuring their allocated space before purchasing one.

Best Ideas

Cheap bean bag chairs for teenagers

Cheap Bean Bag Chairs For Teenagers

Perfect room for a teenage boy

Perfect room for a teenage boy.

Bean bag chairs for teenagers

Uniquely designed bean bag chair that loosely resembles your average armchair. The piece is stuffed with foam and finished in beautiful fabric upholstery. Its neutral tones of light grey and white should blend into your spaces with ease.

Fuf Extra Extra Large Bean Bag Sofa Fabric: Wide-Wale Corduroy Beach

Bean bag sofa with an extra large size. It is filled with materials that provide softness, comfort and relaxation. It is also covered with material finished in neutral gray color, so it matches any home design.

Big Joe Cuddle Children's Bean Bag Lounger

Big Joe Cuddle Children's Bean Bag Lounger

Great looking bean bag chair made using high quality stain resistant fabric cover and soft foam filling to provide a comfortable and supportive lounging spot that is both stylish, functional, and durable.

Large 4' Fuf Comfort Suede Bean Bag Chair Black Onyx - Soft Durable Comfortable Seating for Everyday Use

Give your teenager a modern piece of practical furniture in his or her room with this comfortable bean bag chair. Designed to last for years, these chairs come with plum cushioning and durable upholstery that will withstand normal daily wear and tear easily.

Bean bags for girls

For Cammy's room in aqua and Only $29

5 ft Royal Blue Large Foam Bean Bag Chair Microfiber Suede SLACKER sack Foof Beanbag Chair like LoveSac

It is a 5-feet foam micro suede beanbag chair that is available in many fantastic color options to choose. Everyone will tell you how comfortable and great this product is. You need to have it.

Small bean bags for kids 20

Comfortable bean bag chair for kids with plum comfortable seating and a playful chevron finish. The piece also offers a vibrant two-tone finish thanks to its cascading touches of light blue and white. Great for small kid’s bedrooms due to its compact design.

Big Joe Patriot Blue Club 19 Chair in SmartMax

Comfy Big Joe bean bag chair for your teenagers. It’s made of tough water and stain-resistant Smart Max fabric. The bean bag chair is also filled with comfortable Ultimax polystyrene beans that easily conform to your body for ultimate comfort and relaxation.

Blue ORGANIC Cotton Washable Large Bean Bag Chair - FREE SHIPPING!

This large bean bag chair is filled with 100% polystyrene pellets, and wrapped in a 100% organic blue cotton cover. The cover is zippered, removable, machine-washable, with double-stitched seams and water-repellent inner liner.

Funky swirls print in yellow orange and

Funky swirls print in yellow orange and

Lack a funky factor in a dorm or lounge room? Fashionable bean bag covered with multicolor fabric is the solution. As for example, this beanbag chair sports retro pattern with purple and yellow swirls.

4 foot round white fur and foam large kid bean

- 4-foot Round White Fur and Foam Large Kid Bean Bag Chair - Allow your child or teenager to watch a movie or simply relax in one of these comfortable bean bag chairs. These large bean bags feature a soft white fur cover and are easy to cle

Bean bags for teenagers 2

Don't you think it is the best bean bag for teenagers - or lovers of floral patterns print! Pink, blue, and green colors - comfortable and versatile - bean bag adapts to the shape of the body.You can fall into her after a hard day!

Funky bean bags 1

A pair of fabulous bean bags in a funky style. They feature extraordinary upholstery in soft colors of blue and grey. The bean bags will be a pretty accent of a living room or a child's room, creating a homely feel.

Shags ORIGINAL-CC Bean Bag Chair, Small, Cotton Candy Pink

This fuzzy and nice-to-touch bean bag chair is wrapped in an anti-static and dirt-resistant, chenille microfiber polyester (cool in summer and warm in winter) that can be removed and thrown into a washing machine. Safety zippers included.

Shags ORIGINAL-MY Bean Bag Chair, Small, Mellow Yellow

This fuzzy and nice-to-touch bean bag chair is wrapped in an anti-static and dirt-resistant, chenille microfiber polyester (cool in summer and warm in winter) that can be removed and thrown into a washing machine. Safety zippers included.

American Furniture Print and Plush Adult Bean Bag, Denim

This comfortable bean bag fits playrooms, dorm rooms, bedrooms, and playrooms. The bag is pear-shaped, double stitched with double overlap folded seam, and provides support for your neck and back. Spot clean with a damp cloth.

Big Joe Shag Milano Chair

The beautiful fur upholstery of this fur bean bag is a perfect combination of beautiful design, which guarantees a great accent to decor and functional furniture. The whole is ideal for a teenager's room.

Big Joe Roma Bean Bag Chair, Sapphire

Bean bag chair for kids teenagers college students and parents

Bean Bag Chair For Kids, Teenagers, College Students and Parents

Original jpg 15


Classic Vinyl Bean Bag Royal

This bean bag chair embraces the cozy trend in splendid fashion. You can't miss it thanks to an outstanding eggplant purple vinyl upholstery, and its level of comfort is just obvious from the very first glance - and sitting.

Ocean Reef Cotton Washable Large Bean Bag Chair - FREE SHIPPING!

This large bean bag chair is filled with 100% polystyrene pellets, and wrapped in a 100% cotton cover with an ocean wildlife theme. The cover is zippered, removable, machine-washable, with double-stitched seams and water-repellent inner liner.