Pub Dart Board Cabinet

A dartboard cabinet by itself is fine. It's functional and keeps everything nice and neat in your dartboard area. But it doesn't make a statement or change the dynamic of your decretive desires in the space. That is because what you really need is a pub dartboard cabinet. We have tons of logos for you to choose from embossed on the doors of this cabinet and they're all made of the highest quality materials for your pleasure.

Best Products

Rustic dart board cabinet

Rustic dart board cabinet
Dart board cabinet in vintage style. It is completely made of wood. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. Received a lot of top ratings from satisfied customers.

Wood cabinet dartboard set mahogany

Wood cabinet dartboard set mahogany
This is a solid and high quality set designed for use with a dartboard. It has got doors that can protect the dartboard and special handles for darts. The wooden construction is extra solid so durability is enhanced.

Dart board backboard cabinet case

Dart board backboard cabinet case
Solid dart board with a wooden frame that is resistant to wear caused by darts. It includes a traditional round playing board and a horizontal beam in the lower area that allows for storing darts. The whole wooden construction looks very simple.

Vintage dart board cabinet pub saint

Vintage dart board cabinet pub saint
Looking for an addition that would spruce up your ambiance? This dart board cabinet adds fun, style and beauty. It features the vintage design with Saint George slaying dragon motif and wooden construction.

NHL Dart Board and Cabinet Set

NHL Dart Board and Cabinet Set
It is a NHL cart board and cabinet set that includes an interior scoreboard with a NHL team logo. You will be impressed how great this product is. It is a very good choice for your home.

Dart Board Cabinet Set

Dart Board Cabinet Set
This Dart Board Cabinet Set is a must-have in every game room, bar, or bachelor pad. The set features a solid wood front, 6 weighted steel-tipped darts, pre-mounted back z-brackets, and 2 functional black chalkboards.

Dartboard Cabinet Set

Dartboard Cabinet Set
A traditional dartboard cabinet set made of rosewood, perfect to immediately enhance the ambiance of any game room. It features a baseball game on reverse. It is equipped with two sets of darts and a scoring board.

Our advice Buying Guide

If you’re always down for a round of darts, make sure you have a room readily available for your spontaneous dart games. Dartboards come with hardy wall-mounted cabinets to offer you with an instant solution to furnishing a game room. The cabinets are not just to style game rooms, however, as their main purpose is to offer protection to your walls during gameplay.

To ensure you pick the pub dart board cabinet that’s right for your game needs and aesthetic goals, here are tips you should remember:

How to pick the right darts?

Pub dart board cabinets, darts, and dart boards come as a set. Pick the cabinet that offers you with the darts and dartboard that suit your needs.

You'll find cabinets that have electric boards, which make use of light and safe-to-use darts. They're great for practice and/or casual games with your buddies. For professional dart players, the best darts are made of tungsten or brass. Tungsten is the better option as it’s denser compared to brass.

Darts that consist of tungsten are smaller and denser, which will get you higher scores because of close groupings. If you are a beginner, a good option for you will be nickel or brass as the materials are cheaper and easily replaceable.

What types of dart boards are there?

There are three types of dart boards, namely magnetic, electronic, and bristle. As a player, you must know each type, as well as how it’s used.

  • Bristle boards are self-healing as they consist of sisal fiber. They return to their original state even when darts have hit their surfaces. They're the most common dart boards that you’ll find paired with pub dart cabinets. They're in bars, and they’re what professional players use in tournaments. Bristle boards, however, are not to be utilized by kids as the darts of such type of board makes use of steel tips, which can injure children if they’re mishandled.
  • As for an electronic board, it’s for amateurs as it’s light and its body is made of plastic. Its darts come with plastic tips to offer safety.
  • A magnetic board has all the features bristle and electronic boards have but it’s fitted with magnets.

What extra features to look for in a pub dart board cabinet?

No one likes purchasing the same product again and again or getting a dart board cabinet that fails in giving protection to your game room walls. So, consider the features a cabinet is equipped with to catch stray darts. There are also dart board cabinet features that allow you to have the best dart game experience like dry erase scoreboards and dart catching rings.

Does a pub dart board cabinet require professional installation?

Generally speaking, no. Just choose the dart cabinet that’s easy to install, so you can set it up as soon as it arrives at your doorstep. A mounting hardware must be included in your dart kit. A dart cabinet is best when it’s added with front-facing mounting holes to allow for a quick and easy setup.


Dartboard cabinet set

Try your skills with this fantastic dartboard set that you can put in your game room, bachelor pad, or pub. The dartboard rests secured in a wood case with two doors - one door with a scorboard and the second one with a dart rack.

Vintage dart board cabinet

An exquisite dartboard cabinet that can come in handy in bars, pubs, game rooms, dorms, and bachelor pads. Crafted of sturdy wood, the cabinet has a pair of front doors with a queen's head print on them, concealing a dart storage and a dartboard itself.

Pub dart board cabinet

Protective wall for game rooms and pubs. This cabinet features a solid wine corks face suitable for darts. It also offers a small storage space for game items or other elements. Black wooden frame is neutral and stylish.

Dart boards for bars

Guinness Extra Stout Beer Irish Pub Bar Sign 3D Dart Board

Bar style dart board

Need a proper dart board for your cabinet or pub? Check this one. Vintage dart boards like this are the best. This is exactly what I think of when I’m imagining a pub from 40 years back. Just excellent.

Arcade style dart board cabinet

Guinness Dart Board in Cabinet

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This is the dart board cabinet i built for my

This is the dart board cabinet I built for my electronic dart board ...

Guinness dart board cabinet set

Home Bar Décor & Furniture Dart Boards Guinness Cabinet Dart Board ...

Vintage dart board cabinet rustic dart board cabinet

Vintage Dart Board Cabinet Rustic dart board cabinet

Bar style dart boards

Who wants to play darts?A perfect way would be use this dartboard cabinet set, made with yellow poplar hardwood.On the sides, it has two small boards on which one can record the results.The dial has standard arrangement. You can close it when the game is over.

Dart board cabinet john can make it

Dart Board Cabinet | John Can Make It

Worcester arcade style dart board cabinet by viper 349 99

Worcester Arcade Style Dart Board Cabinet by Viper. $349.99. The Worcester Arcade Style Dart Board Cabinet brings the traditional look and feel of classic pub darts to your home. With its traditional furniture design and solid construction, this arcade st

RAM Gameroom Products Pub Sign, "Rack Em Up"

Harley davidson 61905 hd bar and shield dart board cabinet

Harley Davidson 61905 HD Bar and Shield Dart Board Cabinet

Worcester arcade style dart board cabinet

Worcester Arcade Style Dart Board Cabinet

Ebay dart board

... » Bar Gifts » Gifts for Him » Jack Daniels Dart Board and Cabinet

High quality dart board cabinet


Tournament dartboard

Good with everything but a cabinet with a dartboard to provide oogles of fun in your game's room or man's cave? Get a one brimming with timeless traditional style, a closable cherry wood cabinet with board inside.

Guinness dart board

Stylish and very impressive pub dart board cabinet is an interesting way to pleasing and functional interior design. Beautiful decor and elegant finish delight in creating a stylish furniture for the entertainment room decor.

Crown royal cabinet with dart board man cave bar den


Antique dart board cabinet

ADD a dart board (found here:

Bulldog Darts Kit

Bulldog Darts Kit

Kings head pub dart board

An awesome addition for game rooms, teenagers' rooms, dorms, and bachelor pads. The dartboard comes with a two-door front with two scoreboards, wood construction and easy wall mounting.

Halex 69805-MAP Cricket View 5000 Dartboard in Wood Cabinet (Maple Finish)

This Fully-Functional Dartboard with Wood Cabinet in Maple Finish provides as many entertainment as durability. Sturdy wooden cabinet properly protects the whole dart equipment, along with a scoreboard, dartboard, and 12 darts. The scoreboard is designed in cricket layout.

Tournament dartboard set

The wood dartboard cabinet is a practical and very glamorous way to decorate the interior and provide a fun form of entertainment. Interesting design for every entertainment room. Simple shield, scoreboard and interesting pose.

Wood dartboard cabinet

TG™ King's Head Value Dartboard Cabinet Set - Dark Wood by Etailer360. $70.12. TG™ King's Head Value Dartboard Cabinet Set - Dark Wood - This TG™ King's Head Lodging and Pub Dartboard Cabinet Set comes with everything you need to start playing. It i

Ebay dartboard


Vintage dart boards


RAM Gameroom Products Wooden Dartboard Cabinet, "Bullseye Darts Club - Double In, Double Out"

Fine Beer Dartboard Cabinet

Fine Beer Dartboard Cabinet

Wooden dart boards

And this one!

Beer dart boards


Kings head pub and lodging dartboard

Add so much fun into your apartment, and choose the tournament dartboard set. It can be used at commercial places, like pubs, bars and restaurants. Everyone will be impressed how cool this product is.

Master gg369 jpg


Diy dartboard backboard

This custom dart board cabinet is made from solid wood with a wire brush finish, adding a cool rustic vibe, known from the western saloons. There are dozens of various personalization options, including the size, colour, finish, shelving etc.

Blade 4 bristle dart board with wentworth cabinet

Blade 4 Bristle Dart Board with Wentworth Cabinet

Full Size Wood Cabinet Dartboard Set

Darts dart cabinets 1

Darts : Dart Cabinets

Arachnid r cricketpro 800 arcade dartboard with cabinet package

Arachnid® Cricketpro 800 Arcade Dartboard With Cabinet Package

Fine Beer Dartboard Cabinet

RAM Gameroom Products Dartboard Cabinet, "Strikers Darts Club"

Athos Dart Board

Athos Dart Board