Eco Friendly Bean Bag Chairs


Bean bag chairs are fun and comfortable. Eco-friendly bean bag chairs are even better, because they give you peace of mind that you are doing right by the environment. Limit your carbon footprint with these eco-friendly bean bag chairs. In many colors and sizes, you are sure to find that perfect one for you. Check out this collection and get yours, today.

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Our Picks

Strapping big hug eco friendly red bean bag chair

Strapping big hug eco friendly red bean bag chair

Softness, support, solidity and comfort - these are the most important advantages of this bean bag chair. This kind of product is made of solid, eco-friendly materials. It is comfortable and measures 75 inches x 55 inches.

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Ahh Products Pink Organic Cotton Washable Bean Bag Chair

Ahh Products Pink Organic Cotton Washable Bean Bag Chair

This kind of product is ideal for teenage girls. It is a bean bag chair filled with soft materials that enhance the level of comfort. It has got a cover made of organic cotton that is machine washable.

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Brilliant bedroom

Brilliant bedroom

Designed in characteristic, vibrant lime green, this bean bag chair will create a cosy nook to rest and relax. If you like the unique softness and comfort of bean bags, this one is something for you.

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Cocoon Bean Bag Sofa

Cocoon Bean Bag Sofa

Made in the USA, this bag/sofa has been made of microsuede and is filled with beans. It has a removable cover and is safe for children. Machine washable, 1 year warranty on parts, extra large size - only a few of its pros.

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Twill polka dot mi kids bean bag chair

Twill polka dot mi kids bean bag chair

An eco-friendly addition to a kids’ room – a tiny, green bean bag chair with a spotted pattern, which makes it look fresh and colorful. Brings a cozy detail to the room and makes sure your kids can sit down comfortably.

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Xl 6 fuf comfort suede bean bag black onyx

Xl 6 fuf comfort suede bean bag black onyx

A high quality oversized bean bag chair that can be used as a sofa for two people. Its construction includes soft and comfortable fill that provides relaxation and ergonomy to any user. Simple design of this chair matches any interior project.

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Eco friendly bean bag chairs 2

If you’re looking for a comfy piece to your living room, take a look at this oversized bean bag with a soft finish in a vibrant, red color. The bean bag is filled with eco-friendly material, which makes it both comfortable and good for the environment.

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Organic bean bag chair

This eco-friendly bean bag chair represents comfort and functionality. It can be a perfect spot to rest for your child and for you to store various stuff. Finished in turquoise blue, it will add a vibrant accent to the space.

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Eco friendly bean bag chairs 25

Bean bag chair for watching TV, reading books and more. It is covered with pleasant to the touch fabric and reinforced with solid seams. Perfect as additional seating or place for relaxation in all kinds of interiors.

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Oversized bean bags 2

Such a wonderful set of oversized, huge bean bags with a very unique, traditional design. Perfect for an elegant, old-fashioned living room to give it a nice, unique touch and a comfortable place to sit down.

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Eco Friendly Bean Bag Chairs

Buying Guide

Bean bags are already a fun addition to any room. But, how can you make a bean bag even better? Simple; make it eco-friendly!

With an eco-friendly bean bag chair, you'll have a fun seating accommodation while doing your part in preserving the planet. Keep in mind that eco-friendly bean bag chairs come in many varieties. To find the perfect one for your situation, you need to know some of the critical purchasing factors. Don't worry if that sounds a bit complicated as this article is going to be a buying guide for eco-friendly bean bag chairs.

The most commonly used filling for bean bags is EPS beads. Eco-friendly EPS beads are non-toxic and recyclable. However, if you genuinely want to be eco-friendly, then you might want to go for natural fillings.

The natural filling would typically mean dried beans, rice, or buckwheat husk. These kinds of fillings are all-natural, fitting perfectly with the theme of "eco-friendly."

Many homeowners make the mistake of assuming that bean bags come in one shape. In reality, the industry has already produced a number of shapes. Below are a few of the popular ones.

  • Round Bean Bags - This is perhaps the most common type of bean bag. The bean bag is shaped similar to a ball. It's flexible enough that you can place it in any room.
  • Square Bean Bags - This shape is the "uncommon" variety, which is nice if you want to be different. The cube shape allows the bean bag to work like an ottoman.
  • Game Chairs - This type of bean bag comes with a round shape. The difference is that the top portion is narrower compared to the bottom. It’s shaped similar to a cone.
  • Novelty Bean Bags - These are bean bags that come in many different forms like a football, an animal or a flower. Usually, they are designed for kids.

These days, bean bag sizes fall into four different categories; kids, large, extra-large, and double extra-large.

  • Kids - With a circumference of around 110 inches to 120 inches, these bean bags are designed for kids up to 4 feet tall.
  • Large - This one is made for adults. It's suited for adults up to 5 feet tall. The circumference is around 130 inches to 140 inches.
  • Extra-Large - It’s for adults up to 6 feet tall, this is the appropriate size. It comes with a circumference of 140 inches to 150 inches.
  • Double Extra-Large - This one’s the largest and it can accommodate people up to 7 feet tall. It comes with a circumference of about 170 inches to 180 inches.

If you want to avoid confusion when purchasing eco-friendly bean bag chairs, the trick is knowing how to narrow down your choices. The key points mentioned in this article should be enough to reduce your options to a manageable size. Feel free to add other factors like style, budget, and color.

Best Ideas

Circo oversized bean bag 3

Loved by adults and kids, a sack chair comes in a new version here: it's formed smartly to provide armrests and backrest, and it's wrapped in jeans blue corduroy textured fabric; the white trim adds visual interest.

Quality bean bags 1

An extra large bean bag that offers great comfort. A big size lets you comfortably sit or lie on it. The bean bag is extremely cozy and fluffy, which makes it a great option for relax after a long day. It comes in a soft, green color.

Circo oversized bean bag 10

It's oversized and it's blue! I don't know how it is about you, but the features mentioned are just enough for me to consider a purchase of the bean bag armchair. The corduroy cover features a trim of lighter blue hue.

Circo oversized bean bag 5

Lie back in this oversized sack chair with bright red corduroy cover equipped with practical fabric handle to make the object easier to move around. White trim completes the look with additional visual accent.

Eco friendly bean bag chairs 24

Indoor/outdoor beanbag lounge chair in navy blue and eco-friendly fill. Made in the USA. Product: LoungerConstruction Material: Polyester cover, recycled polystyrene bead fill and waterproof denier baseColor: Navy blue and whiteFeatures: Zippered slipc

Eco friendly bean bag chairs 5

Our supersoft, extra-big pillow is the ultimate spot for reading, watching TV and enjoying quiet time. In cozy chamois or our new plush sherpa, it can be used as a floor pillow or as a chair, and is filled with eco-friendly recycled beads. 50" squa

Oversized bean bags 16

Bean bag chair filled with polystyrene beads and covered with polyester. It is fitted with convenient handle for easy carrying. Modern design for the living room, teenager's room and other interiors according to taste.

Circo oversized bean bag 7

See you at the pinky side! All wrapped in pink (except for the neat white trim accent), this corduroy cover bean bag can please the most demanding taste - as long as you like pink and comfortable seats!

Eco friendly bean bag chairs 23

Indoor/outdoor beanbag chair in ocean with a damask motif and eco-friendly fill. Made in the USA. Product: BeanbagConstruction Material: Outdoor treated polyester cover and recycled polystyrene fillColor: Ocean and whiteFeatures: Zippered slipcoverSuit

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