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Setting up your gaming room with some of the best furniture options can help make this space your very own comfortable haven. Choosing the right desk, chairs, shelves, and other pieces of large or small furniture can help add style and useful versatility to the room where your computer, gaming console, and other gear is located.

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Updated 30/09/2022
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RGB Ergonomic Chair Video Game Room Furniture 

RGB Ergonomic Chair Video Game Room Furniture 


Complete with a built-in bluetooth speaker, this chair can offer unique and rich surround sound stereo audio for music, games, and movies. The lower lumbar area offers a two-point massage function for extreme levels of comfort. Made from high-quality leather, this 48" tall racing chair can be the perfect addition to your gaming room.

$140.88 $182.99

Designer Advice:

Covered in dozens of RGB LED lights, this chair not only looks amazing but feels great too. The lumbar support provides full comfort for your lower back, while other ergonomic features such as thick raised armrests and a leg cushion help maintain a balanced posture. Available in a range of colors, it can easily fit into any gaming decor.

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Oversized Beanbag Chair Gaming Room Furniture

Oversized Beanbag Chair Gaming Room Furniture

Mercury Row® Teen

Shaped like a pouf chair and available in various colors, this oversized bean bag is full of foam that provides comfort and support. The velvet cover is easy to remove and can be machine-washed. The chair measures 42" wide and 32" tall, making it a great lounge spot when playing games or watching movies.

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LED Backlit Gaming Bedroom Furniture 

LED Backlit Gaming Bedroom Furniture 

Ivy Bronx

Made from manufactured wood, this 20.5" tall end table is an eye-catching and practical surface to have in your gaming bedroom. The two drawers glide smoothly on dual rollers and have a soft close feature to prevent slamming shut. Overall, this bedside table weighs just over 39 pounds making it feel extremely sturdy and durable.

$117.99 $213.99

Designer Advice:

With the included LED backlighting, this small table makes the perfect and most fitting addition to any RGB-filled gaming area. The LED lights can be changed to more than a dozen shades letting you fully customize the accent colors, so they fit in with your computer, console, or other ambient room lighting.

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Reinforced Gaming Desk Game Room Furniture

Reinforced Gaming Desk Game Room Furniture

Wade Logan®

With a length of 53.5" and able to support up to 110lbs, this desk is large enough for two monitors giving you easy access to all the information you need when gaming. Made from reinforced manufactured wood, it provides room for all of your gaming peripherals and other necessities on the five storage shelves.

$162.99 $269.99

Designer Advice:

Available in both a black finish and a white finish, this stylish desk can be the right addition to any new or existing gaming room. The three open shelves on the left can hold chargers, external drives, and other gear, while the two shelves on the right are the right size for a computer tower and printer or router.

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Game Room End Tables for Snacks or Media

Game Room End Tables for Snacks or Media

17 Stories

Measuring almost 24 inches tall, this rustic-style wooden end table can be perfect for holding your favorite snacks during a long gaming or movie-watching session or for keeping your console controllers close and organized. There are two built-in plug outlets and two USB ports for charging your mobile devices, such as phones, Steam Decks, and more.

$68.99 $89.99

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Best Game Room Furniture in Futuristic Style

Best Game Room Furniture in Futuristic Style

Three Posts™

Made to be an eye-catching yet fully usable addition to your gaming room, this futuristic desk provides a 47" by 24" surface with a narrow riser for your monitor. A convenient headphone hook is included on the left side, while a drink holder is on the right. The X-frame can support up to 80 pounds worth of gear on top.

$68.99 $127.99

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Massive Classic Bean Bag Video Game Furniture 

Massive Classic Bean Bag Video Game Furniture 

Symple Stuff

A classic shaped bean bag, only considerably larger than normal with 72 inches diameter. This bean bag chair is available in almost 20 unique colors to fit into any game room, playroom, bedroom, or reading nook. This tear-resistant bean bag is a fun seating option for children and adults.

$259.99 $265.99

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Floor Rocking Chair Gaming Furniture 

Floor Rocking Chair Gaming Furniture 

Zipcode Design™

This retro-style floor rocker used to be a common find during the original days of Nintendo. Today they are somewhat hard to find but can provide a unique and relaxing spot for children and adults alike to sit while gaming. The chair can support up to 250 pounds while gently rocking back and forth on various floor types.

$51.99 $49.99

Designer Advice:

This chair is an amazing alternative to bean bag and inflatable chairs. It rocks providing an extra level of comfort and relaxation during stressful gaming sessions, while also providing full ergonomic back support. With a 16" by 21" footprint, it's small enough to tuck into bedrooms or gaming nooks of your living room.

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Gaming Room Furniture

Buying Guide

Choosing the right gaming room furniture is crucial if you want to create a comfortable environment where you can sit in front of a PC or play on a console for hours at a time.

If you’re a serious PC gamer, it’s well worth investing money in a gaming chair that has suitable lumbar support, breathable fabric, and an appropriate weight capacity. Consider the chair’s height, backrest, and armrest adjustability, particularly if you enjoy reclining while playing certain games on the computer.

Those people who prefer console gaming should opt for a durable rocker chair, either a pedestal or floor model. Ensure the piece has full adjustability and proper back support. You can find several high-quality models that have integrated speakers and vibrational capacities. Look for models with built-in receivers and input/output control panels.

Try to find a sturdy TV stand that raises your screen so that it’s at a viewing angle of around 30°. If you’ve got a desktop setup, opt for a monitor that you can easily tilt upward to between 10°-15°.

Invest in wacky and unique gaming room furniture to customize your gaming setup.  For a gaming room centered on vintage gaming systems, try hanging Donkey Kong-inspired shelves or using a glass coffee table with an oversized game controller as its base. A bright yellow Pacman-shaped bookshelf adds to your vintage game aesthetic.

Use multi-color lights to give your gaming setup pazazz. Install color-changing LED lights in white storage cubbies and store your gaming system, controllers, and games under them, creating a display unit. Opt for a moon-shaped neon sign to add a blue glow to the room when you turn the lights out. Also, consider investing in a piece of multipurpose furniture that doubles as a couch and bed for late-night gaming sessions.

Your gaming room furniture should be fun—but also practical, and you likely have consoles, gaming accessories, games, and more that you’ll need to store in your gaming room.

We’d recommend a media console that has 2-4 large, wide drawers or cabinets that you can place your various controllers or games in. If you don’t happen to have that many accessories, consider this a great place to store snacks or other items that you may need during a long gaming session! Wall shelving options are also great, and can even be themed to reference retro Nintendo games or other gaming hits.

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