Quilt Racks For Sale

Quilt rack might not be the most important piece of furniture but it can also play its role in your house. Now you stand before a rare opportunity to pick one from such a wide range of styles, sizes and shapes of these. Many customers have already appreciated these racks and what do you think?

Wall mounted quilt rack with shelf

Solid Oak Wall Mounted Quilt Racks Made by the Amish

Quilt ladders for display

QUILT RACK | Blanket Stand | Master Bedroom | n.b. - for wall by closet to inter-change by season | storage solutions

Antique blanket rack

got to love those dachshunds quilters stitch together

Quilt racks for sale

Incredibly functional and extremely stylish quilt rack is a perfect combination of attractive design and design elements. The finish in dark shade is elegant and chic and solid wood construction provides durability.

Blanket style quilt rack

Blanket Style Quilt Rack

Baby quilt rack

Drying rack for laundry

Quilt ladders

These large custom quilt display racks are hand made, colorful and they bring the drop of color into any interior. So, if you looking for soft and easy to care for quilt racks, try one of these.

Merlot Quilt Rack

Merlot Quilt Rack
Versatile, quilt rack in classic style. Built from rubber wood and eucalyptus, which provides great stability, it is finished in elegant merlot color. It features 3 braces to hold blankets and throws and beveled edge posts attached to fluted feet.

Pot holders for sale 26

A cool traditional wall-mounted pot holder crafted of wood with a light green finish. It has a rectangular backplate with 2 pre-drilled holes for screws and an elevated centre. It's equipped with 3 black metal hooks with ball finials.

Quilt Rack

Quilt Rack

Ladder quilt rack

For some time, the wooden ladder has become an important element in contemporary interior design. You can also use such a wide ladder as an accessory, hang on it clothes - and transform it into a hanger, or put there a whole range of favorite items.

Quilt rack description a great way to display your cherished

... quilt rack description a great way to display your cherished quilts

Diy quilt rack

A pretty traditional quilt rack entirely hand-crafted of wood with a nice mid-brown finish. It's built of 2 side supports featuring curved edges and arched tops and 4 straight transverse stretchers.

Wall quilt rack with shelf

How To Building – Wooden Quilt Rack Wall Mount PDF Download Plans CA ...

Home wood furniture oak quilt stand

Home ♦ Wood Furniture ♦ Oak Quilt Stand

Quilt wall rack

Going to need a quilt rack. Really like this one. Also for sale at

Quilt display racks

Characterized by sturdy wood construction and rustic finish, this quilt rack is practical, well-balanced, and long-lasting. It rests on flat legs, offering 5 rods that are able to easily hold even large towels.

Hanging quilt rack with shelf

I so want an old ladder for my those of you who garage sale...keep your eye out for me...

Wall quilt rack

If you are looking for a sturdy quilt rack that will be complementing your country-looking home, you can always use those old ladders. Each is wood-crafted and covered in a weathered natural finish.

Blanket rack ladder

Quilt rack fitted with 4 swivel arms. It is made of high quality metal and finished with decorative curves. Functional accent for the bathroom and others interiors as needed.

Craft show display stand shelfrack for

Craft Show Display Stand Shelfrack For
The impressive quilt rack made of wood is a practical piece of furniture for a bedroom or bathroom. The whole has useful shelves for the quilts and stylishly presented itself in the interior.

Fraser Blanket/ Quilt Rack

Fraser Blanket/ Quilt Rack
It is a Fraser blanket and quilt rack that has got a solid construction and elegant design. It fits perfectly to any style and décor and you will be impressed how amazing this rack is.

Quilt ladder

Nice, cosy quilt rack. The combination of brown and green colour, as well as the floral pattern, make it great for natural, rustic or cottage houses. Actually, any house that’s supposed to show your connection with nature will be enhanced by such a rack.

Comfy classics for every room beacon blanket rack in black

Comfy Classics For Every Room Beacon Blanket Rack In Black
The stylish and highly practical quilt rack is the perfect choice for the bedroom. Beautifully crafted construction with attractive decorations is lovely and very functional, yet durable and robust with steel construction.

Iron Quilt Rack

Iron Quilt Rack
This dark brown metal rack will impress your guests thanks to its almost ornamental design - intricate detailing divulges historical influences. It is made of wrought and cast iron for optimal sturdiness.

Quilt ladder rack

Hubs needs to make me one of these for my blankets!

Primitive drying rack for sale 250 00 only the rack

Primitive Drying Rack! For Sale! $250.00 Only the Rack, not the quilt!

Quilt rack wall

Use an old drying rack - Great idea and many times you can find an old time worn drying rack at fleamarkets and yard sales. What a nice way to display your quilts ♥

Pot holders for sale 2

Small pot holders that are made of materials resistant to high temperatures. Their cupcake stylizations are attractive and available in many different colors. They are not only wear resistant, but also comfortable in use.

Pot holders for sale 3

An adorable assortment of colorful and vibrant crochet hot pads made out of different warm shades, combining cute yellow, orange, pink, green and blue colors, making them perfect to spice up any kitchen with.

Wooden wall quilt rack


Rack for sale i have 2 of them so am

rack for sale i have 2 of them so am willing to part with this ...

Industrial garment rack with top shelf

Industrial Garment Rack With Top Shelf
Emanating with industrial accents and old-fashioned flair, this quilt rack can be easily used for hanging children's clothing or swimsuits. The rack is made of durable iron, resting on a square wood base with caster wheels for easy mobility.

Wall mounted quilt rack

Classic ladder for each outdoor and indoor place as needed. It is completely made of wood. It can be used as quilt rack. Simple form and functional design.

Pot holders for sale 6

Pot holder that is comfortable and safe for its users. It features a very attractive, multi-color owl pattern on black background. Soft materials are not only comfortable, but they also provide protection from high temperatures.

Waterfall quilt rack 135

Waterfall Quilt Rack (135)

Silicone Pot Holder, Mini Mitt Cooking and Oven Pinch Grips - Set of 2

Pot holders for kitchen applications. These silicone items are resistant to high temperature and assure safe cooking. They are finished in very attractive yellow and blue colors. These items protect hands from burns.

Quilt rack ladder

A sturdy and practical quilt rack, crafted of durable hardwood and covered in oak finish. The rack is well-balanced, offering 3 wood rods for hanging blankets, beddings, and towels; while standing on widely spread legs.

Artist's Originals Quilt Rack

Artist's Originals Quilt Rack

Sale vintage large wall mounted wooden

Sale Vintage Large Wall Mounted Wooden
Dry rack designed for mounting on the wall. It is made of wood and reinforced with metal supports. Ideal for drying quilts or laundry. Received positive recommendations from satisfied clients.

Ruffled r see ads rustic escort card guestbook quilt display

Ruffled® | See ads - Rustic Escort Card/Guestbook Quilt Display For Sale! - Large Items

Display cabinets for sale 7

Old ladders repurposed as quilt racks. I have a bunch of these around my house!

Heirloom Cherry Quilt Rack

Heirloom Cherry Quilt Rack
It is a very practical and at the same time decorative rack. It is made of lacquered wood. As a result, it looks very elegant, dignified and very exquisitely. Perfect for hanging a blanket or blankets.

Vintage Oak Quilt Rack

Vintage Oak Quilt Rack

Large quilt rack

ONE SALE for $0.99 in the Stampin' Up! Clearance section!! Deck the Halls Designer Fabric Three other fabric options available! Shop from my website today!

Jones Quilt Rack

Jones Quilt Rack

7 Piece Too Cute Cupcake Kitchen Dish Towels Set with Pot Holders and Oven Mitt

Set of kitchen accessories consisting of towels in various sizes and glove to prevents burns. It is made of thick fabric and decorated with cup cake theme. Received many positive recommendations from clients.

Metal Towel/Quilt Rack

Metal Towel/Quilt Rack

Medley Rooster Kitchen 4 Piece Set

Medley Rooster Kitchen 4 Piece Set
Add a homely look to your kitchen with this lovely four piece set with rooster, flowers, and berries. Set includes a kitchen towel, pot holder, oven mitt, and a kitchen mat with on-slip polyester backing.

Home-Cube® 6 Pocket 14X5" Tier Shoe Hanging Closet Organizer Holder Rack