Metal Clothes Hamper

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Plastic hampers can fold and flex when there is too many clothes within and laundry bags can break. But if you want a clothes hamper to transport your clothing to the laundry, then a metal clothes hamper might be your best bet. It will not fail even under the most extreme conditions and our collection of metal clothes hampers are very well made and strong.

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Updated 03/05/2021
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Vintage Clothes Hamper Laundry Hamper

Vintage Clothes Hamper Laundry Hamper

Instead of scattering dirty clothes and laundry on the floor - they can be stored in true vintage style in a pastel shade of pink. Great standing clothes hamper, made of metal - it's not just a place that squirts dirty clothes but also a real decoration.

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Vintage eames era floral metal wicker clothes hamper pearl wick

Vintage eames era floral metal wicker clothes hamper pearl wick

Even something as simple as a clothes hamper may be a decorative accent of the space. The piece is made of white wicker, but it has a plastic front with a charming, flowery motif. The top has a silver, glossy finish.

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Vintage hand painted pink roses on black

Vintage hand painted pink roses on black

Vintage kitchen receptacle - or an oval hamper for dirty clothes / laundry bin? - all glazed in black enamel, with original pink roses pattern painted by hand on its front. On bottom, it sports a pierced trim.

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Vintage retro mid century modern detecto metal clothes hamper

Vintage retro mid century modern detecto metal clothes hamper

Modern and very functional clothes hamper made of metal. Its durable construction features a decorative pattern. This hamper features a functional removable top and it provides large space for laundry.

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Vintage metal hand painted clothes hamper blue pink flowers toleware

Vintage Metal Hand Painted Clothes Hamper Blue Pink Flowers Toleware

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Metal clothes hamper 2

Metal Marcie Clothes Hamper

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Metal clothes hamper 8

Large Vintage 1950's Detecto Hamper Basket Starburst Decor Solid Metal

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3 Piece The Brit Metal Round Hamper Set

3 Piece The Brit Metal Round Hamper Set

This 3-piece metal round hamper set constitutes a convenient proposition for one's laundry storage. Adorned with subtle mosaics, finished in creamy beige, they enchant with their smooth, delicate appeal.

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Vintage clothes hamper

Vintage clothes hamper

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Laundry Sorter Hamper with Folding Table

Laundry Sorter Hamper with Folding Table

This minimalist hamper is designed with several compartments that ensure you are easily able to sort between the darks, lights, lines, and delicates before doing your laundry. It features a sturdy metal frame with unique polyester foam padding. There is also a removable cotton liner that is fully machine-washable as well. The unit has an ironing board at the top, a true testament to its perfect blend between style and function.

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Metal Clothes Hamper

Buying Guide

The most popular designs of metal clothes hampers include hampers on wheels, lidded hampers, and hampers with divided cloth inserts so you can simply take out the insert and leave the metal basket in place.

A lidded hamper is a good idea if you’re putting the hamper in a small or more public space, so you have the option to close it off for privacy. We’ve also found that metallic, wheeled clothes hampers are both functional and give off an industrial vibe that is very fashionable today.

The main difference between them is that a metal clothes hamper is usually taller, sturdier, and includes a lid, making it more similar to traditional pieces of furniture and accessories.

A laundry basket, on the other hand, is a simpler, lighter, and open option that is mainly used to move the clothes to the bathroom.

Where you stick your dirty laundry isn't usually at the top of people's list of priorities. However, laundry hampers & baskets take up a surprising amount of space in a room. And if you do not choose it wisely, it can disrupt a certain room design you may be aiming for. Different materials and styles can also have certain benefits.

Below we'll help you assess which laundry basket could work for your space based on your design and organizational goals.

Hampers come in a surprising amount of materials. Below we'll help you know which one is right for you based on your design and organizational goals.


These often have a solid painted wood exterior or a ribbed bamboo texture. Choose wood if you're looking for something that fits in with the furniture and looks understated.


Choose wicker if you're looking to give your space some texture. They tend to go great in rustic or classic spaces. But wicker baskets also have a timeless appeal, especially if they are painted a neutral color, so they can fit in with transitional spaces, as well.


It's also common to find hampers & baskets made out of fabric as the base. These are often supported by wood or wireframes. The main benefit of these is they collapse when empty. Choose this option if you want lighter carrying. Often, you'll find these in polyester, mesh, cotton or a blend. Fabric also fits in well with any room style.


You can also find a classic standby plastic bin. Often, these may have bolder colorings and other designs. Many come in solid white designs. Plastic looks best in casual room designs.    

Mixed materials

Some hampers and baskets have a variety of materials for added features. For instance, a hamper might have a mesh base that allows you to sort your laundry into three different compartments. Then, for the most stability, the design might have a plastic frame and metal side tubing for durability. Chose a product with mixed materials if function is your first priority.     

You also have many different features that you can consider. Below we'll explore the main ones and when each makes sense for your goals.

  • Foldable or collapsible: As touched on above, many options allow you to fold or collapse the basket. It might be a good idea to choose a foldable design if you have to carry the basket up and down stairs, since you can fold them and they are lightweight. These are also great for smaller spaces, where you can fold and put the basket away when it is not full.   
  • Wheels: It's also common to see wheels on baskets. Choose a wheeled design if you move the basket between spaces on one level, like between a laundry shoot space and the washer and dryer. 
  • Pull-out: Some designs have a sturdy base that you slide the basket in and out of. Choose a pull-out design if you want the laundry hidden or want the hamper to match surrounding furniture. These are good for sleek and clean household designs.
  • Compartments: Some hampers and baskets have compartments inside. If time management is a priority, choose this option. That way, you can sort your laundry right as you put it in the hamper.
  • Handle type: A lesser-considered feature might be the handle type. Some handles are set into the basket itself, while others tend to be rope pieces you hang on to. Set-in handles might be a better option if you consider comfort a priority, as rope handles can leave your fingers scraping the outside of the bin.  
  • Liners: Another feature to keep in mind is whether the hamper comes with liners. Liners can be a handy feature, since removing the liner allows for regular washing. Without a liner, dirt and hair can accumulate at the bottom of the hamper and require actual hosing out. So if cleanliness and convenience is a must, look into a liner.
  • Shelving: Some designs might have shelving on the top where you can place detergent or folded laundry. Choose shelving if you're looking for a multi-functional piecethat will be a key fixture in a laundry room.

Best Ideas

Coastal Decorative Rolling Laundry Hamper

Coastal Decorative Rolling Laundry Hamper

This coastal-inspired laundry hamper is designed to bring a decorative touch of elegant styling into your laundry room. It features an open bronze-finished design with a removable inner lining. The hamper also comes with four caster wheels to help you move it from one place to the next. It is not the most sophisticated hamper out there but its minimalist style and basic functionality are enough for most people.

Metal clothes hamper 6

Hollywood Regency White & Gold Boudoir Hamper by DivineOrders, $35.00

Metal clothes hamper

If you’re looking for a pretty, good-looking way to store your dirty clothes so they do not take away from the look of your bathroom or bedroom, this antique, traditional laundry basket with a nice liner is bound to do the job!

3 Bag Slanted Handle Laundry Sorter

3 Bag Slanted Handle Laundry Sorter

This curiously made three handle bag slanted laundry sorter is an excellent aid to segregate dirty clothes and underwear. It has a solid steel frame, which is durable. Attached wheels for easy use.

Metal clothes hamper 5

Pink Metal Clothes Hamper Tole Painted by RelicsAndRhinestones

Metal clothes hamper 3

distressed metal storage basket #anthrofave

Metal clothes hamper 1

original mid-century modern metal waste basket eames knoll nelson mccobb | eBay

Vintage metal clothes hamper products for sale ebay

vintage metal clothes hamper products for sale | eBay

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Vintage jadite green metal laundry hamper

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