Metal Laundry Hamper

If you have the tendency to do a lot of laundry all the same time, then you know those plastic laundry baskets just will not support the weight. instead why don't you consider the metal laundry basket. we have a tremendous collection of possibilities and we know they will make your laundry day more efficient.

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3 Piece The Brit Metal Round Hamper Set

3 Piece The Brit Metal Round Hamper Set
This 3-piece metal round hamper set constitutes a convenient proposition for one's laundry storage. Adorned with subtle mosaics, finished in creamy beige, they enchant with their smooth, delicate appeal.

Vintage clothes hamper laundry hamper

Vintage clothes hamper laundry hamper
Laundry hamper in vintage style. It is woven with wicker wood and decorated with floral theme on the front. Charming accent for each home. Received many positive recommendations from satisfied clients.

Vintage jadite green metal laundry

Vintage jadite green metal laundry
Put some vintage flavor into your laundry room or bathroom by using this barrel-like laundry hamper. It has geometric cutouts all over its metal construction, and a round lid with a small handle. It looks a bit worn out, but this only adds up to its charm.

Treasury item vintage french metal wire

Treasury item vintage french metal wire
I always thought that the laundry basket looks not interesting and should be hidden in the wardrobe. This one looks really lovely - the romantic floral pattern allow you to put in the bathroom without any additional protection.

Metal laundry hamper 1

Throw all your laundry into this basket and take it to and from a laundry room - this wire hamper with handles is woven from metal wires by hand, besides it's able to make a modern style statement and it has almost no weight when empty.

Metal hamper with lid

This stylish old school bread trolley/ laundry hamper is a solid metal construction with a wooden lining. This is an element that can serve virtually or as a decoration. The robust form is universal, which will work on many occasions.

Round hampers set of 3 metal hamper laundry hampers homedecora

Round Hampers - Set of 3 - Metal Hamper - Laundry Hampers | HomeDecora ...

Our advice Buying Guide

A metal laundry hamper can help with that eternal household chore: keeping up with the laundry. While perhaps less arduous than washing dishes (even with a dishwasher), laundry is one of those continuous household chores that challenge and frustrate housekeepers. Whether your laundry is for one person, for a household that includes a baby, multiple adult members or elderly or ill people with special needs, it is one of those things that must be done regularly. Metal laundry hampers offer a way to track and control laundry to be done, or laundry that has been done.

What are the most popular designs of metal laundry hampers?

Square or Round Ventilated Metal Hampers

Square or round ventilated metal hampers are perfect for receiving soiled garments or linens. Drop in a cloth garment bag and secure it at the top – just as you might a trash can liner – and drop the dirties in as they happen. The ventilated sides allow air circulation to cut down on mildew or musty odors, while the metal protects your soiled delicates from marauding pets. As every pet owner knows to their sorrow, a teething puppy can wreak havoc with laundry, and a territory marking feline is deeply attracted to soiled linens. The metal exterior puts a stop to both behaviors.

Wire Hampers or Rolling Carts

You might not need the protection offered by a metal hamper but could still use a framework for your laundry bag. A wireframe is perfect for holding up a bag until it is full, then you are ready to simply draw the top closed and head for the laundry room or laundromat. If a removable bag isn’t necessary, putting that bag into a rolling cart – round or square – takes a weight off your shoulders and back when laundry day rolls around.

Sorting and Hanging Carts

Once the laundry is done, it needs to be sorted, folded or hung. A rolling laundry cart with sections can help with this chore. When the laundry is dry – whether on a clothesline or in a dryer, it is easy to sort it into household or personal and pop folding items into canvas bags on a metal frame. Hanging items can be placed directly on hangers, ready for transfer into closets.

Kitchen Linens

Ventilated, lidded laundry hampers are also good for kitchen linens, keeping them separate from other household laundry. A nice hamper for the kitchen is a great way to keep dish cloths, tea towels and tablecloths separated from face cloths, hand towels and larger towels used for personal care.

What's the best type of hamper for deep soiled laundry?

Some things you just don’t want in a regular laundry basket and that’s where the ventilated and lidded laundry bin comes in handy. No canvas liner for this hamper! This contains stuff you want out of sight and away from other things quickly, just as soon as the worst of whatever it was is rinsed off. Diapers, reusable personal items, deeply soiled sheets and similar items need to be separated from ordinary laundry, ready for extra-special cleaning procedures.


Vintage laundry cart

A practical solution for laundry rooms, this nice hamper moves on caster wheels for easy mobility. Its frame is made of tubular steel and covered in a greenish finish, with criss-crossed legs, a wire basket, and wadded with a quality white fabric.

Metal laundry hamper

A small industrial cart on wheels. This black painted piece of furniture restored from industrial age can now be both useful and modern looking in your bathroom. You can store there everything you need in everyday life such as cosmetics or clothes.

Metal laundry hamper

This handy vintage laundry basket or storage container for other items is a perfect combination of solid metal construction and interesting decorative details. The whole is functional, original and perfect for the bathroom, laundry or dressing room.

Set of 2 metal laundry hampers white

Set of 2 Metal Laundry Hampers - White

Vintage metal laundry basket

An authentic vintage laundry hamper featuring a rectangularish body with a rounded front. It's of white-painted metal with lovely colourful floral designs in the middle and near edges. It has small feet and holes at the back for good air circulation.

Metal laundry sorter

From this laundry hamper, the world will spin you with thousands of wheels. Made of brushed metal, in classic black, the black hoops combine in different sizes with each other, creating an interesting and fashionable structure of the laundry basket.

Metal laundry baskets

Although the most common baskets for lingerie are wicker and are popular - in the elegant bathroom you may need something more, something like silver flat metal laundry hampers containers carved delicately in Moroccan patterns.

Metal hamper

If you opt for having an industrial laundry room inside of your own home, then, this set of 3 laundry hampers should do the trick. Baskets are made of strong wire and lined with a capacious bag designed of durable, off-white material. They move on caster wheels.

Teen laundry hamper

This vintage copper washtub is just the most fitting accent piece for every interior that is going for a bit of originality and charm. It sports the caster wheels for easier mobility and a distressed, authentic look.

Metal clothes hamper


French chic rolling wire laundry basket metal hamper toy chest

... FRENCH CHIC Rolling WIRE LAUNDRY BASKET Metal Hamper Toy Chest NEW 0

Vintage laundry cart with wheels

This metal laundry hamper embodies the best features of the French shabby chic style. Equipped with wheels, it combines style with a clever, convenient construction.

Metal laundry hamper 5

Metal Laundry Hamper

Retro laundry basket

This metal wire laundry basket will be a convenient companion of everyday laundry. Linen finishing, strengthened additionally by a metal framing looks adorably and most of all, it is solid.

Great old metal laundry basket from my collection get yourself

Great old metal laundry basket from my collection. Get yourself ...

Vintage wicker laundry hamper

vintage laundry hamper. need to find one like this!

Vintage laundry basket

A cool spacious laundry basket of welded steel. It has walls with a rectangle lattice design, 2 C-handles, feet for air circulation. A notched liner of washable cotton canvas has a large printed lettering in black capitals with a weathered finish.

Tin laundry container

Ellie Rolling Hamper from World Market. Vintage in style, this hamper is made of metal in an antique finish. Features a removable polyester liner, and casters that allows it to roll easily from room to room, making laundry time a little simpler. 20"W x 15

Metal clothes hamper

A useful traditional rolling hamper for laundry. Its openwork cylindrical flared frame is of metal with a greenish finish and a lattice pattern. It has 4 wheels, 2 handles and a round wooden bottom. A removable washable liner is of white cotton.

Metal laundry bin

This metal laundry hamper can be an inspiration for those, who like to have their dirty piles always under control. Metal finish provides not only dazzling beauty, but also long-lasting solidness.

Rolling wire hamper liner traditional hampers

Rolling Wire Hamper & Liner traditional-hampers

Honey-Can-Do HMP-02108 Steel Canvas Rolling Laundry Hamper, Chrome

Simple metal garbage can the common size at lowes works

simple metal garbage can (the common size at Lowe’s works great!)

Vintage hamper

Metal laundry hamper is a great way to have an attractive solution for the bathroom or laundry. Beautiful color and exciting form make this item very functional and very decorative. The perfect fit will work well in any decor.

Laundry hamper from target in wicker rattan cane linen metal

Laundry Hamper from Target in Wicker, Rattan, Cane, Linen & Metal

Rolling metal laundry basket

The beautiful and highly decorated trash can be a great solution for the bathroom where it will serve as a metal laundry hamper. Beautiful decorations in eye-catching colors captivate you. The white background creates a unique whole.

Metal laundry cart on wheels

From shabby to country cottage chic- Galvanized metal cans, sprayed in green hide big bags of dog food for hungry rotties!

Vintage metal cabinet laundry basket front by myshabbychicshop 75 00

Vintage metal cabinet laundry basket front by MyShabbyChicShop, $75.00

Metal hampers

Trash Can Hamper 17.4-inch w by 17.4-inch d by 23.3-inch h, wt: 6.4 lbs Behrens 1211K Trash Can with Lid, 20-Gallon

Industrial metal laundry basket

Industrial metal laundry basket

Vintage clothes hamper

Vintage Rolling Laundry Cart - The Country Door Here's a basket that piles on the retro looks and lets you roll through the work with no heavy lifting! The wire basket construction is straight "The Great Gatsby"—complete with a distressed black finish t

Vintage hampers

The possibility of choosing baskets for underwear can make you dizzy - one of them is this interesting and unusual design of a round metal laundry hamper, which stands additionally on metal legs. The square base that these legs form - is based on wheels.

Piece laundry basket set made of chrome plated metal and

piece Laundry Basket Set, Made of Chrome-plated Metal and Stainless ...

Vintage laundry hamper

Add beauty and style to your laundry with this metal laundry hamper, with pink color and floral accent. It's depp so it's perfect for your dirty clothes, sheets and more.

Metal laundry basket

Your new home needs a laundry, so you need the laundry cart on wheels. This one has the wire construction and deep space for clothes and towels. It has the industrial, unique look and solid structure.

Metal laundry hampers

Vintage Industrial Wire Storage Baskets. Flip these and make hanging lights! Awesome!!

Metal rolling laundry cart

DETECTO vintage metal clothes hamper - looking for one of these. Please keep your eyes peeled for me girls!

Vintage style laundry basket

Garnet Hill Storage Canister. Perfect for storage of basically anything and cute enough to put any where in your room. Could also work as a trash can or recycling bin.

Vintage laundry baskets

Metal locker basket, nursery storage

French wire hamper on wheels

Love this little hamper, I would be afraid I would get it dirty!! diy laundry hamper

Vintage laundry basket on wheels

Emanating with vintage charm, this laundry hamper is covered in a lovely pinkish finish with diamond pattern. Designed in the 1950s, it has metal construction with a lift-up lid that reveals a capacious compartment for your dirty laundry.

Aidan gray wire laundry basket with liner

Aidan Gray Wire Laundry Basket with Liner

Looking for metal laundry basket

Looking for Metal laundry basket