Decorative Metal Storage Bins

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Another great way to store plenty of items, our collection of decorative metal storage bins or a fantastic way to put items away for another day. They are cleverly designed and come in multiple sizes for every storage need. Take a look at our extensive collection and we will showcase all of our decorative metal storage bins for your viewing pleasure.

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Updated 23/12/2022
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Ribbed Metal Boxes

Ribbed Metal Boxes

Gracie Oaks

Vintage metal storage bins that are great additions to modern industrial spaces. Its style allows versatility in choosing items to complement the decor piece. It is topped off with a removable brown lid with a rustic charm. 

$145.99 $146.99

Designer Advice:

Perfect for placing under a foyer console table in a rustic vintage interior. With its industrial aesthetic, we recommend pairing it with a softer element such as a wicker basket for visual balance. The overall height of the two pieces stacked together also makes them ideal to be used as nightstands in a farmhouse guestroom. Add a thin lamp and you’re all set.

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Farmhouse Bins

Farmhouse Bins

Gracie Oaks

These metal storage bins have an intentional distressed look to them. The pieces have a cream exterior with handles on both ends. It comes with a matching lid and plant related labels for indoor or outdoor spaces. 

Designer Advice:

Place it in the patio along with your other gardening tools such as a tin watering can and plants. But even if you don’t do a lot of gardening, you can still take advantage of its charming look by using it to style your patio bench. Create an ensemble with a deck seating with crates, lanterns, and these metal bins.

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Drum Bins

Drum Bins

Gracie Oaks

A metal storage bin bringing industrial aesthetics with added functionality. The piece comes with a metal body and vintage style labels. Its wooden cover and rope handle gives a new take on classics with a twist. 

$84.99 $174.99

Designer Advice:

We can see these being used in modern urban apartments that have industrial farmhouse aesthetics. Or you can use them to decorate and organize your game room. Place them underneath an open base bench paired with a low metal ribbed organizer for a play on heights. Or if you’re feeling adventurous, create a nesting coffee table ensemble with these bins.

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Wire and Wood Bin

Wire and Wood Bin

Sleek and fashionable, these metal bins add style and function with its generous storage capacity. Its open silhouette is surrounded by a thin metal basket and topped with a lid made of sturdy fir wood. 

Designer Advice:

Industrial with a side of chic, the large and medium bins are high enough to be used as multifunctional and space-saving side tables for a low platform sofa. Just make sure that the contents are neatly organized since they are visible from the outside. Or if you are aiming for something more eclectic, opt for colorful things to store inside them.

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Simulated Wood Bin

Simulated Wood Bin

Dakota Fields

A beautiful metal storage box made to look like a tree bark. The intricate lines of a tree were crafted to envelop this vintage-style piece. Its round cylindrical shape is covered in an antique bronze finish. 

$39.99 $76.5

Designer Advice:

A great set to add to your living room console cabinet or to decorate your coffee table. With the varying heights, you can create a simple composition with these boxes in the center of your table. Add a taller piece such as a floral arrangement or a couple of cut plants. Place a doily or a round mat underneath to tie everything together.

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Decorative Metal Storage Bins

Buying Guide

There are tons of different things that you can store in metal storage bins, so this mainly depends on your needs and in what rooms you’re planning on placing them. For example, here are some ideas:

  • Blankets, magazines, or board games in your living room
  • Crockery and tablecloths in your dining room
  • Jars with perishable items in your kitchen
  • Shoes in your foyer
  • Additional toilet paper, towels, flannels, and body creams in your bathroom
  • Bedsheets and blankets in your bedroom
  • Tools and equipment in a workshop or studio
  • Toys and books in your kids’ bedroom

Don’t forget that, regardless of which room you pick, you can always turn your decorative metal storage bins into a statement by using them to showcase a carefully crafted selection of decorative items (such as candles, vases with flowers, etc.).

Decorative metal storage bins need a label, a cute shelf, and adequate spacing in order to be aesthetic and useful. Using a label maker, a computer program, or just your handwriting (if you think you can write prettily enough), write a concise label stating what’s generally in your storage bin. Then, line your bin up on a shelf that’s large enough to hold a few bins—and make sure there’s enough room to leave an inch or two of breathing room on either side of your bin. This will make your placement look purposeful and design-centric.

Best Ideas

Decorative metal storage bins

Add a splash of style with these amazing metal bins that offer the galvanized structure that was aged to look more visually appealing but is still the perfect solution for storing various items, from tools to linens.

Decorative metal storage bins 20

Cool vintage storage baskets for bits and bobs or e.g. shoes. Baskets of metal wires have horizontal handles of flat metal plates. Baskets built of perforated metal panels and wires have cutout handles.

Decorative metal storage bins 4

Add to your home some rustic style with this interesting metal storage bins. They give you enough of storage space in very stylish way. They are perfect combination with light wooded cabinet. Perfect addition to light rooms.

Decorative metal storage bins

A simple traditional laundry bin converted to a storage bin for odds and ends. It has a flared up metal body with rounded protectors on edges and well visible rivets. It's equipped with large handles on walls and 4 rubberised metal casters.

Decorative metal storage bins 1

This small wooden cabinet comes with nine, spacious drawers and has the rustic appeal coming from the metal and wood combination, while the trays slide easily and make it easier to organize your belongings than in regular compartments.

Decorative metal storage bins 6

Vintage Metal Storage Bin / Industrial Storage

Metal storage basket

You don't know where to keep your documents, files and even kitchen items? This cool decorative metal storage cabinet made of multiple usage options bins looks fantastic. Cool to have one in large bathroom as well!

Decorative metal storage bins 8

Cool Search Info Contact

Metal linen cabinet

Triple-Tiered Metal Shelf from urban outfitters…this would be neat on my vanity/desk...

Metal storage trays

Extra durable metal storage bins featuring a strong stainless-steel design. The bins are available in different shapes and sizes. They also come with strong handles on either side for easy portability. Feel free to customize them with whatever colors you like.

Decorative metal storage bins 1

Simple but durable and practical wall-mounted rectangular storage bins. They are manufactured of galvanised metal. A bin has an open top and is equipped with a rectangular label plate on a front panel.

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