Modern Quilt Rack


There isn't a need for blankets all the time, but folding them up and putting them in a chest just seems like they are not being properly respected. So to keep them in the rotation of useful coverups, put them on one of these modern blanket racks. They will fit into both a modern and minimalist motif, and can hold your heaviest blanket without strain.

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Tall Minimalistic Country Blanket Rack

Tall Minimalistic Country Blanket Rack

This elegant 39.5” tall by 19” deep by 28” wide three-bar unfinished parawood quilt rack lets you paint or stain the stand to your preferred look. Sled legs and arms make the frame compact. 

Designer Advice:

Modern blanket racks that come unfinished allow you to create a personalized look for your space. But if you don’t want to do any work to make a quilt rack match your room, an unfinished piece might be wrong for you. It does not look as good if you leave it in its neutral uncompleted state.

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Vintage Inspired Metal Comforter Stand

Vintage Inspired Metal Comforter Stand

This 36” tall by 31” wide by 14.75” deep blanket rack comes in whitewash or aged gold scrolled metal. It can store heavy blankets, towels, sheets, or baskets on the slatted bottom shelf. 

Designer Advice:

Metal comforter racks offer a diverse versatility that can achieve a powerful aesthetic in various styles. Besides its durability and longevity, the best thing about choosing a metal blanket rack is that it can be a consistent staple in every redecoration and spacial design. You can use these modern quilt racks for industrial, vintage, country chic, European, or slim minimalistic nuances.

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Double Sided Slim Wood Blanket Stand

Double Sided Slim Wood Blanket Stand

This compact wood blanket rack stands 36” tall and 32” wide with a minimalistic 12.5” depth. The chic rustic pine wood frame has clean lines and three sturdy top bars that support 30 pounds with an open framed bottom.

Designer Advice:

The number of blanket bars is an important selling feature when picking a modern quilt rack to fit into your space. The design will vary from single-centered rods to multiples - two to three staggered bars in wood or metal. The orientation of the bars can also have different positionings. 

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Tall European Inspired Mixed Material Quilt Rack

Tall European Inspired Mixed Material Quilt Rack

Lark Manor™

This modern metal quilt rack stands on four raised feet with an intricate curved open scrollwork frame. Two fleur-de-lis emblems mount the top of the three blanket bars. And a rectangular pinewood bottom shelf adds extra storage. 

$146.99 $222

Designer Advice:

Picking a bedspread holder at the foot of the bed like this decorative yet functional mixed material rack makes for easy decoration. The blanket holder looks like a sculpted artwork when it stands alone. But it can make an even bigger impact when you use it to display beautiful decorative quilts and coverings as part of your room design.

Rich Wood Arching Modern Quilt Rack

Rich Wood Arching Modern Quilt Rack

Red Barrel Studio®

This modern blanket rack has three spacious bars on a curved open beech wood frame in a rustic walnut finish. The elegant silhouette stands 36” tall by 20” deep by 30” wide with a 30-pound weight capacity.


Designer Advice:

Modern blanket racks can be made from sturdy wood or metal; sometimes, both materials cohesively blend into a stylish frame. And these racks can display one or several fabrics. A popular dual use for quilt racks is to add decorative fabrics for display as room accents. They’re also excellent for showing off your hobby or a family heirloom.

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Best Ideas

Modern Silver Metal Chrome Accent Blanket Quilt Towel Rack Stand Bottom Shelf

Modern Silver Metal Chrome Accent Blanket Quilt Towel Rack Stand Bottom Shelf

Modern styled rack for blankets, towels and other textile materials. It features a durable silver metal construction with shiny chrome finish. This element of furniture also features a practical bottom shelf.

Modern blanket rack 25

Contemporary design for a minimalistic quilt rack, perfect for storing blankets or drying out towels after washing them. The rack is made out of solid oak wood with a dark, burnt tint and has a curved frame, giving it a unique look.

Danish modern teak quilt holder or blanket rack image 5

Danish Modern Teak Quilt Holder or Blanket Rack image 5

Mrk Modern Towel Rack

Mrk Modern Towel Rack

Inspired by the mid-century design, this modern blanket rack will be a stylish accent in any contemporary interior. It distinguishes itself with the characteristic, slightly oblique legs.

Modern quilt rack

Three levels - very simple, minimalist, and thanks to a modern blanket rack, will find itself perfectly as a chrome bathroom furniture, made of steel. If you have some space in the bathroom left - it would be perfect for towels.

Merlot Quilt Rack

Merlot Quilt Rack

Versatile, quilt rack in classic style. Built from rubber wood and eucalyptus, which provides great stability, it is finished in elegant merlot color. It features 3 braces to hold blankets and throws and beveled edge posts attached to fluted feet.

Quilt rack winsome wooden blanket antique walnut display stand hanger

Quilt Rack Winsome Wooden Blanket Antique Walnut Display Stand Hanger ...

Iron Accents Quilt Rack

Iron Accents Quilt Rack

Whether in modern or vintage decors, this entryway rack embellished with curly details will suit the place. Alternatively, it may add a dash of subtle charm to an industrial decor - it may fit the theme thanks to iron finish.

Quilt Rack

Quilt Rack

Add this quilt rack to your interior decor with an elegant and classy design that makes for a truly beautiful accent and will provide you with a boost of functionality and a perfect place to put your quilt and avoid wrinkling.

Modern blanket rack 1

A beautiful little towel rack with a very contemporary, mid-century design, perfect for a modern bathroom to give you extra storage place which is always good. Bound to prove both useful and good-looking.

Modern blanket rack 3

Clothes and blankets storage idea: a minimalist, geometrical white rack - fitting in perfectly with a fashionable contemporary decor! It leans against the wall, offering cutout racks for any type of clothing.

Modern blanket rack 14

Really need to make one of these A frame racks

Industrial magazine rack 19

Reserved for Purchase by Brenda: Vintage Antique Industrial Factory Cart Nutting Dolly Table

Denyse schmidt quilts snake charmer new

Denyse Schmidt Quilts | Snake Charmer NEW!

Modern blanket rack 9

Old ladder got a whole new life by simply being leaned against the wall - now it happens to proudly serve as a modern blanket rack! Simple ideas are the best, aren't they. Original weathered finish makes it suit shabby chic décor style

Modern blanket rack

love the idea of using a retro ladder for magazines or towels

Modern blanket rack 4

As they said - beauty lies in simplicity and this unique rack is a proof, that this sentence is true. This rack is recycled and made of ladder covered with white enamel. Dedicated to your towels and blankets.

The brown needle mid century modern quilt rack

The Brown Needle: mid-century modern quilt rack

Unique mid century modern wood freestanding quilt blanket rack

Unique Mid Century Modern Wood Freestanding Quilt Blanket Rack

Thorup meandering through life 1

Thorup...meandering through life!

Modern silver metal chrome accent blanket quilt towel rack

Modern Silver Metal Chrome Accent Blanket Quilt Towel Rack ...

Hand made contemporary quilt rack by danchak woodworks

Hand Made Contemporary Quilt Rack by Danchak Woodworks ...

Danish modern quilt rack quilt rack quilt display

Danish modern quilt rack | Quilt rack, Quilt display ...

Vintage mid century modern blanket clothes rack art deco

Vintage Mid Century Modern Blanket Clothes Rack Art Deco ...