Shag Bath Rug

Nobody likes to step out of the shower onto cold floor tiles. A bathroom rug is a perfect solution. The shaggier the better! There are some thick and soft produsts I've found on the web and presented below. Take a look and get a shag bath rug for your home. My favourite ones are the bright-coloured.

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Bathroom Rugs

Mandara hand woven shag rug set of 2 18 x

Mandara Hand Woven Shag Rug Set Of 2 18 X 26
Made from high-quality India cotton and polyester, it will introduce you a new sense of softness and comfort. Now all the baths will become even more pleasurable. Available in 8 color variants: yellow, turquoise blue, plum, navy blue, ivory, brown, purple and white.

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Shaggy bath rug in purple, blue and teal - a color scheme perfect for mermaid themed bathroom. The rug is crafted using recycled materials (sheets from the thrift store, self-dyed), so it's kinda eco-friendly.

Shag bathroom rug

Bathroom Rug

Shag bath rug 32

Monster Shag Rug in Mint

Perfect for a mermaid nursery mixed media shag rug

Perfect for a mermaid nursery! Mixed Media Shag Rug |

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scarf strips shag rug. i want thisss

Shag bath rug 5

Handmade Rag Rug......4 Super Cheap and Easy Diy Home Decor Ideas For Better Homes #DIYHomeDecor

Shag bath rug

Great idea for a cheap, DIY bath mat!! Use raggedy old towels cut into strips, and then just loop 'em on some gridded matting! Super absorbent and super cheap. I want to do this. :D #towels #rug

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Or this White Jersey Shag Bath Mat. It sounds like something I would like to step out onto after a hot shower.

Shag bath rug 1

Scrappy Shag Leather Rug

Shag bath mat

20' x 30' Frost Grey Jersey Shag Bath Mat

Patterned bathroom rugs 2

Bath rug consisting of decorative fringes. It is made of pleasant to the touch fabric and fitted with anti slip pad. Adds freshness and modernity to any bathroom.

Shag bath rug 14

Fun Easter Centerpiece with yarn "grass" nest.

Shaggy bath mat

A set of contemporary bath rugs of soft shaggy moisture resistant material (with anti-slip backing) in grey tones. The set consists of 3 rectangular rugs, 1 toilet bowl contour rug and a lavatory seat cover. They can be spot cleaned or washed.

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Soft underfoot. Inspired by traditional Moroccan Berber rugs, our Fes Wool Shag Rug is hand-tufted by Craftmark-certified artisans in India. The facility where it’s made is Fair Trade Certified™ and the artisans have chosen to use the premium they ear

Shaggy bath rugs

rag rug

Shag bath rug 18

Sheepskin Shag SHS121 White Rug

Diy fluffy rug

Good Ideas For You | Recycling clothes - Something like this could make for a good backdrop/blanket for babies

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I suspect I could make one of these... does anyone have a pattern? Recycled Jersey Bath Mat | west elm

Gridded matting

Been looking for just the right way to make a tshirt rug for the kids room. Think this one is easiest I've found. Looks like I found my next project.

Shag bath rug 10

I need to make this for my bathroom!! Cute and easy!

Shag bath rug 2

Found on

Shag bath rug 19

Love this room- girlie but not bathed in pink/loud colors/shabby chic stuff. #babyroom

Shag bath rug 22

What about just a gray shag? I looove the way shag feels under my feet. We have shag in the living room. Walmart: Safavieh New Orleans Shag Mardi Gras Area Rug

Shaggy bathroom rugs

Go for a nice, shaggy bath rug for your bathroom and always be comfortable and cozy. It sports the nice gray finish and comes with some pretty ruffles to make it stand out and catch your guests' attention.

Shaggy bath rugs 1

Fluffy bath rug that absorbs water and is soft in touch always makes a home spa far cozier. A shaggy bath rug, apart from functional advantages, suits the eco-friendly lifestyle when it's crafted using old towels.

Bathroom shag rug

Ivory Hi-Low Shag Bath Mat // sew these together to make an area rug?

Crowning Touch® Bath Rug

Crowning Touch® Bath Rug

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Shaggy bath rug. Unique shape. Coloured lilac purple, so its hue is rather bright. Thick material 'drinks' water. Helps avoid water pools on bathroom floor (hate them!). Looks in fact like designer piece. 8/10

Shag bath rug 3

Made with old T-Shirts - Holy Moly. This links to a great blog where she made a huge grey one.

Shaggy bath rugs 2

If you’re looking for a creative, vibrant piece to brighten up your bathroom with, take a look at this gorgeous, purple and grey rug with a matching set of bathroom utilities and towels – beautiful combination.

Shag bath rugs

Fantasy Modern Shag Bath Rug from Vita Futura - modern - bath mats - tampa - Vita Futura

Savoy 2 Piece Shaggy Bath Mat Set

Savoy 2 Piece Shaggy Bath Mat Set
It is a 2-piece shaggy bath mat set that includes bath mats with two sizes. They have got five color options to choose: aqua, chocolate, linen, sage and white. It is a perfect addition to your bathroom.

Garland rug jazz shaggy bath rug set of 2 ben

Garland Rug Jazz Shaggy Bath Rug Set Of 2 Ben 2pc
If you are looking for some bath rug, this shaggy beige one can appeal to you. This set includes 2 rugs, a bigger and smaller one. Made with 100% Nylon for superior softness and colorfastness.

Shag bath rug 31

One Kings Lane - Bathtime! - Shag Bath Rug, Orange - yes orange!! Lol

Chenille Plush Bath Mat

Chenille Plush Bath Mat
Fluffy batch mat or area rug, absorbing moisture particularly well thanks to fuzzy plush surface. Best of all, it dries very quickly. Its shug appearance provides comfort and decent welcome for your feet when you leave shower.

Shag bath rug 20

I've been wanting this for like a year... I should probably just order it :). Light, Bright, Lovely

Shag bath rug 8

If you’re looking for something to put up on the floor of your bathroom that won’t break the harmony of colours in it, take a look at this simple, white bath rug – great to put up in front of a shower cabin or a bath!

Shag bath rug 6

Barefoot Soft Shag Rug Sink your toes into the cushy comfort of this luxurious plush shag rug. An inviting foundation for bedroom, bath or living room, in a smart selection of classic neutrals and high fashion tones including: Ivory, sandy Beige, mushroo

Shaggy bathroom rugs

The large shaggy carpet in the shades of grey. If you have any fur animal, having the carpet is a real nightmare. This one is better, because the melange colour could hide it - anyways, do you want to have such a furcatcher?

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Florida Cream & Smoke Shag Area Rug

Florida Cream & Smoke Shag Area Rug
If you're a fan of classical and practical solutions, this creamy rug will perfectly fulfill all of your expectations. You're gonna totally enjoy the simplicity, functionality and intriguing design in your flat.

Signature Bath Rug

Signature Bath Rug
This white bath rug is characterized by exquisite softness that is really pleasing to feel with your feet after a bath. It absorbs water and is machine washable. It looks pretty in contemporary bathroom decor.

Brette Bath Rug

Brette Bath Rug
This unique and practical bath rug is gonna totally improve the design of your bathroom. Moreover, it will bring you also the highest functionality and the comfort that you've never managed to imagine.

Recycled jersey bath mat cad29 89 cad50 51 available in

RECYCLED JERSEY BATH MAT CAD29.89 – CAD50.51 available in 20x34, 28sq, 27x45

Chenille shag bath rug 13

Chenille Shag Bath rug$13

And brown brown red shag bathroom rugs brown shag 3x5

And Brown Brown Red Shag Bathroom Rugs ~ Brown,Shag 3x5 - 4x6 Rugs ...

Tiles Bath Rug

Tiles Bath Rug

Shag bath rug 26

Shag Bath Rug, White on