Shag Bath Rug


It may seem like an odd choice, especially since shag doesn't exactly wick away water, but once you step on one of these shag bath rugs, you will change your mind about putting one of them in your bathroom. They feel amazing as the shag wiggles between you naked feet. Pick your color or size preference for this extensive collection.

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Our Picks

Shag bath rug 1

A fluffy blue rug provides the perfect reception for stepping out of the shower. The luxurious fibers make the perfect place to stand while finishing the last of your ablutions. The cool color is as soothing as the fluffy surface.

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Mandara Hand Woven Shag Rug Set Of 2 18 X 26

Mandara Hand Woven Shag Rug Set Of 2 18 X 26

Made from high-quality India cotton and polyester, it will introduce you a new sense of softness and comfort. Now all the baths will become even more pleasurable. Available in 8 color variants: yellow, turquoise blue, plum, navy blue, ivory, brown, purple and white.

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Recycled jersey bath mat cad29 89 cad50 51 available in

RECYCLED JERSEY BATH MAT CAD29.89 – CAD50.51 available in 20x34, 28sq, 27x45

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Shag bathroom rug

Bathroom Rug

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Shaggy bathroom rugs

Go for a nice, shaggy bath rug for your bathroom and always be comfortable and cozy. It sports the nice gray finish and comes with some pretty ruffles to make it stand out and catch your guests' attention.

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Savoy 2 Piece Shaggy Bath Mat Set

Savoy 2 Piece Shaggy Bath Mat Set

It is a 2-piece shaggy bath mat set that includes bath mats with two sizes. They have got five color options to choose: aqua, chocolate, linen, sage and white. It is a perfect addition to your bathroom.

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Garland Rug Jazz Shaggy Bath Rug Set Of 2 Ben 2pc

Garland Rug Jazz Shaggy Bath Rug Set Of 2 Ben 2pc

If you are looking for some bath rug, this shaggy beige one can appeal to you. This set includes 2 rugs, a bigger and smaller one. Made with 100% Nylon for superior softness and colorfastness.

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Shaggy bath rugs 2

If you’re looking for a creative, vibrant piece to brighten up your bathroom with, take a look at this gorgeous, purple and grey rug with a matching set of bathroom utilities and towels – beautiful combination.

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Shaggy bath mat

A set of contemporary bath rugs of soft shaggy moisture resistant material (with anti-slip backing) in grey tones. The set consists of 3 rectangular rugs, 1 toilet bowl contour rug and a lavatory seat cover. They can be spot cleaned or washed.

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Shag bath rug 22

What about just a gray shag? I looove the way shag feels under my feet. We have shag in the living room. Walmart: Safavieh New Orleans Shag Mardi Gras Area Rug

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Shag Bath Rug

Buying Guide

A shag bath rug has two specific jobs: It needs to look good, and it needs to sop up water easily to protect your floor. The best material, therefore, for a bath rug will be highly-absorbent and decently aesthetic.

Our favorite material for a bath rug is cotton. It’s soft, it’s durable, it’s absorbent, and it dries quickly. However, if you’re looking for an update from this traditional material (or want something more plush), seek out a memory foam bath rug - this is a very popular trend right now in bathroom decor!

A shag bath rug is fairly easy to clean: the most important thing is to remember to do it consistently to prevent the growth of mold or bacteria since your bathroom is likely to be a damp environment.

Most of the time, it’s enough to beat it or vacuum it. However, you should also deep clean it on a regular basis: depending on the materials and the instructions on your shag bath rug, you can opt for a dry bath with specific dry shampoo for carpets, steam clean it, or hand wash it.

Only consider machine washing if it’s specified on the description or label of your chosen model!

To match a bath rug to bathroom décor, take the following factors into consideration.

  • Bathroom style – For example, if your bathroom décor follows an eclectic style, you want a rug that compliments that look. If the style is more modern, neutral color tones for your bath rug would work best.
  • Bathroom color palette – The rug color will contribute to the overall color theme of the bathroom. Unless you want the rug to be a focal point, choose a color that supports the existing palette.
  • Floor material and color – A bath rug is not just a functional piece but also a prominent design element that brings balance. The type and color of rug should be consistent with the floor material and color.
  • Towels – A bath rug should complement the colors of your towels to create a sense of harmony. The rug does not have to be in the exact same color but the hue has to deliver an optimal aesthetic effect.

Best Ideas

Shag bath rug 6

Barefoot Soft Shag Rug Sink your toes into the cushy comfort of this luxurious plush shag rug. An inviting foundation for bedroom, bath or living room, in a smart selection of classic neutrals and high fashion tones including: Ivory, sandy Beige, mushroo

Shag bath rug 1

This is a crafty reimagining from the 70s. It’s made using soft strips of high-quality natural hides. This beautiful piece is hand-knotted and has two shades of brown. It’ll make a beautiful centerpiece of contemporary home décor.

Shag bath mat

20' x 30' Frost Grey Jersey Shag Bath Mat

Chenille Plush Bath Mat

Chenille Plush Bath Mat

Fluffy batch mat or area rug, absorbing moisture particularly well thanks to fuzzy plush surface. Best of all, it dries very quickly. Its shug appearance provides comfort and decent welcome for your feet when you leave shower.

Shag bath rugs

Beautiful pink colored bathroom rug designed to bring a dash of vibrant elegance into your spaces. The piece works best as an accent rug and its high absorbent capacity will dry your floors up in minutes. Its fluffy design will also feel great on your feet.

Shaggy bath rugs 10

Luxurious comfort for your toes. This thick shag throw rug will coddle even the most tired feet after your shower or bath. The thick pile will absorb moisture and give comfort. As a plus, it’s also an attractive rug.

Shaggy bath rugs 7

Shaggy bath rug in purple, blue and teal - a color scheme perfect for mermaid themed bathroom. The rug is crafted using recycled materials (sheets from the thrift store, self-dyed), so it's kinda eco-friendly.

Patterned bathroom rugs 2

Bath rug consisting of decorative fringes. It is made of pleasant to the touch fabric and fitted with anti slip pad. Adds freshness and modernity to any bathroom.

Shaggy bath rugs

rag rug

Perfect for a mermaid nursery mixed media shag rug

Perfect for a mermaid nursery! Mixed Media Shag Rug |

Handmade shaggy rag rug thumbnail 1

handmade shaggy rag rug - Thumbnail 1

Shag bath rug

Great idea for a cheap, DIY bath mat!! Use raggedy old towels cut into strips, and then just loop 'em on some gridded matting! Super absorbent and super cheap. I want to do this. :D #towels #rug

Shaggy bath rugs 1

Fluffy bath rug that absorbs water and is soft in touch always makes a home spa far cozier. A shaggy bath rug, apart from functional advantages, suits the eco-friendly lifestyle when it's crafted using old towels.

Shag bath rug 32

Monster Shag Rug in Mint