Navajo-Style Rugs

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Navajo-style rugs are very popular and prized decor pieces with a vibrant and rich history. These 500-year-old Southwestern rug designs are known for their vivid geometric patterns on highly durable fabrics. They are an excellent way to decorate your home and make for eye-catching centerpieces in the living room, dining room, bedroom, or study. If you’re looking to bring some interesting Navajo culture into your interiors, our team of designers has hand-picked great options you can choose from.

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Updated 22/12/2022
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Durable Navajo Area Rug

Durable Navajo Area Rug

Well Woven

Boho lovers and those who want to add a pop of color to their homes will adore this Navajo-style rug. It draws upon traditional Southwestern, Persian, and Moroccan designs. Its warm palette and distressed look blend with various decor styles.

$67.39 $35.99

Designer Advice:

This stain-resistant polypropylene rug is durable, long-lasting, and easy to clean. It features jute as a backing material for longevity. It is an excellent choice if you entertain a lot of guests or lead a busy life with little time for cleaning and dusting. You can place it in just about any room, and it will surely make an impact.

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Woolen Navajo Area Rug

Woolen Navajo Area Rug

Navajo area rugs are a great way to add a splash of color to a bare hardwood or tile floor. This handmade Southwestern woolen area rug has a beautiful geometric design and warm, vivid hues that cheers up any dull space.

Designer Advice:

This durable, anti-fatigue rug features a hand-tufted construction that gives it a textured look. Its plush cut pile makes it an excellent choice for households with active children who run around a lot, as it prevents tripping and skidding. It has a canvas backing, so we recommend placing a rug pad underneath it to keep it from moving around the floor.

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Reproduction Navajo Rug

Reproduction Navajo Rug

If you prefer Navajo motifs with a contemporary twist, this intricate handmade woolen area rug ranks high on durability and design. It features a geometric pattern inspired by iconic tribal prints with tassels that create a fun, fringed edge.

Designer Advice:

This best-selling reproduction Navajo rug has a hand-looped construction with a firm, dense, medium pile. This gives it a beautiful texture and added cushioning while preventing falls and slips. Its anti-fatigue properties can withstand heavy foot traffic without wearing out over several years. Place it anywhere in your home to give it a touch of authentic Southwestern culture.

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Navajo-Style Rugs

Buying Guide

Area rugs add a layer of softness and comfort to your floors and they're also an excellent way to add a touch of your own personal style at home. From shag area rugs to flat weave" styles, there are a lot of things to consider before you choose the perfect area rug for your space.

With a myriad of colorful designs, sizes, and styles, it can be daunting to determine which area rug will suit your home best. Before you make a purchase, we've compiled a comprehensive guide to help you along the way.

You'll find area rugs in a variety of sizes, but not every size is ideal for specific rooms in your home. If the area rug is too small, it may make the room look and feel off-balance. Area rugs that are too large can overtake your space and interrupt the natural flow of the room.

An easy way to help you visualize what your new area rug will look like is to use painter's tape and create a border in the room that matches the rug's dimensions. This will help you determine furniture placement and how it will fit into a specific space

Living room

Consider the shape of your living room before you choose an area rug. You can choose a rug that's large enough for every piece of furniture to be placed on top, just the front legs of the furniture on top, or a smaller rug with just the coffee table placed in the center.

Make sure the rug extends at least six inches on each side of your furniture if you choose a layout with your sofa completely on the rug. A 5' x 7', 7' x 9', or 8' x 10' area rug is best in most living rooms.

Dining room

In the dining room, choose an area rug that will allow all of the furniture legs to be on top, including the table and chairs. Your new rug should be at least 24 and no more than 36 inches extended past the sides of your dining room table.

The dining chairs should sit on the rug as well, and most area rugs for this room are approximately 5' x 7'. However, if your dining room table extends or your table is larger than the standard size, you may need to consider an 8' x 10' or 9' x 12' area rug for better coverage.


Bedroom area rugs should be large enough to extend past both sides and the front of your bed for a soft surface space to step on when you awake. The rug should be at least big enough to fit underneath and around 18-24 inches past each side of the bed. Ideally, bedroom area rugs are 8' x 10' or 9 x 12' to ensure you get ample coverage of your floors.

There is no shortage of unique designs in the world of area rugs, and the sheer number of styles and patterns can be a bit overwhelming. When you're thinking about a new area rug, look for a design that complements your wall colors or your home's current motif. Modern geometric designs look beautiful in contemporary spaces, while a rug with a floral pattern might be best for traditional, classic homes.

  • Solid colored area rugs in neutral tones help to anchor a room without clashing with your décor and furniture.
  • Southwestern and "tribal" rugs are an excellent choice if you enjoy bohemian-inspired style.
  • geometric patterned rug in vibrant colors is a beautiful accent for modern living areas and bedrooms.
  • Romantic floral area rugs enhance dining rooms nicely and add a tranquil touch to your bedroom or home office.
  • Oriental and Persian rugs evoke luxury to elevate and enhance your home's décor and aesthetics.

Once you determine which size and design is best for your space, it's important to consider the area rug's material. Each type of area rug material has distinguishing qualities in terms of maintenance/care, feel, and durability. Here are some of the most common area rug materials used in manufacturing today.


Soft and durable, wool is a popular choice for area rugs. This material is exceptionally warm and repels water and stains quite well. Wool area rugs are known to shed, but the shedding lessens with time. Use a wool rug in a dining room or in high-traffic areas since it will hold up well against wear and tear.


This classic material is easy to clean, and it looks beautiful in almost any room. Cotton area rugs are recommended for households with pets and children due to their durable properties and easy care.


If you prefer a rug with a subtle sheen, silk is a beautiful option. Silk rugs tend to have very intricate details, which makes them a beautiful choice for high-end homes. Use a silk area rug in a bedroom or in other areas with low foot traffic since they tend to show footprints and require professional cleanings to keep them maintained.

Jute and Sisal

Woven from natural materials, jute or sisal area rugs are thick and durable. If you want something eco-friendly, a woven jute or sisal rug is an excellent choice. These rugs are not as soft as some other options, and they can be difficult to clean, but they look stunning in sunny spaces or boho-chic homes.

Synthetic Rugs

Most synthetic rugs are made of viscose, nylon, polypropylene, or a blend of each. These area rugs are easy to keep clean and work great in damp environments. Use a synthetic area rug in a hallway or in parts of your home where you get a lot of foot traffic thanks to their durable composition.

Now that you're familiar with some area rug basics, remember these quick tips as you search for the perfect rug for your home:

  • Measure and layout the footprint of your new rug to help you choose the right size for the space.
  • Explore various colorways and patterns to find something that complements your style.
  • Choose a material of your rug that will stay clean and well-maintained based on your household and lifestyle.
  • Use a rug grip pad underneath your area rug to keep it securely in place.
  • Make sure your rug extends past the front and sides of your bed in the bedroom.
  • Have fun and don't be afraid to mix things up with various colors and designs for a beautiful space you'll love.

Best Ideas

Southwest Green Rug

Southwest Green Rug

High-quality accent rug made from wool and featuring a unique balance of bold and neutral colors. The piece measures 2.6 inches in width and 6 inches in length, making it a great choice for the hallway and the bathroom. The rug is rectangular in shape and offers a unique touch of modern elegance for any room.

Cheap navajo rugs

Durable and decorative rug for different interior applications. It features a multi-color pattern that increases its aesthetic value. Durable material is resistant to excessive wear and frequent washing.

Badin Coffee Multi Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug

Badin Coffee Multi Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug

South West Native American Area Rug 3 Feet 10 Inch X 5 Feet 1 Inch Design C318 Green

This area runner rug ofers the South West and Native American theme and makes for a durable structure that will lay flat and become an easy to maintain addition to your household decor with its versatile looks.

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Excellent Navajo rug that delivers the ultimate blend of superb colors. The piece is also made from high-end materials for long-lasting service. It’s super large too, making it a great floor accent for your living room or bedroom.

Vintage eye dazzler navajo rug

Vintage eye dazzler navajo rug

The rug inspired of Navajo traditional products. The typical pattern and colors brings back the memories about the times when the Indian people were free and puts their expressions in such kind of art.

Signature Eagle Canyon Garnet Area Rug

Signature Eagle Canyon Garnet Area Rug

Beautiful and colorful area rug made from durable machine washable cloth for easy maintenance. The piece comes in a beautiful rectangular shape and measures 7.8 inches in width and 10.9 inches in length. It’s available in garnet but you can also find additional colors too.

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Extra cheap Navajo rug featuring a stunning combination of bold and neutral colors. The rug also has superb craftsmanship in its design. It’s very large too, making it a great idea for people looking for bold statement accessories for their homes.

South West Native American Round Area Rug Design # 113 Burgundy (4 Feet X 4 Feet)

This beautiful Navajo rug embodies the character of the native American tribes. This rug was designed, manufactured and is sold exclusively by Masada Rugs & Decor. Distinguishes itself with durability, lays flat & easy to maintain/clean.

South West Native American Rug Burgundy Design #143 (5 Feet X 7 Feet)

I just love this breathtaking rug with a very rich, stunning pattern. Very traditional and antique, made to resemble works of Native Americans. Comes in a beautiful burgundy colour, bound to fit an elegant bedroom.

South West Runner Rug 2 Ft X 7 Ft Green Design # C318

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Manhattan Phoenix Beige Area Rug

Manhattan Phoenix Beige Area Rug

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Jewel Tone Red Rug

Jewel Tone Red Rug

This Navajo rug will add some folk accents to your room. Hand-made with colorful designs will be great addition in your living room. Wonderful rug for folk decorated rooms or to add some colors in classic decors.

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