Road Rug For Kids

Road rugs are a fun way for kids to while away the day, especially if they have lots of toy cars, and plenty of imagination. These rugs are soft and durable, and designed to withstand the tests of children who can be a little rough. They are intricate, but simple, keeping your child's mind engaged for hours. Take a look at this collection and see what we have for your child.

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Your neighborhood custom map play mat i

Your neighborhood custom map play mat i
Now your child will get to learn the local streets with this amazing road map play mat. It offers the handmade design with the custom look and is professionally printed on 10oz vinyl, making it easy to keep clean and store.

Artistry Rainbow Quarter Circle Kids Area Rug

Artistry Rainbow Quarter Circle Kids Area Rug
A very durable and attractive rug created for kids. It includes colors of rainbow and it is made of flame-retardant material, so it is safe in use. The overall size of this rug is 96" W x 120" L and the pile height is 0.52 ".

Charlie and Friends Kids Area Rug

Charlie and Friends Kids Area Rug
This item is a special rug designed for kids. It includes Charlie and Friends pattern and it also displays letters of alphabed, so it provides fun and has got an educative character. It also plays the role of a nice decoration.

Zoomania Air Plane Blue Children's Area Rug

Zoomania Air Plane Blue Children's Area Rug
Colourful and fun carpet for a child's room. Planes pattern awakes the child's imagination and inspires to creative play. Carpet easy to keep clean, it is also comfortable and soft. High quality hand tufted.

Road rug for kids

This awesome town maquette will a long hours engagement for all kids. This three dimensional rug constitutes an ingenuine way to enhance your children bedroom's decor. Crafted by DanishbyDesign.

Childs road rug

3 dimensional play rug for children, definitely meant to provide fun for kids of all ages. The fun rug is interactive, available with many additional details, such as cars, soccer field, school building etc.

Road rug for kids

If your son is a car enthusiast starting from his first years of life, this rug is a kind of toy, which provide him a perfect fun place for a long time. The painted streets and buildings develop the creativity and allow for non-moderated playing.

Our advice Buying Guide

How to choose the best road rug for kids?

When choosing a road rug for kids, the most important aspect to consider is its material. You’d want your road rug to be made from a non-toxic, flame-retardant, abrasion-resistant, and overall kid-friendly fabric, like hypoallergenic polyester padding and organic cotton. An anti-slip backing is always a plus. Moreover, you can never go wrong with a road rug that includes fun details such as 3D grass, cars, houses, and buildings. These features will allow your children’s creativity to roam free, get their imagination going, and keep them entertained for a while.

That said, accidents may happen when children play, so make sure the road rug is easy to clean. In this case, low pile mats are great choices. Not only are they easy to keep clean, but they’re also durable. In terms of sizes, road rugs are available in multiple sizes, ranging from small to large. Large playmats are quite difficult to move around while smaller ones can easily be stored away when playtime is over.

What is the best age range to play with a road rug?

Here’s the good news: A road rug for kids can be a great place for kids of multiple ages to play.

The general recommendation is that road rugs work for children ages 3-12. The mode in which children will play with road rugs will change over the years; in the beginning, children may merely toddle or crawl over the rug, before piling blocks one on top of the other; and, perhaps, in later years, using stackable building materials to plan out communities and play imaginary games. This means that they’re usually a good investment for young families—you can use them for years!


Kid area rug

This rug will simply amaze everyone entering the room, especially the kids. It will automatically send you into the middle of a tropical rainforest. Detailed crafting and high-quality finishing distinguish this project from the others.

3 dimensional play rugs shave roads into a rug with

3 dimensional play rugs..shave roads into a rug with hair trimmers. WOAH. sooo cool. when i get kids, this is sooo going down.

Kids street rug

kids rugs

Kids car rug

This site has a lot of awesome ideas for little ones who love cars and need a place to drive them

Bibelotte great little trading

Bibelotte / Great Little Trading

Reversible play mat road and farm

Over the River and Through the Rug by Land of Nod. Is it a beautiful area rug, or a fun play mat? It's both! Making it a perfect addition to a playroom!

Rug with roads

This cool rug for kids bedroom will not only embellish the room, but most of all, it will create a fantastic entertainment spot for your child. Resembling a big house with garden, it offers a base for children's various toys and accessories.

This diy neighborhood play mat is a fun family project

This DIY neighborhood play mat is a fun family project. What's your favorite way to help your kids learn about geography?

I love the colors of this area rug not too

I love the colors of this area rug. Not too much for what I already have going in Wyatt's room. Purposeful, too!

Amusement Park Felt Play Mat with Train Track Design

Kids road rug

Reversible playmat. This sturdy, easy-to-store play mat has different designs on each side, both great for tummy time. Choose from City/ABC, City/Farm or City/Ocean for a safe space for baby to play.

Childs rug with roads

lots and lots of great DIY road mat ideas for Hot Wheels / Matchbox, etc

Kids non slip road map beach rug red 150x100cm novelty

Kids Non Slip Road Map Beach Rug Red 150x100cm | Novelty & Childrens ...

Rug with roads for toy cars

Zen DIY Road Rug Page--a million ideas (with links to tutorials) for different play mats--sewed, quilted, appliqued, drawn with marker, marked out with masking tape.

Road rugs for cars

20 best indoor kid crafts and activities

Kids road carpet

Children's Rugs Town Road Map City Rug Play Village Mat

Train Station Felt Play Mat with Train Tracks and Road Design

8 round kids children street map grey large area rug


This design incorporates all aspects of everyday life agricultural suburban

This design incorporates all aspects of everyday life. Agricultural, suburban, and city areas.

Play Carpet Marble Aim Multi Kids Rug - 3' x 6'8"

969831_457689164328760_1824201116_n jpg 400x400

969831_457689164328760_1824201116_n.jpg (400×400)

Road rug

A great fun for your kids. It's a DIY rug with an image of a city with roads. You can prepare it with your child with the use of some old scraps of materials. Start with the roads and add a new element every day.

I love this super cool felt car mat my best

I LOVE this super cool felt car mat my best friend made for her kids!!

Childrens home furniture rugs carpets other rugs carpets 2

... Children's Home & Furniture > Rugs & Carpets > Other Rugs & Carpets

Car rug kids

The wild west style room stylization. The main part of it is an incredible colorful rug basing on the standard symbols of historical connection between conquistadors and the native Americans. The perfect addition will be a tipi tent.

Area rugs for kids room

Area rug for kids room with a very nice nautical theme. Navy blue, white and red colors are rich and attractive in any interior stylization. This rug is comfortable in use and it is also resistant to wear.

Make your own carpet for driving toy cars using carpet

Make your own carpet for driving toy cars using carpet felt. I'm not familiar with this product but could probably source some with a little investigation.

9 extraordinary kids road rug picture inspiration

9 Extraordinary Kids Road Rug Picture Inspiration

Street rug for kids

Knee Hockey: Not every knee hockey "rink" has to be this elaborate. It could just be a carpeted basement floor, or for youth teams on a road trip, a hotel hallway. Either way, prepare for endless hours of fun and rug burns.

Kids road area rug

This is one of those rugs that you can buy for kids to play cars on.. What a great idea to make it into a table!

Kids car play rug

Race Track Game Cars Party Game Cars Game Disney by SwankyPartyBox

Area rugs for kids room

Round area rug for kid's room, bedroom, living room and more. It is made of thick fabric and finished with pastel colors. Adds freshness and modernity to all kinds of interiors.

Car rug for kids

Euro Soccer Bedroom | Pottery Barn Kids- ROOM ARRANGEMENT FOR SMALL BEDROOM.

Car mat for kids

I love this kiddies teepee..

There's a gorgeous one in the shop down the road but funds aren't allowing!! :(

Toy car rugs

road rugs it was a little rug that was made to look like a road and ...

Childrens rugs with roads

Toodler/Baby Car Room....would LOVE to get a carpet like this for aidens room!!!

8' X 10' Kids Sports Football Field Area Rug Actual Size 6'7 X 9'2 (Al74) 8x10

The kid area rug has the form of a football pitch. The top of the carpet is made of green abrasion-resistant nylon with football icon, lined with anti-skid material from the bottom. Perfectly decorates your child's room.

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Garland Rug Flowers Area Rug, 5-Feet by 7-Feet, Purple

A beautifying accent for any area: rectangular rug (5' x 7') made of non-toxic PU fabric with special addition of odor decomposer. It pleases the eyes with its rich purple color and quaint flowers pattern.

Soft Cozy Ivory Color Solid Shag Rug 3'3"X4'7" Contemporary Bedroom Soft Shaggy Area Rug Kids Rugs

Area rug in neutral form. It is made of nice touch fabric and fitted with anti slip pad. Adds freshness and modernity to all kinds of interiors.

Car mats for kids

Rugs - Novelty & Childrens - Kids Non Slip Road Map City Rug 150x100cm ...

Garland Rug Flowers Area Rug, 5-Feet by 7-Feet, Pink

Rectangular area rug (7 ft length, 5 feet width)all in pink, with simple flowers pattern printed all over. It is made of special polypropylene fabric that features a range of utilitarian properties: it is non-toxic, it repells stains and decomposes odors.

Map USA Area Rug 39"x58"

It is a map USA Area rug. It is made of 100% high quality soft nylon loop pile. It is machine washable and has got a thick cushioned gel-backing for extra comfort. It measures 39 inches by 58 inches.