Non Slip Stair Treads for Wood


For wooden stairs or slick carpet, if you fear falling down the stairs due to a slip, then get yourself, and your family, some non-slip stair treads for wood or carpeted stairs. They stick firmly, yet are easy to remove for cleaning. And they are attractive and won't ruin the look of your staircase, which is important if fine woods or carpet are involved. Look to the collection and pick out some for your stairs.

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Our Picks

Thedford Stair Tread

Thedford Stair Tread

Winston Porter

What we like: Available in four colors and two widths

What we don’t: Some report inconsistent shading

Sold in a set of 13, these non-slip stair treads use a rubber backing for traction, preventing them from slipping. The carpet-like material is synthetic fiber (polypropylene) and provides a comfortable cushion under your feet. 

Stain, fade, and water-resistant, each tread is machine washable, although vacuuming is sufficient for regular maintenance. While there’s only one depth option, you can choose between two different widths, allowing you to decide how much coverage your stairs require.

There are several color options, including walnut, beige, black, and charcoal, to match the color of your stairs.

$4.66 $79.99

Pihu Stair Tread

Pihu Stair Tread

Lark Manor™

What we like: Industrial-grade polyester construction

What we don’t: May shift under heavy use

Designed for indoor and outdoor use, these anti-slip stair treads are made from industrial-grade polyester, so they’re resistant to stains, mold, and mildew. To firmly grip the wooden stairs, these treads use a rubber backing to avoid sliding. 

If you need to clean these treads, you can rinse them with a garden hose or spot clean manually and then air dry. Although the rubber backing usually provides sufficient adhesion, some homeowners use double-sided adhesive tape for extra security. 

The treads provide ample traction to prevent slipping, regardless of what you’re wearing, and add a subtle decorative touch to your stairs with the modern geometric pattern. 

$21.25 $84.99

Weinert Non Slip Carpet Stair Tread

Weinert Non Slip Carpet Stair Tread

Fleur De Lis Living

What we like: Sophisticated, classic appearance

What we don’t: Not suitable for outdoor use

Suitable for your wooden, tile, or marble indoor stairs, these non-slip carpet stair treads have an elegant, classic appearance that adds style and sophistication to your home. The treads are available in three colors — brown, navy blue, and red — ensuring you can find the perfect match. 

The carpeted surface is comfortable and warm on bare feet, and the synthetic-fiber material is resistant to staining and fading. Machine washable using cold water in front-loading washing machines, but don’t tumble dry or iron these treads to prevent damaging the backing. 

$4.14 $32.99

Conover Rubber Scrollwork Black Stair Tread

Conover Rubber Scrollwork Black Stair Tread

Fleur De Lis Living

What we like: Rubber scrollwork design is attractive and functional

What we don’t: Uncomfortable on bare feet

These heavy-duty non-skid stair treads feature a traditional scrollwork design for high-traffic stairways and are made entirely of rubber for added traction and durability. Due to their rubber construction, these treads are ideal for outdoor or indoor applications. They’re resistant to rain, snow, and mud and easy to clean. The scrollwork is both functional and attractive, resembling traditional iron. The open design prevents dirt, mud, and snow from pooling on the stair surfaces.

While the rubber and texture are sufficient to keep these treads in place, you can also use wood screws to attach them more securely. 

$13 $51.99

Kings Court Oriental Non Skid Stair Tread

Kings Court Oriental Non Skid Stair Tread

Well Woven

What we like: Traditional oriental rug aesthetic

What we don’t: In high-traffic areas, the treads may need realigning

These oriental non-slip stair treads add a regal flair to any home, adhering to your stairs using a rubber backing. The carpeted upper layer is 100% nylon, using a dense, low-looped pile for optimal comfort, and you can choose from three colors - red, brown, and sage green.

These treads are durable, resistant to fading, and machine washable. But, you’ll need to vacuum them regularly with a no-beater bar vacuum to prolong their lifespan.

$8 $55.99

Contemporary Modern Boxes Non Slip Stair Tread

Contemporary Modern Boxes Non Slip Stair Tread

Wade Logan®

What we like: Stylish and modern stair tread design

What we don’t: Not resistant to mold or mildew

This set of 13 100% nylon stain and fade-resistant stair treads adds a sense of style to your home’s aesthetic while ensuring you don’t slip due to their latex backing. The decorative distressed geometric design in a blue or gray color scheme is modern and complements contemporary décor choices.

Although they don’t shed, you’ll need to vacuum them periodically. Fortunately, they’re machine washable using cold water and mild laundry detergent. Tumble dry on a low setting. 

$6.38 $119

Bohemian Geometric Non Slip Gray Stair Tread

Bohemian Geometric Non Slip Gray Stair Tread

Dakota Fields

What we like: Stylish design is both modern and classic

What we don’t: Only available in one color

Featuring a Bohemian tribal design, this 13-piece set of stair treads conveys a mixture of the modern and the classic style, complementing a variety of décor choices to spruce up your house or apartment’s look.

The 26” L x 8.6” W treads provide ample coverage for most stairs, and the latex backing offers exceptional traction even on highly polished wood or laminate stairs. While the tread pile isn’t as high as some other models, the nylon fabric is soft underfoot and offers adequate insulation for the cooler months. 

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Deloney Indoor Skid Resistant Red Stair Tread

Deloney Indoor Skid Resistant Red Stair Tread

Lark Manor™

What we like: Red floral design is attractive and vintage-looking

What we don’t: Does not attach securely to stairs, may need secondary adhesive

This set of seven anti-slip stair treads provide a traditional rug-like appearance for your staircase — almost like laying out the red carpet. Aesthetically attractive and comfortable underfoot, these treads adhere to your wooden stairs using rubber but don’t attach directly to your stairs. You can, however, use double-sided tape for additional adhesion if you have family members with limited mobility.

The simple yet elegant design with floral pattern should complement modern homes and apartments yet is versatile enough to match vintage-styled spaces. You’ll have no trouble maintaining the appearance of these treads because they’re machine washable (using front-loading machines only), but don’t iron them because the rubber backing could melt.

$4.14 $28.99

Beaudoin Utility Peel and Stick Stair Tread

Beaudoin Utility Peel and Stick Stair Tread

Tucker Murphy Pet™

What we like: Water-resistant peel-and-stick adhesive design

What we don’t: Size may be too narrow, depending on the width of your stairs

A novel alternative to traditional rubber-backed stair treads, these treads feature contractor-grade peel-and-stick adhesive, so they’ll attach firmly to the smooth surfaces of your wooden stairs.

Cut from commercial-grade carpet tiles, these treads are comfortable under your feet, easy to clean, and suitable for outdoor and indoor use due to their weather-resistant design. You won’t have to worry about mold or mildew growing on or under these treads — they’re resistant to both.

You can choose from three colors — beige, gray, and black — to find the perfect fit for your home.

$2.31 $29.99

Spohn Stair Tread

Spohn Stair Tread

Fleur De Lis Living

What we like: Carpet tape for adhesion and wool blend for comfort

What we don’t: The high price

If you have hardwood floors, treat them well with these carpet stair treads, available in your choice of gray or beige. Not only will these treads prevent you from slipping, but they’ll also protect your stairs from scratches and scuffs and dampen noise.

Using carpet tape as an anchor, these treads adhere securely to both smooth and rough wooden surfaces. Made from soft, durable, and comfortable wool blends, these are the perfect addition to your home this winter to keep your feet cozy.

These treads are also the perfect size to ensure sufficient coverage for your safety. Maintenance is also easy — simply vacuum or machine wash as needed. 

$9 $116.99

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Non Slip Stair Treads for Wood

Buying Guide

As good as those hardwood stairs look in your home, they can pose a serious risk of slipping for children, elders and older pets. Why, even the average adult is at risk of slipping or tripping on stairs as made evident by this disturbing statistic by the American Journal of Emergency Medicine.

More than a million stair-related injuries are reported each year in the US. Sadly, most of the ways to fix this veer towards expensive remodels. Non-slip carpet chair treads, on the other hand, are a simple and cost-effective solution to slippery stairs. These stick-on, mini-rugs provide a firm, non-slippery surface that makes it a breeze, to ascend and descend stairs.

If this is the first time you are shopping for these, then here’s some help.

Treads are available in a variety of sizes like 8”X30, 9”X36, 10”x30. If none of the sizes match, then buy the closest matching set and customize. If you have stairs that get narrower or a spiraling staircase, then customization is definitely on the cards. So keep a pair of scissors handy and always order a few extra ones so that you can cover any remaining areas. Some sellers include a few extra treads in the pack anyway. If you are unsure about this, then reach out to the seller and enquire.

The old saying, ‘Pictures can be deceiving’ holds completely true when it comes to shopping for carpet treads online. What might appear to be a large tread that offers complete coverage on each stair, might in fact not even cover half the stair. Even worse, it might not cover the edges. To prevent this from happening, measure the length and the breadth of the stairs and compare it with the size of the treads.

Non-slip carpet treads come with either an adhesive surface or carpet tape that sticks to the stairs surface. This is hands down, one of the most important factors that will determine how effective the treads will be.

If the carpet tape is of substandard quality, then the treads will start to peel off or shift, after a few days of use, which sort of negates the very purpose that you bought it for originally. So, you need something that sticks and stays put.

At the same time, the adhesive on the tape must peel off cleanly without leaving a gooey residue on the hardwood, because you will be adjusting it a lot when you first install it.

Non-slip carpet treads are available in a plethora of fabrics, colors and patterns. You can easily find one that matches the hardwood aesthetically. But you also need one that’s durable and easy to clean.

  • Polypropylene fiber is one of the best options. It is machine washable and withstands everyday use easily.
  • Rubber treads are cheaper than Polypropylene but the aesthetics are nothing to write home about.

Also check the thickness of the tread. Anything that provides a wee bit of cushioning feels better than a thin surface. Your old pet will certainly appreciate the extra padding.

Best Ideas

Set 4 29 Scroll Washable Indoor Stair Treads Carpet Choice 5 Colors Non Slip

Set 4 29 Scroll Washable Indoor Stair Treads Carpet Choice 5 Colors Non Slip

If your indoor stairs are too slippery for you, you can always try this durable treads made of quality carpet. Easy to install, each piece has a non-slip surface, making your stairs properly secured and, at the same time, more attractive.

Skyline Carpet Stair Tread

Skyline Carpet Stair Tread

It is a set of rugs on the stairs. With the stairs are not only nicer but also safer. Rugs are ideal for use in a variety of interiors. Reduce the risk of slipping and falling down the stairs. And they are very nice.

Non Slip Stair Treads

Non Slip Stair Treads

Those 10'' x 30'' stair treads are designed for both indoors and outdoors. Made of piece of a quality carpet and equipped with non-slip rubber, each of those treads is easy to install, lovely to look at, and has a long lifespan.

Soho Carpet Stair Tread (Set of 13)

Soho Carpet Stair Tread (Set of 13)

Ensure more safety for you and your family with this set of 13 stair treads - they make the household feel more secure and the light finish makes for a beautiful, charming addition to the interior style.

Dean Premium Tape Free Non Slip Pet Friendly Carpet Stair Treads Dynasty Gray Transitional Carpet Flooring

Dean Premium Tape Free Non Slip Pet Friendly Carpet Stair Treads Dynasty Gray Transitional Carpet Flooring

Check this premium non-slip tape. It's fluffy, warm and trustworthy. Perfect for elderly people, or when you've got pets. Gray, neutral colour makes them appropriate for any kind of interior, and the good quality means they won't wear fast.

9 X 29 Scroll Washable Stair Treads Non Slip Carpet Set Of 4 Comes In 4 Colors

9 X 29 Scroll Washable Stair Treads Non Slip Carpet Set Of 4 Comes In 4 Colors

Do not let your attention be distracted by these beautiful little dogs - an unusual subject, apart from them, are gray stair treads carpet non-slip overlays on wooden stairs. Thanks to him and their sticky structure, neither you nor they will hurt themselves.

Stair treads carpet non slip 1

These practical step stairs are a great solution for the home. Easy to keep clean - they can be washed, they have an anti-slip surface, and the soft top surface is pleasant to the feet. Universal coloring will work in any interior.

Stair treads carpet non slip 2

Stair treads made of metal and fitted with anti slip pads for added safety. Designed for indoor use. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. Neutral and functional design for each place as needed.

Stair treads carpet

Practical contemporary non-slip stair treads made of non-marking dark rubber. A rectangular openwork tread features a cross and square design. It has an anti-slip surface nice to feet. Treads can be washed. They matches well brown stairs.

Carpet treads

Set of 7 stair treads with anti slip rubber backing. It is covered with thick carpet. Designed for indoor use. Received many positive recommendations from customers for neutral design and functionality.

Stair tread carpet

With those treads for indoor stairs, you can be sure you won't be slipping while using them. With its anti-slippery surface and easy installation, the treads are long-lasting and reliable, made of transparent material to save the original appearance of each step.

Non slip carpet stair treads lowes

If you afraid, that your steps will be often dirty and you don't have a lot of time to clean up it every day, these set of cotton rugs is intended special for you. It is minimalistic and elegant, so your staircase will be clean and elegant.

Non slip stair treads 1

Your wooden stairs are a bit slippy, especially after polishing? Don't pose danger to kids and seniors, get these anti slip stair treads - they're an alternative to carpet. You can install them by yourself with few tools.

Best stair treads for dogs

These inspired with Persian rugs are non-slip stair treads carpets - this is a condition of your safety on wooden steps of death! The classic pattern lightly corny has beige and red shades. You do not need any fixings, just put them.

Gray stair treads

Carpet stair treads in neutral form. It is made of thick fabric and fitted with anti slip back for added safety. Suitable for each standard stairs.

Stair treads carpet tiles

This set of non-slip stair tread will be a nice, inexpensive and first of all, practical accent in your corridor, protecting you from any unfortunate slips or tackles.

Dean Non-Slip Tape Free Pet Friendly Stair Gripper Natural Fiber Sisal Carpet Stair Treads - Island Sand 29"W (15) Plus a Matching 2' x 3' Landing Mat

Non-slip carpet stairs treads. Made of 100% eco-friendly natural fiber sisal. Pet friendly, helps your dog easily navigate your slippery staircase. Protects your hardwood stairs from wear and tear. No tape required.

Slip resistant stair treads

Add these stair treads for more functionality and ample more safety for your inteiror and enjoy the significant boost of style that they have to offer with their beige finish and soft yet extremely durable, high quality structure.

Clear stair treads

Clear Stair Treads

Dean non slip tape free pet friendly stair gripper carpet

Dean Non-Slip Tape Free Pet Friendly Stair Gripper Carpet Stair Treads - Classic Keshan Claret Red 31W (15) Price : $239.99

Carpet stair treads

A functional addition for indoor stairs that you want to cover with anti-slippery surface. Those small rugs can be easily attached to the stairs, and also quickly removed for cleaning purposes. A great way to dress your stairs with something practical and beautiful.

Dean Non-Slip Tape Free Pet Friendly DIY Carpet Stair Treads/Rugs 27" x 9" (15) - Color: Gold

Decorative stair treads

Stair treads protect wooden stairs from wearing off quickly, add some warmth to the interior and make the steps less slippery. Can be used smoothly both outdoors and indoors.

Carpet treads for stairs non slip

This set of pet-friendly, slip-resistant carpets is an ingenuine solution for your stairs. They are designed to add safety and decorative value. Custom sizes, shapes, quantities and qualities are available, from economical treads to premium New Zealand wool.