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Stair tread rugs provide the perfect blend between functionality and style. Created using high-quality materials, the treads offer enough traction on your staircases. Despite this impeccable functionality, these treads are also designed to bring extra beauty and class to your home. They have a unique stylish look and feature intricate patterns as well. The treads are sourced from some of the more notable brands on the market. You can be sure you are purchasing a high-quality product that will serve you for years. These treads are important safety requirements for any staircase and they are a must-have for any responsible homeowner.

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Updated 29/03/2022
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Geometric Stair Tread Rug

Geometric Stair Tread Rug

Sussex Enterprise

What we like: Non-odorous

What we don’t like: Tape doesn’t stay stuck

Not so great for: Narrow staircases

Perfect for: Wide steps

Non-slip and anti-skid, these stair tread rugs come in a pack of three, seven, or thirteen. Available in a variety of colors, the sophisticated geometric pattern will elevate your staircase to the next level. Ranging from gray to teal, you can match or contrast it with your décor.

As they are made of 100% polypropylene, they won’t wear easily over time. Likewise, they will feel soft against bare feet due to the high-density pile used. Moreover, these stair treads are easy to install due to the double-sided adhesive included. Just make sure to get the placement right the first time to prevent any residue marks when re-adjusting. Non-odorous, they’re a great choice if you own a dog. 

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Oriental Stair Tread Rug

Oriental Stair Tread Rug

Well Woven

What we like: Well-priced

What we don’t like: Requires extra tape to stick

Not so great for: Lighter wood/white staircases

Perfect for: Creating a calm and relaxed atmosphere

We love the oriental design of these stair treads, which come in a set of seven. Affordably priced, they’re a great option if you want to save money. Although there are three color options to choose from – brown, red, and sage green – we recommend these rugs for a darker staircase. This is because the colors used won’t look as good paired with lighter colors.

Crafted with dense low looped nylon pile, they are fade-resistant. Furthermore, they are serged on all sides so you won’t have to worry about any annoying fraying over the years. A non-skid nylon backing will prevent any slipping even for the most heavy-footed of people. 

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Modern Stair Tread Rug

Modern Stair Tread Rug

Wade Logan®

What we like: Won’t shed easily

What we don’t like: Don’t cover stairs completely

Not so great for: Pets or small children

Perfect for: Narrow staircases

Coming in a set of thirteen, these stair treads feature a shape pattern. Subtly distressed for a charming, well-worn look, they are machine washable. Additionally backed with rubber, they have a traditional rectangle shape. The thick edges will also help to prevent slipping.

However, they are designed to cover only the middle rather than the full step. This could be an issue if your pets or children tend to move around a lot when climbing. Crafted from synthetic fiber, there are two finishes to choose from – gray/black/beige, or blue/gray/beige. Each one has a divided-up abstract look perfect for a contemporary home. Plus, the stain and fade-resistant technology will ensure long-lasting durability. 

$53.99 $119

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Swirl Pattern Stair Tread Rug

Swirl Pattern Stair Tread Rug

Fleur De Lis Living

What we like: Won’t show stains easily

What we don’t like: Can only be washed on delicate cycle

Not so great for: Ultra-modern houses

Perfect for: Rustic/traditional décor schemes

Another set that won’t cover your stairs completely, this set of seven treads features a distinctive swirl pattern. A great choice for a rustic décor scheme, you can pick from a brown, navy blue, or red background. No matter what you opt for, the warm swirl pattern will bring a cozy atmosphere to your hall and stair area. They are stain and fade-resistant.

It is recommended to use double-sided tape on the back of each stair mat for complete safety. Low-priced, they are made of synthetic fiber with a rubber backing. They can be machine washed, though only be on a cold and delicate cycle. 

$3.86 $29.99

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Criss Cross Stair Tread Rug

Criss Cross Stair Tread Rug

Bungalow Flooring

What we like: Good range of color options

What we don’t like: Cannot be machine washed

Not so great for: If you want an affordable option

Perfect for: A contemporary home

Made in the USA, this set of four treads is made with industrial-grade materials to provide the very best quality. Despite this, they cannot be machine washed, which could be annoying over time. It is recommended to spot clean instead.

They are, however, stain and weather-resistant. This means you could use a tread for an outdoor step to prevent slipping when it has been raining and snowing. Constructed from rubber and polyester, they have been family tested to ensure they hold up against the stamping of toddlers and pets. In addition, the nine color choices mean these stair treads will blend in seamlessly with your entryway. 

$59.99 $69.99

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Thedford Stair Tread (Set of 13)

Thedford Stair Tread (Set of 13)

Rounded edges and a neutral gray hue lend this stair tread set an understated elegance with which it will infuse its surroundings.

Woven from synthetic fiber, this ensemble comes with non-slip backing and is also weather and stain resistant in addition to being suitable for vacuuming and machine washing.

Place on marble or wooden floors in light or neutral colors to protect them while also bestowing them with a stately appeal.

$50.99 $63.99

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Athol Stair Tread (Set of 12)

Athol Stair Tread (Set of 12)

A low pile height and impressive durability make this stair tread set an excellent option for protecting your stairs from stains and blemishes.

But it is its intricate oriental-inspired detail which makes this stain resistant floor covering a truly special offering.

Use its alluring opulence to elevate the gloss of natural finished wooden stairs in a dark finish.

$5.25 $135

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Skelmersdale Bordered Design Stair Tread (Set of 7)

Skelmersdale Bordered Design Stair Tread (Set of 7)

Consisting of a central panel speckled with white, accentuated by cream side panels and gray threading, and edged in gray, this stair tread set exudes an appeal which is both understated yet refined.

Specifically designed to handle heavy traffic, the ensemble is stain, shedding and fade-resistant in addition to possessing non-slip rubber backing.

Place on staircases which typically see a great deal of use by children and pets to provide a subtle elegance accentuated with warm colors.

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Kings Court Brooklyn Trellis Lattice Non-Skid Stair Tread (Set of 7)

Kings Court Brooklyn Trellis Lattice Non-Skid Stair Tread (Set of 7)

A frieze pattern in white against a yellow background edged in a matching, darker hue provides this stair tread set with the perfect balance of elegance and domesticity.

Manufactured from nylon and featuring non-slip backing, it is not only machine washable but is also suitable for all floors.

Place on staircases which feature lighter colors to create a perfect harmony of rich and mild tones.

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Comerfo Comfy Slip Skid Stair Tread

Comerfo Comfy Slip Skid Stair Tread

Satin smooth, in navy, these stair treads will not only protect your stairs, but will also imbue your stairwell with an understated charm.

Woven from synthetic fibers, this set is suitable for both marble and wooden floors owing to its slip resistant backing. It is also stain-resistant and easy to clean and wash.

Make use of its subdued refinement to enhance the elegance of a traditional setting.

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Dubay Stenciled Bear Brown/Black Stair Tread

Dubay Stenciled Bear Brown/Black Stair Tread

Crafted from braided jute, this stair tread set possesses an inherent organic charm which will lend your home a delightful rustic appeal.

Its natural allure is further enhanced by its matching bear stencils and borders colored with black, red and green in concentric patterns.

It is also easy to clean ensuring you will be able to keep it spotless with minimal effort.

Place on wooden steps with a distressed effect to enhance the organic appeal it provides.

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New Amsterdam Black Stair Treads (Set of 6)

New Amsterdam Black Stair Treads (Set of 6)

Featuring intricate black scrollwork, this stair tread set will work marvelously in a traditional setting and will instantly stand out against polished marble or gleaming wooden surfaces.

Manufactured from recycled rubber, this highly decorative ensemble is not only sustainable, but is also durable and easy to clean.

In addition to possessing anti-slip properties, it is also mildew and mould-resistant while its unique design will also enable it to eliminate any debris as well.

$58.99 $67.99

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Allerton Red/Brown Stair Tread

Allerton Red/Brown Stair Tread

A speckled swirl of gold against brown provides this ensemble with both warmth and understated elegance.

Made from natural fibers, this machine woven stair tread set comes with latex spray on its reverse side to prevent slipping.

Place on distressed surfaces to enhance the organic charm of a natural or shabby chic space.

$17.99 $18.99

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Brantice Checkered Design Gray Stair Tread (Set of 7)

Brantice Checkered Design Gray Stair Tread (Set of 7)

Checkered detail in white, black and varying shades of grey grant this set an eclectic modern charm while also making it ideal for any color palette.

Designed for safety with its low pile and strong bound edges, this stair tread ensemble is both stain-resistant and shed-free.

Make use of its complementary matching colors to elevate an urban or modern space decorated with a matching color palette.

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Arette Stair Tread (Set of 7)

Arette Stair Tread (Set of 7)

Impressive power-loomed manufacture provides this stair tread ensemble with the durability required to ensure effective, long term use.

Brought to you in red and featuring repeating white patterns, this set has been woven from nylon and features non-slip backing. It is also fade, odor and stain-resistant.

Place in high traffic areas against stairs in a medium to pale wooden finish to provide protection and decorative allure simultaneously.

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Best Stair Tread Rugs

Buying Guide

Stair tread rugs are a quick and effective way to add style and coziness to your stairway. They are easy to install, can protect you from accidental slipping, and come in a wide variety of designs. Besides, stair treads are ideal for shielding stairways from scratches and marks.

Since tread rugs are available in various materials and styles, choosing one can be overwhelming. You wouldn't want to purchase a set and then realize it doesn't match your existing home decor.

Although the options are endless, there are certain features that you should consider when purchasing stair tread rugs. Here, we offer handy tips to help you narrow down the best choices based on materials, textures, and safety considerations suitable for you.

Stair tread rugs can be divided into two major categories:

Standard stair tread rugs

Standard rugs have space between the tread's edge and the step's edge. They offer a minimalist look, are better suited for contemporary decors and look good when made of natural fibers such.

Bullnose treads

Bullnose treads protect stairs from damage and can reduce noise when going up and down the steps. These wrap around the stair's edge and provide an elegant, continuous albeit a more traditional appearance.

Before selecting a design and color for your stair tread rugs, you'll need to determine which material best matches your needs. You would want a material that is sturdy enough to handle the level of foot traffic you're expecting.

  • Wool is a good option for stairs with medium foot traffic. It is long-wearing, provides softness and warmth, and adds an elegant look to stairways. Wool stair treads have insulating qualities that allow them to stay warm in the winter and remain cool in the summer.
  • Polypropylene stair treads are long-lasting and can stand up to heavy use. This material is affordable, stain-resistant, and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor staircases. Households with children and pets usually opt for polypropylene because of its ability to resist tracked-in dirt.
  • Sisal stair treads are water-resistant and convenient for environments with heavy foot traffic. They are thin, durable, long-lasting, and natural-looking that goes well with minimalistic decor. However, they aren't as smooth as stair treads made of wool and polypropylene.
  • Seagrass stair tread rugs are similar to sisal treads. This material can resist stains, water, and dirt, requires low maintenance, is durable, and suitable for bustling homes.
  • Nylon is easy to clean, stain-resistant, durable, and can withstand heavy foot traffic both indoors and outdoors. Nylon stair treads are also known for being able to hold colors well and last for a long time.
  • Polyester is highly affordable, easy to clean, long-lasting, and fading- and stain-resistant. Polyester stair treads come in a wide selection of colors and styles that could fit any theme.

  • The easiest way to choose your stair tread rug's color is by picking existing colors from upholstery, accessories, and furniture nearby. For instance, if you have plant pots in neutral tones close to your staircase, you can match them with neutral-colored stair treads.

  • If the interior is filled with patterns, switch it up by choosing a stair tread in a solid color. On the other hand, you can spice up a room furnished in solid tones by purchasing treads with visually interesting patterns.

  • A modern space looks better with solid-colored stair treads.

  • A white interior with neutral-colored stair treads such as beige creates an elegant and sophisticated look.

  • If you want to add more personality to a plain white interior, choose bright colors such as blue and red to make a statement. Most colors and patterns go well with white and cream walls.

  • Oriental and braided stair treads look best in traditional homes. These come in various colors and patterns and provide a country-inspired style.

  • Natural stair treads such as those made of wool and sisal complement modern, shabby chic, and rustic atmospheres.

  • Choose matching sets of stair treads, landing mats, and area rugs for a unique and complete theme.

  • Plush carpet stair treads offer warmth and coziness to an interior, making your home feel more welcoming and homey.

Most hard-surface staircases are slippery, especially for children and elders. Therefore, you should look for stair tread rugs that could protect people from slipping and falling.

  • The stair tread rugs should be correctly installed and fastened to your stairs. They are usually affixed with double-back tape, staples, or adhesive.

  • For outdoor steps, choose stair treads that are made of high-quality materials such as rubber. They should be able to withstand environmental conditions such as heavy rain, snow, and ice to keep their anti-slip properties and offer sufficient traction. Outdoor stair treads should be attached to the steps by an adhesive.

  • A good stair tread should have a non-slippery surface and add traction to your stairs to reduce the chances of tripping and slipping.

  • If you have an elder in the household, choose low pile carpet stair treads if they have difficulty raising their legs.

  • Stair tread rugs in a different color from the actual stairs can help people identify each step easier to avoid accidents such as falling.