Cosco Step Stools

Helpful when you need to reach the highest of cupboards or put some new paint on the ceiling. A step stool is any household must. See the selection of Cosco step stools below to find the perfect one to match your needs.

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Retro kitchen tables and chairs

A functional and striking design of this step stool really makes the whole to stand out from the rest. It has a tubular steel frame with chrome finish and curvy legs with non-marring caps, along with a yellow leatherette seat and back, and two steps with non-slip surface.

Vtg 1950s pastel turquoise cosco kitchen step stool chrome retro

Vtg 1950s Pastel Turquoise Cosco Kitchen Step Stool Chrome Retro Aqua Blue Chair
Solide pastel turquoise color cosco kitchen step stool is a convenient item useful especially in the kitchen. Best quality of material provides a high level of durability and safety. Perfect for any vintage design.

Cosco kitchen step stool chair

Old-fashioned look for a retro-style step stool which also acts as a handy dining chair. The frame of the step stool is made out of chromed aluminum with a high polish, paired with plastic elements in pastel green.

Cosco stools

This set of characteristic Cosco stools constitutes a perfect option for all retro lovers. Painted in various vibrant lacquers, all of which correspond smoothly to the aluminium framing.

Cosco step stools

Comfortable retro counter height chair with chrome finish base, padded seat, resistant molded stool steps and easy-to-clean yellowish cream vinyl upholstery. Non-marring leg tips prevent floor damage.

Cosco step stool chair 1

Impressive what one can achieve with a bit of creativity and a bucket of paint. This stool has been made over, and not it’s hard to tell whether it’s old, or brand new! The lively, light blue paint is great for kid’s room.

Vintage restored cosco kitchen step

Vintage Restored Cosco Kitchen Step
Need some help in kitchen or basement? The Cosco step stool is a great solution! IT features the vintage retro design, with mint finish and strong and durable construction.

Our advice Buying Guide

Choosing the best Cosco step stools means you're not only focusing on the safety of your home or office, but also its efficiency. Step stools allow you to achieve added height when things are slightly out of reach in kitchen areas, on shelves in home offices, and so on. Because there is a myriad of choices, we're going to explore the best options that will best suit your needs.

Material for Costco Step Stools

When searching for step stools, you'll see that the materials are typically available based on the use. Here are some examples:

  • Fiberglass: these step stools generally are utilized for electrical projects because fiberglass is a non-conductive material and is one of the safest options.
  • Metal: aluminum and steel step stools offer enhancements in portability and durability.
  • Plastic: utilization of these step stools is ideal for maintenance tasks that are light.
  • Wood: this is another popular option for electrical projects because it’s non-conductive.

Optimal Height Measurements of the Step Stool

Generally, there are three height options available for Cosco step stools. It's essential you choose one that suits your specifications and requirements to ensure its height is not only safe but also practical. The options include:

  • One step: these step stools are optimal for those who need a slight height adjustment for quick tasks including reaching items on a shelf.
  • Two steps: those who are working on overhead repairs, stocking shelves, or filling holes in walls find these step stools optimal.
  • Three steps: if you are working on tasks requiring additional height including painting, making repairs, or window washing these step stools are an excellent choice.

Weight Specifications

Because we're discussing safety, it's critical that you understand the weight specifications of your step stool. When browsing Cosco step stools, be sure to select one that will securely hold the weight of one individual and their tools. A tag from the manufacturer will display the step stool's maximum weight allowance. To avoid an injury, it's critical you don't exceed the weight allowance recommendation. Under most circumstances, you'll find that there's a maximum weight capacity of 130 kg for commercial use and 95 kg for domestic.

Step Stool Features

Once you've decided on the size of the step stool that will accommodate your needs, consider some additional features including:

  • Grip: there should be non-skid surfaces on the steps to ensure you’re not slipping when you’re stepping.
  • Handles: this feature allows you to carry and store the step stool easier.
  • Platforms: these are available for resting tools, paint cans or other materials.
  • Wheels: utilization of this feature allows you to maneuver the step stool from place to place easier.

The Average Cost of Cosco Step Stools

Depending on how many steps you’d like on the stool and the materials from which it’s made, there will be some price differences. For example, a stool with two steps made from metal could cost around $30.00. However, if you pick one made from fiberglass featuring three steps, it could cost about $100.00.


Circa 1950s cosco fold out step stool

Circa 1950s Cosco Fold Out Step Stool
An unusual combination of a folding chair with step stool is an excellent choice for children and not only. The metallic design and antique finish in turquoise shade look great and will work well in any kitchen. Very functional furniture.

Cosco step stools

Many children at home who do not reach the table, or the shelves? Or maybe you are short-stature. Even Queen Elizabeth II uses such a platform! Cosco step stools are realy useful. The pretty acqua color with a white peas. Made of lightly sand metal.

Cosco kitchen stool

Distinguishing itself with vibrant yellow paint and characteristic aluminum framing, this Cosco step stool will be a fabulous vintage accent wherever appearing. Its nesting construction features 3 spots to sit.

Vintage yellow cosco step stool chair

Vintage Yellow Cosco Step Stool Chair
Bar stool in vintage style. It is mounted on metal legs and fitted with 2 plastic steps. It has anti slip pads to prevent scratching the surface. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Cosco retro chair with step stool

Vintage Cosco Step Stool Chair. Brings back memories! I wonder who snagged the one that was here years ago?!?!

Vintage turquoise and chrome cosco like

Vintage Turquoise And Chrome Cosco Like
The chrome step stool has got the vintage unique look and the turquoise finish. The seat and back are sturdy and construct of the metal. It's a great addition to any home.

Vintage restored cosco kitchen step 1

Vintage Restored Cosco Kitchen Step
This fine step stool can be a great helper around your house, offering a foldable frame for easy transport and storage. Constructed of premium metal, the stool features 2 pull-out steps with non-slip surface, legs with non-marring caps, and a vinyl wrapped seat and back.

Vintage cosco step stool 8

Vintage Cosco Step Stool
Made in the style of vintage step stool is a perfect combination of solid construction and impressive vintage effect. The cute upholstery of the seat and backrest and safe steps create an impressive whole.

Vintage green cosco step stool

Vintage Green Cosco Step Stool

Vintage step stool chair

Mid-Century Kitchen Stool - Carnation Pink

Vintage cosco step stool stylaire with flip top seat yellow

Vintage Cosco Step Stool Stylaire With Flip Top Seat Yellow Chrome Vinyl Seat
A functional step stool that has 2 pull-out non-slip steps for easy access and extra comfort. It stands on a tubular metal frame with non-marring caps on the legs, holding a yellow vinyl seat and back.

Retro chair step stool

red step stool retro | vintage red kitchen step stool cosco furniture retro mid century ...

Chrome step stool retro stool cosco stepping stool by akaata

Chrome Step Stool / Retro Stool / Cosco Stepping Stool by akaATA, $39.99

Cosco chair step stool

Request a custom order and have something made just for you.

Retro cosco 50s vintage step stool kitchen stool chair stylaire

retro cosco 50s vintage step stool kitchen stool chair Stylaire

Cosco Products - Cosco - Two-Step Folding Step Stool, 225-lb., 17 3/8w x 18d x 28 1/8h, Platinum - Sold As 1 Carton - Steel step stool features strong metal steps with ribbed, slip-resistant treads. - Continuous rear leg support provides added stability.

Such a foldable, two-step ladder is a very practical piece of equipment, which is excellent and should be in every home. The ladder is handy to put something somewhere high or takeing something with high reach.

Industrial red stool

Industrial Red Stool
This characteristic Cosco step stool enchants with its vibrant red finish. It features steps folded under the seat, out of the way when not in use. This clever solution allows you to save space.

2 each: Cosco Chair Stool (11-130WHT)

It is a chair stool that has got an aluminum construction and foldable frame. This is a great addition for your garage, basement, kitchen and other. You will be impressed how high quality this ladder is.

Cosco stools 4

Refurbished with characteristic, vibrant yellow, this cosco stool is a vintage proposition for all, who look for original decor accents. Metal framing is designed to provide solidness for years.

Design of your kitchen with some useful furniture kitchen step

design of your kitchen with some useful furniture. Kitchen step stool ...

Retro metal cosco swivel kitchen stool

Retro Metal Cosco Swivel Kitchen Stool
Mid Century Modern, as its name implies, refers strongly to the fawn of the last century - from the late 40's to the 60's. Visible in the design of this metal high cosco stool chair. The nickel finish was perfectly composed with bright upholstery and seat.

Cosco 11-120CBB1 Retro Chair and Stool Black and Chrome

A nice and useful kitchen stool in a retro stylization. It features a solid metal frame with a stylish chrome finish. Its vinyl upholstery is comfortable and very easy to clean. Lower part of this chair includes two steps that can be used as footrests.

Cosco 11-911BLK Two-Step Molded Step Stool, Black

Steps stool featuring modern design, black finish, sturdy and light construction made of molded plastic, ribbed slip-resistant step treads and compact dimensions. Additionally, it can support up to 200 pounds.

Mid century cosco stool chrome brown

Mid Century Cosco Stool Chrome Brown
Comfortable stool supported by a durable metal frame with chrome finish. Its four legs include a solid ring support that can be used as a footrest. Round, padded seat includes a backrest for enhanced strength and comfort.

Vintage cosco step stool chair 3

Vintage Cosco Step Stool Yellow Retro

Cosco stools 7

Bar stool made of metal and reinforced with solid supports. Back and seat are covered with leather and finished with sophisticated pattern. Elegant accessory in vintage style for each room according to taste.

Cosco One Step Big Step with Large Front Feet & Grip

Cosco stools 2

If you like the original design of Cosco stools, this proposition shall be something for you. Vintage design in contemporary finish stand behind the glamour of this project.

Vintage cosco stool cherry red 1

Vintage Cosco Stool Cherry Red
Bar stool in vintage style. Construction is made of metal and fitted with stairs on the base. Classic form and functional design. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Cosco Retro Counter Chair / Step Stool

Cosco stools 6

A solid, comfortable and nice stool that can be re-designed by its user. Its metal frame provides durability and its small shelf under the seat features a display and storage character. Sitting space of this stool is supported by a backrest.

I have this chair my pops used it as a

I have this chair! My pops used it as a high chair in the 50's. Mine is an awesome turquoise! Love it in the kitchen!

Cosco stools 10

A nice vintage stool that assures comfortable sitting space for any user. Its metal frame is not only attractive, but it also provides durability and support. This stool includes steps and a durable backrest.

Cosco magic fold two step aluminum step stool

Cosco Magic Fold Two-Step Aluminum Step Stool

Samsonite Cosco 11839GGO Commercial 3-Step Folding Step Stool, 300lb Duty, 20-1/2wx32-5/8dx52-1/8h, Gray

This step stool can be easily folded for storage or transport. Includes a welded steel frame covered in a powder coat finish, rubber feet, and wide steps and stable platform. The steps and platform are made of durable, molded plastic.

Retro cosco 50s vintage step stool kitchen stool chair

retro cosco 50s vintage step stool kitchen stool chair

Three step big step with large front feet & grip By Cosco

The ladder is needed in virtually every home. This ladder is the perfect solution. It is stable, safe and above all very practical. It has three levels, and the place on foot is very large, so you can stand on it's really very stable and confident.

Cosco 3 Step Folding Step Stool with Handle Grip

Stable, safe ladder is a very important piece of equipment every home. From time to time, a ladder handy just anywhere. So you may want to equip themselves with a copy. The ladder is foldable and very stable. The fact that it is composed can be hidden almost anywhere. It is extremely practical.

Cosco step stool

Cosco step stool

Cosco retro step stool

YES! My kitchen chair/stool! I think I'd rather do each piece a different color though. No polka dots.

Cosco Small Molded One Step Stool-Tan

It is a small molded step stool that has got a solid construction. This is a great addition for your garage, basement, kitchen and other. You will be impressed how high quality this step stool is.

1Step STL Step Stool

Highly durable and easy in use product that provides access to upper areas in the house. This step stool includes durable legs that are not slipping on the floor, so it provides good level of safety while accessing higher areas.

Samsonite Cosco 11408PBLD1 Three-Step Big Step Folding Step Stool, 200-lb, 17 3/4wx28dx45 5/8h,Platinum

This folding step stool is a very useful and solid addition to your garage, kitchen and basement. It has got a platinum finish, black steps and steel construction. You need to have it.