Designer Bath Rugs And Mats

Bath rugs and mats or a wonderful way to accent your bathroom. And for you, we offer a vast collection of designer bath rugs and mats that will complements your bathroom in only the best ways. They're made of quality materials and will fit in any bathroom with the styles we have available. See collection for details. We have I set for your bathroom.

Best Products

Marlo geometric jacquard bath rug

Marlo geometric jacquard bath rug
A high quality product that is designed especially for use in bathrooms. It is a rug that is made of high quality cotton. It is slip resistant and protected from moisture. It is available in very attractive colors and patterns.

Natural Fiber Sisal Marble Area Rug

Natural Fiber Sisal Marble Area Rug
This type of rug is a product that represents a casual style in the house. It introduces a touch of nature to the living room and other indoors. The size of this rug is 24'' W x 36'' L and its pile height is 0,5".

Room Bath Rug

Room Bath Rug
Rectangular bath rug in a traditional style. Designed for the bathroom, to prevent splashes and others according to the taste and imagination of the owner.

Bath rugs and mats

Bath rugs and mats
Bath rug for contemporary indoors. This element of bathroom design is finished in very nice blue color with some decorative accents. This material is resistant to water, moisture and other negative bathroom factors.

Hand Woven Weaves Natural Colored Fine Sisal Rug 8 X 10

Hand Woven Weaves Natural Colored Fine Sisal Rug 8 X 10
This kind of rug is a product that has got a decorative character. It is a hand-woven rug that represents a casual style, so it matches different interior projects. This is a Jute rug, so it features the highest level of durability.

Breona Bath Rug

Breona Bath Rug
It is a bath rug that has got a light grey color and is very soft. It keeps your floor dry. If you looking for a great bath rug, you need to choose this one. It fits to any style and décor.

Designer bath rugs and mats 1

These rugs give an impeccable aura to your bathroom entrance. They come in different shapes and designs. Their common feature is the furry appeal they give to your feet and the fur doesn’t fall off after long periods of use.

Our advice Buying Guide

Can you use a rug as a bath mat?

No, you shouldn’t use a traditional rug as a bath mat. This is because actual bath mats are specifically designed to absorb excess water and stop you from slipping, whereas most rugs aren’t made for such moist and humid conditions. Using them as bath mats in such a wet environment will encourage the formation of mold and bacteria.

However, you can always look for designer bath rugs and mats that are intended to be used in your bathroom: they’re usually made of cotton because it absorbs water but dries fast. Still, we wouldn’t recommend using them in place of a bath mat, but rather next to one for decorative purposes.

What is the difference between a bath mat and a bath rug?

Both bath mats and rugs absorb water from your feet, but a bath rug is a stylish feature, while a bath mat is a safety precaution to keep floors from becoming slippery. When shopping for a bath mat, search for products with non-slip rubber backing to optimize safety in the bathroom.

Both bath rugs and mats are frequently made of cotton, which offers a high level of absorbency to help your feet dry quickly. However, the other materials in which you can purchase designer bath rugs and mats, differentiates these two bathroom items.

It’s common to find wool bath rugs that are thick and stay fresh for the long haul thanks to good air circulation. Bath rugs are also made from chenille woven with other fibers. Though not as soft as cotton, they hold up well against water. Besides cotton, bath mats are also commonly made of bamboo, which is naturally water-resistant.

What is the standard bath rug size?

The average size of a bath mat or rug is between 17 to 24 inches wide and approximately 24 to 30 inches long. However, the right dimensions for your bath rug will depend on a number of factors, like available floor space.

Measuring the dimensions of your bathroom floor will help you avoid buying a rug that is too big or small.

Next, consider the different types of shapes available. While the rectangular shape is the most common due to it being easy to work into any space, there are bath mats and rugs in circular, half-circle, and oval shapes as well. Aside from these factors, you need to know whether you want a single larger bath rug or several smaller ones.

Once you have an idea of what you want your bathroom floor to look like, you can make a well-informed decision when purchasing your design bath rugs and mats.


Designer bath mats rugs

If you are looking for some funky accents to your bathroom, try this bath rug. Vintage inspired, it enchants with its unique pattern and elegant black and white finishing, being a universal addition to almost every bathroom decor.

Sisal and jute rugs

In the picture I can see many patterns and stylizations of natural looking rugs made of sisal seagrass, jute or coir. These rugs are comfortable for feet, durable and they decorate different indoors regardless of their style.

Designer bath rugs and mats

Handcrafted and quality designer bathroom rugs featuring a fluffy construction and a stunning white finish. The pieces are also made from sturdy and durable materials and their high-absorbent capacity should dry you up every time you step out of that bathroom.

Bath linen fine weave provides comfortable unique and luxurious bath

bath linen fine weave provides comfortable unique and luxurious bath ...

Designer bathroom mats

Unique designer bathtub rug that looks like a series of interlocking ropes. The rug also features different multi-dimensional shapes and its unique aura will bring impeccable style into your bathroom. It comes in a light pearl color as well.

Shaggy bath rugs 8

Well-crafted designer bathroom rugs with a combination of two neutral tones, including a touch of light gray and white. The rug is relatively large and should work for large bathrooms. Its fluffy finish feels good on your feet too.

Designer bath mats

An extraordinary bathroom rug which was made from fabric scraps in various colors that were simply sewn together. The overall impression is shabby, but cool. For sure, it will be an unusual accent of your bathroom.

Designer bath rugs and mats 2

This white designer rug is a perfect fit for bathrooms and its white color complements the grey tiles. Its highly absorbent ability will definitely make it dry up your feet every time you step out of the bathroom.

Designer bath rugs and mats 2

An aesthetic rectangular traditional bathroom rug crafted of moisture resistant material in a delicate pale purplish tone with showy off-white lily-pad and geometric motifs. It has an anti-slip back side and can be spot cleaned.

Designer bath rugs and mats 20

Designer bath rug with raised medallion motif embroidery, in subtle, muted color palette (here: light blue on beige). Artisan crafted floor mat with cotton canvas backing that adds to general durability.

Bed of roses bath mat from urban outfitters this is

Bed Of Roses Bath Mat from Urban Outfitters. This is really pretty!

Designer bath rugs and mats

Original bath rug with grass theme. It is fitted with anti slip pad. Classic form and modern design for any bathroom as needed.

Designer bath rugs and mats 16

Zig Zag Bath Mat in "dandelion" for powder room $14.99 | west elm

Designer bath rugs and mats 7

Nautical Luxuries Coastal Decor & Gifts - Vintage Nautical Shower Curtain And Bath Mat

Designer bath rugs and mats 3

A Grand, Parisian Hotel-Inspired Guest Bathroom ... An antique chandelier, a burnished cast-iron tub, silver decor, and a vintage pharmacy cabinet gi

Designer bath rugs and mats 10

Add the finishing touch to your bathroom with Vipp accessories

Designer bath rugs and mats 12

Moss Shower Rug

Sisal rope rug

Such a gorgeous, very creative DIY project – a rustic rug made out of jute or sisal ropes. Easy to make and beautiful to look at, just make some rope circles and glue them together with a hot glue. Amazing design!

Designer bath rugs and mats 13

Harlequin Black White Rug -Love that it is washable....Ballard Designs. I have two in my master bath & I LOVE them! So plush!

Patterned bathroom rugs

We really like the way this tiny bathroom is designed to look. The modern elements mix really well with the dark floor and bright, white walls, and the tiny, colourful floor rug gives the room a little life and makes it cosy!

Diy pebble bath mat you need 1 rubber welcome mat

DIY Pebble Bath Mat - you need: ◾1 rubber Welcome mat ◾4 bags of river rocks ◾some contact adhesive All from the Dollar store.

Designer bath rugs

long area rug in bathroom instead of small bath mats

Contemporary bath rugs 1

A stylish, contemporary rug with a fancy pattern and a colourful, vibrant design that mixes both cold and warm colours. Perfect to put up in a modern, mid-century living room in front of a couch – bound to make the room cosy.

Fairfax Bath Rug

Fairfax Bath Rug

Designer bath rugs and mats 1

I've been lusting after this rug forever now, but it's just too expensive....Harlequin rug by Ballard,

Designer bathroom rugs

Round Up: 13 DIY Fabulous and Functional Bathmats » Curbly | DIY Design Community

FABBRICA HOME Designer Decor Mat with HD Memory Foam- Wave

Designer bath rugs and mats 25

The designer wanted the shower to take advantage of light from the bath's big bay window and have the appearance of a frameless walk-in enclosure. Clear-glass partitions keep in heat and steam without spoiling the open feeling. The shower walls and base a

Designer bath rugs and mats 22

Inspiration for fashion is everywhere. Surround yourself with environments that feed your taste and your soul.

Designer bath rugs and mats

Loooove the flooring in here (from Freckles Chick).

Essence 2 Piece Bath Rug Set

Essence 2 Piece Bath Rug Set

Sleep Innovations Memory Foam Bath Mat,  20-Inch by 32-Inch, Spa Blue , Pack of 2

Designer bath rugs and mats 19

zigzagbathmat - whipstitch two bath mats together to make a bath runner! Fabulous idea by Teal and Lime

Sisal and jute rugs 1

A beautiful and functional fitted carpet made of high quality jute. It features a flat texture, which makes it easy to hoover. Floors covered with fitted carpets are very pleasant as you can walk barefoot there.

Designer bath rugs and mats 23

Make a braided rug from old sheets dyed to match room. Plum, turquoise, green? Just variations on plum?

TruSoft Bath Rug

TruSoft Bath Rug

Sisal and jute rugs 24

A simple, yet unique rug which was handwoven from jute by talented craftspeople. It features a natural color and a flat texture, which makes it easy to keep the rug clean. It will suit contemporary interiors in a minimalist style.

Designer bath rugs and mats


Davenport 2 Piece Bath Rug Set

Davenport 2 Piece Bath Rug Set

Soho area rugs

A cute, rustic jute weave rug with a super-thick, chunky texture in a distinct, braided style. Perfect for any living room or a bedroom, bound to give the room a unique, one-of-a-kind look with its unusual style.

Designer bath mat set

Designer bath mat - Set

Bath rug hotel bath rug bathroom mats brug 10056 jpg


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