Antelope Print Rug


A majestic creature from the great plains of the serengeti, the mighty antelope is given its due on these attractive print rugs that will make your home feel a little more exotic. Hand-stitched, well-made, and safe for kids and pets, these are a lovely addition to any home. Take a look in this collection and see what we have in antelope print rug options.

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Our Picks

Stark carpet antelope

Beautiful print with leather antelope motif is an excellent way to make an impressive carpet on the stairs. Beautiful color and soft texture of the rug captivates, bringing a touch of exotic design to the decor.

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Antelope print rug 1

Change something in your hall, and add the new runner on your stairs. This one, has got the extraordinary antelope pattern, and looks awesome! You will be impressed how high quality this rug is.

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Antelope rug

Are you a fan of animal prints? I am, so I decide to choose this stark carpet with antelope print. It is suitable with the white colors in my living zone. A little bit extraordinary, but it creates the sophisticated look.

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Antelope print rug 9

Thanks to the miracles of modern synthetics you can have an antelope spotted carpet. The low-pile fabric can cover the floor of a room without endangering a single living creature. The print gives an exotic appearance where it is used.

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Antelope print rug

A perfect combo of decorative appearance and comfortable usage, this wingback chair knows how to show you a good time. It has a frame crafted of black-finished wood, yellow upholstery with a removable seat cushion, and a stylish nail head trim.

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Stark antelope carpet

Bring African safari right into your contemporary living room, and spice it up with wildlife accents. This faux fawn rug features a striking, antelope print, emanating with a truly exotic appearance.

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Antelope rugs

Such a gorgeous rug will allow you to completely transform your large living room. Oozing with exotic accents and wildlife print, the antelope rug will be one of the most striking pieces in your home.

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Antelope print rug 12

Relaxed bedroom layout. Two separate twin beds on a dramatic animal print (leopard spots, or perhaps antelope print) carpet. Plus a distressed Wild West style armchair, tobacco brown leather. Plus crown moulding on wall top... Cool, cool, cool.

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Antelope print rug 2

The beautiful interior gains thanks to stylish accessories like this stylish carpet with antelope pattern. Nice tents in a natural shade bring exotic and unique atmosphere to decorate the interior.

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Stark carpet stair runners

Runner stairs for residential and commercial premises. It is made of thick carpet and reinforced with solid seams. Finish with animal theme adds freshness and elegance.

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Antelope Print Rug

Buying Guide

Those who are fans of the animal print style but don't want something as bold as a tiger or leopard print should consider the antelope print. It is a softer brown color with white patches to reflex the coat of a wild antelope. Most of them are of course faux animal prints, but let's look at the various styles of rugs that you may come across when shopping around for your home.

An antelope print rug can serve a variety of functions and yield to different decoration styles. Here are some of the best ideas:

Antelope print rug as a stair runner

You might not like the idea of buying antelope print carpet for your entire home, but if you're looking at the stairs and wondering whether it would look suitable in this area, have a look at stair runners in this print. A soft and high-quality runner for the stairs will add character and color to your home, without being too boring but without being too bold either.

Fluffy rug for the bedroom

For bedrooms and some living rooms, nothing is cozier than a fluffy rug. The antelope print can be found on fluffy rugs just as much as it can be found on the less fluffy and coarser versions. Fluffy rugs are often lighter in color than other materials, so you may find a beige or very light brown colored rug. This then blends in more with the white patches to create less contrast and help the room to achieve the cozy effect.

Grey antelope print rug for contemporary homes

Not every rug that you see with this print is brown, and you may also come across the grey antelope print rug. This is very well-suited to contemporary homes where you may feel like the brown shades are a little too traditional for the house. The white patches are also very modern and match white glossy furniture often found in contemporary designed homes.

Abstract shape rug to match traditionally shaped furniture

Avoiding the usual rectangular shape of rug can open your eyes to the other shapes which are available. If you want a rug that really resembles the traditional animal patterns and styles which were available, an abstract or unusual shape of rug is the ideal choice. This is a rug which is not in any set shape, but rather has various curves and edges to make it interesting and more unique. Use this in rooms where most of the furniture has straight and defined edges, as this will contrast well and bring a new effect to the home.

Antelope rug with black border

If the antelope print patterns are a little busy for your home, you can tone this down by choosing the lighter shades but also by getting a rug that has a border. The border is most commonly black, although it could be white too which matches equally well with many homes. The black border is best if your home has quite dark and homely décor already, while white is most suited to the rooms which lack dark colors and need to maintain an airy and clean feel.

Best Ideas

Antelope print rug 25

Antelopes are clever and extremely fast animals but they also have interesting characteristics of their skin in light and fine bright dots. From here you can use her imitations in a modern way in the form of a brown antelope-print rug.

Antelope print rug 6

Designer Favorite’s | Stair RunnersA little animal print goes a long way! This is one of Letecia’s Favorite.

Stark antelope rug

Stair runner finished with animal theme. It is made of thick carpet and fitted with anti slip pad. Stylish and functional accent for all kinds of interiors according to taste and need.

Antelope print rug

Accentuate your floors with this beautiful rug. Featuring a neutral light brown finish, the rug is imprinted with small antelopes to create an impression of an expansive African savanna. The rug works great for the living room but you can also place it in the hallway.

Antelope rug living room

antelope rug living room

Antelope carpet

An eye-catching fashionable contemporary carpet featuring an exotic antelope pattern in grey, beige and white tones. It's manufactured of soft and nice to the touch carpet fabric and has reinforced edges. It can be vacuumed and spot-cleaned.

Antelope print rug 5

Progress Peeks: Our New House

Good pics of animal print rugs in rooms and on

good pics of Animal Print Rugs in rooms and on stairs

Antelope print carpet

Anyone fond of animal prints can appreciate unique pattern of this antelope print gray carpet. Leopard spots are always in fashion, but why not pick something different just to bring original vibe to an ambiance.

Antelope print rug 13

Antelope Print Rug

Antelope print rug 19

Love the color splashes with neutral/organic palette. antelope rug - perch new orleans

Antelope carpet 2

antelope carpet

Antelope print rug 10

antelope print rug with pink...