Leopard Print Curtains

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Boost the exotic feel in any room through the use of leopard print curtains. Drapes with wild animal prints on them work great as accent pieces. They pair nicely with solid painted walls in warm hues and animal sculptures like tall wooden giraffes. Whether you choose long and graceful drapes or valance-style drapes, your room will have a new eye-catching piece that will seize your guest's attention.

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Updated 30/06/2022
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Single Panel Sheer Leopard Curtain

Single Panel Sheer Leopard Curtain

This soft leopard sheer curtain is made of polyester with brown and black spots. It has shading and sun protection to shield leather furniture and prevent it from cracking.

Designer Advice:

Sheer curtains allow light to flow through your window while still having a neat animal print drape. People looking for a bold statement should instead use leopard curtains that are not see-through. Pair this curtain with a leopard print accent chair and a white side table for a crisp appeal.

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Ruffled Leopard Print Valance

Ruffled Leopard Print Valance

Pale taupe and ivory, this leopard curtain is light and breezy adding a quiet accent to a room. It is made of high-quality silky satin and is soft to the touch.

Designer Advice:

Valance-style curtains are perfect to use in any room, though they look the best in kitchens on windows that sit over sinks. Finding a leopard-print drape with neutral tones offer a subtle pattern and blends well in modern style. Their boxy design is best suited for square windows, though they look nice on windows with arches as well.

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Vibrant Tailored Leopard Print Curtains

Vibrant Tailored Leopard Print Curtains

Yellow, pink, blue, and black, this leopard curtain set of two is bold and colorful. Eclectic styles love the fun these curtains can bring to living rooms, bedrooms, and kitchens.

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Floor Length Animal Print Sheer Curtains

Floor Length Animal Print Sheer Curtains

The mixture of black and white on this set of sheer leopard curtains strikes a remarkable balance. They are room darkening, comes in three sizes, and because they are monochrome, they pair with any color.

Designer Advice:

Extra-long drapes are great for highlighting the length of a long window or making a shorter window look bigger than it is. Its size shows more animal print compared to a valance curtain making it a good stand-alone accent piece in a room. Pairing it with too many patterns may cause a room to look cluttered or too busy.

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Semi sheer Leopard Curtain

Semi sheer Leopard Curtain

This animal print curtain is eco-friendly, keeps the heat out, and is great for the electric bill. It helps reduce noise for a more peaceful atmosphere and is perfect for windows stretching from the floor to the ceiling.

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Mixed Animal Print Curtain

Mixed Animal Print Curtain

Zebra and leopard, this ombre animal print drape gives you a bit of both. It is polyester and features a ruffled header on top and a sheer and white background for light to shine through.

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Leopard Print Curtains

Buying Guide

Leopard print window curtains go particularly well with more daring décors that rely on a mixture of styles and textures, such as bohemian and eclectic. You can obviously get creative by considering something even more niche such as a safari-themed room.

However, if you’ve fallen in love with leopard print window curtains but were hoping to maintain a more traditional décor, it can still be done. We just recommend letting your new curtains be the main attention-grabbing element and texture in that room and sticking to simpler or even monochrome pieces for the rest of your decorative elements.

Traditional leopard print window curtains tend to feature various shades of yellow, gold, black, and brown. If you’re looking for a monochromatic type of decor, selecting wall colors in that color family will naturally result in a complementary look. However, by using color theory, we can see that that warmer color family would also look great with navy, teal, or blue wall colors for dark royal look; or, alternatively, bright white or cream for an airy, open vibe.

Best Ideas

Leopard curtains

Window curtains that improve indoor aesthetics and protect indoors from sun. Their leopard print looks very natural and its colors match any interior design. These curtains are also made of durable materials.

Animal print curtains

A stylish decoration for indoor use that will leave your windows with a sense of exotic style, lovely adorned with a wildlife, leopard pattern. The window curtains are made of quality material, giving you a stylish, durable, and machine-washable decoration.

Animal print sheer curtains

Ocelot Safari Window Treatment

Leopard print window curtains

A wonderful set of fashionable curtains - designed of a quality material and adorned with a gorgeous wildlife leopard print. Each drape has cut-out holes on top, which are surrounded by metal rings for you to easily slide them on the metal rod.

Animal safari animal print window panel curtains by sweet jojo

Animal Safari Animal Print Window Panel Curtains by Sweet Jojo Designs

Zebra print window curtains

A high quality product that updates any window decor. It is a curtain panel that features a natural leopard print. It is made of materials that are wear resistant. This product decorates the room and protects it from the sun.

Leopard print window curtains

The dazzling window curtain with a leopard leather theme delights and brings exotic and predatory character to the decor. The whole made of liquid metals is presented with an interesting and stylish appearance in the shutters.

Sheer cheetah print curtains

This leopard-pattern window curtains will provide you inimitable eye-catching draperies, that will fill you with proud. Ideally accompanying courtly, retro interiors, adding them a bit of piquancy and vividity.

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