Leopard Print Window Curtains


Treat yourself to a safari anytime you want by simply adding animal print furniture and other elements to your living space. Choose one of these exotic looking window curtain sets to complete your at home safari theme and get ready to show off your new style.

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Our Picks

Nip Leopard Cheetah Animal Safari Window Scarf Curtain 40 X 216

Nip Leopard Cheetah Animal Safari Window Scarf Curtain 40 X 216

Window curtain in elegant style. It is made of polyester and finished with leopard theme. Sophisticated accent for the living room, bedroom and others interiors according to taste and need.

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Leopard curtains

Window curtains that improve indoor aesthetics and protect indoors from sun. Their leopard print looks very natural and its colors match any interior design. These curtains are also made of durable materials.

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Animal print curtains

A stylish decoration for indoor use that will leave your windows with a sense of exotic style, lovely adorned with a wildlife, leopard pattern. The window curtains are made of quality material, giving you a stylish, durable, and machine-washable decoration.

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Leopard print 84 inch sheer curtain panel pair

Leopard print 84 inch sheer curtain panel pair

These curtains represent an unique and very attractive style. The curtains are 84 inches long x 50 inches wide and they are made of 100% polyester that not only looks stylish, but also is very solid and durable.

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Leopard print curtains

Made in beautiful styling leopard print window curtain impresses with details and makes the interior look phenomenal. The whole blends great with dark furniture, impressive lighting, and beige and gold accents.

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Leopard print shower curtain

This awesome and stylish leopard print shower curtain is perfect if you want to make your interior design vivid and original. It is made of high-quality fabric decorated with fancy leopard looking pattern.

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Pink cheetah curtains

This drapery is a wonderful combination of traditional and modern styles as medallion fabric is combined with leopard print. It will suit posh spaces and the presence of fringes will add a sophisticated touch.

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Leopard print window curtains 1

Made from quality materials, the stylish leopard print window curtain is a perfect combination of unique details. The whole is kept in an attractive style, and it makes the decor an exotic atmosphere.

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Animal print sheer curtains

Ocelot Safari Window Treatment

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Sheer leopard curtains

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Leopard Print Window Curtains

Buying Guide

Leopard print window curtains go particularly well with more daring décors that rely on a mixture of styles and textures, such as bohemian and eclectic. You can obviously get creative by considering something even more niche such as a safari-themed room.

However, if you’ve fallen in love with leopard print window curtains but were hoping to maintain a more traditional décor, it can still be done. We just recommend letting your new curtains be the main attention-grabbing element and texture in that room and sticking to simpler or even monochrome pieces for the rest of your decorative elements.

Traditional leopard print window curtains tend to feature various shades of yellow, gold, black, and brown. If you’re looking for a monochromatic type of decor, selecting wall colors in that color family will naturally result in a complementary look. However, by using color theory, we can see that that warmer color family would also look great with navy, teal, or blue wall colors for dark royal look; or, alternatively, bright white or cream for an airy, open vibe.

Best Ideas

Leopard print window curtains

A wonderful set of fashionable curtains - designed of a quality material and adorned with a gorgeous wildlife leopard print. Each drape has cut-out holes on top, which are surrounded by metal rings for you to easily slide them on the metal rod.

Zebra pattern curtains

Leopard Print Window Curtain Panels w/Scarf Valance 56", 84" Bedroom/Living Room

Animal safari animal print window panel curtains by sweet jojo

Animal Safari Animal Print Window Panel Curtains by Sweet Jojo Designs

TWO ANIMAL PRINT LEOPARD BROWN faux silk grommet window PANEL curtain dropes treatment 55 x 84" BRIGHT COLOR SHINY LOOK GREAT QUALITY

Animal curtains

The key criterion is whether or not the decoration will also perform blackout functions - if so, choose those fancy animal print window curtains that consist of two parts in brown shades, including the inner one also has an animal print.

Animal print valances

Animal Print Curtains - Sheer Window Curtains

Vintage zebra print curtain animal print

Vintage zebra print curtain animal print

Window curtain with an animal print finished in black and white color. This zebra print features a natural look and matches many types of interior design. It provides protection from sun and decorates window surroundings.

Cheetah print curtains

A chic window curtain of fabric with a leopard design in browns on one side and a floral design in prevalent reds and pinks on the other. It's buckled with a large black breastpin and hangs on colourful dotted ribbons on metal hooks with glass ends.

Leopard print curtains

leopard print curtains

Brown zebra print curtains

Leopard Cheetah Animal Print Satin Window Curtains Panels Set NEW

Nip leopard cheetah animal safari window scarf curtain 40 x

Nip Leopard Cheetah Animal Safari Window Scarf Curtain 40 X 216

Zebra striped curtains

Embellished with animal prints, these window curtains will give a ravenous, expressive character to the space. Easy to assemble, have the standard length and are machine washable.

Animal print shower curtain

lepord Print Bedroom Ideas | Buy Animal print Safari Jungle Baby Boy or Girl Unisex Neutral Bedding ...

Leopard curtains window treatments

Let your inside wild animal roar! This wonderful leopard, cheetah and zebra prints on the curtains and beddings will be perfect for teenage girl's bedroom. The eye catching style of wild safari just in your own house.